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A Demon's Desire

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Chapter 7

Willow woke with a throbbing in her head. Slowly she sat up in the bed taking in her surroundings. Victorian dresses lay forgotten around the room. Every available surface was littered with porcelain dolls. Some were blindfolded or gagged giving Willow a sinking feeling. The smell of stale cigarette smoke filled her nose. She was obviously in Spike and Drusilla's bedroom. She sat up slowly to assess the damage done by the vampire's blow.

The dizziness passed after sitting up on the edge of the bed for a few minutes. She went to the door and tried the knob. It swung open under her touch. Willow made her way down the stairs praying she could make it out of the mansion before being spotted. As she came to the bottom of the stairs she froze.

Angelus sat reading by the fire ignoring Spike's snarky remarks about his actions of late. Drusilla was out in the garden dancing under the stars.

There were only two choices enter the room and announce her presence or sneak back upstairs. Angelus looked up as if sensing her, but in reality he was alerted to her presence by her heart beat and smell. She always held the unique scent of strawberry.

“Willow”, Angelus voice held a note of disbelief.

Drusilla entered the living room after hearing her sire's exclamation. “Oh no you spoiled the surprise naughty girl”, the dark haired vampire chastised.

“Dru, luv did you kidnap Angelus' new pet”, Spike asked incredulously.

“I didn't kidnap her. I brought her home to be with her family.” Giggling Drusilla crossed the room to take Willow's hand in her's. She led Willow over to her sire urging her to take a seat next to him.

Spike flashed Willow a cheeky grin. “ 'Ello Mum.”

“H-hello, Spike.” The redhead tried to keep her voice steady. Her head was spinning from the nights turn of events. Instinctively Willow knew showing her fear to the vampires was inadvisable.

Laying his book aside Angelus took her hand and raised it to his lips for a chaste kiss. “I knew the kids were gonna love ya.” His smile was one of sincerity.

“Well, it's nice finally meeting you all, but it's late I should be getting home.” Willow spoke optimistically.

Drusilla began to wail pulling at her hair in distress. Rolling over to the upset vampire Spike attempted to console his upset lover. “She's not going anywhere, luv”, he promised as he pulled Drusilla onto his lap. “Are you, Red?”

She cast a pleading glance at Angelus hoping he would help her out of the situation she found herself in. Idly she wondered just when she had begun to depend on the vampire's mercy.

“Of course she's staying it's to late for me to escort her home.” Angelus promised as he tugged Willow to her feet.

She followed him as he led her back up the stairs to another room. Heavy thick drapes covered the windows. A massive four poster bed with a deep blue comforter dominated the room. It appeared large enough to sleep four people. A bookshelf took up one wall, and a leather arm chair sat in the corner. Willow swallowed nervously she was in Angelus bedroom.

Angelus shut the door locking it behind them. “Not exactly how I pictured getting you in my bed”, he murmured pulling the redhead into his arms.

“Y-your bed. Me in your bed?” Willow was babbling her nervousness evident to the vampire.

Chuckling at her awkwardness he gently caressed her face with a strong hand. “Don't be afraid, Little One. I've gone to such great lengths to make you feel at ease with me. I had no idea Drusilla would become involved.” Angelus stroked her bottom lip with his thumb urging her to part her lips.
Willow's lips parted under his skillful touch. Slowly he lowered his head to capture her lips in a kiss.

There was something about being in the vampire's bedroom so close to the bed were he slept in that heighten the intimacy of the moment. She arched under his skillful touch as he began toying with her breasts. Willow ran her hands beneath his silk shirt enjoying the feel of his taut muscles beneath her hands.

Angelus stop his ministrations pulling away from Willow to pull her shirt over her head. He chuckled as a blush spread across her face. Feeling self conscious she attempted to shield herself from his gaze with her hands. Growling eyes flashing amber Angelus took her arms placing them at her sides. “You're beautiful never hide yourself from me.”

Then he slowly removed her bra his cock hardening even further at the sight of her bare breasts. Angelus unbuttoned his shirt before taking her lips in another passionate kiss wanting to feel her skin against his. A hand went to the apex of her thighs caressing her through her jeans. He nipped her lips as he teased Willow through the damp material.

Willow moaned into his mouth as she grinded against his hand. Breaking off the kiss Angelus finished divesting them of their clothing. He took a moment to admire his lover's flawless pale skin and lithe body.

She squirmed under the intense scrutiny of his gaze. Shyly she took in the sight of his body. She lingered on his cock it was long thick and leaking slightly. Willow had only seen the male anatomy in textbooks, but she had no doubt that Angelus was an impressive sight. Meeting his eyes she blush at having been caught looking at his arousal so blatantly.

“Never be ashamed of what happens between us, Little One.” Smirking Angelus backed her slowly to the bed urging her onto it with strong hands.

“I-I haven't … I've never”, Willow whispered shakily.

“I know baby.” He replied kissing his way down her body.

Willow could scarcely breathe as he parted her legs then began to lick and suck at her moist center. His tongue toyed with her clit as he slipped a finger into her slick channel. Arching up under his masterful touch Willow's hand went to the back of Angelus head.

Her body trembled beneath him. She gasped and moaned at his touch. Angelus knew she was close to the edge. He added another finger to her passage, and his tongue focused on teasing her clit. When her orgasm hit her she came apart in his arms.

Moving up her body he captured her lips for a kiss. Willow could taste herself on his lips. Angelus entered her with one stroke. He hissed through clenched teeth at the feel of her moist heat surrounding him. She gasped in pain as he broke her virgin barrier. Holding himself up on his arms he remained still giving Willow's body a moment to adjust to intrusion. He felt the moment she relaxed around him.

“You feel so good wrapped around me.” Angelus cooed as he began moving inside her once again. Lowering his head he took a pebbled nipple into his mouth. Her hands stroked the vampire's taut muscles.

Angelus tried to be as gentle with the witch as possible, but her tentative touches were driving him wild. His thrusts became harder and deeper in response Willow's nails scored his back. Angelus face morphed into that of his demon. Her body tightened around him signaling her release, and he bit her breast as he found completion inside her.

Rolling off the panting girl Angelus pulled her into his arms. “Try to get some sleep, Little One”, he ordered gruffly.

Willow stretched and felt and twinge of pain. Resting sounded like a very good idea to the exhausted girl.