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Don't Leave Me Here

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Bonnie's POV



"Night mum, night Mary." I called through the house as I slammed the front door ran to my room, and shutting my door gently while flipping the light on.



I slumped down on my bed finally able to rest. I was exhausted, Elena, Meredith and I had helped Mrs Flowers clean the boarding house from top to bottom while Matt and Stefan had moved rooms and built furniture. Mrs Flowers and Stefan had decided that the spare rooms should be sorted through in case anyone who had moved out of town, like Sage or Zander, wanted to stay.



Damon had grumbled all day about wasting his time helping and sat in the study with a glass of whisky until Mrs Flowers beat him round the head with a feather duster and sent him to the tip with Stefan, after cleaning all morning we had lunch and much to our disgust so did Damon.



Mrs Flowers let us each choose a room, I chose a small room that was painted in a pail orange, there was a simple twin bed with a wooden frame, a dresser with a matching wardrobe stood in the corner, it was much more elegant than my room at home, I had chosen to decorate my bedroom in greens and browns but you could still see the old my little pony's that had been painted on the walls when I was about three.



Damon made some rather rude jokes about our rooms being next to each other but Elena pulled me away before he could torment me to much.



I changed out of my dark blue jeans and green woolly jumper into my purple nightie and sat down at the dressing table to brush out my hair and sighed relived to finally sit down in my own room before humming a tune to myself, I had been staying at the boarding house most nights this week but there was nothing like being in your own home. I glanced at the window as something black and shiny caught my eye.



There, on my window ledge peaking between my curtains was a huge black silky looking crow. It looked at me with its head cocked to one side and cawed at me, I glared at the huge bird I knew full well who it was.



"What do you want Damon?" I whispered under my breath knowing he'd hear me and pulled the curtains apart, for a moment the bird was motionless but then his body seamed to ripple as he started to stand, before I knew it the handsome vampire had shifted to his human form.



"Hello redbird, how are you?" He flashed me a million dollar smile as he leaned against my window, I closed my eyes and held my breath for a second, secretly hoping that he would fall off the window ledge. I opened my eyes and to my annoyance Damon was still there he crossed his arms and looked at me curiously.



"I was fine until a really big bird flew onto my window ledge." I snapped at him. To my fury he chuckled and jumped of the window ledge and onto the huge looming oak tree that grew next to my window, frightening a poor sleepy pigeon from its perch.



"Well would you like me to remove the bird for you Red?" He cocked his head to one side and flashed his annoyingly dazzling smile before jumping onto my window ledge and pulling my window open. I scold at him but chose to ignore his comment. He flicked at my girly clothes that I had picked for my day out with the girls tomorrow, I was going to shoo him out of my room, but thought better of it, if he knew I wanted him gone he'd stay longer.



"Have you been watching me this whole time?" I asked as I slid into my bed and sighed slightly as my tired body sank into my squishy mattress.



"Well I wasn't but that nasty crow was." He took a few steps towards me and I sat up giving him my best dirty look, which wasn't at all menacing.



"DAMON you are the nasty crow, now please go away I want to sleep" I stood up on tip toes to make myself bigger, wobbling a bit as the mattress gave way under my feet, he chuckled as I narrowed my eyes, we were now eye to eye, he raised his eyebrow.



"Fine I'll go away and never ever come back..... Little girl" He threw himself out of the window sniffing and pretending to cry.



"Moody pant's" I muttered under my breath flopping on my mattress and pulling my duvet up to my chin, shutting my eyes. I snapped them open almost instantly when I felt the bed dip.



"DAMON" I almost screamed my eyes widened as I put my hands over my mouth I didn't want Mum or Mary coming to check on me. I rolled over to face the ceilings, Damon was right above me, his hand were placed either side of my head. He smirked and bent down. My heart began to race as he closed the distance between us, was he going to kiss me? Did I want him to kiss me? Does this mean he likes me back? I felt the blood rush to my cheeks.



"W..What are you doing?" I finally asked, however I was answered with a soft kiss. I hesitated before shoving Damon as hard as I could in a useless attempt to move the immovable man, He stopped but didn't move.



"Go away I need to get to sleep for tomorrow." I shoved against his chest again which did nothing but make my arms ache. He growled and my assertiveness faltered as his eyes darkened dangerously for a moment.



"Fine, but you like me and I'm not stopping until you admit it. See you tomorrow Redbird." He smirked and blew a kiss as he crossed the room, I sighed as he changed into his bird-self and faded into the darkness of the night.






"Bonnie, are you up Elena called to say she'd be here in five minutes and you still need to pack your overnight bag?" I groaned as my Mother called me for the fourth time, before realizing she said I only have five minutes.



My eyes snapped open for a split second I was still before I launched across my room and pulled my nightie off while brushing my hair, I was dressed within two minutes. I sighed as I pulled at my hair, it had grown thicker and glossier and was now a deep red instead of bright red but it still had the childish frizzy curls, Elena could get her hair into curls that made her look gorgeously grown up, but if I ever tried I looked like a chubby child with a bad hairdo. I sighed and put it up in a half-doo and grabbed my bag shoving clothes and essentials that I didn't already have at the boarding house into it.



A car horn sounded from out side.



"Come on Bonnie hurry up!" My Mother yelled to let me know they were waiting for me, I flicked a hand at my bed and smiled as it made it's self, grabbed a bunch of books and dropped them neatly in my bag and ran down stairs.



I kissed Mother goodbye and told her I'd be back in three days before running out to the car, Stefan was shouting on the phone as he took my bags from me and put them in the boot and opened my door for me, Matt, Meredith and Mrs Flowers were cramped in the back.





"He hung up." Elena got out of the car and fussed over Stefan trying to calm him down, black wings caught my eye as Damon flew into my oak tree, I stuck my tongue out at him.



"Like he'll prove I like him, the big jerk." I muttered to myself, the crow flapped his wings angrily, I blushed as I realized he must have heard me.



I rolled my eyes towards him "Is Damon coming with us? He's up in that tree" I asked innocently and pointed in the direction of Damon as he jumped from the tree shifting to his vampire form, he scowled at me. I smiled and pretended to blow him a kiss, he mimed that he'd get me when I was on my own, my arrogance quickly faded no doubt the angry vampire would find some way to get revenge.



Elena and the others sighed, we all braced our selves for a fight between the brothers to break out, Stefan gritted his teeth hand squared up to Damon.



"Can you take Matt and Bonnie up to the cinema it saves us taking all four cars we can just take two then." He said in a strained voice through gritted teeth, Elena was glaring daggers at Damon while rubbing her hands up and down Stefan's arm in a desperate attempt to keep him calm. Damon shrugged and smiled at me in an I told you so manner.



"Sure, give me a minute, I'll get my car." He winked at me before vanishing in a blur less than four minutes later Damon cruised round the corner in a beautiful black four seat Ferrari. Matt got out and helped me get our bags out of the boot, Stefan gave Matt a glazed look, Matt chuckled. Stefan had been practising his ability's on Matt in case the peaceful silence in Fells church ended. After Shinichi caught him off guard he wanted to be prepared, Damon refused to help him so Matt being the gentleman he was he volunteered as best he could.



"Sure thing Stef." The men nodded at each other, before both glancing at me. I hurried over to Damon who was stood impatiently waiting for us. Damon popped the boot of his car and took my bags from me.



"Why don't you help Matt he has more bags." I huffed before walking away from the smirking vampire to help my friend.



"You know where to go right?" Stefan said as he got in the car, Damon nodded and Stefan hurried off. Damon slammed the boot shut a little to hard making Matt , who was leaning against the back door, jump and walked round to the passenger side and opened the door looking at me, I turned to Matt.



"Can you sit in the front please?" I begged Matt, he sighed and nodded before sarcastically thanking Damon for his charming behaviour.


I laughed to myself as the furious vampire stormed to the drivers side of the car and started the engine. I stopped laughing and jerked the door open and clambered in, there was no doubt in my mind that Damon would leave me behind without hesitation.






I had slowly fallen asleep but was jolted awake when I heard Matt and Damon shouting at each other .



"DAMON WHERE ARE YOU TAKING US WE'VE GONE PAST THE CINEMA?" Matt's eyes were wide, he looked like he was about to hit Damon but a dark look from the vampire made him think better of it.



"Mutt where i'm going is of no importance you." He winked at me before turning his attention back to the road.



"Matt don't worry, he just took the wrong turning he'll just turn around and take us back. Right Damon?" Damon frowned as if thinking about it and sucked the air through his teeth and sighed loudly.



"Dunno some of us don't enjoy being mocked and called names." He stared directly at me in the rear-view mirror before flashing me his killer hot smile, I felt my cheeks flush.



"Maybe we should go and ask someone in these shops how to get back" I waved my hand in the direction of the brightly coloured clothes shops. Giving Damon a pleading look, he turned his head and pretended not to see,



"NO I'm not getting out of this car until you take us back." I sighed at Matt then saw where we were, my stomach dropped and my throat went dry. An aeroplane took off down its run way and vanished into the distance as Damon pulled into a car park.



"Damon where are we going, and why are we at the airport?"



"Oh, Cara just wait and see." I fell silent and glanced at Matt, I could see him turning red as his body began to tremble in anger.



Damon turned on both of us, I remember his eyes and his voice before becoming dazed and sleepy.