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'Born wolves look at the world differently, honey' that was his mother favorite saying. He could be doing anything, and she would always remind him of that sentence. Klaudia Stilinski, the Alpha of the Stilinski pack - the biggest pack in Poland and the second biggest in Europe - and his mother in one person. He didn't understand it at first. The words didn't make any sence. But since he had had Scott - his best friend, born as a human and then bitten - he understood. His senses were always sharper than Scott's, he could easily read the emotions when the other boy could only sense them out but couldn't name.

Since he met his best friend, he understood that his mother is not only his mother, she is THE ALPHA, and that her wisdom is infinite. Since that Stiles knew he could always ask her about anything and she would tell him everything that was to tell. When he came of age of 13, Klaudia gave him an old book containing all the were-customs that were known in Europe, everything he could think of.




His mother was killed before Stiles became a man. So was the pack.




Stiles, his father and Scott decided that Poland is no longer a place for their pack, or what was left of it after the hunters attacked - it was just the three of them. They decided that's a high time to move out. USA sounded like a good option, at least from what they have heard from Stiles' dad's stories about his childhood.




"Son" said Sheriff to Stiles. "I gotta tell you something."

"Shoot, dad. I'm all ears" Stiles said not even looking at his old man from the game he was playing with Scott. He did't have enough life left to do such thing.

"Stil... Boys, boys, BOYS!" The attempt of having the attention of the alpha of the small pack succeded only when Sheriff blocked their view of the TV. "We have to move out again. From this city."

"Do we have problems with hunters again? Is that why?"

"No, I promise it's not. It's just... There's a redundancy at my workplace. No - no listen guys. There is a redundancy but i've been offered to work as a Sheriff of Beacon Hills. Whad do you think of California?"

"There's nothing bad about a beachy-sunny-beautiful Cali, Sir."

"Oh, McCall, you have so much to learn about the 'sunny' BH"

"What do you mean, dad?"

"You'll see."




How to know that you run into a were? It depends whether you are one or not. If you're human, you have to pay attention to the details. Like the color of the eyes, or growling. If you are a werewolf, your clue is the smell of another were, another pack. You can sense things it out so much faster with your nose, than notice with your eyes. 

What if you have all of that? Well, in that case, you're probably a Stiles in this very particular moment.

What could be worse, you'd ask?

Well, maybe you the fact that you actually are a were, not announced on the foreign territory, an alpha, if we may add, that accidently runs straight into a growling 6"5' Greek god of muscles smelling of another pack, who looks into your eyes, flashing theirs beta-yellow ones, with an odd expression on the face.

That may be it.

So when you really just want to make your apologies and say: 

"I'm so sorry", 

it might come out as:

"I'm so sor.. OH HOLY SHIT! I come in peace, please don't kill me! Or my pack. We mean no harm! Please, have mercy! I was going to let your Alpha about us ('Who's your Apha, by the way? I should've checked when my dad told me to.')."

"Why would I kill you and your pack?"

"Um... Just because, oh, I don't know, your total 'I'm the killer who kills to death, and right now I''m going to murder you for trespassing' look that's going on on your face?"

"Don't be silly, little red." Why did Stiles likes to wear that red sweatshirt again? "I would never hurt you. I can feel it, can't you? You have to know that you're my mate."

"I'm not sure if i'm your pal already, buddy. It's not how we do it in the place that I'm from. But we can be. Totally. Like, let's give us two weeks or so? When I'll got used to your pretty but murderous face? We can try that?"

"What are you talking about? You know what? Nevermind. I have to tell my mother about you. Then we will meet."

"I'm sure she'll be ecstatic."

"Don't be silly, why wouldn't she be? What's your name, my mate?"

"Still not pals, man. And you can totally call me Stiles. It's better than my birth one, believe me. It's Polish and people here in America..."

"I'm Derek. I'll see you. I'll find you" And then he was gone.

'See you? What the hell?' thought Stiles.




Even though meeting another alpha in a new territory should make Stiles to think about it for at least a little bit and even maybe come up with a strategy of officially meeting the Alpha of California, he didn't. Why? He was so tired that he ate, took shower and went straight to bed. Well, it wasn't like his day was so unusal.

It kinda was.

When Stiles woke up, he was definitelly too hot. He didn't know how it was possible, as he left his window open. When he thought about his current situation, he realised that he had had an extra arm curled above his waist. And a quite impressive hard-on pressing against hiss ass.

"Oh my god, who you are and what are you doing in here!" he screamed in a very high voice.

"Are you always that loud, my mate, my Stiles? You might gave me an idea or two, you know?"




This Derek guy? He's freaking smooth.

"What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Doing. Here. Derek?" hissed Stiles.

"Why? Did you think that I would let you sleep alone after what has happened ealier?" Derek asked with a grin, suggestively rocking his hips, letting Stiles know what exactly was on his mind. Derek was so hard that this alone would make Stiles go fully erect in no time at all. If he already wouldn't be, that is.

"I don't fucking know you. Get out! How did you even... Did you get here throught the window?"

"Well, it was open. Shouldn't I?"

"Whatever. Yust get out before my dad will come to my room to wake me up."

"Did you not tell him about us? I told my mother, she was extatic."

"Should I have?"

"What are you talking about? Why wouldn't you tell him, my mate?"

"Dude, don't get me wrong, but it's like -" Stiles paused to look at his phone "- nine thirty, but it's still too early for that."

"It's so late? I have to go, my mate, but I'll come back later."

"You don't get to..." The rest of the sentence was silenced by a quick peck on his lips and after that Derek was gone.

'Huh' thought Stiles.




Stiles was not waiting for Derek to come back.

He was not!

He was.

But for whatever reason he couldn't stop thinking about their first meeting and the morning.

Like, Derek? Totally hot, if you get used to his murderous brows. And he smells really (really, REALLY) nice. Stiles would describe it as 'I've never smelled something so nice in my life before, please marry me' smell. Can you marry someone, because they smell so nice? Stiles wasn't sure, but he hoped so and he was determined to do some research on that. Waking up next to Derek was also a very nice feeling. His body was warm and solid against him. And spooning with Derek? 10 out of 10 would do that again. Big spoon, little spoon, it doesn't mtter. Derek's voice was also nice. Not low, like you would expect just by looking at him, but mild and... fluffy. Can a voice be fluffy? Fuck it, he's not a native speaker. It can be fluffy. And it is.

But what did the kiss mean? And what was Derek doing in his bed? And why was Derek calling him his mate?

And for that the Internet didn't have an answer.




Stiles was expecting to see Derek at some point of the night, not at his front door just around 6 p.m. And he didn't picture him talking to his dad, a gun-owning Sheriff. It's not like he was his boyfriend, or a dirty secret, but Stiles was starting to panick.

"So he didn't tell you? I thought that until this hour he would."

"Stiles -" strted Sheriff, as if his 6th sense would tell him that the young man has entered the living room. "- what didn't you tell me?"

"Dad, it's not like you might think!"

"I think, that it's exactly what I think! We're here for three - three - days, for god's sake, and you already have a secre boyfriend, who if you hadn't notice, is a werewolf, from another pack and we didn't even know the Alpha of the land and..."

"Oh, that reminds me." slipped Derek. "My mother, the Alpha of the California, will see you at dinner tonight. And because of the circumstances you don't have to be afraid of a denial. You and your pack are welcomed here, Sheriff."

"The circumstances?" asked both Sheriff and Stiles.

"Because Stiles is my mate, obviously."

"So, you're telling me, boy -" started Sheriff "- that you're not his boyfriend, but just his friend?"

"I told you that, father! Well, I tried."

"What's with you two?" sked Derek with disbelief. "I'm much more than his boyfriend." Derek hissed like the word 'boyfriend' was offending him. And that was also the point of the converstion that Stiles found too confusing.

"Dude, what?" he asked.

"Exactly. Wht are you talking about, son?"

"I'm his mate." said Derek loosing his patience.

"That we know. Now, why are you more than my son's boyfriend?"

"Because. We. Are. Mates. We are the other halves of each other, we complement each other like no other ever could, we were made for each other. That's why. Ask Stiles, he can feel it too."

"What?!?" asked Sheriff.

"What?" asked Stiles. "Dad, do you think he's sane?"

"Don't be naïve, my mate. Wait... That can't be... Haven't you heard of mates? Soulmates? Werewolf mates? Any of it?"

"Well... Hollywood made a few movies abous soulmates, but you know. It's like... fiction."

"It's really not a fiction movie, Stiles."


"It's not. Don't you feel it?"

"What? Is that weird that I kinda do feel something for you? But... But it wasn't in the Book!"

"What book?"

"The Book, not some regular book. The Book about werewolves? The mates thing - it's not there."

"Well. It's real." said Derek with a wolfish grin while lifting his arm to scent his neck with it. 

"It is real? I mean, you smell good. Like good-good. Like 'I want to keep you' good So..."

"Are you asking me if you can keep me? Yes, Stiles, you can."

"Oh my god. Get a room." said Sheriff. "Or you know what? Don't. Stop it!"

"We don't have time to get a room." Derek said. "We must go. You all have to go to my mother's dinner, remember?"

"Oh god!"




The first meetings of the parents can be scary. You always want to make a good impression. They sometimes go well. Sometimes they're also funny.

That one goes very smoothly. It's quite (very) funny when Stiles is made to tell the story from his part of view to Derek's mother. If someone repeats these words at their reception... Well, laugh is always a good start, isn't it?