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Why You Should Write FanFic in the Library

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Stiles grinned when he saw Derek sitting in one of the couches in the library, head buried in another book. “Have you not read every book in Beacon Hills yet?” He asked instead of a hello.

Derek looked up from his book and smiled when his eyes landed on his boyfriend. “Not yet.”

Stiles laughed and dumped his bag, shoving Derek’s feet off the couch to make room for him to slump down next to him. “Well I’m here now so put it down and pay attention to your boyfriend.”

“You’re the one that wanted to meet in the library.” Derek sighed, bookmarking his place before putting it to the side. “You have my full attention.”

Stiles grinned, “Awesome!” He took his laptop from his bag. “Put your leg up.”


“Put your leg up so that I can sit between them.”

Derek rolled his eyes but did as he was told, leaning back against the armrest and making room to accommodate Stiles, “Now what?”

“Now,” Stiles began as he turned his laptop on, “you help me write some fanfic.”

“You want me to what?”

“You read what I write but you’ve never written any with me.”

“You don’t need help, Stiles, you’re writings good.” Derek rearranged Stiles’ elbow where it was digging into his stomach. Stiles pouted, Bambi eyes in full force. Derek glared. “Fine, what are we writing?”

Stiles was positively beaming.

Oh God.

“I’ve wanted to try writing humiliation as I haven’t done it before.” Stiles replied casually as he opened up a new document.

“… Humiliation?” Derek asked slowly, wanting to check that he had heard correctly.

“Yeah- I’ve never tried it personally, but what’s the harm in trying to write it?”

Derek smiled fondly and pressed his lips to Stiles’ neck, “Who’s it going to be about?”

“I was thinking about Teen Wolf.”

“It's always Teen Wolf.”

“Yeah, well, I love the idea of Scott and Isaac together. They don’t really have chemistry in the show but people write them together and it’s really cute.”

Derek smiled, pressed another kiss to Stiles’ neck, and rested his chin over his shoulder. “Where do we start then?”

“How about-” Stiles started saying before quickly tapping over the keys of his laptop,

Isaac blushed as Scott pulled the toy box from underneath their bed, popping the plastic lid and sliding it onto the carpeted floor. The Dom looked up and smiled encouragingly up at his Sub. He dropped his gaze to the selection of toys they had been gathering since their relationship had turned sexual.

“What toy should he choose? Handcuffs?”

It was said so casually in such a public place that Derek didn’t reply right away. “Um,” he coughed, “yeah, why not?”

Stiles laughed, “Don’t worry the more you write the easier it gets.” He shuffled a little to get more comfortable against his boyfriend before writing again,

”I’m going to handcuff you to the bed, prepare you, fuck you, and throughout I will use verbal humiliation- the way we discussed. Colour?”

If Isaac hadn’t been hard before, he certainly would be now. “Green.”

Scott smirked as he retrieved the lube from the box. “Tell me if you’re uncomfortable at

“Wait, should they use a butt plug too? Butt plugs are always hot.” Stiles interrupted his own typing, twisting to see Derek’s reaction.

“You like butt plugs?”

“I’ve been known to enjoy them.”

Derek choked.

Stiles rolled his eyes and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, twisting back around to face his laptop. "Reading about them in fiction, at least. I've never used one." He frowned at the screen, deleting what Scott had started saying,

Before making his way onto the bed Scott made the last minute decision to place Isaac’s favourite black plug on the bedside table. “Maybe after we can put this in and watch The Avengers.”

Isaac grinned and nodded, “I’d like that.”

“Of course you would, you like being kept open.” Scott was on the bed now, crawling over his boyfriend, pressing close. “You like being ready for me, knowing that I can take you whenever I want.”

“Wait, are they clothed? You haven’t mentioned that.”

Derek couldn’t see it but Stiles was grinning again, “Boxers or fully clothed?”

“Isaac in boxers, Scott shirtless but with jeans.”

“You’re a natural.” Stiles praised, scrolling back and adding in the small but important detail. “I knew you would be.”

They stayed in the library for close to two hours before Stiles’ hands started becoming sore from typing. “How about a break.” Derek suggested, saving the document and closing the laptop.

“We’re nearly done!” Stiles protested, though it was half-hearted.

Derek took his boyfriend’s hands and massaged over the backs of them, over the knuckles and between long slender fingers. “We can finish it later. Why don’t we go back to yours?”

“That works too.”


They were grinding against each other, panting and groaning at the friction between them, skin-on-skin contact only hindered by thin cotton. “Please tell me your dads working a night shift.” Derek managed to ask as he pulled Stiles’ hips down closer to his own.

Stiles grabbed onto Derek’s shoulder as the other held onto the nightstand. “That would be con-convenient. Unfor-unfortunately not. He’ll be home by half five.” He replied breathlessly.

Derek groaned –and not from pleasure- burying his face in his boyfriend’s shoulder. “Handjobs then?”

Duh. “If you don’t get a move on we won’t even be able to finish that.”

“Someone’s impatient.” Derek remarked as he smoothed his hand around Stiles’ hip. He slipped his fingers into Stiles’ underwear and tugged at the waist band until the younger got the message and lifted his hips so that Derek could slide them down.

“Do you want my dad to walk in?”

Yeah okay he had a point.

When Stiles’ underwear was off Derek dumped them on the floor and took his own off- with difficulty as Stiles refused to get off his lap. “Lube?” He asked when the underwear were on the floor.

Stiles leant over to retrieve the bottle from his bedside table, Derek holding him still so that he didn’t tumble off the bed and onto the floor with their discarded clothes.

“Not under the bed in a box of toys?” Derek teased, laughing when he received a light slap on the arm for the comment.

“Watch it.” Stiles warned with no heat, uncapping the bottle and handing it over once he had some of the liquid in his hand. Derek was smirking but it disappeared when Stiles wrapped his hand around his dick, hand sliding in slow strokes.

“Fuck Stiles…” Derek moaned, his own hand fumbling to discard the bottle and snake around to take a hold of his boyfriend. “So good babe.”

Stiles pressed sloppy kisses to Derek’s neck and shoulder. “You too.” He murmured into the skin, humming as Derek tightened his grip just right. “We might even have time to -shit- shower before dad comes back at this rate.”

Derek groaned, “Please don’t mention your father when my hand is on your dick.”

"I agree." Stiles panted, rocking his hips unsteadily.

Afterwards, as they were slipping into the bathroom for the shower Stiles had mentioned earlier, they heard John shout, "Don't use all the hot water!"

"I told you two rounds would get us caught!" Derek hissed as he stepped under the spray of warm water.

"You weren't complaining when your dick was in my mouth." Stiles retorted, laughing when Derek didn't deny it.