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Once upon a time there was a kid called Samuel whose dream was travelling through the stars and reach the sky. Every night, while his parents were sleeping heavily, he quietly went downstairs and sat in the garden near the tiny pond, beholding the darkness, fantasising about having long walks across the moon and visiting every single star.


One night he heard a weak pleasant voice calling him out of nowhere. Sammy sought out the source of it in vain and gave up. Nevertheless, he continued hearing it night after night until he discovered it came from the bottom of the pond.


Sam gazed the dark water and saw the sky reflected: something had changed! The stars were spinning and shining like never before, the moon seemed to be covered in glitter and the whole sky was pulsing like a heartbeat.


He needed to touch that wonderful sky. It was calling, waiting, begging for him. His dream lay there...


Samuel’s body was found drowned in the pond the next morning. His parents never understood why his corpse had a blissful smile on his lips. However, it was because Sammy was in heaven now: he could travel among the stars forever.