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Unwanted liaison

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Detective Sam Stilinski was drinking his morning coffee when he saw on the news that his old friend Matthew Hale have had a heart attack yesterday. Matthew was the one who told him about werewolves twenty years ago. That was the reason why Sam was so surprised to see Derek in a hospital. Werewolves were stronger and had a faster healing process than humans. It was strange that Matthew has problems with his heart. Detective decided to ask Hale about it personally. Maybe something was wrong and Sam can help.

Two hours later Sam was sitting in a hospital room, looking at his childhood friend disapprovingly.

"Matthew, I know that we haven't seen each other for a long time, but I should say that you look like shit."

Hale snorted. "I guess you are right."

"But seriously, Hale, what is going on?" Stilinski asked. "You couldn't grow old so strongly. Are you sure that you are safe?"

Matthew sighed. "I don't know, Sam. I think someone wants me out of the way. And before you'll ask, I'm not sure who doing this and why."

"Well, my best guess would be your company. Have you thought about it? Who will inherit it all after your death?"

"Yeah, that was my first thought too. But I will give "Hale Recon" to my son Derek. Do you remember him?" Stilinski nodded. "Good. It's impossible that Derek would do me any harm. So I dismissed that idea."

"Do you have enemies?"

Matthew laughed. "Shit ton of them. Do you want my secretary to email you the whole list?"

Sam scoffed. "Ok, let's make another approach. Since you are slowly fading I assume that someone've been poisoning you for a while. Is it easy to kill you? I mean, with you being a.. an unusual man." Stilinski looked uncertain.

"Don't worry, it's safe to talk here. It's not that easy. Especially, with poison. Not lots of things can affect us. To kill me you'll need a special poison and it's not easy to find. It could be only someone, who knows that I'm werewolf." Matthew growled.

"Why are you angry? I'm sure you didn't pass this information to everyone. That will shorten the list of suspects greatly."

"Yes. Also that means someone in my own family wants to kill me. Only they were near me all this time to poison me."

"We'll find him. But we need to keep you alive. Can you go somewhere for a while? A vacation?" Detective suggested.

"I didn't have a vacation for three years, Sam." Hale said tiredly. "But I'm ready for one. I think I will retire."

Stilinski was silent for a moment. "Are you sure it's wise? You can leave your baby to someone who tried to kill you for it."

"Then I will leave management to Jackson. He is a senior partner and he doesn't know that werewolves exist. He can't be involved."

"But what about your kids? Won't they be offended?" Sam asked.

"No. Laura has her magazine to worry about. Cora is a mad scientist. And Derek can't figure out his own life, how can I make him CEO?"

"What do you mean?" Stilinski frowned.

Hale sighed. "Derek is complicated. He never listen to me and he always does his own things. I don't know how to influence him. I feel like I lose my son, Sam."

"Sounds similar." Detective looked sad.

Matthew laughed. "I can't imagine that your sweet and good-natured Stiles has parties every day and fucks everything that moves!"

Sam chuckled. "No, nothing like that. He is a good kid. Just can't stay out of trouble. He is an independent journalist now and writes about social problems on his blog. Last week he was doing research in a crack house and got arrested during DEA operation. I pulled at all my strings to release him without notice." Stilinski shook his head. "He is almost thirty. I want him to take life seriously and settle down a little. Maybe start a family. I'm ready for a grandchild."

Matthew's gaze turned calculated. "Looks like we really have similar problem. I think I have an idea."