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Chapter One: The Return

“I don’t love her, I thought I did but I don’t it was just an infatuation she’s not my mate.” 

That’s what the voice in her head repeated over and over as she passed the welcome to Beacon Hills sign. It had been thirteen years since she had been home and to be completely honest she was terrified of what people would say about her returning home.

“Are you okay Stiles.” A male voice said next to Stiles bring her back to reality. “Yeah I’m okay just worry about my dad.” Stiles said looking at the six foot tall, blue eyed man with short sandy blonde hair sitting in the driver seat. “Are you sure that’s all that’s bothering you?” the man asked looking out the corner of his eye at Stiles in the passenger seat.

“What else would be bothering me Malcolm?” Stiles said rolling her eyes. “Umm maybe the people you left behind, like your friends and um…Derek.” Malcolm said keeping his eyes on the road. Stiles felt her heart fall in her stomach at the mention of Derek’s name she still was not ready to face him still after all these years but she would deal with that problem when it came.

As Malcolm brought the Jeep Grand Cherokee to a stop Stiles started to get nervous she hadn’t been in this situation since she was a little girl when her mother was dying of cancer and now she had gotten a call from Beacon Hills Hospital informing her that her dad had a heart attack. So when she finished the phone call she packed up her belongings called Malcolm at work all hysterically about her dad than she went and picked up her two kids from school and when Malcolm got home they all got in Stiles 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee and drove from Seattle, Washington to Beacon Hills.

“Mama, are we here.” A small voice said from the backseat of the jeep. Stiles turned around to face her daughter. A beautiful girl with a pale ivory complexion and round light green eyes, and long black wavy hair that stops at the middle of her back. “Yes Amber, we are here,” Stiles said smiling at daughter. “Good because I need to stretch my legs and I haven’t seen grandpa since New Year’s when he came to visit.” the boy that sit next to Amber said. Stiles looked at her son and took in his pale ivory skin, light green eyes and short black hair spiked up in the front of his head giving him a smile. “Yeah I know Junior and I’m sorry for that.” Stiles said getting out of the Jeep.

When Stiles enter the hospital she looked around and remember the times she spent here with Scott when they were little with her mom and the time she spent here during the time Lydia was attacked by Peter. As the memories came back to Stiles she made her way to the nearest restroom. When Stiles enter the restroom she walked up to one of the sinks and took deep breaths to calm herself down. She looked up into the mirror and took in her reflection silky smooth fair skin, light brown eyes, long light brown hair that stop right below her breasts. “You are not that person anymore you are stronger now you can handle this and whatever comes after this.” Stiles said to her reflection. “You are not the sixteen year old ADHD girl anymore.” She said under her breath as she walked out of the restroom.

When Stiles walked out of the restroom she looked around the for Malcolm and her kids when she saw them talking to one of the nurses, so when she got closer up on the nurse she realize it wasn’t just any nurse it was Ms. McCall the woman that was like a second mother to her the years had been good to her she still looked exactly the same minus a couple of gray hairs. As Stiles stopped behind her daughter and son Melissa looked up at Stiles and smiles at her. “Stiles.” Melissa said before her eyes began to water as she reached her arms out to hug Stiles.

Stiles hugged Melissa when they both began crying “I’m so sorry I haven’t kept in touch I just…” Stiles said before been interrupted by Melissa. “It’s okay I’m just glad you’re okay.” Melissa said pulling out of the hug looking at the two kids and the man that’s with Stiles. “You are?” Melissa said looking at the man standing next to Stiles with a genuine smile crossed her face. “I’m Malcolm Taylor and your Melissa McCall, I recognize you from the photos that Stiles keep around the house.” Malcolm said reaching to shake Melissa hand. Melissa shook Malcolm hand than looked at the girl that was standing in front of Stiles looking up at Melissa “What’s your name beautiful?” Melissa said looking down at the girl who looks kind of like Stiles when she was younger. “Amber.” Amber said smiling up at Melissa. “What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl?” Melissa said smiling at Amber. “Whose this handsome young man right here?” Melissa asked looking over at the boy standing next to Amber. “I’m Derek, but everyone calls me Junior.” Junior said smiling at the older woman. Melissa shot a quick glance up at Stiles when the boy said his name was Derek “Derek huh.” Melissa said while staring at Stiles who just gave a nod and a small smile. “Well nice meeting you guys and to know you’re okay Stiles. Your dad will be happy to see you all he is in room 308 on the third floor.” Melissa said before giving Stiles another hug and heading down the hallway.

When Stiles walked into her dad’s hospital room she was so relieved to see her dad wide awoke watching the television until he seen her out the corner of her eyes. When she came closer he smiled so big all his teeth showed. “Hey old man didn’t I warn you about the fast-food.” Stiles said before leaning over and kissed his forehead. “Hey Stiles I missed you too.” John said hugging his daughter. “Grandpa!!!” Amber and Junior yelled running into the room giving their grandpa a hug. “Hey you two I’ve missed you too, did you guys enjoy your birthday presents.” John asked sitting up in the bed to make more room for his grandkids on his hospital bed. “Yeah they love them presents they don’t go anywhere without them.” Malcolm said walking into the room to shake John’s hand, before walking next to Stiles. “Hey Malcolm how’s it going.” John asked while looking over at Malcolm standing by his daughter. “It’s better now that we know that you’re fine.” Malcolm said smiling at the older man.

2 hours later

Malcolm and Stiles had walked to the hospital cafeteria to get some food for them and the children. While John was in the room talking to Junior about school and what he and his sister did with their presents while Amber slept next to her grandpa in the bed. “We keep the necklaces around our necks we never take them off and I keep the comics you gave me in my backpack while Amber keeps her Journals in her purse. “ Junior said pointing to his sister purse. John looked down at his sleeping granddaughter and saw the necklace with the wolf on it then just smiled.

“Do you think he’s up now?” Scott asked his alpha as they exited the elevator on the third floor of the hospital. “I don’t know Scott but it’s our job to make sure he’s okay.” Derek said as they made their way to the sheriff room. They stopped briefly when a scent of wolves hit their nose before they ran towards the direction of the scent. When they reached the room that the scent was coming from, they froze because it was John’s room. Derek and Scott ran into the room totally wolf out when they seen two kids who look no older than thirteen or fourteen. John was startled when Derek and Scott busted into his room which what caused Amber to shoot up out of the bed next to Junior.

“Laura.” Derek whispered as he shifted back to his human form as he walked towards the two kids. “Stop where you are don’t come any closer.” Junior said standing in front Amber eyes already glowing an electric blue ready to protect his sister if he needed to. “Junior!!!” John yelled from the hospital bed looking at his grandson. Junior looked at his grandpa and shifted his eyes back to their normal light green “Sorry grandpa.” Junior said as he walked over to his grandpa side but till making sure Amber is behind him.

“Grandpa” Scott said, shifting back to his human form. He then looks at John than the two teens than it clicked like a puzzle. “Stiles” he whisper he looked around the room than looked at the sheriff “Where is she?” Scott asked looking at everyone in the room. “The cafeteria Scott.” It was Amber that spoke for the first time since they enter the room. “Thank you.” Scott said heading for the door when he stop and turned back around and looked at the girl “How did you know my name?” Scott asked while a little smile creeps across his face. “The pictures from the scrapbooks and pictures around our house and stories of her life in Beacon Hills we know all her friends.” Amber said with a smile. “So you know this guy right here?” Scott asked pointing to Derek.

“Yeah we know who he is!!” Junior said with anger in his voice as Amber brought her gaze to the floor.

As Derek began to ask the two teens why they don’t like him he smells a familiar scent. The scent that makes his heart beat faster, heats up his body the scent that wakes his wolf up with desire and longing for his mate.  Scott smells the scent too and heads towards the door and walks into the hallway when he see Stiles halfway down the hall he just runs towards his best friend scream her name until he gets to her and picks her up and spins her around in a hug that’s so tight she can’t breathe.

 “Scott…Can’t…Breathe.” Stiles said as Scott hugged her. “Sorry” Scott said releasing her from the hug. Stiles looked at her best friend from childhood and couldn’t do anything but cry as she looked into those brown eyes she hadn’t seen since a couple days after graduation. “I’m so sorry.” Stiles said between sobs. “It’s okay I get why you left, but I wish you would have told me I would have help you me and Allison was going through the same situation.” Scott said smiling at Stiles. “What Allison and you have…” Stiles said before been interrupted by Scott “Yeah we have a two kids a thirteen year old boy name Scott Jr. and an ten year old girl name Alisha.” Scott said with the biggest grin Stiles has ever seen on his face. “Umm…Really you have two kids, hold up did you say you had a thirteen year old.” Stiles asked looking surprised. “Yeah he just made thirteen in March. Scott said looking at Stiles who just smiled. “So are they both werewolves.” Stiles whisper the last part so no one could hear them except Stiles, Scott, and Malcolm. “Yeah” Scott said looking suspicious at the blonde guy standing next to Stiles. “Oh Scott meet Malcolm, Malcolm meet Scott officially.” Stiles said standing between both men.

“Nice to meet you Scott heard so many wonderful things about Stiles best friend and brother from another mother.” Malcolm said reaching his hand out to shakes Scott hand. “Nice to meet you to Malcolm, so what did Stiles actually tell you about me.” Scott looks at Malcolm than to Stiles who just smiled. “He knows everything Scott, who do you think help me these years away with my kids.” Stiles said putting up a hand on Scotts shoulder. “Speaking of the kids we should get them their food they haven’t eaten since this morning.” Malcolm said walking in the direction of John’s room. “Yeah your right come on Stiles let me introduce you to my kids personally; they are going to love you.” Stiles said grabbing Scotts arm leading him towards her dad’s room. “Yeah I know they would but your son doesn’t really like Derek he looked like he wanted to rip his throat out.” Scott said causing Stiles and Malcolm to stop where they stood turning to Scott. “Derek was here?” Stiles asked voice cracking as she got the words out. Scott looked at Stiles and could see and feel the heartache from Stiles. “He still is here he’s in the room with your dad and your kids or should say y’all children.” Scott said looking at Stiles and could feel her body tense up. “How could you tell their Derek’s kids?” Stiles whispered. “Well at first I didn’t until your son called your dad grandpa, they both are born werewolves we smelt their scent the moment when got off the elevator and, your son looks just like Derek I mean attitude and all and Derek called your daughter Laura and she looks like Laura , Stiles and finally you just admitted it.” Scott said smile at the last part of his sentence.

Approaching her father’s hospital room Stiles began to feel the tears roll down her face. When she walked into the room she saw her dad sitting up in his bed hold Junior’s hand in his hand while Amber is standing behind Junior looking at something toward the wall. When Stiles walk into the room completely her eyes automatically meet Derek’s eyes. “Hi Derek.” Stiles whisper pulling her eyes away from the Alpha. “Hi Stiles” Derek said trying to keep his voice strong and controlled even though all these buried emotions were building up inside of him. “Hey guys are you hungry because we got you some food from the cafeteria.” Malcolm said to Amber and Junior walking passed Derek with two trays with food on them. “I’m not hungry anymore I just want to grandpa house and see your old room mom.” Junior said jumping up and walking pass Derek telling his grandpa bye and saying bye to Scott before walking out of the room.

Stiles made a move to go after her son when Malcolm stopped her. “I got it it’s my turn to calm him down anyway.” Malcolm said getting up and heading behind Junior. “Amber get your brother backpack you know he would wolf out if he doesn’t have his comics.” Stiles said to her daughter that was still on the other side of the room. Amber grabs her brother’s backpack and her purse. She gives her grandpa a kiss on the cheek at the same time her mother kissed him on the forehead they said they goodbyes to John and Scott. Stiles hesitated before she turned around told Derek goodbye and heard Derek tell her goodbye but he didn’t look up at her. When Stiles and Amber made it to the elevator she heard her name been called and turned around to see Derek walking towards her.

“So are you just going to disappear after your dad gets better and return to your old life like nothing happen?” Derek asked stiles as he caught up to her. “No we are staying a while but after I make sure he’s okay we will go back home.” Stiles said not able to look at Derek. When Stiles told Derek they will be going back home his wolf whinnied for his mate and his pups because to him they were home to him, his wolf hasn’t been this alive in almost fourteen years. “We…you mean you and our kids and that guy.” Derek said holding his gaze on his daughter that stood next to Stiles. “Yes” Stiles whispered looking up at Derek “By the way that guy name is Malcolm.” Stiles snapped at Derek. “So are you and him like a thing?” Derek asked spitting out the last couple words like they were poison to him. Stiles let out a light laugh which caused Derek to look at her “No we are not a thing, but we do live together.” Stiles said just as the elevator door opened turning around getting into the elevator missing the quick smile that crept on Derek’s face but, Amber didn’t miss it.

Amber walked up to Derek and put her arms giving him a hug for a few seconds than released him and smile up and him. The hug made Derek’s wolf content with the contact of his pup Derek never wanted to let his little girl go and in that second he know he couldn’t let them go ever again. As he looked down at his beautiful daughter she motioned one of her fingers to tell him to come closer, so he kneeled down and Amber whisper in his ear something he will never forget.

Amber whisper in Derek ear. “She stills love you all you have to do is show her that you love her and only her.” “See you later daddy I loved you before I even meet you.”

“I love you too sweetie, and I will show her how much she means to me.” Derek promised as he watched Amber get into the elevator and watched the door close in front of him and that’s when the first tear came down his face.