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I Should Meet You Because I Love You

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haleofatime has logged on

Stiles’ heart thuds loudly in his chest when the notification on his phone buzzes. He pulls his phone into his hand and smiles to himself, stomach knotting up with excitement and mild anxiety. He goes to type out a greeting, something funny and happy and awesome when Scott bumps his arm.

“That your lover boy, dude?” He grins, waggling his eyebrows.

Stiles rolls his eyes, but blushes nonetheless, “He’s not my lover, shut up.”

“Aw! Look at him blush. Allison, look!” Scott chuckles, motioning to his girlfriend. Allison looks up from her lunch and smiles, reaching out to squeeze Scott’s arm.

“Scott, leave him alone,” Lydia pulls off a piece of her roll and tossing it to hit Scott in the forehead, “I think it’s cute that he gets excited about talking to someone everyday,” She looks to Stiles, “Tell him hi for me, sweetie.”

“Thank you, Lydia.” Stiles gives her a smile and nod. His phone buzzes in his hands and looks back down to it, mentally facepalming to see that he sent ‘hokafhf’ went Scott nudged him.

haleofatime: lol hi

studmuffinstilinski: sorry! scott bumped me. what’s up?

haleofatime: tell him to cut it out. and nothing… i just wanted to talk with you.

Stiles blushes harder. For the year he’s talked with Derek, there’s always been a hint of flirting and just plain wanting to talk because they like each other.

studmuffinstilinski: well, you’ve got me now. i’m just out to lunch with lydia, allison and scott.

haleofatime: oh are you busy? we can talk later.

studmuffinstilinski: no! that’s fine, it’s just them. i see them everyday. i don’t get to see you everyday.

halfofatime: you’ll get to see me tonight

studmuffinstilinski: oooooh ;D

haleofatime: hah is your mind always in the gutter?

studmuffinstilinski: if you want it to be

Stiles checks it over twice before he sends it, and then three times after he does. Lydia’s eating slowly, looking at him from the corner of her eye.

haleofatime: ;)

Stiles chuckles. He sends a quick ‘I’ll take that as a yes’ before he shoves a few curly fries in his mouth. He wipes his hands when he sees Derek replied.

haleofatime: lol anyway, what’s the weather like over there?

He goes into his camera and turns it toward the street, snaps a picture and sends it to him.

studmuffinstilinski: it’s nice. i’m wearing a few layers, but the sky is blue and it’s sunny. what’s it like over there?

haleofatime: lucky bastard. it’s been raining off and on here, down pouring right now. i just got back in and i’m soaked.

After a few moments, Derek sends a picture of a window with the rain obscuring the view of tall buildings, and a soaked blue shirt in an extended hand.

studmuffinstilinski: omg don’t go back outside

haleofatime: i’m not, don’t worry. i just came back from giving laura her lunch at her job.

studmuffinstilinski: okay good. how is she?

haleofatime: she’s working on a new piece for the college. it’s gonna be displayed at the entrance.

studmuffinstilinski: that’s awesome! send me a pic when it’s up?

haleofatime: of course. how’s allison? better now?

Allison pulled a muscle during one of her training sessions last week. She’s still got her knee brace on, but she’s not limping anymore. That doesn’t stop Scott from picking her up and carrying her around, though.

studmuffinstilinski: she’s better! she says it doesn’t even hurt anymore :)

haleofatime: aw that’s great.

studmuffinstilinski: yeah but scott still carries her around. ohmYGOD SCOTT THINKS WE SHOULD GET ICE CREAM

haleofatime: well that’s the only way to have lunch. GET CHOCOLATE FOR ME.

And Stiles does.

“Oh, my god. Okay. Shit, alright.” Stiles stumbles around his room, making sure it’s clean, and then into the bathroom where he makes sure he looks okay. Derek’s gonna be calling him on Skype any second and he wants to look good.

Last time they talked like this, he’d just come back from a game of lacrosse with Scott, Danny, Jackson and Matt. He was sweaty and blotchy cheeked, had a hat on backwards, and of course Derek looked fucking adorable. Dark messy hair and stubble on his jaw, bright green eyes and warm smile. Old, faded shirt and his sister painting in the background, dancing around to music. Of which he got embarrassed by when he noticed and moved to his room. Ugh, it was just so… perfect. Derek’s kind of perfect.

Even at nineteen, Stiles is still kind of… lanky and flailing and odd. But Derek likes him.

He hears the Skype sound and runs back into his room, plopping down in his chair and pressing answer. Derek comes onscreen, dressed in a navy blue sweater and damp hair. He looks cozy and warm light all around him, night sky out that same picture window from earlier, lights of New York buildings dotting the dark.

He smiles when he sees that Stiles has accepted the call, “Hey, man.”

“Derek, h-hey. Hi.” Stiles fumbles a bit over his words, grinning because he can’t help himself. His heart is going a mile a minute again, seeing Derek looking at his screen, licking over his lips.

“Hey,” He says again, shifting a little more to be comfortable, “It’s around six there, right?”

“Uh, yeah,” He flicks his eyes down to check, “6:02. Shit, that means it’s nine there. Don’t you have to get ready for bed or whatever, since you have work?”

“I’m fine. Showered, not shaved. Perfect for the shop and stuff.” Derek shrugs, smiling wider when Stiles chuckles at ‘not shaved’.

“Yeah. You know, you never did tell me what ‘and stuff’ meant.” He’s only brought it up a few times, what he does when he’s not at work in the mechanic shop.

“Uh… Right,” He looks a little nervous, hand moving to rub at the back of his neck, “Well, it’s just for extra money, and it helps Laura. It’s nothing big.”

“Then, tell me.” Stiles smirks, “Are you a stripper or something?” He chuckles, “Oh my God, strip for me.”

Derek laughs, shaking his head, “I’m not a stripper, and I’m not in sexy clothes. I wouldn’t want to give you a half-assed show,” Stiles can swear Derek is blushing, “I uh, I—God, it’s not really modeling. I just go to the art classes at the college and they draw me or paint me or whatever while I stay still. Laura gets extra privileges because they needed someone and she volunteered me.” He explains, shrugging.

Stiles takes a moment or two, cheeks hurting because of his smile, “Oh, I don’t know, Derek. That sounds a lot like modeling. Wow. Gimme your best pose.”

“Oh, God. See, I shouldn’t have told you.” Derek covers his face with his hands and falls out of frame, groaning in feigned distress.

“No, wait! Come back! Derek! Do they have you take off your clothes?! Do they ogle at you?!” He says through laughs and Derek comes back up, making a face at him, “Aw, that’s a sour face.”

Derek cracks a smile that he’s trying to hold back, “Yes, I take off my shirt. And I’m actually insecure so I get nervous about it.”

“Why?” And wow, he didn’t mean to say that. He’s insecure himself, but Derek… Well, he’s hot, to be quite honest. But he’s not sure he should say it. His eyes widen and he bites his lip hard, “I-I mean—”

Derek’s looking closely at his screen now, “…What?”

He stutters and tries to talk with his hands to convey what he wants to say, but comes up with, “W-Well, it’s uh, I mean—Well, it’s just… You shouldn’t be.”

A slow smile spreads onto Derek’s lips, “Oh.”

“Yeah, so… L-Like, I get that there are insecure moments and I don’t know what’s—” He starts to gesture but stops himself, shaking his head, “Um, I mean—Fuck. See, I-I stutter way too much.”

“You stutter the most when you’re nervous.”

“Y-Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

“It’s cute, though.”

And damn if that doesn’t relax Stiles instantly.

They talk for at least an hour after that, maybe two, both of them getting more and more comfortable as they do. Stiles ends up laying on his bed, on his side with his computer next to him. Derek’s laying on the couch, arm behind his head. And maybe Stiles flaunts himself a little and Derek’s all lazy smiles and talking about how he’d make him go to a class to be a model (“I’m not a model, Stiles.”) too. When Stiles asks why, Derek shrugs, says he thinks the class would like him. Stiles doesn’t know what to do with that.

Around eight in California, Stiles tells Derek to go to sleep, seeing as he’s trying to keep his eyes open, mumbling softly about the two of them, how they should get together sometime. Stiles tells him to close his laptop and crawl into bed, and Derek nods, “Night, Stiles. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Of course.” He nods as well, taking Derek in before he goes. He whispers to himself, curling up more in bed, “You adorable thing.”

Derek smiles sleepily, then yawns, closing his laptop. The call ends and Stiles closes his own, sliding it down so it’s laying on the floor. He turns on his back and smiles, then flails around because Derek makes him giddy like that.

The next day there’s an older picture of Derek on beach with Laura and one of his brothers on his page. Derek’s shirtless. Stiles almost drops coffee on himself. He checks the tags, and there’s a ‘stiiiiiiiiles ;D’. Stiles does drop his coffee.

studmuffinstilinski: dereeeeeeek

haleofatime: oh, hey ;)

studmuffin: yeah, i saw your tags.

haleofatime: and?

studmuffinstilinski: …and you’re a butt

haleofatime: a cute butt?

studmuffinstilinski: lol well totally

haleofatime: maybe if you posted new ones of you (especially your new hair YEAH I NOTICED IT GREW OUT MORE) i’d get to say that too

studmuffinstilinski: you actually wanna see my face?

haleofatime: all the time

Stiles laughs breathlessly to himself, surprised. His father glances over at him, “What’s up, kid?”

“Just uh, you know that guy I was talking about? Derek?” He’s talked about Derek before, things like ‘I’m just gonna go watch Nine’s Doctor Who with Derek!’ and ‘Oh, I saw Derek last night’. The last one turned out to be problematic because his Dad asked ‘Where?’ and he, like a dumbass, answered, ‘In my room’. Which lead to an awkward conversation about protection and that Derek should come to dinner before Stiles could explain that Derek lives in New York.

“Oh, yeah? What’s up with him, then?”

“He just… I found someone who tolerates my face.” He IM’s back ‘well, maybe i will for you, then’ and Stiles sees his Dad look at him from the corner of his eye.

“Are you dating him now?” He looks back at the road and avoids a pothole. Stiles shakes his head.


“But you like him.”


haleofatime: i’d really like that

Stiles leans back in his seat, biting his lip.