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You Make Me Want

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There was a lot of responsibilities that came with being a werewolf . Derek knew that . but what he didn’t understand is why wasn’t he allowed to use a tiny bit of power to defend himself against his bullies .


See Derek isn’t the most popular guy . he was a sophomore in BHH .even though he was a werewolf he still hasn’t gotten his growth spurt yet and was this scrawny big eared kid with horrible bunny teeth and eyebrows that seemed to be eating his face .        

And his mere existence infuriated one Matt Daehler and his little squad who made his life a living hell thank you very much . and that was what Derek didn’t understand . why he wasn’t allowed to get help from his wolf to kick the living hell out of them .

Derek was at his locker getting his books for his next class when he was pushed roughly face first in his locker . he turned around and saw Matt sneering at him “ fucking fagot” he spat before walking away .

Derek was used to it but it still tugged a little at his heart . he knows that there was nothing wrong with binge in love with someone from the same sex and he knows his family still loves him no matter what . but it still stung to see people treating him this way because he was openly gay . he brushed it of and walked to his next class .

He couldn’t help but think of Laura and Kate . Laura is his older sister who was a senior last year and now is in college with her girlfriend Kate . when Derek was a freshman when he started to think that he might be bisexual and hookedup with Kate at a party . they were making out when he stopped Kate . he expected her to laugh at him or get mad but she actually listened and took him under her wing when he came out . no one was allowed to give him shit because of Kate and Laura who after they got to know each other well enough decided that they liked each other and started an amazingly terrifying relationship and took of to study at Harvard . so without them here it seemed like everybody is out to get him .


It was the last period of the day English with miss Jennifer Blake . it was his most favorite class not because of the subject nor the teacher but because of who sits in front of him. In the beginning of the second semester a new student transferred to the school with his father how became the new sheriff of beacon hills . with Derek’s mother as the mayor of the town he had hoped that his mother would become good friends with the sheriff which would lead to stiles and Derek to get to know each other .   but sadly non of that has happened so far so Derek was only left with admiring and crushing from afar .

Today though stiles was wearing his favorite red hoodie   . that made Derek’s wolf go crazy . he was sitting with Scott McCall he’s best friend . even though he and stiles only known each other for less than a year . they declared to be besties after one week of meeting .

He was sitting right there with his big goofy smile , upturned nose and Bambi honey brown eyes . and don’t get Derek started on his scent . it became an addiction to Derek . that amazing sugary smell with a tiny hint of lemon and how the air smells when it rains.


Miss Jennifer started the lesson with yesterday’s reading assignment . and then she asked the class to partner up in groups of four members for their last project this year. stiles like always was the first to jump out of his seat and stood in front of Scott’s table . then Allison Argent – Kate’s younger sister who is also Scott’s girlfriend went and joined them – Derek was good friend with Kate but he never really got along with Allison or talked to her even though they were in the same year . and Lydia Martin aka the queen of the school aka Allison’s best friend went along with her .

   Derek sat in the back staring at them when one of his class mates approached him, she was the blond girl who had epilepsy , he doesn’t really remember her name but thinks it starts with an R.

“ H-hi I'm E-Erica ” she awkwardly stuttered “ I w-was wondering if you wanted to be partners ? ” she finished in a small voice .

Derek felt bad for her , it sounded like she was already setting herself for rejection .

“ sure . but we need two more people ” he answered looking around . his eyes fell on Boyd , he was in their year and sometimes Derek would run into him while going on he’s morning jog .

He caught Boyd’s eye and nodded his head towards Erica with a raised eyebrow .

Boyd nodded back then said something to the guy with blond curly hair . and they both made they’re way to Derek’s desk .

“ I’m Boyd . and this is Isaac ” Isaac waved his hand a little

“ I’m Derek and this is Erica ” said Derek while Erica smiled shyly .

“ so.. how are we going to do this ? ” asked Boyd

“ we should meet up somewhere to choose the subject our project will be about ? ” Erica answered

They had less than five minutes before the bell rang “so meet up at the library after 15 ? ” said Derek

He got a few nods and a quite yes from Isaac before each of them went to gather they’re things . while Derek was doing the same he felt eyes on him . turned around to see who was looking . and could have sworn it was stiles but then chalked it off to his imagination .

The bell rang and everybody went out of the class room .

   This’ll be interesting thought Derek