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Control Is The Means To Survival

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Title: Control Is the Means to Survival

Author: wereleopard58

Pairing: John Shepard/Kaidan Alenko

Warning: Mpreg

Rating: Adult for now, have no idea if it will be.

Summary: Kaidan Alenko went missing he never made it to Horizon. Shepard finds out after he is sent to the Citadel after Mars. Kaidan is no longer quite the same as before, there is a surprise waiting for the saviour of the Citadel.

Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with any of the Mass Effect games, I am making no money and it is just for fun.

N/B The title is a quote from 'The Illusive Man' 'I warned you. Control is the means to survival. Control of the Reapers… and of you, if necessary.' From Mass Effect 3.

Chapter One

'Where's Kaidan?' Shepard demanded. 'I've heard about the rest of my crew, but there's been nothing about him.'

'I'm sorry Shepard, but there's nothing I'm able to tell you at the moment.'

Anderson watched as Shepard's stormed out of the embassy. How long before he found out that they had no clue where Kaidan was. After he'd been promoted to Major and was on his way to Horizon he had gone missing. That was the last that anyone had heard from him. He'd never made it to his destination. The Commander was the galaxy's best hope for beating the Collector's. He would deal with problems that arose if Shepard came back and Alenko wasn't around.

Anderson knew that nothing had happened between them, but there was a connection that could grow into something more personal in nature. Shepard had all these people, women throwing themselves at him and he wasn't interested in anything more than friendship. There was something special when he glanced over a Kaidan. It was so clear to see and now there might never be anything between them. Shepard was going to kill him and anyone else who kept this secret from him.


Miranda Lawson stared at the computer monitor. After backing Shepard in destroying the Collector's base her time with Cerberus was at an end. She now had to stay in one step in front of them. It also meant that she no longer had them to help protect her sister Oriana and her adopted parents. She flipped another screen, and just stared at it. Miranda couldn't believe what she was reading, or maybe she could.

'Bloody hell.' Miranda muttered she had no idea they had done this. She had to make sure that it was stopped.


Kaidan lay on his bed. His hand lay across his stomach protectively. He'd lost track of time since he'd be captured. They'd done so many procedures on him; at the end of some of them he wanted them to kill him. He had never known why him, and what they planned to do. Kaidan thought it might have to do with Shepard, but there was nothing but friendship between them. He may have feelings for his fellow soldier it went only one way. There odd moments that he thought there was more nothing came off it so he pushed it away. Now the end game was clear and he had to live for his and their child. What was Shepard going to say when he found out he was going to be a father.

How Cerberus manage to do this was still a complete mystery, hell if anyone could it was them. They managed to bring Shepard back from the dead. He still had to find some way to escape. There was no way his child was going to be raised in captivity, and at the whims of a group like these. The only reason they were both still alive was because they wanted to be able to have some control over the Commander. It seems that Shepard was following his own plans, and not what he was meant to do. They did what the real deal, and now they knew that it came with problems. There was doubt that gnawed away at him. Was this the same man that he had feelings for? Would he ever find out?

He looked up as his door opened, what did they want now? Stood there was an armed attractive brunette. It wasn't someone he'd ever met before.

'Major Alenko, I'm Miranda Lawson and I'm going to get you out of here.'

'Why would you do that?' Kaidan's eyes narrowed as he watched her carefully.

Miranda couldn't help but smile at the suspicious way she was being looked at. Not that she blamed him. 'I was with Shepard when he went to destroy the Collector's base.'

The Major just stared at her blankly. 'Wait, what are you talking about?'

'You don't know, they never told you anything that Shepard was up to?'

'The only thing I was told was that he was working for Cerberus.'

'He did it to stop the Collector's, they were abducting human colonies, all of the people just vanished. I can tell you more later, once you're safe. I backed Shepard against Cerberus, and I'm no longer in their good graces. The Illusive Man does not take rejection well. I've been on the run since we got back and Shepard handed the Normandy and himself over to the Alliance.'

'He did.'

'Shepard is the same man, we were told to change nothing about him. I was the head of Project Lazarus. We need to leave now. '

'How did you know I was here?'

Miranda knew that Kaidan wouldn't leave without some explanation. After everything he'd been through she couldn't blame him.

'I still have my sources and I like to cause Cerberus a few problems. I was looking through some files to find something that could help me and my sister. I came across reports on you. Shepard is a good man; he helped me when there was no reason to. Even if he hadn't I couldn't leave you here. I know a little something about someone wanted to control your life, and having no choice. I didn't want you or your child to live through that. As soon as I found out about you I had to help. Damn Shepard and his hero inclinations.'

Kaidan chuckled. 'I've seen the most unlikely people do things around Shepard I would never have thought was possible. He does have that way about him, that hasn't changed I see.'

'Let's go before Cerberus want Shepard for something and decide to use you. We have to get to safety.'

He watched her for a moment longer. There would be a better chance of escape out there if she was lying, but he truly believed her. 'Where is everyone? Shouldn't alarms be going?'

'The soldiers that attacked me are dead; the others are unconscious or locked away. So let's go.'

Kaidan nodded and climbed off his bed. 'I'm ready.'

'I'll make sure your safe, the both of you.' Miranda promised as she glanced down at his stomach. With a quick check out of the door to make sure it was clear she walked out of his room, his prison cell. Kaidan was right behind her; he finally had a chance to be free.