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Hard Candy

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Swirls of darkened blue that dominated the sky above New Orleans, Louisiana seemed to be forcibly moving the gray tinted clouds in a constant, yet fruitless effort to dispose of them. This evenings cool breeze danced freely through the air above the earth, twisting with an undertone of dark malicious intent that the human race should (and often succeeded in) turning a blind eye to. Yet, the young woman that now walked through the empty streets never really claimed to be what others casually deemed 'normal', having already acknowledged at a young age that there was some kind of glitch within her brain that differed her from others. Something foreign pulsing from where it was contained in her veins.

As such, she somehow was able to sense it with each and every passing breath that she greedily forced into her lungs. An overwhelming instinct surged from the depths of her body that was instantly known as self preservation of possible camouflage dangers that went hand and hand with pounding adrenaline. The young honey blonde haired woman of fifteen years of age didn't know what to make of these sudden emotions - for what was an odd occurrence in itself - no life besides herself walked among the streets of New Orleans. This beautiful, lively city that she had grown to love dearly was somehow reduced to that akin to a ghost town.. one in which desperately needed the Scooby Doo Gang right in this moment.

She shook her head in an attempt to clear it of her wayward thoughts, lush curls that cascaded down her back moved with every movement she made as she rose up the familiar concrete steps of a beige colored church, soft crunching sounds seemed to echo the soles of her Minnie mouse converse. When she finally reached the top and was confronted by a pair of heavy, wooden doors, she nearly jumped out of her skin as an reverberating sound of thunder echoed from the heavens above.

Her natural yet slightly unusual hazel orbs that were made up of more silvery glints than any other color, were now wide as irritation etched upon her sun kissed expression as the young woman lifted her gaze up to the clouds that had become unnoticeably thickened. It seemed as if a storm was rolling in rather quickly, one of which that the forecast once again didn't expect to occur. Of course, She mentally scoffed the two words within her mind before making a move to zip up her warm dark navy blue jacket that curved around her frame quite nicely with her faded black jeans hugging her long legs.

Lightening had taken this time to flash from the clouds, curving jagged behind the cross that was high from its place of rest in front of the building. Heavy was the atmosphere around her, due to the storm or from something else she couldn't tell, only that the feeling grew as soon as she began to open the creaking church door to reveal a haunting silence. Normally noise filled the air within Saint Anne's church as the choir boys joked around and got ready for rehearsal, or music could be heard as it was orchestrated somewhere in the background. However no sound greeted her as she stepped through the arched threshold, shutting the door as quietly as she could manage to the offered protection from the oncoming storm.

Carefully the young woman stepped forward as she tried to adjust her orbs to the blinding lights that always engulfed the inside of the church, only to pause in a standstill with horror pounding through her veins at the sight before her. From her place between the two back isles of the pews, she was greeted with a sight that she would have never would have bet to witness within her darkest nightmares - let alone in reality. Positioned almost strategically around her brother were the bodies of his fellow friends in the choir, the people he had once cared for deeply were now slumped against the wood.. their life essence bled out from a smooth, deep cut to each of their throats. A move that showed no hesitation..

"Sean.." The word fell from her lips in a gasp as watched, frozen and with baited breath as her slightly older brother hesitantly lifted his crystal blue orbs up from where he gazed almost lovingly down at the curved, bloody knife that he clutched within his right hand. When his shade of blue met her own, chills ran up and down her spine as she instantly took note of how empty they were in contrast to the innocent joy that previously sparkled within them.

She said his name again, forcing his name out of her mouth steadier and calmer than it previously had been, even when her emotions raged a conflicting war within her. Taking a step forward carefully, her hands slowly raised up in front of her as a silent gesture that signaled her surrender .. as she fought every instinct that told her to run away as fast as she possibly could in the other direction. No, she tried to silence it as she hesitantly took another step forward. He was her brother in all ways but blood, older than her only by a couple of months - both Camille and himself loved and cared for her as family. Despite the fact that they found out later on that she, was in fact, adopted. The person responsible for this was not the boy that protected her from monsters hiding underneath her bed and bullies that thought they could pick on her..

"Please, Sean..." A whimper forced itself from her lips as she pleaded with him in only two words to stop, to drop the knife.. A sadistic smirk curved upon his lips, the sight of it making her completely and utterly terrified for the very first time that she could ever recall, before it seemed all too quickly that he was standing in front of her .. towering over her shorter frame. Before she knew what was happening, a sharp pain stung around her throat as liquid rushed down from the cut that she had just received from the brother that had once swore to always protect her. Shock and panic surged from the depths of her body and a hand raised seemingly on it's own accord to cup it, though only made it halfway before the ground rose to meet her body as she fell.

"Emma!" Her name sounded around her, distant to her ears as if she were underwater and unable to swim to the surface. Through blurry vision from both pain and tears, her eyes settled on the unusual 'X' on the back of Sean's right hand that was slightly darker than his own skin tone before he raised the curved knife that he just slaughtered people with to his own throat. Numbness seeped into her body as Emma's brain started to become sluggishness, she thought of Cami and how she wished she had one last chance to tell the older blonde that she loved her. To tell the only parents that she had ever known thank-you for being such kind hearted people that taken it upon themselves to raise an abandoned baby when they already had their hands full with two.

Emma thought she heard the word 'No.' echo on the outskirts of her consciousness that sounded almost like her Uncle Kieran before the shadows around her seemed to come alive, rapidly taking over her vision.. and just when her whole world started to spiral into darkness she thought she heard a voice whisper in her ear that everything would be alright.

However, just when she tried to acknowledge it - was the very last second of her awareness, as the very next was when Emma O'Connell knew no more..