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    After a traumatizing event back home, we were fleeing from our home town. To where? We didn't know. The only thing we were certain about is: we lost everyone and everything we loved. We literally did not have anything left except for the clothes we were wearing, a bag full of money, my mom's car (which I had for that day to be able to go somewhere). How did we ended up here? We were just best friends, College students, having big plans for our future.
    We knew we were everything but save right now. That's why we both went home ASAP to gather our dearest possessions like pictures, papers, money.
    Eventually we ended up in a place called Beacon Hills, since we came from Amsterdam we did travel for a long time. But we've heard of the pack led by a True Alpha, we, after being Omega's since we were bitten, had heard the stories and read about them too.
    This is our story. This is why we ended up in Beacon Hills in search for a new place to call home and maybe a real pack. But we never expected our past to haunt us back here. But now, we were not going to lose everything we loved. Again. This time we had the people that were willing to fight alongside us. For us.
    This is my first work, please don't kill me.