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First, Second, Third

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He was a good guy, Riley, she decided after he got the guy working the music to turn off Dingo’s Ate My Baby. And then he asked if she wanted to talk, yeah he could work for Buffy, assuming he wasn't secretly evil. “No, I... I want you to find Buffy and tell her that I went home and not to worry about me. Which at least will give you something to say.”

Well that was easy, she had at least tried to get out of her funk, but once again memories had reared their ugly head and bummed her out. 

A short way from Lowell house and plunked herself down on to a nearby bench and closed her eyes, just enjoying the feeling of being outside in the cool air. 

Hearing footsteps in front her she opened her eyes only to come face to face with Spike, shit, this is what I get for hanging around outside after dark. “Spike! Wh-what do you want? Uh, a spell? I can do that.”

She jumped up hesitantly and felt for a stake, right, it was tucked into her boot. 

“I'll give you a choice.” Spike walked close to her and ran his finger down her face, “Now I'm gonna kill you. No choice in that. But... I can let you stay dead... Or... Bring you back, to be like me.”

Shivering she stepped back, only for the back of her legs to connect with the bench. Nowhere to run, too public to do magic, all she could do was – “I--I'll scream.”

He moved closer again, caressed her neck before tilting her head to the side before baring his fangs, “Bonus.”

Before she had the chance to scream Spike was torn away from her and her view of him was blocked by a man who held a jagged knife who placed himself in-between them. Lifting up her leg she pulled the stake from her boot and held it out in front of her only for the guy to look at it confused and move her arm out of the way. 

God, this guy was stupid, she motioned it back to him again and this time he turned and looked at her. 

“I’ll be back for your friend, Red.” Spike pulled himself off the ground and made a run before either she or the mysterious guy could react.

Placing her hand on his shoulder she forced him round. “Hey, Mister, what exactly is a knife going to do huh?” 

He stepped away from her, but still kept an iron grip on the knife, so she kept the stake firmly in her hand. “What do you know of it, I just saved your life, you could have been, err... mugged, or attacked?” 

Giving him an incredulous look she motioned to the stake in her hand and waved it in front of his face, “I wasn't completely powerless you ignoramus, I grew up here, I know not to walk around at night unprotected!”

He knocked it out of her hand and stepped up close, “Right sweetheart, because a wooden stake is the way to go, if you’re killing Vampires in Transylvania.” 

Willow held her hands up stopping him coming any closer, “Why you think you going to decapitate one with that little knife?” 

He placed the blade back in his pocket, “Oh trust me sweetheart ...that is the only way to do it.” 

She couldn't help herself, she literally laughed in his face. “Boy, are you out of your depth, this is Sunnydale. The normal rules don’t apply here.”

He took a step back a look of shock racing across his face, “Wait, I’m in Sunnydale?” 

Bending down she picked the stake and slotted it back in her boot. “Did the sign on the way into town not give it away?” 

Straightening she saw he had a confused look on his face, “there was no sign, well not one standing anyway.” 

Willow laughed and crossed her arms, “should have known. Anyway, I’m guessing you've heard of us then?” She sat back down on the bench and invited him to join her. 

He reluctantly sat at the opposite end of the bench. “Yeah, although, if my Dad finds out I’m here he’ll tear me a new one.”

Willow patted him on the knee, “well thank you for saving me from Spike, although it’s not the first time he’s came after me. I’m sure your dad would understand. Damsel-in-almost-distress after all.” 

He turned his head to look at her and searched his eyes over her face, looking for anything that would show her to be anything other than a normal human. “So you know about Vampires then?” 

“I grew up on a Hellmouth, my school barely went a week without someone dying, yes I know about Vampires. Not to mention demons, werewolves and witches too.” 

The guy held his hand out to her, “I’m Dean by the way.”


She shook his hand, well this could be worse, she may have left a party where no one was interested in her, but at least she hadn't been attacked by Spike, all thanks to the guy sitting next to her. 

"Well Willow, it's nice to meet you. Anywhere we can go to get a drink? I need some time to come up with a convincing lie to tell my dad before I see him again." 

"I'm guessing you're in the line of work where Hellmouth's are a no go zone." 

"Yup, family business." 

"Well in that case you deserve a drink, if you don't mind a little walk there's a bar in town where both of us can go. Let the helpless girl buy her saviour a drink?" 

Standing up she offered him her hand and pulled him upright. She stumbled slightly at his weight and he held her against his chest to steady her. When he smiled down at her she felt herself shiver. 

Moving his arm around her shoulders he pulled his leather jacket around to try and keep her warm. "God, I'm sorry I didn't realize how cold it is, my cars just round the corner, will be warmer than walking."

Unable to say anything besides giving directions, she carefully studied the guy in the driving seat. He was undeniably cute, not in the way Oz had been, but in a rougher, manlier, well not cute at all, more like downright handsome kind of way.

Upon directing him to the small car park round the corner from The Bronze she smiled at him brightly before jumping out of the classic car. 

Deciding to have more fun than she was able to at the frat party, along with thanking him for 'saving' her, she decided to throw caution to the wind and be a little reckless. Well less reckless than walking around Sunnydale practically unarmed anyway.

She dug a $20 note out of her pocket. "Drinks are on me, but I'll wait in the back. Just a beer is fine, or whatever you’re having I guess." 

He reluctantly took the note and gave her a quizzical stare before putting two and two together and realising she must be underage. "Okay then." 

She led him round to the entrance and pulled him inside, nodding to the bouncer. She pointed to the bar and then the corner where there was an empty table. She pulled him down to her level "I'll be over there, be discreet please." 

Making her way over to the table she grabbed two stools and moved them next to each other and sat herself down. 

Since Oz had left she had been living in a world of gloom. Stomping around, being a grump to her friends, her magic going wonky. She knew everyone was a little sick of her moods.

Maybe she just needed to have a good night, that's what Buffy had tried to do, something to cheer her up. Maybe this is what she needed. A few drinks with a handsome vampire fighting stranger. After all, what else did she have to look forward to.


All her life she had loved two guys, one was dating an ex-demon and the other had run off after cheating on her. Well this Willow Rosenberg was done with moping; this Willow Rosenberg was going to let loose a little, like Buffy had after Parker. Well maybe not just like Buffy but still.


Waking up with a headache the next morning back in her dorm room she looked over to see Buffy fast asleep in the bed next to hers, a glass of water on her nightstand, and a bucket placed on the floor next to her bed. 

She shut her eyes again. The previous night came back to her in flashes, a few beers, a suggestion to dance, Dean teaching her to play pool only to grab the attention of the bouncer who recognized her and knowing she was underage, being chucked out. Then she remembered running back to his car laughing the whole way before he had pinned her against the car and started kissing her.

Fumbling around against the door, his hand round her waist, hers clinging to his chest, before he reached round and opened the door only to manoeuvre them both into the back seat with a practiced grace. 

Clothes being hastily pulled down and off until he sank into her and she let out a relieved groan. Frantically fucking in the back seat.

When they'd both finished, awkwardly he offered to take her home and she'd let him. All the way to the doors of her building at least. Kissing him sloppily on the cheek she'd thanked him and offered him her stake for protection on the walk back to the car.

She lay still for a few more minutes relishing in the memory of being a bad girl, before the need to pee hit her. Forcing her head up she stumbled to the door only to see she was in her PJs and not wearing her clothes from last night. 

Returning to the dorm room a few minutes later she could see Buffy's bed was empty, and the wardrobe door open. Letting the door close her best friends head popped out from behind the closets door. 

"Hey beer-y!" 


She slumped back down on to her bed and rooted around in her bedside table for some painkillers, and seeing the glass of water on the top she swallowed a couple of advil.

"So Miss-Came-Home-Talking-About-A-Sexy-Hunter, want to explain to me how when you got home more than a little tipsy and I had to get you into your PJs you weren't wearing any underwear?" 

Willow groaned and lay back down.


Besides some teasing from Buffy she didn't think much about her night with Dean. Life went on as normal, at least until Thanksgiving when Angel came back into town. 

When he'd grabbed her in the coffee shop and she'd had to explain who Riley was she could see his face change when he focused back in her, a look of confusion gracing his features.
"Willow, you smell different." 

She had looked at him oddly, Angel hadn't paid this much attention to her ever, she couldn't help but blush. "Well I've changed my perfume since Oz left but well..."

"No that isn't it." He pulled her closer and sniffed her in a way she assumed was to be discreet. It wasn't.

"Er, Angel? If Buffy see’s us like this she might wonder what the hell is going on." 

Angel pulled away from her sharply and she stumbled slightly at being off balance before he pulled her close. "God Willow, I'm sorry! Why didn't you tell me?"

Willow looked up at him only to see his face had a look of concern. "Tell you what?" 

Angel pulled her away only to place a hand on her stomach. "The baby, I can hear the secondary heart beat." 

Jumping away from him she looked down at where his hand had been placed just moments before. 


Her eyes snapped back to his.

"You’re pregnant."

She tried to forget his words, but was as cautious as possible in fighting the ghost of the Native American's who had crashed thanksgiving, but after a sleepless night she knew she had to find out, to be certain.

Braving the chemist on Black Friday she grabbed a few pregnancy tests before anyone she might know saw her and hurried back to the dorm. An hour later she was still staring at the three boxes in front of her. There was no way she could be pregnant, she had always been so careful with Oz. But she had stopped taking the pill after he skipped town.

Buffy chose that moment to walk in and before she had the chance to move the tests she had seen them. Open mouthed she stood and stared at them before moving her gaze up to meet her own. 


Sighing she moved the tests towards her. "No. We were always careful and I've had a cycle since them." 

"That hunter guy then? Dean was it?" 

"I don't know. Angel said something when he was here yesterday. He said he felt another heartbeat." 

Buffy sat at the bottom of the bed and took one of the tests into her hand. "We need to know. If you are, then we need to know." 

Standing abruptly she started to pace. "I know, I just, between Oz leaving and then some random hook-up with some guy I never got the second name of, and then everything yesterday, I just don't know." She threw her arms up in the air, "I mean, Angel might be wrong right?" 

Buffy stood up and placed her hands against her shoulders. "I don't think so; it's weird but, well Vampires they can tell this sort of thing can't they?" 

Shrugging out of the Slayers grasp she stepped away. "I don't know, I've been staring at those boxes for an hour Buff, I've read the instructions three times. We we're careful, we used protection." 

Moving in again Buffy grasped her hand. "It's not always 100% though. We should check. And, well, if you are we'll make it work."

Half an hour later, having peed on all three tests she had an unequivocal yes. She was pregnant and didn't know the fathers surname.


They dealt with it; thank god her parents weren't around anymore to pile on the guilt. Instead she had Giles, Joyce, Buffy, Xander, Anya and Dawnie to support her. UC Sunnydale let her find a place off Campus, to where she was followed by Buffy, Riley, Xander and Anya, who all helped out. They took out Adam, dealt with Riley, but it wasn't until Joyce passed away when Joshua was just a few months old that she knew she was needed back on Revello Drive to help Buffy with Dawn. 

After the Trio fled town, Warren having died when Willow had directed her bullet away from her baby and it hitting him in the chest did she truly feel safe in their new home. Finally having time to breath between one catastrophe and the next she started looking into who the father of her child was.

All she knew was he knew about the horrors the darkness hid; he hunted with his father, and had a classic car. Apparently, the Supernatural world was small enough that when she made contact with a hacker guy and was presented with a few photos she was able to pick him out almost instantly. She never got his contact details though, and the guy, Ash, stopped messaging her. 

Dean Winchester. His father had passed and according to a contact of Giles' from when he was searching for Buffy after the whole Angelus mess, he was currently hunting with his brother. Giles had managed to track down his contact details though. 

Willow filed away his contact details, after hearing about the mess the Winchesters were in she figured it would be safer for her son to stay apart from his father at the moment. Joshua was safe, he had Uncles and Aunts that loved him, and it wouldn't be fair to him to bring more danger onto his head. 

That was of course, till The First reared their ugly head once more just a short month later and took out The Council. She knew, at that point she couldn't let her son become another victim to the Hellmouth. And she couldn't leave; she was desperately needed. 

Hesitantly she picked up her phone and dialled the number from the scrap of paper she had been toying with for an hour. It was time for Joshua Rosenberg to become a Winchester.


He had a year left to live. Sam wasn't happy about it, Bobby wasn't happy about it.

He, well, even knowing he had been stiffed only getting a year, he couldn't bring himself to want to change it. 

Sam was alive; the yellow-eyed Demon was dead, and at the end of the day that's all that mattered. 

Sam had taken him to see Lisa, to say goodbye. But the feelings he'd had for her back when he was 18 were not the same that he felt at 28. 

Instead his mind kept scanning back to a petite redhead on the Hellmouth. One who had laughed in the face of danger, who had grown up with the terror and the fear that he had, and had hopefully survived. He may have only known her a few brief hours, but in that time he knew that if there was ever a woman who could be there, who he could legitimately be with, it would be her. Not even Jo, who knew what he faced every day compared, they hadn't chosen the life like Willow; she inherited it. The girl who had rang him an hour before saying she'd tracked his number down, and she needed his help, needed to see him.

He met Sammy back at the motel and shook his head. "It wasn't the same." 

They packed up and made their way to the car. "So, where next on the 'Because my brother is a jackass we have to say goodbye to everything tour'?" 

Motioning for his brother to get into the car he turned the stereo on. 

"Sunnydale, California."