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Looking for a new place to call home

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“Hey Pat! What's up?” I asked after I answered the phone.

"Not much, just bored to the moon and back... hey Rick, are you in to go to the forest? Just walk around, take your camera with you! And maybe grab a cup of hot tea at the café?” Patty asked.

“Ehr, sure I should be able to do that. At what time do you want to meet? Since I'm still in my PJ's.” I said.

“Around noon? Might as well go out to lunch at the café.” She said.

“That is a pretty good idea, actually.” I said. “Of course it is, I came up with it.” She answered with lots of sass.

“Okay Queen Sassyness, I'll see you at noon. Shall we meet up at your place?” I asked.

“Just had make sure you still remembered. Yeah, that will do. See you in a bit!” She said.

“See you in a bit. By the wa-” But the line went dead. Why did I call her my best friend again?


"Patty! Hurry up! You said NOON!” I yelled from Patty's couch in her living room. When I think I was running late, she always found a way to beat me to it.

“Coming!” She yelled back.

"So, how are you?” I asked Patty.

“Fine, I suppose... It still feels weird going to college and being there all alone. Last year was awesome with you there. It's just so quiet, I don't like my class mates at all, they try to be mature, but are like everything except mature. And everything we are learning is just so easy, we're like two months in this year and I'm already two chapters ahead of the rest.”

“I miss you too, Pat. But it is what it is, I was able to go to this college due to what I really want to do with my life. Becoming a racing driver and owning my own team. By the way, next race is just two weeks ahead, you should come. They are the big finale, I'm in the fifth position in the drivers championship and theoretically seen I should be able to finish third... if I win at least one race and get 8 more points as my competitors in the fourth and third position.” I said to her.

“Really? That would be like really cool! But I need to check my agenda if I'm able to come, I think I will be though.” She answered.

“That's alright.”

And we went on with just our thoughts. I'm still amazed with the way we became friends. We were a bit of the outsiders at the hospital we worked at at the time. And it helped we are from the same age, both sixteen at the time. Wait, we were already friends for over two years! Jeez, time flies!

“Rick? RICK!”


“Seriously, I'm sometimes really worried about you when you start daydreaming. You almost walked into the pond!”

“Pat, don't worry. Seriously. I could say the same with the amount of McDonald burgers you eat.”

“Still not over that, huh?”

“Nope, and I will never be. You might spent more time in the gym as a pro athlete, but these things aren't healthy.” *

I still can't believe I'm this lucky with Patty. She is my best friend and are able to talk to each other for hours without making it awkward. She's also the only one that knows how difficult it is sometimes at home... my mom works a full time job, but with me being 18 and a little brother of 16, it is sometimes hard, not just on the money aspect. I try to help as much as possible, but you know... student tuition... but we manage.

A relationship? No, I'm single. It might be getting more and more accepting to be gay, but it's still difficult to be out.

My father left us ten years ago, he was rarely home and when he was, it was for dinner.

My mom kicked him out, couple years later we moved to our current home, an apartment in the outskirts of Amsterdam. But it was home, we didn't have much, but we had the most stunning view ever. On the front side of the house we had the sunrise, and on the balcony side we always have the sunset. Except for the days it was raining, misty or cloudy.

At this point we were walking through the forest and I was shooting a couple of pictures. Since a while I'm a hobby photographer, mostly at the racetrack, but I started with nature. Just photographing flowers, trees, sunrises, sunsets.

That's when we were attacked, the only thing I heard was a scream from Patty and felt only a sharp, stabbing pain. Everything went black.
When we woke up we were shocked to say the least.

We looked around and scrambled up.

The first thing I noticed was my camera lying a couple feet away from us. I carefully walked over to it and looked at it, still intact. Lucky me! I went to check the pictures out, but I wasn't prepared to see what I saw. It was a picture of a monster. Literally. It was big, it vaguely looked like some kind of wolf..

“What?” Patty asked with a frightened look on her face.

“Th-this...” I said as I turned the screen of my camera to her. I didn't knew the face of a human that's alive, could be that white. She almost looked like a ghost herself.

“Wha-what is that!?” She asked with fright.

“You might not believe me.... but I think this is a Werewolf” I said to her.

“A. A fucking werewolf!?”

“SHHH! Yes! I don't know..! By the way, what happened to your shirt? ” I asked.

“My shirt? Have you seen yours?”

That's when I looked at my own shirt. It was drenched in blood and was ripped with holes with what it looked like to be teeth marks. When I pulled my shirt up I was astound.

There was nothing.

No scars, except for my appendix surgery scar from years ago.

“How is this possible? What's going to happen to us now!?” I asked to nobody in particular.

I looked up to see Patty with the same look on her face while she had her hipbone shown. Nothing.

“We've got to get out of here. Now.” I said. And that's what we did.

We ran back to our bikes and drove back to Patty's home since her father and sister were gone for the week, she had the house for herself. When we got there she got her tablet out and I opened my laptop, glad I took it with me when I first came here.

After about an hour into our investigation I finally found something.

“Pat, I think I found something. But it's an article from some American local News Paper. From some town called Beacon Hills. It says it had the exact same occurrence as we saw. It has an attachment too.” I said while opening the picture attached to the article.

“Patty... it is a picture, by the looks of it taken by a phone. It has the exact same animal on it as I took with my camera.” Patty looked dumbfounded.

“The same? Are you sure?” She asked.

“I couldn't be more sure.” I said as I showed her the picture on my laptop screen.

Wide eyed she looked at me and said:

“Does the article has any names? Might as well seek them out, maybe we're able to get in touch with them.”

“Let me have a look... yes, it has a couple of names in it. Do you have a pen and paper for me?”

“Yes, let me grab it.” She answered.

"Lydia Martin. Scott McCall, Stiles Stillinsky-"

“What is a Stiles?” Patty asked.

“You could better ask who is Stiles...” I said.

“Oh, hey! More names! They are all sort of related to each other, they were around the same place as the attack that night. Jackson Whittemore, Derek Hale. Well, lets do some more research!”


After a couple of more hours of searching the web, with no result, we ordered some dinner.

And we needed to talk about the big, pink Elephant in the room.

I had no idea what was going to happen to me. Us.

Is the werewolf (wait did I call it really a werewolf? Gosh...) coming back for us or what?

I have always been quite interested in Wolves, I know wolves are pack-animals, but what about werewolves? Yes, I've seen Twilight, but you know, at the time it looked more as fiction.

Well, that was until now. Hmm... interesting...

“Hey, Pat? I think I sort of found something.” I said.

“Well, what is it?” “This website talks about some sort of book with all kinds of mythical creatures in it, but I can't find a place to order it online, or to buy in a bookstore. And if we get our hands on it, we have another problem.”

“I'm not going to like that one, do I?”

“I don't think so. It is in ancient Latin. I only know the Latin names of a couple of herbs, thanks to my mother, but that's about it. My cousin though... but I really don't want to bring any more people in this.” I said. It was true, we didn't knew what would be coming our way over the next month or so.

Let alone the full moon in three weeks time.

After searching the web for that damn book, also without result, we decided to do some research on the people we had found on the web. As it turns out, four of them were still High School students at the BHHS, Scott, Jackson and Stiles were on the Lacrosse team.

“Patty, do you know what Lacrosse is?”

“I know it looks a lot like Handball, but it has the roughness of Rugby. If I have to believe my sister, she said she wanted to join a Lacrosse club, but there aren't many here in Amsterdam. Why?” Patty answered.

“Well, because three of them are on the Lacrosse team of their High School.”

*First full moon*

Our first full moon was awful. My first transition hurt like hell, but it was weird too. I could hear, see, feel better then ever!

Since last week I didn't needed my glasses anymore, I had decided to stay home a couple of days to let myself and my eyes adjust. And I needed a good excuse to stay home, so said to everyone, except Patty, I was going to get my eyes done so I didn't had to use my glasses anymore. (Not a total lie for that matter).

O, yeah, back to my first full moon, I had read somewhere you needed an Anchor to “stay on the ground”.

But I didn't knew who or what that anchor would be until the full moon, what it turned out, it was quite simple: my dearest friends and family.

I was glad I was wearing a pair of old sweats and an old hoody, since pretty much everything got ripped apart. I didn't turn in a full on wolf though, my face changed, my eye-colour was an amazing brown/amber, weird though since the most colours of werewolf eyes were Red, gold our blue. What was even more weird, is the fact Patty didn't change.

Her looks did change a bit though, her hair got a shade darker and her eyes were brighter, but that was about it.

I ate rabbit for the first time that night, we were in the forest and had made camp on a small open place with a fire. Patty said she would stay there while I went running through the forest, where I had hunted down a rabbit or two.

But it got weirder, Patty started to hear voices. Just small whispers in her ear, she said it sounded like she was on the phone with someone and couldn't understand the person who she was talking to.

More research, yay! We did found a book though, a bestiary. Now I think about it, the book found us.

I got a call from Patty a week after the attack where she said when she walked out of her house to go to her classes, she found it on her doorstep.

After my classes ended, I went to her place as fast as I could. It didn't help a lot for the fact my train was delayed.

We studied the bestiary for quite some time, there were lots of subjects in it. Mostly about werewolves and co.

But we might know now what Patty might be. Something called a Banshee, or Wailing Woman.

It didn't happen a lot, but she might be one.

We even found some stuff in there so we both could start training. But we did have to wait for after the full moon. It wasn't easy, for both of us, but we managed. Patty could pretty much block out most of the voices, while it go easier for me to change between werewolf and human form.

We were still trying to find out what my eye-colour ment.

There was seriously nothing in the bestiary about a werewolf with amber coloured eyes.

-End of the Prologue