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You Are The Only Sugar I Need

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Gleaming hospital lights shined onto the newly waxed tile floors. Every step taken allowed for anyone to see their reflection as they went on their way. Doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors walked every other way to benefit their own needs. However for one particular person who entered through the emergency sliding door entrance carrying an unconscious individual, they wanted help more than anything.

A patient receptionist glanced at the person who just entered, looked to some paperwork, and looked back at them. They were now at her desk. The receptionist quietly sighed and went on to discuss the typical hospital procedures, instructing the person carrying the unconscious one to first set them on the rollaway bed near the desk, instruct nurses for immediate attention on said unconscious patient, roll away said patient, and get the particular person to calm down and sign the required paperwork of the patient. Simple as pie.



Although he tried to keep attention to the unfilled sections of the medical paperwork, Cloud Strife instead had his mind focused on him. He had been fine for quite some time – a glorious set of six-pack abs, thick brown, shoulder-length hair, cold yet pleasant personality, and sparkling blue eyes. There was nothing wrong about Squall Leonhart as far as he had known. After all, they had been apart for a whole month. It was already the sixth of February – and close to Valentine’s Day if not for the engrossing red, pink, and white decorations all over the waiting room. 


Their time apart was not because of any rivalry, rather, it was an opportunity Cloud Strife could not pass down, in which he quickly reflected on the said event.