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“Dude! Did you see them?” One of the males said as they walked into the pub.

“Who?” Said a young girl following him to an empty table.

“Oh that’s right Yuki you weren’t there. How was floor forty-two?”

“It was good, I got my new lance and gear from Liz.” Yuki replied.

“Welcome to Half Moon Bay! What could I get you?” Said a tall girl with auburn hair, an ample chest, and a very reviling outfit.

“Oh…wait…where are we?” Yuki asked looking around. It was a fairly big place, like big enough to fit about two hundred people.

“Gosh Yuki don’t you listen to the lovely lady? She said it was called Half Moon Bay.” Said another boy across from her.

“You don’t have to be rude Rikki, I just didn’t know it was here.” Yuki replied.

“Oh we just opened up last week. My names Malia by the way.” The waitress said.

“So who owns this place? Whoever it is must be loaded.” Said the first boy.

“And you call me rude Yuki. Sheesh you can’t just ask who owns places, just like that Hans.” Rikki said.

“Oh it’s cool, the owner is-“

Just then the doors opened, and a tall brooding guy walked into the pub. A giant black wolf followed behind him. Before the door could close, a tall curly blonde guy followed close by. A two foot black dragon was perched on his shoulder.

Soon after that, a tall bald black guy followed soon after. He also had a giant wolf following him, but his was dark chocolate. “That’s…GUYS IT’S THEM!” Hans yelled pointing at the people who just walked in.

The brooding guy looked at their direction and somehow his scowl got deeper, “Hey Malia, when you get done with them, get us the usual, okay?”

“Yeah coming right up.” Malia looks at the first group, “That was the owner, know him?”

“Do I know- are you kiddin’ me?! That’s Derek from Hale Pack, The only Guild that is made of entirely Beast Mages! Also known as Alpha Hale, it’s rumored that his Guild is comprised of all American players, and has cleared seven floors with no other Guilds help. That is except for some new comer with some title as “The Boy in Red.” Is he here too?” Hans asked looking at Malia with full moon eyes.

“Wow, you really do know a lot, are you sure that you didn’t stalk him here?” Malia asked. Hans shaked his head no, “Hum, well to answer your question, Sty isn’t here, but he comes when he can. Now are you going to order?”

“Yeah number four for all of us.” Rikki answered her in kind.

“Okay coming right up.”


“Ugh! I think that’s the last of them. What you say Scottie, head back to HMB?”

“Why do you like to go there Sty, you know Derek and I clash.” Scott said as they walked towards the Gate.

“Let’s see, number one, have you seen that man?!” Sty said ticking off his first point with his finger. “Number two, he is the best American fighter we seen so far. Third, have you seen that ass?! I mean you could bounce a quarter off of it.”

“I really don’t want to hear about his ass.”

“Oh come off it. I have seen you look at it during battle, it’s very distracting. Trust me, I know.”

“Ugh! Okay, yes it is. But Allison’s butt is way hotter.”

“To each his own,” Sty looked at Scott and smiled, “Gate link, Floor fifteen, OPEN!” Sty yelled the last part.


“Ah, ah, CHOOO!”

“Bless you Alli.”

“Thanks Lyds. I think they are talking about me.”

“By they, you mean our Leader and the Solo Player?”

“Why does he like to play Solo?”

“Isn’t it obvious Alli, he doesn’t want to choose between Scott and Derek.”

“You mean loyalties right?”

Lydia just smirked and walked into HMB. “Look who’s here.” She said nodding at the pale, lanky, dark brown haired boy. He was dressed in red with two swords on his hips and one on his back. Even though he was technically classed as a Sprigging, He dressed in Red.

“So you wanna ask him if he is dating either one or both of them?” She asks as they walk to the bar. Derek’s wolf, Silver Paw, came up to Lydia. “Hey girl, how are you doing?” Silver Paw nuzzled her flanked to Lydia’s leg.

“Oh hey Lyds, Alli, how was your hunt?” Scott asked as the girls.

“Got this.” Allison said showing her Items List to their Leader. “An S Class Item, The Bow of Artemis.”

“Nice Robin of Locksley.” Sty said to Alli, he turned to Derek, “So Alpha Scowlly, what’s the next floor you’re taking on?”

“I told you I do NOT Scowl!” Derek growled. Silver Paw growled right next to him.

“Chill Sour Wolf, I was just asking.”


“Don’t call me that Sty or I’m-“ Stiles started to say, in his mock voice, when everyone on their table added together, “GOING TO RIP YOUR THROAT OUT WITH MY TEETH!” they all ended up laughing.


“Sty switch!” Derek yelled as he lunged at the Boss with his lance. It strike the lizard monster at its left flank. Before it could land a blow at him, Sty blocked it with his blade. Derek jumped back and took out a green potion and chugged it down. Once it was drained it bursts into millions of shinning glass shard fragments.

“GAH! Fucker take this!” Sty yelled as his blade started to glow a bright blue and made four cuts across the beast’s chest in a diamond formation. The beast retaliated by swinging its tail and knocking Sty off balance and turn to take a finishing blow with its cleaver like weapon.

“STY FALL DOWN!” Yelled Alli from across the room, “SCOTT!” she commanded as the Gnome as he started a Spell. She ran to him and jumped on his shoulders and launched herself up. His Earth Magick summoned rocks big enough for her to get a footing in. As the spell shot her forward, she aimed her bow and shot with an exhale.

The arrow flew through the air bringing a green wisps flowing in a spiral behind it. Alli jumped of the flying rocks as her spelled arrow caught them and started to swirl with the Wind Magick. The Lizard Boss saw the arrow coming and curved his attack on Sty to block the shot.

What he wasn’t expecting was the rocks. Once he deflected the arrow, one after another, the rocks pounded on him. Giving Sty enough time to get away from the Boss and ready for the next round. “Geez Fuck! Thanks Alli, Scotty. Now it’s payback time. Lyds!”

Lydia looked over at the Spriggan and huffed as she started up a spell. A gold ring appeared around Sty as he switched his Sword Breaker out, for his Anneal Blade. Once the spell finished he flashed a grin at Derek, “If I kill it, I call the Rare Drop Item!” He yelled as he disappeared with a flash.

Derek blinked and looked at the Lizard Boss as Sty was suddenly near it. His blade glowed an eerie black as he got right up to the Bosses chest. He flicked his wrist and seven black slashes pierced the Boss. He stalled and then burst into millions of shimmering green, blue and white glass shards.

“FUCK YEAH!” Sty yelled as a screen popped up in front of him. He hit the blue circle, then he pulled up his contact list and sent out the winnings. A screen popped up in front of Derek with a message, “Take this to Lizbeth, either amp it up or sale it.” With the Thirty thousand Yuled, was a Two-Handed Sword. He looked over at Sty and saw him staring back.

“So should we check out the next floor or go back to HMB?” Scott asked as he walked up to the group.

“OH DRINKS, TOTTALY ON ME!” Sty yelled as he joined the group as well.

“You realize Derek owns it right.” Lyds deadpans.

“So I’m helping him with business. What’s wrong with that?”

They heard footsteps echoing from behind them, shortly after, the small group from before caught up to them. “AWWWW! WE MISSED IT!”

“Chill Hans.” Rikki said.

“OH WHERE’S THE WOLF?!” Yelled Hans.

Derek just scowled at the boy, pulled out a blue crystal, and crushed it in his hand. He nodded to Sty and disappeared in a volley of shattered blue glass.

“Whelp guess that’s that.” Sty said as he too pulled out a blue crystal.

“Wait!” Yelled Hans, “I challenge you, the Gnome and the Sylph to a PVP.”

Sty looked at Scott and Alli, “Sure, if they are in or not, I diff want to take all three of you’ll on.”

“Hey if you want to take three on, be my guess.” Alli said walking to Lyds.

“Yeah I’m with Alli.” Scott said, as he walked over to the girls. “Thirty Yuled on Sty.”

“I’ll take that action, Fifty on Sty.” Lyds said.

“Twenty on…what is your Guild called?” Alli asked the three looking at them dumfounded.

“The Night Hawks.” Hans answers with his chest pumped out and pounding on it with his fist.

“Oh am I getting something out of this?” Sty asked.

“Yeah experience.” Lyds dulled out.