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First, Second, Third

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As they prepared for the final battle the anxiety she felt reached new levels. She knew her job would be to use the Scythe to activate all the potential Slayers, and she knew that the Hellmouth would likely collapse on itself if she did. 

She tried to convince Dean, then Sam, to take Joshua and leave town, to wait for them somewhere safe. Sam was happy to do so and Dean reluctantly accepted the plan as the best way to keep their son safe. 

She forced back the tears that were threatening to spill as she loaded up her car with all their mementos, some clothes and bits from Buffy's house you knew she was too worried to think about. 

Photo albums took up a whole box of their own, pictures of those they had lost that they could not bear to part with; pictures of Joyce taking up the bulk. 

Before she knew it she was waving goodbye to her son and Sam who were on their way to Sioux Falls having deemed the city limit too close. Dean pulled her close and she buried her head in his chest. "Don't worry baby, we'll see him again soon, Sam will take care of him." 

They spent that evening finalizing their plan. She would be with Dean working her mojo while the others went to the seal or acted as a perimeter. 

At 4am they shakily made their way back to the empty house that had been theirs for the past month. 

With the house all to themselves for once she saw the opportunity and grabbed it. Taking his hand she led him up both flights of stairs to reach their make shift bedroom. Removing her hand she moved it to the buttons of his plaid shirt, carefully slipping them from their home before moving the shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. 

Fingers inching underneath his t shirt she felt the firm muscles of his stomach. He tensed against her before wrapping his hand around her waist and leaning down to kiss her. 

She inched her fingers further up his chest, and played with the smattering of hair between his pectorals. 

He stepped back slightly and pulled the T-shirt over his head and worked on hers. "Willow, in case this is our last day, or our last day together, I want to remember it." Finishing the final button in her blouse he pulled the sleeves down her arms and let it fall to the floor. "No matter what happens, if anything goes wrong and I don't make it through tomorrow, promise me you will not raise our son alone. You'll find someone else, please?" 

She reached out to his belt and blinked back tears. Slipping the leather through the buckle she nodded her head. "I promise, on one condition. You do the same; you'll fight this deal with everything you've got and don't let yourself be taken down by it." 

She pulled the belt from his pants and looked up into his eyes. Dean nodded carefully down at her. "Okay."


They settled in place in Principal Wood’s office, where the library had once been; directly over the Hellmouth. 

She placed the candles in a circle, while Dean drew out the pentagrams and times needed to make the spell work. 

Finally she held a knife out to him. 

"They should be in place. OK, magic time. You ready to, heh heh, kill me?"

They had discussed in last night in between bouts of love-making. The spell she was attempting would harness the full power on the Slayer, multiplying and passing it on to hundreds on girls and woman all over the world. It was more power than even the highest levels of covens ever attempted; and she'd be doing it with only Dean as her anchor. He was prepared, if she went dark side to stop her before she could do more damage.

She settled crosslegged in the centre of the circle and carefully lifted the scythe. Channelling her magic into it she felt out to every other girl like Buffy, like Kendra, like Faith, and in a moment of pure joy she turned them all on.

Feeling the magic move from her she weakly handed the scythe to Dean and collapsed on the floor in giggles. 

She heard him say something but it didn't register, the thrum of the First Slayer running in her veins. Her hands were glow-y. 
Slowly the magic started to ebb and wane, and the room lost its brightness. 

Footsteps rushed towards her, and she slowly raised her stake up. 

Dean skidded into the room and scooped her up. "Right Princess, let's go." 

He held her to his chest and she smiled into the warm flannel of his shirt. Running to the exit to the school he passed Anya, Xander and Giles and who rushed to check on Willow. 

"Is she okay? Did it work?" Giles placed his hand against her flush cheek. 

She smiled at him and reached her hand up to meet his. "Sleepy Giles, Rupert, Rupert Giles." She giggled and shoved her face back towards Dean. "You smell good." 

Dean shifted her in his arms. "She's a little giddy. I'm going to run her to the bus to help Dawn when she regains her senses then I'll be right back." 

She closed her eyes and sank further into his arms.

She came round as they cleared the town and slowly opened her eyes to look around the school bus. 

The back door stood open and she saw Buffy embracing Dawn. Scanning her eyes she searched for Dean and felt her heart race at not being able to see him. 

Stumbling out of her seat she scanned the aisle frantically looking for his leather jacket but saw nothing. 

Slowly making her way past the girls she stumbled onto the road next to Buffy and Dawn. 

Buffy pulled her into a tight hug and Dawn latched on to her back. 


Buffy pulled away from her and nodded her head to see Xander and Dean patching up Principal Wood by the side of the road. She pulled herself from the Summer's hug and raced towards him as fast as her legs could carry her. "Dean."

He turned his head and raised himself to his feet. She crashed into him and knocked him to the ground. Clutching his chest she cried softly into his shirt. His hand reached up and stroked her back before pulling them both up into a sitting position. "It's okay Princess, I've got you." 

She clutched tighter at his leather lapels and allowed herself to be pulled up. 

They would be alright. They had made it out and their son was safe. Turning to see Buffy, Dawn and Giles they stood by the edge of the crater. Joining them she moved from Dean's grasp and latched herself onto Xander. "We did it." 

“Looks like the hellmouth is officially closed for business.” Faith added. 

Giles bent and picked up a rock. “There is another one in Cleveland. Not to spoil the moment.” He threw the rock into the crater. 

Xander looked down at her. ”We saved the world.”

“We changed the world. I can feel them, Buffy. All over. Slayers are awakening everywhere.”

She stood by Buffy. 

Dawn looked round Buffy to them. ”We'll have to find them.”

“We will.”

Giles paced slightly behind them. ”We have a lot of work ahead of us.”

“Can I push him in?” Faith added smiling at her. 

”You’ve got my vote.”

Faith nudged Giles. ”I just want to sleep, yo, for like a week.”

“I guess we all could, if we wanted to.” Dawn chirped in.

Willow smiled and reached for Dean’s hand. 

”Yeah. The First is scrunched, so... what do you think we should do, Buffy?”

“We go get Joshua, we get Sam, and we work on getting Dean out of that deal. Then we take a vacation.” Buffy smiled at the crater. 

“Sounds like a plan.” Dean squeezed her hand and smiled at her.