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Second Hand News

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Harry sighed softly as he woke up beside Zac in the hotel bed they were sharing for the night in Los Angeles before they left for the first city of their tour and he chewed his lip as he studied the sleeping man beside him, the man he had been in an on and off relationship with since he was almost eighteen and the man who he was in a band with.

"Zachary," Harry muttered out as he leaned a bit closer, leaving a light kiss on Zac's cheek. "It's time to get up babe. We promised Taylor and Alex we'd meet them for breakfast at the hotel restaurant and we need to get ready."

Zac groaned at Harry's words as he buried his head farther into Harry's arm, letting that be the only sign to Harry that Zac had heard him but he was being his typical self in the mornings which was difficult to wake up because he wasn't and never had been a morning person.

"Do we have to?" Zac finally asked as Harry had just stayed silent. "Can't we just stay in bed until bus call?"

Laughing at that, Harry shook his head though he knew Zac couldn't see him because his head was still buried. "No," he spoke as moved away from Zac slightly. "You know if we cancel both Alex and Taylor are going to be total diva's about it," he reasoned knowing Zac's brother who had created the band could be a bit of a diva and Taylor's new spouse Alex, the man he had left his wife for was just as bad.

"If you get up now and shower with me I'll suck your cock in the shower," Harry bargained hoping that could get Zac to move. Zac had never really ever been able to turn down a blow job by him or anyone and maybe that was why they were always on and off.

Opening his eyes, Zac raised an eyebrow as he locked eyes with Harry. "You aren't saying that just to get me up are you?" he asked almost sounding like he didn't believe Harry really would suck his cock in the shower. "You'll get down on your knees and suck my cock?"

Harry rolled his eyes at Zac's questions, "Have I ever not sucked your cock when I said would?" he questioned as he leaned in to peck Zac's lips. "I kind of like giving you blowies in the morning anyway."

"Blowies," Zac muttered out before returning the peck. "A word you picked up from that English dude you dated last month? The one the fans had a field day shipping you with?" he asked as he finally sat up and stretched and as he did Harry couldn't help but admire his chest especially his happy trail which was peeking out of the boxer briefs he had worn to bed last night.

"His name was Patrick," Harry said as he got up from the bed, pulling his hair out of the bun he had pulled it into before going to bed last night. "And yeah he said blowies a lot but he sure didn't give them much or want them much," he shrugged as he headed into the bathroom, feeling Zac's body heat as he followed behind him. "And the fans didn't have a field day shipping us together," he said as he shook his head once they were in the bathroom and he turned to face Zac briefly. "They still ship me with you more than anyone else."

Zac seemed to go silent at that, "Really because I'm pretty sure I saw more Hatrick hashtags than Zarry hashtags," he replied and as Harry turned to start the shower he smirked when he heard the hint of jealousy in Zac's voice. "I hated having to log on to every god damn social media and see pictures of you two clubbing or on yacht's."

"Could have been you," Harry told him as he stripped out of his boxers and slipped into the shower. "But you broke up with me so you could fuck around with that actress Jenny Law or whatever her name is."

Scrunching up his face, Zac joined Harry in the shower, "Her name was Jensen Lawler and you're just jealous I'm bisexual and not full on gay," he quipped as he moved a bit closer to Harry until their cocks were touching. "But how about using those lips for more than talking cocksucker?"

Harry wanted to roll his eyes at Zac calling him jealous about Zac being bisexual because no he wasn't jealous over that. He was jealous that Zac wanted other people over him because deep down despite being twenty and Zac being twenty-eight almost twenty-nine he wanted to be the one Zac spent forever with. Wanted to be the one who'd one day marry Zac.

"Not jealous over that," Harry spoke before leaning in to kiss Zac on the lips slowly. "Just don't like it when you break up with me to go have fun with men or women," he muttered in between kisses with Zac. "Like being your only."

"You're my only right now," Zac replied back as his hands went to Harry's wet hair, carding his fingers through the strands. "You know I'm probably going to end up with you in the end anyway curly," he muttered out and god did Harry want to believe his words. "Now get on your knees gorgeous...please."

Pulling away from the kisses Harry pouted slightly, "You really can't tell me you'll probably end up with me and then be so obscene," he told him as he did obey though and got on his knees, his hands wrapping around Zac's cock as he pumped him slowly. "Kind of ruins the romantic moment and all Z."

Zac shook his head but before he could speak Harry slipped his mouth over Zac's cock and all Harry heard was the man moaning out loudly and it almost made Harry proud to know that whoever was staying in the hotel room beside them could probably hear Zac and how much he liked what Harry was doing with his mouth.

Letting his eyes fall closed as he began to move his mouth up and down Zac's length, Harry soon found himself moaning out as he felt hands in his hair and as the hands stayed but began to move he knew Zac was doing what he usually did when Harry got on his knees and sucked him off in the shower. He was washing his hair because he knew and abused the fact that Harry liked to have his hair played with.

Moving his mouth a bit faster around Zac, Harry let one of his hands drop to his own cock and as he sucked on Zac he began to stroke himself, trying to get his mouth and hand at the same pace.

"So fucking hot," Zac spoke from above Harry as he pulled lightly on Harry's soapy wet hair. "Sucking my cock while playing with your own. It's such a let down that I have nothing in here to record this. Like watching my cocksucker do what he does best."

Harry couldn't help the moan that escaped him as he felt Zac pulling his hair because fuck that had felt good, so fucking good and as he pulled away from Zac's cock briefly Harry looked up at him. "Am I better than all the others?" he asked as they locked eyes. "Could Jensen suck your cock like me?" he asked before letting his mouth go back around Zac though he kept it just on the mushroom shaped tip for a bit, where his tongue swirled around the slit, causing Zac's hips to buck slightly.

"Fuck Harry," Zac grunted out as he pulled on Harry's hair again. "You should know no one sucks my cock as good as you can baby," he sighed out and his words again made Harry proud. "Only you can please me like this. You know what gets me going, you don't mind that I talk a little dirty to you because secretly you like it too."

Stroking himself harder at Zac's words Harry finally began to move his mouth fully over Zac again and again he let his eyes fall shut while also admitting to himself that, yeah, Zac was right. Harry did like Zac talking dirty and calling him a cocksucker or telling him it was what he did best. He just really liked hearing Zac be so filthy and it always seemed to get him harder and closer to the finish.

As he kept moving his mouth he eventually felt Zac start to move his hips more, in time with his own movements and Harry knew then that Zac was close and so he stopped what he was doing, letting Zac fuck his mouth as he continued to get himself off and when Zac gave his hair one final tug before shuddering and coming down his throat Harry closed his eyes as he felt his own end come.

After he had swallowed everything Zac gave him Harry pulled away and stood up as he slipped under the water briefly to wash out the remaining shampoo in his hair and after he had done so he reached out to pull Zac to him. "I think it's time I wash you off now," he smirked as he leaned in to kiss Zac on the lips briefly. "Sadly we do have to shower too and not just fool around or your brother and Alex will bitch."

"My brother and Alex always bitch," Zac huffed out slightly as he returned the kiss before pulling away. "But I think I'd like it if you did wash my hair like I semi did yours. I just like the way your fingers feel in my hair."

"I think that can be arranged then," Harry smiled as he turned away briefly to get the shampoo bottle and fuck did he hope they made it to breakfast on time because he really did hate having to deal with the diva that was known as Taylor Hanson though maybe it was a good thing sometimes he was a diva.

After all if he hadn't been for the diva the band Straight Laces probably wouldn't exist. A band that consisted of Taylor, Zac, Isaac, and Harry. Harry of course was the only one not related and so maybe he was the odd one out in a way. The same way Isaac was the odd one out in being the only straight guy in the band with Harry being fully gay, Zac being bisexual and Taylor well who knew what he was. He had once been married to Ginny and they even had two children an eleven year old boy named Huck and a three year old girl named Ruby but of course Taylor had left Ginny when Ruby was a year old.

Taylor had claimed it was because they just argued too much but most people and even the media knew it was because he had been running around with Alex which of course made things bad between him and Ginny. Ginny who was a singer herself had even went on to write a song about him. A song that was going well and was aptly titled You're So Vain.

It was something Harry guessed could have ran in the Hanson genes. Being unfaithful and unable to commit because how many times had Zac cheated on him and he knew Isaac every time they went on the road would cheat on Maisie the woman he had been engaged to for four years.

It was just a Hanson thing and maybe Harry should just get used to it but he couldn't. He couldn't when he loved Zac and had been gone for the man since he was two months shy of eighteen. It had been then that he met him through the only Hanson brother not in the band. Harry had shown up at some party Mac was having and Zac had been there and maybe Harry had been slightly tipsy and hit on Zac but Zac didn't seem to mind and somehow they had exchanged numbers though Harry didn't call him back until two months later on his eighteenth birthday.

He had been shy and scared of rejection but after calling Zac and inviting him over for a small get together his friends were having they had wound up in bed by the end of the night and somehow they hadn't stopped winding up in each others beds. It was that, that lead to their relationship and when Taylor needed a lead singer for the band he created just three months after Harry's eighteenth birthday, Harry had been the obvious choice and Harry didn't think Taylor minded.

Hell Taylor sometimes said Harry was the reason they were so popular. The chicks loved him even if he was gay, though Harry was also sure they loved Zac too and they sure did love to ship them because according to them it had always been apparent from their first public shows and interviews that they were in a relationship. They apparently flirted and fonded too much with each other.

Standing in the elevator an hour later as he fiddled with his phone Harry looked over at Zac whose eyes he had felt on him. "What?" he asked feeling confused as he raised an eyebrow.

"You know I meant it earlier right?" Zac asked him as the elevator doors closed shut and they began the descent to the lobby. "When I said I'll probably end up with you in the end anyway," he explained as a blush coated his cheeks and Harry had to keep from commenting on how cute it was. "I love you Harry and eventually I'd like to have what Taylor and Alex have except of course the kids we have will all be adopted and not from an ex-wife who eventually writes songs about me out of revenge."

Laughing at that Harry put his phone away as he moved a bit closer to Zac. "Is that your way of proposing to me silly boy?" he asked playfully as he pecked Zac's lips. "With a speech in an elevator and no ring."

Zac shook his head, "Not a proposal yet but a promise of one some day," he smiled softly as his blush grew but before anything else could be said the moment was broken by the elevator doors opening.

Walking off the elevator Harry smiled a bit when he felt Zac reaching for his hand and as they held hands they walked to the restaurant were they weren't surprised to see Taylor waiting on them, Alex at his side though Harry was a bit surprised by the two females at the table.

They were the opening band of known as The Lancaster Sisters and they consisted of twenty-five year old Rosie Lancaster and her younger sister Poppy Lancaster and just like Straight Laces they were becoming big in the music scene.

"I didn't know we were having company for breakfast," Zac spoke as he let go of Harry's hand as he took a seat at the table beside who Harry thought was Rosie Lancaster.

Sitting down on the other side of Zac, Harry gave Rosie a brief smile before turning his head to Poppy, finding that she was it seemed too enthralled in some conversation with Ruby and Huck, the children that Taylor had somehow convinced Ginny should come on tour. They'd be safe after all Harry guessed. They did have a male nanny in Rowan though it seemed he hadn't made breakfast.

"I didn't know we would be either actually," Taylor answered Zac and for once he sounded a bit honest. "Alex forgot to tell me he had invited them along for breakfast until they had already showed up."

Harry once again laughed at that and it was also after that, that all of them fell into silence or conversation even after their order had been taken and it was during a brief break from some conversation with Poppy about fashion and finger nail polish that Harry looked at Zac who was beside him and he swallowed hard, not liking the way Zac was looking at Rosie who he was in some conversation with.

Harry knew all to well the look Zac was giving the girl. It was the look that meant he would eventually want to sleep with her and Harry had just gotten Zac back two weeks ago. He didn't want to lose him so soon.