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Summer lovin'

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The fucked up thing about Beacon Hills was this its sense of balance was screwed. After going through a shit load of pain and trouble, the residence of beacon hills were gifted with a few weeks of peace and happiness. Then, predictably, it screwed up. The summer had been amazing for stiles, even if he hadn’t been spending as much time with the pack as he wanted. But nonetheless, he got up to some amazing shit. now? It was just shit.

“An Alpha pack?” Stiles gaped, him and the rest of the pack – his dad, Chris, peter, Derek, Scott, Lydia, Allison, Isaac, Erica and boyd – stared at the straight faced, emotionless Deaton in horror.

“yes” he confirmed.

“As in a pack full on alphas” Lydia stated. Deaton nodded.

“just angry powerful alphas?” Scott asked, terrified. Deaton nodded again.

“well that’s just-“ Allison began, but soon stopped as she didn’t have the words. Luckily, stiles did.

“its shit. its crap. Terrifying. Stupid. Completely screwed up” Stiles listed, counting his fingers. He then yelped as his dad slapped him over the head. He turned to look at his dad, mouth open in shock. The sheriff didn’t reply, but instead raised an eyebrow.

“what? Im right” stiles questioned, arms raised.

“sadly to say, Stiles is” Peter drawled, the syrupy voice causing Stiles to shiver.

“anyway, back on track” Chris commanded. “What do they want?” he asked Deaton.

Deaton sighed. “well, as far as I can tell from their previous actions, they want the Alpha”

“Derek? For what?” Erica asked, her eyes flashing golden as she growled protectively in response to Derek’s evident threat.

“He wants Derek to join his pack”

“he?” Stiles asked, just as Scott asked “why? He has a pack”

“He, as in Deucalion” he looked to Derek and Peter whose eyebrows had raised. “yes, you recognise him. He wants to increase his pack size. To do so, he gets alphas to join. But first, they must kill thir pack”

“no way” “shit” “fuck” “Derek wouldn’t” “crap” a multitude of voices all cursed in unison. Derek growled loudly, eyes flashing red at hearing that.

“How would they make me do that?” he asked.

“First, they would attempt to entice you. Then, if you refuse, they would kill your pack members and force you to join them”

“we need to prepare” Chris commanded. The sheriff and deaton nodded in unison.

“tomorrow. Meet at the loft 7pm” Derek growled.

“we should start training” peter added.

“I think you, Chris, should work with the humans” his dad said, Christopher nodding and looking at Lydia and Stiles.

“Fine” Derek said. “tomorrow, we schedule training routines and set patrols of Beacon hills”

Together, the pack left the vets, all of them immersed in their dark thoughts of a new threat to Beacon hills.


Stiles woke up blearily, eyes fuzzy. He glanced lazily at his phone for a moment, then looked away. Then looked back. “oh crap!” he yelped. “crap crap. Im lateeeee!” he murmured as he quickly got up. Stumbling out of bed, he ran into the shower and washed as soon as possible.

Then he pulled on a red jumper laying at the end of the bed and squeezed into the black jeans he wore last night. Lacing up his trainers, he slung his bag over his back and ran downstairs. Grabbing a bar of chocolate from the side, he quickly opened the door and ran – and fell.

Looking back and glaring at the offending figure, then widened his eyes at the sight of the red box. Sitting up and rubbing his knees, he slowly walked towards the box. Lifting it up, stiles looked at the red box in more detail. Attached to it was a note.

To Red.

We miss you.


Stiles smirked at the note. Ethan and Aiden. Ah. They were nice. The pack seemed to be under the expression that Stiles was still an innocent little virgin. And that he was still in love with the wonderful Lydia Martin – which was wrong, Stiles had no interest in the opposite sex. During the holidays, Stiles had gone to Seattle to enter a summer school for Folklore and History – due to his interest in mythical creatures, which could help the pack.

Whilst there, Stiles had met twins – Ethan and Aiden. Stiles couldn’t resist smiling at the thought of them. First, Stiles had just gotten to know them, and had found that they were funny and had a lot in common with him. Then, stiles had gotten drunk during a party. He kissed Ethan, and was then kissed by Aiden. That night, needless to say, Stiles had a bit of fun with the twins. They seemed in sync, knowing when to kiss Stiles and when to touch. Stiles had fallen into ecstasy, unable to comprehend anything other than the immense pleasure he felt.

The three weeks Stiles had stayed there had been filled with work and pleasure. Pleasure more than work. To the twins, Stiles had given his virginity. In return, he had gained pleasure and experience. But most importantly, Stiles had learnt that the twins were werewolves. Alpha werewolves. This didn’t deter Stiles, infact he learnt that he had a serious Alpha werewolf kink.

Awoken from his lustful haze, Stiles opened the box. Inside the box was a necklace with the eternity symbol. Inside was another note.

We cant stop thinking about you.

Stiles blushed from the note. Oh crap! He was late. He quickly placed the box in the front cupboard of the house and jumped inside his trust jeep, driving to the highschool as fast as possible.

It turned out he wasn’t fast enough.


Entering his economics class, he was greeted by Coach.

“Bilinski, you’re late!” he shouted.

“Sorry sir” he panted, quickly finding his seat. Nodding to the rest of the pack, he opened his bag to find his book – that wasn’t there.

“oh shit” he murmured.

“I heard that!”

“oh crap”

“just shut up Bilinski and I wont give you detention!”

“thankyou sir!” he shouted out, then began to copy the work off the board.


At Lunch, the pack was gathered together. However no one seemed entirely cheerful or happy. Isaac in particular looked upset. Stiles made sure to sit next to him and nudged Isaac.

“hey, you ok?” he asked concerned. Isaac nodded. Stiles reminded himself to talk to Isaac alone when they made their way to Derek’s.

“so everyone ready for tonight?” Scott asked the pack. They all nodded, glancing around to make sure no one was listening in on their conversation.

“yeah sure” Lydia drawled sarcastically

“Hey, lets just work together and make sure nothing bad happens” Scott pleaded with everyone.

Boyd nodded. “We don’t want anyone to die”

Allison shook her head. “no. dad will make sure we all train together, just stick together like he said”

Stiles nodded in agreement. “so if we’re to be there by 7, whose going with who?”

“well theres training” Scott interjected

“that finishes half five” stiles added.

“so we can wait for you guys to finish, then split up and go together” Allison confirmed.

“yeah that sounds good” Lydia commented. “I have enough time to do homework then”. The bell rung loudly, causing the students within the lunch hall to stand up and make their way to their last lesson. As stiles lifted up his back, he added one more thing.

“okay its sorted. Meet at the pitch at half five and we can go. By the way, I call dibs on Isaac!” he called on, winking at Isaac as he rushed off to class.


Stiles panted, hands over his head as he tried to regulate his breathing. Taking shallow breaths, he grinned as the three girls – Lydia, Erica and Allison- walked over to them, looking as regal as ever. Stiles wolf whistled – how ironic- at the girls. “ladies, looking good!” he called out, causing the girls to laugh and smirk cheekily.


“alright, lets move out!” Stiles commanded. Wrapping an arm around Isaacs shoulders, he lasciviously slurred “lets go honey” to Isaac who blushed shyly.

As they entered his jeep, Stiles began to drive towards Derek’s.

“so, spill” he said, whilst looking out of the window shield.

“what?” Isaac asked confused.

“you do a good job hiding it you know” Stiles commented. “but I can tell the difference. I know youre not the same. Youre different, even more quiet than usual”

Isaac eyes widened, he looked at Stiles for a few moments, unwilling to speak.

“you can trust me” Stiles added.

“i-“ Isaac stammered. “I’m scared. I know Derek will protect us, but I don’t want people to get hurt. I don’t want to lose my friends”

“its okay” Stiles comforted, leaning out a hand to Isaac, gently placing his hand around Isaac’s neck.

“it isn’t” Isaac whined sadly.

“we’ll protect eachother. That’s what family does”

“I trust you” Isaac admitted. Stiles smiled and hugged Isaac gently before pulling back and focusing on the road.


When they reached Derek’s loft, they were surprised to find food waiting for them. Several boxes of pizza stood at the table, surrounded by Peter, Derek, Chris and his dad. Stiles hugged his dad before nodded at the rest. When his eyes landed on Derek, he struggled to hold back a moan. Derek was sin incarnated. He was wearing dark black jeans that clung to his ass, the two buns delectable. He was wearing a grey tank top which only accentuated his muscles and the six pack he wore.

As they all sat down, they began to eat before getting down to the serious stuff.

“so the pack” – or not.