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Return to Aster Aiyan

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Fifteen years had passed since Lydia and Allison got married. Derek and Stiles had six children, including Rukia, a little girl Stiles had adopted when he was younger. The elf/kitsune hybrid had grown to be a strong and intelligent woman. Peter and Chris had their own children while the others had either adopted orphaned children of the wars or had their own kids. Some opted to do both.

Derek and Stiles were diplomatically gifted, building strong relationships amongst Sakura Nation, Shire Nation, and Cano Gleann. They traded together as well hosted cultural events. They sometimes sent their own subjects for training.

However, trouble was brewing. A militia group that was attacking kingdom after kingdom emerged. It was making its way to the allied countries.

Magi Dale, Aster Aiyan;

Sixteen years old Bucky Barnes and fourteen years old Steve Stilinski-Hale walked hand-in-hand along the forest's edge. Bucky was to be deployed to the border with the royal knights. They were to protect the Sakura Nation. Steve pouted as he held onto his werewolf fiance.

"Sweetheart, I will miss you so much." Bucky was saying. The couple was actually soulmates that had met in Aster Aiyan when Bucky's pack were sent to Magi Dale as part of Laura's entourage.

"I want you safe with me. It's not too late to ask Papa to postpone your mandatory deployment." Steve muttered.

"We are betrothed, Steve. Your Papa and aunt Laura has a crude sense of humor. With my luck, the day of our wedding, I would end up deployed that night. We wouldn't be able to consummate the marriage." the knight responded. Steve pouted and hugged him tightly. He knew that his betrothed was absolutely right. He had heard the horror tales. To this day, Aunt Andi had yet to forgive his Papa and Aunt Laura for Uncle Alex nearly missing their wedding night. Then Bucky pulled him in for a sweet kiss.

"I'll come back to you. Don't worry." he promised.

While the soulmates were saying their goodbyes, a group of people met in a vague location. They gathered around a solid black table.

"I want men at the border before the King's royal knights approach. Pillage the town and kill any opposition!" the leader commanded. He was smirking, an arrogant air swelling around him.

"Yes, sir!" the group chorused.

"Good, now get it done!" the leader replied as he dismissed them.