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Red's Rebirth -Temporarily Deleted

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To my lovely readers,

     I'm sorry to do this but for the moment Red's Rebirth is being deleted from AO3 temporarily.

     As I was going back and proofreading I was finding a lot of major changes that I wanted to make. These changes were going to end up affecting the whole layout of the story so far and I felt it would just be easier to delete for the moment and then come back and re-post at a later date.

     I understand if many of you wish to no longer keep me bookmarked or you just won't want to read it when it comes back up, but I do hope many of you are willing to stick with me. This is just what I felt was best for the story itself.

     I am in the process of working on the updates that I'm wanting to do and am thoroughly hoping to get everything back up as soon as possible. Thank you everyone that had kept up with me until this point and I'm sorry if this is a let down.