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Sterek Oneshots

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Derek was never good with words. He wasn't sure what to say when Stiles was sad, or what not to say when he was angry. He left arguments at the wrong time, or said the wrong thing, or didn't say the right thing. He wasn't sure how to comfort him on bad days, or even how to compliment him properly. He hadn't been with someone for so long.
Some days, Derek wished that words would come a easily to him as they did to Stiles, who was always talking, about one thing or another. He easily managed to slip sarcasm, jokes and many "I love yous" into his sentences, while Derek stood there lost for words. Not once had he responded with an "I love you too", although Stiles never seemed too concerned, which made him worry. What if he didn't really mean it? What if Stiles left him if he didn't say it back?
He decided to bring up his concern one evening, while he and Stiles were snuggling on the couch, watching a movie.
"Stiles, can we talk?"
"Yeah?" Came the slightly sleepy reply, and he paused the movie.
"Do you ever..." Derek too, a deep breath. "Do you ever notice that I never tell you that I love you? I try, but I just never know how, or when, I guess," he kind of rambled.
"Yes," came the simple answer. There was a pause.
"But don't you worry?" Derek asked, beginning to worry himself.
"No," Stiles said, giving a simple answer once again. There was another short pause and silence filled the room, making Derek feel uncomfortable, unsure of what to say, but then Stiles continued. "I know that you aren't the best with words, but sometimes actions speak louder than words, you know that right? And for a guy you speaks very little you sure do say a lot," Stiles said, leaning back against Derek. "I know you love me when you tell me to grab my coat before I leave, or how you wrap my scarf tightly around me when it's cold outside. I know you love me when you hold the umbrella over me, even though you're the one getting soaked. It's the way you kiss me early in the mornings, before either of us is fully awake and how you hold me until I fall asleep every night. It's in the way you hug me from behind while we do the dishes, and how dinner is always ready when I get home, even though I know you're tired too. I know you love me when you make me hot chocolate during winter and then lie in my lap reading while I drink it. I know it when you put up with my loud music, even though you prefer the quite. I know you love me when you don't move for hours because you don't want to wake me, or how you hold me close when I have a bad dream. I know you love me Derek, because you tell me everyday. Maybe it's not in words, but I see it in the way you look at me, and that's enough for me, because I love you. Hell, simply being with you takes my breath away," Stiles said, leaning back against Derek's strong body. He looked down at Stiles, who was cuddled in his arms and smiled.

"Let's go outside, there's meant to be a comet passing by soon," Derek said. "Just don't forget your jumper."