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“I can’t do this Scott this High school is so small I could walk around it three times in ten minutes” Stiles moans for the fifth time.

Its January the semester is almost over and he’s been forced to join a new school.

“I doubt that” Scott laughs at him over the phone.

“Scott I have more face book friends than the school has students” Stiles tells him and the worst thing is he’s not even exaggerating.

“How’s Allison liking it?” Scott asks and his voice changes from amused to longing and Stiles rolls his eyes.

“She’s loving it everyone loves her she’s been asked out on a date by ten different dudes” Stiles tells him.

“What did she say?!” Scott shouts making Stiles wince at the volume.

“She said no obviously she’s still in love with you” Stiles tells him he feels more sorry for Allison than himself not only has his twin sister been forced into this ridiculous high school she’s been split up from Scott and they’ve been together since they were nine.

“Good, I mean obviously we aren’t together so she’s free to date whoever she wants but it’s good she isn’t putting out for the first small town hunk” Scott tells him it actually makes him laugh.

“Trust me Scott this place has like four hunks and they’re all dating their sisters well all but one but I’m not even on his radar” Stiles tells them.

“I think the connection must be bad did you just say sisters?” Scott asks confused and a little repulsed.

“Yeah my tour guide Greggory told me about the Cullen’s Jake, Edward and Jasper they’re adoptive siblings and they’re dating their other adoptive siblings Renesmee or something, Bella and Alice the whole family are pretty weird I’ve seen their adoptive parent’s they look like gods I think I might be in love with all of them a little bit” Stiles tells him he catches the copper haired Edward looking his way and laughing and Stiles thinks for a second he heard him talking but that’s impossible he’s sitting alone across the cafeteria the table of hot semi-siblings couldn’t have possibly heard him.

“Let’s be honest you love everyone” Scott tells him.

“Yeah but you should see their single brother Derek Hale he looks like a Greek god he’s built like a MMA fighter and his eyes are so unique it’s like they’re mixed between gold and red they’re so pretty I actually have palpitations looking at them” Stiles smirks when Scott starts ranting about how he always crushes on unobtainable people.

“I know Scott your right I crushed on Lydia for a little while then Malia then Danny but this is different I think I’m in love with him” Stiles laughs rolling his eyes when Scott starts telling him he loved Lydia, Malia and Danny too.

“You aren’t going to do anything crazy are you? Cause as much as I want you to get kicked out of the town I don’t think your dad would like it very much in fact I think after all the shit you caused in Beacon Hills your dad might just let you be kicked out and stay” Scott laughs.

“Scott Derek Hale is the hottest person I’ve ever seen he’s like Lydia, Malia and Danny all rolled into one so even if I wanted to try something I’m fugly when it comes to this kid so don’t worry I’m keeping my distance I don’t want to make a fool of myself people think I’m cool here” Stiles smiles.

“Just wait till they hear you talk a mile a minute and fan boy over one of the hundred TV shows you watch” Scott teases him.

“Stop hating on TV just because you’re a big jock who likes to be all physical” Stiles tells him actually shivering at the thought of physical activity.

“You act like your unfit you have a six pac too remember all the running we did In Beacon Hills” Scott tells him.

“That was because I had to come running with you in case you had an asthma attack if you died your mother would have killed me” Stiles tells him.

“You should keep on running your pretty fast and I know how you like silence running is a good way to get that” Scott tells him.

“This town does have a pretty big forest like and I do like nature” Stiles admits.

“Their see you could go hiking take Allison” Scott tells him adding Allison in at the last second.

“You want me to take Allison because?” Stiles asks curious he’s smiling though because he knows the answer obviously.

“You know Allison’s stronger than either of us you’d need her in case you got lost or ran into a bear or Jaguar” Scott tells him.

“Sure, it’s got nothing to do with making sure I don’t collapse as well as to help keep her away from boys” Stiles tells him his happy attitude has suddenly vanished at the thought of his illness, he pulls the chair out for Allison to sit when he sees her approaching with two trays of food.

“I’ve got to go Scott” Stiles tells him.

“Sure, Skype later?” Scott asks.

“Sure” Stiles tells him before saying a quick goodbye and hanging up the phone.

“I told you I didn’t want anything to eat” Stiles tells her but he takes the tray anyway.

“Well you know you’ve got to eat Stiles you know what stress makes you do” Allison tells him.

“Will you just stop?!” Stiles shouts it’s loud enough that a few people look over including the Cullen’s but they all look away after a few seconds.

“I’m sick of you and dad always bringing up the bulimia thing yes I had a problem but I’m fine now just cause I’m not hungry doesn’t mean I’ve relapsed it just means I’m not hungry” Stiles tells her through a harsh whisper.

He grabs the bottled water on the tray and twists the top off harshly gulping down the water he’s only drinking it to keep from saying something nasty to Allison he knows she and his dad are just worried about him and after his illness he understands but he’s been fine for three years now he just couldn’t handle it after their mother died the shrink said it’s not an uncommon occurrence for teens to develop eating disorders in times of great stress.

“I’m sorry I just don’t want anything like that to happen again it was hard seeing you go through that” She tells him her eyes are focused on the tray of food and he can tell she’s seconds away from getting upset so he grabs the cutlery and starts eating the curly fries.

He really wasn’t hungry but being bloated is worth it if it means he makes his sister feel better.

He sees the smile out the corner of his eye and he just carries on eating the fries.

“They are the best curly fries I’ve had outside a fast food restaurant” Stiles tells her, she knows how much he likes curly fries.

“One of the benefits of small town high schools is they don’t have to cook for a lot people so the quality of the food is way better” Allison tells him making him smile.

“So how are all your AP classes?” Allison asks him.

“I’m ahead of the class we did all the work last year in Beacon Hill’s how are all your normal classes?” Stiles asks giving her a smug smile.

“Good apparently I’m advanced enough to take AP history and AP biology” Allison smiles showing him her timetable.
“Snap we’ll be together in those classes” Stiles smiles back extracting his own timetable from his back pocket and showing her his classes.

“How the hell are you taking 13 subjects?” Allison asks her eyes bulge comically “They’re all AP classes as well” She asks she looks to him like he’s an alien.

“I enjoy them and once I enjoy something I excel at it you know that” Stiles smirks.

“Yeah but you’re taking English Lit and Language, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Econ and Calculus, Environmental science? Who even takes that? Oh and your taking Psychology as well as US history like me but you have to be better don’t you? Cause you’re doing European history what other subjects are you taking?” Allison asks trying to find them on his timetable.

“Spanish and French their wasn’t enough room on my timetable so the principle agreed to let me study them at home and I can hand the assignments in when I need to and take the exams at the end of the year” Stiles tells her smiling.

“How are we related?” Allison asks laughing.

“Believe me I ask myself that exact same question everyday” He tells her smirking when she looks offended.

“How’s Scott?” She asks after a couple of moments filled with the background noise of the cafeteria.

“Like you don’t know aren’t you texting like every second?” Stiles asks confused.

“No he hasn’t answered any of my messages” Allison tells him shrugging.

“I told him you’ve been asked out by like ten guys and he got really jealous” Stiles tells her.

“He was the one that didn’t want a long distance relationship” Allison tells him attempting to seem okay with the situation.

“He thought you might like to date other people” Stiles tells her his best friend isn’t here to tell her so he has to.

“There is only really one guy I like in this school and he’s already asked me out” She tells him.

“If you say Derek Hale I might stab you with this fork” Stiles tells her.

“No its Seth you know the one that followed me round like a puppy as soon as I stepped foot in the school? Well he asked me out I told him I’d think about it he’s cute and I could see myself really liking him I just don’t want to be hurt again maybe getting into another relationship isn’t worth it we’ll be going off to college next year anyway” Allison tells him.

“I haven’t had a serious relationship in my life, I’m still a goddamn virgin so don’t be asking me for advice but Seth is hot as fuck and Scott did end things the rest is up to you” Stiles tells her.

“Maybe if you said yes to the ten girls that asked you out this morning you could have handled the V card” Allison tells him smirking at him in the way that he hates.

“You know I swing more to the boys I have to have a real connection with a girl before I start liking them in that way” Stiles shrugs.

“Well maybe if you dropped a few AP classes you’d actually have time for a social life” Allison tells him.

“You know I’m not good at making friends like you, Seth is cool and his sister Leah is as well but they hang around with the Cullen’s and you know how nervous I get around beautiful people” Stiles tells her looking over at the mentioned Cullen’s he nearly has a heart attack when he sees them all staring at him.

All of them accept Derek he’s playing on his phone. Seth is looking at Allison like she’s the last oxygen mask on a plane that’s falling and he’s the only person without one on. Leah just looks bored.

It all happens a little fast after that the whole Cullen table rises with Leah and Seth as well Seth basically runs to their table and the Cullen’s follow at a slower pace Stiles heart feels like it’s in his mouth.

“Hi I’m Edward Cullen this is Bella, Renesmee, Jake my Sister Alice and my brothers Derek and Jasper, Seth wanted to come join you do you mind?” Edward asks.

All Stiles could do was nod his head in agreement.

“Thanks” Edward smiles.

“So I hear you’re in all my classes” Derek says to him and Stiles brain short circuits at the fact that his voice sounds like an angel singing.

Allison nudges him under the table and he manages to squeak out a few sentences.

“That depends on what classes you’ve got” Stiles smiles.

Derek smirks and Stiles could happily die right their and then.