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The Trouble With Loki

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Thor had been walking through one of the large hallways of the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier when the familiar bright light of the Bifrost appeared in front of him, beckoning him back to Asgard. It puzzled him at first since he had not called for a transport to his home world. And since no one was coming to Midgard from it, the only other explanation was some dire emergency that needed his assistance. Not thinking any more about it, he allowed it to take him back. His heart skipped a beat when he arrived at the gate and found a wounded Heimdall in front of him. Thor immediately ran to kneel at his side. Not wasting time, the gatekeeper quickly explained to him what had happened and what he had seen, and told him of the suspicions he had.

Thor nodded solemnly. “I see. Are you quite sure, Heimdall?” Thor looked his friend over, a deep crease in his brow, noting the man’s many wounds.

The dark-skinned man nodded gravely. “I stake my life on it. It is the trickster in guise of the All-Father. He had me locked away beneath the palace along with Sif, Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun. I went to them because you were still on Midgard. They are still locked in the dungeons below; the guards attacked me when I tried to escape…” Heimdall’s gaze fell to the ground. “I did my best not to kill any of them, but I know not how successful I was.”

Thor grimaced. “Rest my friend; I will take care of Loki.” Thor turned, hastily whipping his hammer in an arch and thrusting it towards the palace. Within one jaunt, he landed heavily in front of the marble steps as he straightened, storming purposefully towards the audience chamber.

There sitting on the throne he saw what appeared to be his father. Thor’s jaw tightened as he tried to reign back his emotion. He had to see how Loki would react and where his father, Odin was being held. He must have succumbed to the Odin sleep as Loki was no match for their father. Loki would tell him one way or another of this Thor was certain.

Loki watched as Thor quickly approached the throne. A twinge of fear coursed through him as he wondered why his oaf of a brother was back, and what he wanted. Couldn't he just stay on Midgard? It had to have been Heimdall's doing. Curse the guards for letting him get away! He'd done all he could to try and cover that over with those who were unsuspecting, and it still came back to bite him. Who would have thought Heimdall would go to Thor?

Loki's first instinct was to turn and run before Thor reached him, but he had to keep himself together and stay in-character. He was now the All-Father Odin to everyone, even Thor. His brother didn't know it was him sitting on the throne, so why should he be afraid? He almost cracked a smile at that thought, but he suppressed it. He had to be very careful. One tiny slip could cost him dearly.

"Back already?" Loki said in the voice of Odin. "Have you changed your mind about taking the throne? Or is there something else you've come to see me about?"

Thor’s face was stony, and as much as he wished to use deceit in a manner to grill Loki for the truth, he was not his brother; this was not Thor’s way. Thor sized the man in front of him up noting details previously that he had missed. Of course, how could he have been fooled so easily? Thor moved up the small set of stairs to address his ‘father’ responding curtly, “Drop the act, brother, you and I both know what you’ve done here.” Thor did not waste time as he quickly closed the gap between them using the element of surprise to snatch the trickster up by the tunic, so he would not be able to evade him. Pulling the lighter form into close proximity, Thor growled, “Now you will tell me where our father is.”

Loki absently let his grip slip from Gungnir, the precious spear falling to the floor with a deafening heavy clang that resounded into every corner of the room that was sure to bring any nearby guards running. The whole incident took him by complete surprise and almost made him lose his illusion and ruin the charade. He struggled to keep the illusion in place as he twisted in Thor’s iron grasp.

Fear surged through Loki even more as he peered into Thor’s eyes and realized the reality of the situation he was currently looking at. If he couldn’t outwit Thor in the next few minutes and convince him that he was indeed Odin, all would be lost. His plans would be a failure again, and he’d probably spend the rest of his life banished to some horrid and forgotten hole on Niffleheim where even Hela herself feared to tread. How did his brother even figure out that it was him? His thoughts came back to Heimdall. He was the only explanation. Everything started unraveling after he got away. It was then that Loki knew he should have done something differently with the all-seeing sentry.

“What is the meaning of this, Thor? Have you gone mad?” Loki managed to blurt out, still maintaining his Odin form. “Unhand me at once! I am your father! Whatever gave you the idea that I am Loki?”

Thor’s eyes stated his conviction. “Nay, Loki, you have fooled me for the last time! What has happened to you that you have fallen so?” Thor shook Loki roughly as he spoke, his pain evident in his tone.

Despite his Odin guise, Loki put his hand on Thor’s and struggled to get out of the hold, clawing and prying at his fingers. But no matter what, Thor’s grip remained the same. A bead of sweat trickled down his face as he slowly forced himself to look into his brother’s face. He didn’t want to admit it, but he knew he was already defeated. Everything was lost, and it hadn’t even taken but a few minutes. If he had been the real All-Father, he would have been able to get out of Thor’s hold easily. Bested again, he thought wearily. He hadn’t planned on Thor bursting into the throne room and grabbing onto him.

He sighed, the illusion of Odin melting away to reveal the trickster’s true form. Loki’s green eyes remained fixated on Thor, a pout forming on his face. “I thought you would be glad to see me, after my honorable death,” he said, ignoring Thor's question.

Thor pulled Loki mere inches from his face, his anger and frustration with his brother evident, more so there was confusion and a yearning to understand. “An honorable death? …followed by what, Loki? What is this that you are playing at? You could have gone anywhere, but you came back here to prance about in father’s image pretending to be king. It is as if you were a child unable to reason the actions you make. Are you this desperate for attention?”

“A child?!” Loki spat, clawing at Thor’s hand again. He kicked at Thor’s legs, hoping to do damage to something that would make his brother let go. Finally, he stopped. “You will never understand what I play at,” said Loki, a sad smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “And I’m not pretending to be king like you seem to think. I took over the throne like any good son would do. Odin fell into the Odinsleep so there was no one else to rule in his absence since you gave it up to go spend your time among the mortals and Mother is..." Loki blinked back tears. "I took on the All-Father’s appearance because I knew Asgard would never accept me as its ruler.”

Thor took in a deep breath relaxing his grip enough to lower Loki to the ground, but he did not let go. “Asgard would not accept you as its leader because you have forsaken its people time and time again for your own selfish wants Loki. And what of the warrior’s three and Sif? Heimdall relayed that you had them imprisoned, call the guards, they will be freed immediately, and then you shall bring me to Father. I wish to see his state with my own eyes.”

Loki huffed, glaring at Thor. “You’re one to talk—spending most of your time on Midgard,” he said venomously. “And I had my own reasons for imprisoning the Warriors Three, Sif, and Heimdall.” He turned his head away from Thor and sighed. “Alright, I shall free them. Release me so that I can assume the likeness of Odin, lest the guards haul me away to replace your precious friends before I can take you to the All-Father.”

Thor grunted. “Not likely, trickster; I don’t trust you out of arm’s reach, so here by my side, you shall stay. You’ll not wear our father’s face to mask your true self; you have no further need for duplicity. Call the guards or I will, it matters not, you are not in control here any longer. We will set this right.”

Loki studied Thor while at the same time trying to keep the fear rising in him calm. He didn’t want to call the guards, not as Loki. If they saw him, they would most likely snatch him up and throw him back in that horrid cell. But what other choice did he have?

“GUARDS!” he shouted, not taking his eyes off Thor. Almost immediately, two guards came rushing up to stand behind Thor.

“Yes, your—” The first guard’s eyes widened when he saw Loki. Both of them raised their weapons. "Loki! What have you done with the All-Father? Thor, what is going on here?"

“There they are…brother,” Loki sneered. “Do with them as you wish.”

Thor gave a slight nod to the two men that had arrived. “My brother has deceived you, and in his ruse told you to lock up the warrior’s three and lady Sif. I would ask that you release them, I will take Loki to the All-Father whom I suspect is being kept somewhere close.” He said this last bit with a bitter glare aimed at Loki.

The guards did not question Thor as they raced off to do as he bade them. Thor pulled Loki now by the bicep. “Alright, brother, lead the way. It’s time to go see Father.”

Loki struggled and protested as Thor dragged him along. They walked down several long hallways, to Odin's private bed chambers. Here, Loki told Thor to stop. With the thunder god's grip still on his arm, Loki opened the doors to an empty room.

"There you are," he said, waving a hand toward the vacant bed.

Thor did stop not because of Loki’s direction, but the vacant bed caused him a moment’s hesitation. “What is this, Loki? Where is the All-Father?”

It was just way too easy, Loki thought. His amused smirk turned into a full-blown grin, and he shook his head, not believing just how gullible Thor actually was. Even after all of the many illusions Loki had created over the years, Thor still fell for it every single time. The God of Thunder was truly a trickster’s delight.

“It never gets old.” Loki chuckled, still grinning. He waved his hand again and the bed shimmered. The illusion fell, and in its place was Odin lying on the bed, motionless and asleep. “Do you honestly think I’m dumb enough to leave the All-Father out in the open where people can see? If I made myself look like him, naturally I would need to hide the real one. Otherwise, the servants and chambermaids would question how Odin could be in two places at once.”

Thor was quiet a moment as he studied their father watching his chest rise and fall. The All-Father seemed well, and this fact eased his mind considerably. With the actions Loki had been taking the past few years, Thor was beginning to wonder what he was truly capable of. Seeing his father still well cared for stated to Thor there was still hope for the man standing next to him, and he planned to pull Loki back from whatever precipice he’d pushed himself to as looking at his brother now showed there was still hope to save him. His grip tightened on the trickster’s arm as Thor stated in a half whisper, “Come, brother. You know where I have to take you until father rises from the Odin’s sleep and can pass judgment on your actions.”

Loki's heart sank as Thor dragged him out of the room and down the hallway. He jerked in his brother's tight hold and tried twisting his arm loose. But the more he struggled, the tighter the grip became until it almost made him wince.

"Oh, come on, Thor, not the cell," he said. "You know I don't like being confined."

Thor gave Loki an exasperated look. “Then perhaps you will not do things that give me no other choice but to confine you.”

Thor was kind enough to take Loki the back way to the specialized confinement cell made just for him upon his return from Earth. Using his hand, the door to the room released in a soft whoosh of air, parting to give them swift entrance as Thor continued to pull Loki forward into the cell. “This place is becoming a second home for you these days,” Thor stated in a sad tone. “I will be back to speak with you further once I’ve had a chance to speak with the others.” Thor finally let Loki’s arm go as he gave Loki one last appraising look before turning to leave.

"Appears that way, doesn't it," Loki whispered sadly once Thor had left. He rubbed at the area of his arm where Thor's grasp had left a sore numbness. He looked around him at the all too familiar surroundings, disgusted that he was once again imprisoned in such a small space. Not much had changed in the length of time he had been absent from the place. The overturned and broken furniture still littered the floor, painfully reminding him of the grief he experienced right before Thor had let him out--reminding him of the loss he still suffered through daily. He stared at the spot where Frigga's illusion form had occupied the last time he saw her. Tears formed in his eyes and spilled down his cheeks. If only he could take back the words he had spoken to her last.

Sighing, Loki finally turned, righted one of the chairs, and plopped himself down in it, nudging at a book with the toe of his boot. He still couldn't figure out where his plan went wrong. It should have been flawless. His thoughts continued to come back around to Heimdall, Sif, and the others. Maybe he shouldn't have imprisoned them. But he didn't have any other choice. They, above any other residents, would have known right away that he wasn't Odin. He would just have to explain that to Thor the next time they met.

Thor had been gone a long while, hours even. And when he returned, his face was grave. Loki watched him through the glass from his viewpoint in the corner of the room. Thor reentered the small cubicle; his eyes never leaving Loki’s as he spat, “Treason to the crown, brother? You painted my friends, once your friends, in a very bad light, and you let the guards treat them poorly. Even this could be forgiven, but Heimdall was wounded badly when you unleashed our men of arms on him. I have taken him to the healing chambers, but he almost didn’t make it.” As Thor spoke he’d gotten closer and closer to Loki, stopping in front of his sitting form. His fists clenched tightly as he stood rigid, practically crackling with contained rage.

Loki continued to calmly stare into his brother's eyes. A twinge of guilt surged within him. Finally, he forced himself to look down at his hands in his lap as he fingered at a piece of his clothing.

"Are you going to execute me or clean up my prison cell?" were the only words he spoke.

“What?” Thor seemed taken aback a moment. The thought to execute his brother had never crossed his mind, and the suggestion was disconcerting. What followed the comment though was insulting, and Thor knew Loki was challenging him. “You make light of your own life, Loki, but you know we would never see you executed.” His eyes scanned the broken furniture throughout the room, and Thor’s scowl deepened at his brother’s level of disrespect. He regarded Loki once more, and seeing he was no longer looking at him, Thor continued, “As for your cell, nay I won’t be the one to clean up your mess, you will. Get up.”

Loki didn't respond or comply at first. Instead, he continued playing with the edge of one of his coattails. He didn't know what Thor had in mind that would require him getting up, but he wanted to hinder the moment as long as possible. Since it was Thor, he doubted it would be very bad. He probably wanted to yell at him some more, which he was, by now, pretty used to.

"Oh, really?" he said, finally brushing aside his coattail and pushing himself up to standing. He straightened up and peered into Thor’s eyes. "Wouldn't it be better to go ahead and execute me and get it over with? Put me out of my misery, so to speak, since I'm such a burden on everyone. It would be more merciful than leaving me in this cell to rot for all eternity. That is if I don't go mad first from being in such a small space."

Thor grunted. “Somehow, Loki, I think that you’ll endure. I’ve had enough of this kind of talk, and I’ve had enough of you making messes, it’s time you start cleaning some of them up. You can start here in this room.”

Loki's face turned into a dangerous scowl. "I clean it up?" he said disgustingly. He couldn't believe what Thor had said. "Have you gone mad? I'm not going to clean this up. Call in the servants to do it." At that, he roughly sat back down in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest. "And make it quick, because I will not stay in this filth a minute longer. It..." He lowered his voice and quickly glanced around him, "brings back too many bad memories."

Thor growled, “You created this mess! Surely you cannot expect the servants to come here and do your bidding? You are being ridiculous,” as Thor said this, his hand wrapped around Loki’s bicep, hauling him up off the chair, “It’s time you pick up this mess, Loki, and stop acting so petulant.”

Loki yanked his arm away from Thor, giving him another hard glare. He took a few steps before turning to look at Thor again.

“And what are you going to do if I don’t? Tell Odin when he wakes?” He sneered, bending down to pick up a few books. "If only Mother were here," he mumbled under his breath.

“Do not test me, brother. If Mother were here…” Thor paused, letting out a sad sigh and lowering his head to think of her too recent death, “She would not want you to fall further down this path you’ve chosen.” Seeing Loki picking up his books, Thor gave him a little space, “It doesn’t have to be this way. You’ve fought me at every turn, and I just want to help you.”

Loki picked up a few more books, setting them in a stack to the side. He straightened up and stared forward, outside the cell.

"No, she wouldn't..." he murmured, lost in his own thoughts. He knew Thor was right about Frigga. She would have tried to help him in every way she could, even if he pushed her away. Tears stung at his eyes.

"It's too late," he said softly, bending down to pick up another book and roughly tossing it to the side out of anger, spreading the mess around more than actually cleaning. "You'd be wasting your time. I'm nothing but a monster, and there's nothing you can do to change that. Not now, not ever." He turned to face Thor. "I'm not your brother. How many times do I have to say it? You should just go and help those pathetic mortals you love so dearly, and leave me. I've failed like I've failed at everything else." Sighing, Loki walked over and sat down in the chair again and blankly stared down at the floor.

Thor walked to Loki’s side, laying a hand on the back of his head and letting it fall to his neck where he gave him a gentle squeeze, denoting his compassion for him, “Blood does not make us brothers; love does.” He knelt down, lifting Loki’s chin so that their eyes met, and Loki could see the earnest intent in his eyes, “You haven’t failed until you’ve stopped trying, Loki, and I’m not going to let you stop trying.”

Loki held Thor’s gaze a few minutes, and then pulled himself away and turned his head to look in the opposite direction.

“You blundering oaf, why do you even care? I’ve tried to kill you. I’ve tricked you. I’ve lied to you. But yet…you still pretend to care for me and wish to help me.” Shaking his head, Loki turned to look at Thor again. “Why?”

Thor looked confused. “Why? Because I know you, Loki, better than you think I do. I can’t pretend to say I understand why you’ve done what you’ve done here lately, but I know one thing for sure and that’s that you’re not beyond getting past this. You can change, you may need a little help, but that’s what family is for, isn’t it? Will you let me help you?”

Loki shook his head wearily, a sad smile forming on his lips. He gestured at the cell around them and turned to Thor.

“Is this your idea of help?” he said bitterly. “What other help could you possibly give me, then? You sure didn’t offer any when you let me fall off the Bifrost! Yeah, sure, go ahead and help me. Why not? It can't be any worse than you’ve already done.”

“Than I’ve done?” Thor shook his head, standing. “Therein lies your problem, Loki; you’ve always got someone else to blame for your woes.” Studying Loki a moment, Thor made a decision. He fluidly grabbed Loki by the arm, pulling him off the chair he had been sitting to seat himself before yanking Loki back over his knee. “You know, Loki, you’re right, I’m going to help you help yourself.”

Thor's actions were fast and caught the surprised trickster completely off guard. It wasn't until Loki found himself looking at the floor that he began to understand what had actually happened...and was happening. A chilly tingle crept down his spine and his stomach tightened when he recognized the position he was in. It was an all too familiar position, but one he hadn't been in in a number of years. It was a position he had grown to loathe and had been all too happy to leave behind when he became of age.

His eyes grew wide and a cold sweat started forming on his face. Fear gripped Loki in full force and he started struggling against Thor's hold.

"Thor! What do you think you're doing??" he shouted, kicking his legs and pushing himself up, trying to roll off Thor's knee. "You can't be serious! I thought you were going to help me! What have I done to make you do something like this?? In case you haven't noticed, I'm much too old!" He tried pushing Thor's hand away with his foot.

Thor shook his head at Loki’s earnest struggles to avoid punishment. “Too old perhaps, but by your own actions very fitting!” Thor yanked Loki’s hips back squarely onto his lap before the trickster could manage to wriggle free. “Struggle all you like, brother, you’ll not leave my lap until I’ve deemed you’ve learned a lesson.” As he spoke, Thor pulled the small frame onto his other leg and wrapped one leg over Loki’s kicking ones, so that he had them pinned to futilely kick without being able to get in his way.

Thor wrapped an arm around Loki’s waist to lift his form slightly which gave him easy access to yank down his pants to bare his naked rear end, “You need a wake-up call, Loki, and with father not here to do so, I think it my duty to deliver it,” as he said this, a hard calloused palm met the under curve of Loki’s bottom.

“OW!” Loki yelped and cringed when the pain sank in. “Owww… Whatever that lesson is, I've learned it! You can stop now.” The first slap would have to land on the most sensitive area he thought. He couldn’t believe Thor was actually going through with this, even going so far as to bare him, of all things. It had to be a joke or something! He twisted in Thor's hold and struggled even harder. He wanted to move something—anything—just to hinder the situation and make himself feel like he had some sort of control over it, but his legs were firmly pinned by Thor's leg and weren't going to budge no matter how much he tried moving them. Panicking, he threw his hands back to try and shield the targeted area, grabbing hold and pulling the tails of his coat around to try and cover his exposed rear. His cheeks flushed the faintest pink and he caught himself glancing at the nearby prison cells to make sure they were alone. “No, no, no, no! You can’t do this! It’s most humiliating. What if the others found out?"

“What if they do?” Thor asked nonchalantly as he pulled Loki’s hands away from his clothing and tucked the fabric well out of the way before adjusting his arm and weight to lean over the small of Loki’s back, clasping his hand with Loki’s wrist to his side, effectively pinning Loki’s outer hand to prevent further interruptions. Once Loki was fully secured and immobile, Thor’s other hand came down again in a mantra of hard slaps alternating from cheek to cheek as he spoke, “I don’t care what the others think; you have gone far too long behaving in this manner without getting put back in line. I never wanted to keep you here in this cell. You are right, it’s not for the best, and when father wakes, we will discuss what you need, in detail.”

"Ouch! Ow!" Loki yelled at the pain the new onslaught of swats brought. "It hurts! Stop, please!" A worried look washed over his face when he found himself pinned even more. He twisted around, trying in vain to get loose. He managed to turn around enough where he could look over his shoulder just a bit, only to see the terrifying sight of Thor's hand coming down again and feeling the stinging pain it left in its wake. He uttered a muffled cry and winced. But before Thor could lay down another slap, Loki twisted and moved his rear out of the line of the attack.

Thor grunted shifting Loki so that his hip was now pressed tightly against his, so he would not get out of his grip again showing the trickster that he didn’t appreciate the stunt by awarding his reddening bottom with a heavier set of slaps. “Try to avoid this if you will, but I can assure you that here you will stay until I deem you’ve had enough. The more you fight me, the longer we will be here.”

"Owwwwwwwww!" Loki screamed out as tears began to sting at his eyes. "I still don't understand what I've done to merit this sort of brutal punishment from you! You said you were going to help me, not hurt me! I fail to understand how hitting me is helping!" He screamed out again and jerked forward when an especially painful slap landed on the underside of his bottom.

“Brutal? Truly, Loki? After everything that you’ve done as of late, this, by far, is pale in comparison…which I cannot say the same for your backside any longer,” Thor mused as he took in the myriad of handprints that had now scoured Loki’s shaking cheeks in an array of red hues where the darkest shades were concentrated on Loki’s sit spots. Thor wanted to make sure that Loki would not be sitting comfortably for some time once he’d finished with him. He continued, “No, this is nothing more than the discipline you need. Talking to you has gotten us nowhere, locking you up has just made you bitter, and we have fought as men in the past, but you are not acting as a man now, so why should I treat you like one?”

Loki hung there across Thor's knee, yelling out his discomfort occasionally. He still struggled the best he could, but he was fast growing weary. The tears that were beginning to fill his eyes, spilled freely down his cheeks now as Thor's hand continued its descent on his burning rear. He wasn't sure if his tears were from the pain of the spanking or the pain of Thor's words. His eyes studied the floor in confusion, wincing at each new smack. A sob suddenly escaped his mouth, and he sucked in a breath, hoping Thor hadn't heard.

"Stop, please," he whined in between tears. "I can't take anymore."

“You can and you will,” Thor stated simply. “I will impart fully how I feel about the actions you’ve taken and continue to take. Your path is reckless Loki, and at some point, if you do not curb them, they will get you killed. I cannot abide that, so this is my way of letting you know my level of disappointment.”

Loki squeezed his eyes closed and emitted whimpers as Thor's hand continued to come down, a harsh and painful smack driving out another scream from his throat. Tears streamed down his cheeks as the burning sting built up in his butt. Nothing he said or did would halt Thor's actions, and this scared him more than he cared to admit. His heart pounded in his chest at the thought of how long Thor planned on spanking him. He exhaled the breath he'd been holding and chewed at his bottom lip, thinking on Thor's words. He knew Thor was right, but something deep within him refused to give in. After all, it wasn't entirely his fault, right? He scowled with hatred and tried to twist around in Thor's hold once more.

"Y-you can't put the blame fully on me," Loki spat out between hitched breathing after a long pause. "You and Odin drove me to it! It's your fault that I've carried out such actions. It's not fair that you punish me in this manner when you put me in this very spot! OW! STOP!" Loki began to cry out his misery in full. "You are cruel to me! You claim to be my brother. You claim to love and care about me. But I am nothing more than an object for you to bring low so that you can beat me! If you truly loved me, you would have saved me from falling off the Bifrost. But you didn't! Odin just stood there...And you didn't even come looking for me..." Loki's words trailed off into gut-wrenching sobs.

Thor slowed his pace but did not relent. “That is not true, Loki, I did look for you, we looked for you, but not even Heimdall could see you. You’ve made so many assumptions about your family and our intentions for you, but you’ve never brought these feelings to the surface. Instead, you plotted and schemed in an effort to what?—Feel like you’d hurt us as you have perceived we hurt you? I do not know all of what the All-Father planned or what he wished for the both of us, but, Loki, I am and always will be your brother. I love you, and I’ll always look out for you.”

Loki sobbed miserably as his tensed body finally went limp in Thor’s hold. He wanted to say something if only to comment on what Thor had said, but the words wouldn’t come out. He was too exhausted, and Thor was too stubborn. Besides, his backside was far too sore. He was afraid to say anything else lest Thor decided to keep him there longer.

“I want Mother back,” Loki got out before choking on a sob.

Thor paused, letting out a sigh. He hadn’t expected that remark, and it hit him like a kick in the gut. Frigga and Loki had always been closer than he or Odin as she seemed to understand Loki on a whole other level. He stated solemnly, “I want her back too…” No longer having the heart to continue spanking Loki, Thor relented the punishment to be enough as he tugged Loki’s pants back in place before releasing his hold on him and helping Loki to his feet. Before Loki had a chance to pull away from him, Thor grabbed the sides of his face, pulling him forward to kiss the top of his head before wrapping him in a tight embrace. It hurt his heart to see the tears that stained Loki’s face, and the last thing he wanted his brother to doubt was his care for him.

Sniffling and trying to wipe his nose and eyes and brush his hair out of his face, Loki allowed Thor to hug him. He stiffly complied at first, but as Thor held him tight, Loki eventually eased into the hold. He buried his face in Thor’s shoulder and sobbed for several minutes, afterward pulling away and turning his head to look elsewhere. He sniffed long and hard, putting his hands behind him to gently rub at the soreness in his backside. He winced, hissing through his teeth, as he felt his hot and blistered cheeks. “Ow…” he murmured, turning a soured pout to Thor.

Thor tried not to smile although Loki did look rather young at the moment, sniffling so and rubbing at his sore bottom. He remembered the boy he’d had many adventures with as a boy himself. How they’d grown so far apart. It made him frown at the reality of their situation now. He looked around the room, moving to the upturned bed and uprighting it. “Why don’t you get some rest, Loki. I’ll bring you something from the kitchens to eat.”

Loki nodded in reply to Thor, still staring down at the floor and refusing to look at his brother. He raised his head just enough to look at the bed, then he looked down at himself.

"Could you...find me some...comfortable clothes first?" he said softly, ending it with a sniff. He shifted from one foot to the other and subtly tugged at the seat of the tight leather pants he currently wore, wincing and looking like he might start crying again. His face flushed with embarrassment over having to ask his brother. But he knew he'd never be able to rest in the clothes he had on now. Thor had done a thorough job on his posterior, and he was highly uncomfortable. Normally he had no problem with his wardrobe choice, but as he stood there he started to realize just how uncomfortable his trousers actually were and wanted to get out of them as quickly as possible. Of course, his bottom also currently felt like it was on fire and the leathers didn't help any by holding in the heat and rubbing against his butt. He whimpered and turned a timid look to Thor, trying his best not to show just how uncomfortable he actually was. "Please?"

Thor gave him a small smile and a nod. “I think that can be arranged. In the meantime, why don’t you disrobe and climb into bed? I will bring you something else to wear when I bring you food.” Thor didn’t wait for a reply from Loki as he moved to the door, flashing his hand as the door whooshed open to accept his departure, quickly shutting as he’d left.

After Thor left, Loki continued to stare in the direction he disappeared, not entirely sure what to do next. Everything that happened had completely derailed him. Finally, he sighed and walked to the side of the bed, taking his coat off as he went. Not being able to stand it any longer, he pulled his pants down, gritting his teeth. He twisted around to get a look at the damage and grimaced when he saw the deep redness of his cheeks.

“That oaf,” he grumbled, giving his rear a rub. He wasted no time getting his clothes off. And once disrobed, he crawled into bed to lie on his stomach, pulling the covers over him and burying himself deep within them. He lay there and stared at the wall, thinking over everything and hoping to shut himself off from the rest of the world. He marveled at how fast everything had come unraveled—how he went from sitting on the throne of Asgard to lying in a prison cell with a sore bottom. He shuddered at remembering Thor spanking him and then he scowled. How dare Thor treat him that way. Was this a sign of things to come? Every time he did something displeasing, was Thor going to throw him over his knee and spank him like a toddler? What had he done to deserve such a humiliating fate?

Loki snuggled into his pillow, a few tears rolling down his cheek. He didn't want to think about his miserable life anymore. Unable to hold his eyes open any longer, he drifted off to sleep.