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to the sound of my own drum

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“Shouyou! You’re still good to come over today, right?” Noya yelled from across the locker room.

“Of course! I’ve been looking forward to it all week!” Hinata yelled right back, pulling a dull red controller from the bottom of his bag. “I even brought my own controller!”

“Ohhh, you have a colored one? So cool!”

“Uh huh! It’s kind of old though and the batteries might be dead.”

“We can stop by the convenience store on our way back then!”

“Would you quit yelling from across the room!?” Daichi snaps at them, “Save it for after practice!”

They both chime in with an apology, both going back to changing out of their school clothes, both oblivious to the curious looks their teammates gave them.



“Nishinoya-senpai! I’m ready to go!”

“Great! Let me get my bag and we’ll head out.”

The rest of their team mates stopped dressing and turned to look at them. The captain and vice-captain exchanged unknown shrugs before bothering to ask. “Where are you two headed?”

Noya was the first to answer, but it was easy to see how excited Hinata was by the thought of it. “My mom just came back from a trip to America. Her boss sent her back with their kid’s old video game. She even bought some new ones on her way back too. I invited Shouyou over to break in the new console with me!”

Hinata nodded enthusiastically, body jittering with anticipation regardless of the strain practice took on him. “His mom brought over the latest Just Dance and Mario game!”

Tsukishima scoffed and raised his brow at them. “Those games are too easy. Why put in all that effort when you can get the same points by just shaking the controller?”

“That’s the easy way out!” Noya scolded. “Shouyou and I are gonna do whatever it takes to be number one. We’ll beat the game in record time! Just you watch!”

That declaration prompted another scoff and smirk from the blond. “Is it possible to even win in a game like that?”

Tsukishima’s comment only seemed to egg him on as he made a fist and raised it triumphantly. “Even better! We’ll be the first then!”

“I don’t think that’s how it works…” Yamaguchi commented under his breath. It prompted a few chuckles from the club members. Noya quickly turned to him with a stubborn look on his face that made the brunet jump.

“Just you wait and see, we’re gonna be number one!”

And with that final comment, they let the subject go. The rest of the team got dressed one by one and made their way out and back home. The bold statement wasn’t brought up again. Seemingly forgotten by the rest of the team. They did notice Hinata and Noya spend more time together and show up to practice with more bruises than usual, but it was a good few weeks before any of them heard any mention of the declaration.



“Yamaguchi!” Noya called, striding over to him with a purpose and insistent look on his face. Yamaguchi didn’t particularly like that look. He thought it made him look constipated.

“Yes, Noya-san?”

“We need to use your living room.”

He frowned and tilted his head at him. “What? For what?”

“Were in the middle of beating Just Dance, but my mom said we weren’t allowed to play it in the house anymore.”

“What? Why?”

“There was this one move where I needed to hop onto Shouyou’s back, but he tripped over a chord and we accidentally broke a lamp.”

Yamaguchi choked and pursed his lips. “What? And you want to use my living room after that!”

“Please, Yamaguchi! Shouyou lives too far and you’re the only one we can trust that won’t go blabbing about our plan!”

“What are you talking about? What plan?”

Noya immediately shushed him and checked to make sure nobody was watching them. Yamaguchi felt inclined to tell him he was the one yelling about it in the first place, but he held his tongue for now. “I can only tell you if you let us use your living room for it.” Yamaguchi was hesitant to let two of the most hyperactive members on the team into his house and Noya was quick to pick up on it. “We’ll help you with chores before playing too! We’ll even help with homework if you need it!”

He wanted to mention the fact that he was in college prep classes, and their tutoring would probably end up doing more harm than good, but, again, he kept that thought to himself. “I’d have to talk things over with my parents, but-“

Noya’s face lit up and he made a grab for Yamaguchi’s hand to give it a good shake. “Thanks Yamaguchi! Shouyou and I really appreciate it, I promise you you’re not gonna regret this!”

Yamaguchi was already regretting it. If Noya squeezed his hand any harder he was sure they’d have to amputate.

“Shouyou! I got us a house! The plan’s back on!” He yelled to him from across the gym.

The boy looked up from tying his shoes and grinned over at them. “Really!? That’s great, I can’t wait!”

Noya laughed heartily and propped a hand on his waist with the other holding his chin. “What kind of senpai would I be if I just stood by and let all our hard work go to waste?” Yamaguchi wanted to roll his eyes. “To celebrate the new member, I’ll treat you both ice cream after practice! What do you say?”

Hinata cheered and thanked their upperclassman, Noya simply laughed again and soaked up the praise like a sponge. The two seeming to be in their own little world as their volume slowly but steadily increased in volume till they were practically screaming from across the gym. It took coach Ukai’s gruff voice to snap them out of it. It was then that Yamaguchi realized that he’d just agreed to let the two (arguably) loudest members on the team into his house and watching them sulk back after getting scolded, he wondered whether it was too late to take back his offer.