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The Weight of Love

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In the beginning, Derek was like the sun. Beautiful, iridescent, its rays spreading over your skin, enchanting everything he touched with gold.

It was great that Stiles had found his soulmate and fallen in love.

Well, it would be, except for a tiny, itsby, bitsy little issue.

Stiles was only five.

 And Derek was seven.

They say one cannot feel their soulmate so young.

But Stiles knew, he felt that tiny invisible tie between them like gossamer string, a heart beating in sync, and this outrush of emotion he couldn’t name.

And so that was how it was.

“The problem,” Stiles often thought, “was that Derek didn’t seem to realize they were soulmates yet.”

But it was okay, Stiles was persistent. He just needed to help Derek understand they were perfect for each other.

Stiles started his operation small.

“D’rek,I saved you half an ice cream cone. I even got you chocolate chip”

“D’rek, I gots you a transformers to share with me”

For Valentines Day: “D’rek, I brought you sour gummy worms and reeses peanut butter cups, and my mommmy helped me write the card, it says, “I luv you”.

This was, of course, a disaster.

Obviously no seven year old wants to be followed around by someone (two years!!)  younger. Or receive stupid notes, or half eaten ice cream cones, or a weird Valentine.

After struggling to explain to Stiles why he didn’t want all the gifts and he couldn’t possibly be the mate of some weirdo; Derek had to talk to the principal about the five year old that was stalking him.

Then came a very uncomfortable discussion with two sets of parents around a wooden table in some small room, very serious faces, low hushed tones, and a long conversation before bedtime in which Stiles’s dad explained to him that maybe he needed to leave Derek alone for a while.

Stiles didn’t like it, and cried.

“Stiles, “ John Stilinski said patiently, “ Have you ever thought about what Derek wants? “

“He wants to be with me”, the five year old said stubbornly.

A second passes as John tries to think about how to handle this delicately.

“Of course he wants to be with you Stiles, but when we really love someone we have to listen to their words. So we have to listen to Derek and understand that he wants space, okay? Part of loving someone is well, listening to what they have to say. Mkay?” John tries.

He doesn’t know how much he has explained to the kid, to be honest he had no idea where Stiles had gotten this idea, but something changes in his son’s face. A brow smoothens.

“ok”, Stiles says, his thumb worrying at the corners of his mouth.