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It Started With A Spark

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The woman's frantic cries for help echoed against the concrete walls, seemingly falling on deaf ears. Some dastardly fiend had encased the poor soul in a cage of thick glass; who knew what horrible things they planned on doing to her?

Silvery moonlight streamed in through a skylight above, showering her in its glow, her beauty radiating within it. She cried out again, would no one come to her rescue? Her soon to be hero watched from the shadows, keeping a careful eye out for the villain who had done this. It could have easily been a trap.

Deciding the coast was clear, he stepped from the shadows, and sidled up to the prison, his breath fogging up the glass as he spoke, trying to calm the beauty within.

"Don't you worry, my power-packed princess," Megavolt whispered to the newly released 100,000 watt light bulb in its display case. "Uncle Megavolt is gonna bust you out of here, and you can come live with me, yeah?"

The light bulb in all actuality said nothing, but Megavolt giggled to himself bashfully as he imagined the thing giving its hero praise. The demented rodent waved his hand flippantly, shirking away some with modesty.

"Oh, stop it, really. It's just all in a day's work for us heroes, ya know?"

"And hero you are not!"

Megavolt whipped himself around, gasping as he recognized the voice from the shadows. His wild mismatch eyes searched the dark, his head jerking around as he desperately searched the museum. He didn't have to wonder for long as he spotted, from the second floor of the opened room, a puff of blue smoke dissipating and spreading throughout the room.

An ominous voice boomed throughout the museum.

"I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the overworked debt collector repossessing your house for unpaid mortgages. I aaaaaam-"

A grappling hook shot out from the smoke, and an unwelcoming face lunged from it and dived down to greet the startled villain. Megavolt crashed to the ground, nearly breaking his new electronic friend as the intruder landed upon him.

"Darkwing Duck?!" Megavolt rasped out. The hero on top of him wilted some from the interruption.

"HEY, that's MY line!"

"Well, get a new one." Megavolt mumbled, using Darkwing's temporary lull in attention to kick him off with one oversized rubber boot.

"I'll come back for you, my sweet!" Megavolt told the light bulb, as he bolted past.

Darkwing wasted no time in righting himself, noting to himself he was going to be sporting a boot-shaped bruise on his midsection come morning. Nevertheless, he ran after the fleeing villain.

"Not if I can help it, you won't!"

Megavolt dashed through the different rooms of the museum, as the technological advances throughout history whizzed him by. He made his way to the food court and beyond, completely ignorant of yet another familiar face eating away happily on a chilli dog.

Darkwing Duck was not as oblivious.

"Would you forget about that, Launchpad," he roared, "Megavolt is getting away!"

Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing's burly sidekick, gulped down the last bite of his late night snack before following.

"Right away, DW, I'll try cutting him off at the doors!"

Launchpad, taller and in considerably better shape, managed to do just that with ease. He skidded to a stop in front of the doors, arms outstretched to stop the oncoming convict. When Megavolt showed no sign of slowing down, and instead pointed his voltage gun at LP's head, the pilot yelped and ducked, just in time. He heard the blast ricochet off of the glass door behind him, and glanced up in time to see it completely destroy the head of one of the sprinklers on the ceiling.

This did manage to stop Megavolt in his tracks. He skidded to a halt, looked up at the ceiling, and frowned.

"Oohh, why do I keep breaking into places that have those?" he whined, seconds before the water fell.

Megavolt wasn't alone in his pain, however, as Darkwing crashed into him just in time to be one crispy duck. Both sputtered wildly as electricity hit their system, collapsing to the ground once the electric rodent lost the last of his charge.

"You know, " the charred hero babbled to himself, going cross-eyed in the process, "that NEVER gets less painful..."

Being arrested was always the most humiliating part of defeat, as far as any villain was concerned. But it was doubly so for Megavolt as he had to listen to his arch-enemy go on and on about how he defeated him, as his body ached violently and was dragged towards the waiting police van.

Megavolt groaned, as even the closed door couldn't block out the blabbering.

Mild relief came at last as the van began to pull away, and Darkwing's gloating and taunting finally faded into the distance. Megavolt sighed heavily, and slumped against the wall behind him, muttering an 'ow' every time the van would hit a bump and knock his head against it again.

The rest of Megavolt's night went the same as any other. He was roughly shoved into the police station, then shoved again into a changing room, where he was forced to change into a hideous orange prison uniform. At least his frequent visits to this place allowed him to skip the whole mugshot ordeal.

After all that, he was shoved a third time, into a small cell with uncomfortable bunk-bed cots, and a single barred window too high up for him to see out of anyway. He was dully aware of, and thankful for, the otherwise empty cell. Imprisonment was ever so slightly more bearable when you had a cell to yourself. Megavolt collapsed onto the bottom cot, and fell into a fitful slumber.

The cafeteria in the St. Canard super villain prison was, much like the rest of the building, mostly empty. St. Canard had its fair share of villains, sure, but certainly not enough to aptly fill a whole prison. That, along with the fact that Megavolt was criminally insane, assured he was usually left alone during his stays there. He was just fine with that. Cafeterias always made him feel uneasy, powerless, small, for reasons he could no longer remember.

Megavolt poked at the slop on his plate, as he sat alone in the corner of the room. He jumped when a tray clattered down loudly on the table across from him.

"Nuh-uh, you're doing it all wrong."

"Say what now?" Megs looked up to see... some guy in a clown costume? Great. Why did he always attract the weirdos?

"No, see, if you're gonna play with your food, it should be a little more like this."

Megavolt watched as the duck across from him scooped a spoonful of slop from his tray, bent the plastic spoon back with one finger, and let it fly. It landed with a loud "splat" on the back of a large walrus inmate a few tables over. Tuskernini's glare was ignored, as the strange duck was already looking back at Megavolt expectantly- his grin wide enough to unnerve even the likes of him.

"Er, right," the electric rodent glowered, wishing the other would just leave him alone already, "I'll note that for next time. Now will ya leave me alone already? I'm trying to sulk in my misery, here!"

Some people just had no manners.

That brought the demented smile off of the wannabe-clown's face, as his jester hat drooped downwards- looking as long and deflated as the rest of the guy's sorry mug. It quickly went away, however, as he sprung to life yet again as a figurative light bulb went off in his head.

"See that guy over there?" The duck asked, pointing behind the rodent. Megavolt, his curiosity getting the better of him, followed the feathered finger before his eyes spotted the prison guard currently on lunch duty. The annoying freak went on. "Wanna see something hil-LARIOUS?"

"Uhh, suuuure..." Megavolt answered, cautiously. Was he really going to assault a prison guard? The electrical villain didn't believe him. Before he could turn back around to comment on the stupidity of the idea, the zany duck was already tip-toeing over to the said guard, his sneaking made pointless by the jingling of the bells on his hat with every exaggerated step.

Still, he somehow managed to get the slip on the guy, and Megavolt's jaw dropped when the guard's pants were yanked down around his ankles. Who knew such an uptight guy wore undies with pink stars on them? The clown-jester's insane laughing was contagious. Megavolt couldn't help but snicker, himself, but the guard looked furious. The rodent only laughed more when the wacky duck was tasered.

Megavolt's laughter was cut short, however, as the assaulted guard handcuffed the duck, and began shoving him out of the cafeteria doors.

"See you back at the cell, bunk buddy!" he called, just as the doors swung shut behind them.

"...WHAT?!" Megavolt exclaimed, staring, disbelievingly at the doors. The duck's insane giggling could still be heard down the hall. Whatever little bit of appetite the criminal had was long gone, as a heavy feeling snuck its way into Megavolt's stomach- making him nauseous.

"Ya know, " he said to no one in particular, still staring at the door, " I gotta bad feeling about that guy…"

"One hundred and one, one hundred and twoooo, one hundred threeee…"

The counting echoed down the halls as Megavolt was escorted back to his cell- each number followed by a hollow whacking sound. The noise got louder and louder as he got closer, and the rodent muttered to himself as he wished and prayed to whatever science gods would hear him.

"Please let that be the next cell, please let that be the next cell…"

All hope was lost when he saw the crazed-clown on top of his bunk through the bars. Before Megavolt could give any complaint, the weirdo jumped off the bed as he began bouncing in place- his bells tinkling along with him.

"Hey, it's roomie!" He was far too cheerful for somebody in prison as Megavolt was pushed into the cell, colliding into the other criminal's chest. This did not deter the duck as he giggled madly, wrapping an arm around the rodent as he gave him a slight hug. "'Bout time, too, a double bunker is no fun without a playmate! And an old fashioned paddle ball only takes a guy so far from being so boooored."

Megavolt scowled.

"A playmate? In prison? What are you, completely insane?" He demanded, incredulously. His cellmate stared at him, blankly, before giving a simple shrug.

"...Yeees?" he responded, as if Megavolt had just told him that water was wet. The scowl fell from the rodent's face.

"Oh, no kidding, me too. So uh, do you have a name, or what?"

"Sure do, Drew!"

The electrical villain stared at the little guy who apparently lived in this guy's pocket. Who's idea was it to cram three people in a single cell? It's not like it was a crowded prison.

"My name's Quackerjack, and thiiiis..." The little yellow guy was shoved into Megavolt's face. "is Mr. Banana Brain!"

Megavolt scowled as he gently pushed the nosey banana-man out of his face, before something began tickling his brain. Something about those names were familiar, but what? Oh, it was practically there, a memory of something he must have seen on tv- or was it in the newspaper? …. Did he even read newspapers anymore?

And just as it had come it had gone, and the electric rodent was smiling friendly once more.

"Quackerjack, huh?" He took the other's hand and began shaking it- not realizing how lucky he was that the clown had his hand-buzzer confiscated earlier." Well put it there, pal! Folks usually scream and just call me 'Megavolt'."

This seemed to make the other criminal's eyes sparkle playfully, as he gasped- his big maw practically sucking all the air out of the room like a vacuum.

"MEGAVOLT, " he cried, " as in THE Megavolt? The electrical terror of the terrace? Fellow villain of the fuddy duddy and no good Darkwing Duck? THAT guy?"

"Uh… yeah? Last time I checked, anyhow." Megavolt uttered cautiously.

This only caused Quackerjack to laugh harder, as he began to bounce around the room in glee.

"Oooooh, I KNEW there was a reason I felt a spark between us-ey Sparky? Hehe! Oh, Megsy, you and I are gonna have SO much fun- I can see it now! You, me, and Mister Banana Brains here are just gonna be the bestest of pals- three amigos even!"

"Amigos, huh?" Megavolt repeated, thoughtfully. "I've never had any of those before. Neat!" Megavolt tittered then, right before his smile slipped.

"But don't call me Sparky, okay?"

Quackerjack couldn't help but laugh at how serious his tone had been as he said that. It really bothered him, huh? Good to know!

"You got it, pal!" Quackerjack assured, slinging an arm around Megavolt's shoulders again. Boy, this guy really had no concept of personal space. Before Megavolt could find himself being uncomfortable, the jester pulled back again as he turned towards the bunk bed and hopped onto the top bunk. Quackerjack laid down onto his stomach as he began to kick his legs back and forth- eyelashes fluttering wildly as he grinned down at his fellow lunatic.

"Soooo, don't just stand there like an old used lamp, tell me stories! Are your goodies and gadgets really as wonderful as everybody says they are? Did they let you keep any of your toys to play with? OH! Wanna play a game? Eye-spy? Word Association? Guessing the origin story of the stains on the bed sheets?"

As Quackerjack played his game of twenty questions- not even waiting for any of the answers- Megavolt watched as the mad mallard fidgeted on his bed, not being able to stay in the same position for too long. Megavolt just smiled widely to himself, his mind only barely keeping up with all the racing inquiry, as one thought echoed through his mind.

'Maybe this prison stay won't be so boring after all.'