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Kill For Me

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Title: → Kill For Me
Rating:→ NC17
Author: → skargasm
Pairing: → Spike/Xander
Prompt:→ Prompt #327: Rough @ tamingthemuse, Prompt 'K' @ stories_a_z, Prompt #34 @ citrus_taste and Prompt: Werewolf @ spook_me
Fandom:→ Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Word Count: 1780
Genre: → AU
Beta (s):→ Unbeta'd but proofread
Disclaimer:→ Not mine.
Graphics: → Banner by skargasm
Summary: → Only a vampire would think it romantic.....


”What colour were his eyes?” Spike looked over at Red with an incredulous look on his face, completely unable to comprehend the question.

“Listen, Red - “

“This is serious! What colour were his eyes – were they green?!”

“Don't mean to tell you stuff about your playmate that you should already know but the boy's eyes are hazel.” He took a long suck on his unlit cigarette, thinking carefully. “They only really look green when he's - “ Embarrassment petered out his words as he realised what he might be betraying if he continued.

“Not that green. Did they – look, I – were they like glowing?” Spike was seriously beginning to regret telling Willow about the boy's strange behaviour but the Watcher seemed to have taken a vacation and couldn't be found. Bad enough he'd had to tell the blushing girl about Xander's weird behaviour whilst they had been out on patrol – he could hardly believe he'd practically been tongue tied explaining that the boy had damned near dry-humped his leg after the fight in the cemetery. “SPIKE!!”

“What the bloody hell – look, no his eyes weren't glowing green and he wasn't hit by any mojo that I could see. I told ya, the actual fight went bloody well. Actually, it went creepily well – boy handled himself better than I've ever seen! Seemed a bit hyped up afterwards but I put that down to adrenaline hitting him, you know? Just wasn't expecting the rest of it – thought I should warn the rest of you Scoobies so you could do your research thing and what not. What with it coming up to Halloween an' all.”

The rest of it had been Xander roughly slamming Spike against the side of a crypt and laying a kiss on him that practically caused blisters it was so hot. Spike had been so surprised he hadn't even really tried to fight the boy off, especially when Xander pushed his body completely up against Spike's, trapping him against the wall whilst he started grinding his hard on against Spike's groin.

Spike had been so pole axed by the boy's behaviour that Xander was able to trap his hands against the wall while he rolled his hips and tried to to fuck his way into Spike's body through layers of denim, the steel-hard press of his cock arousing Spike in spite of himself. And all the while he'd been kissing Spike all over his face, licking at his mouth, nipping roughly at his lips before burying his face in Spike's neck and inhaling Spike's scent while he rutted himself to a climax.

There had followed a stunned few moments where Spike tried to figure out just when he had come in his jeans like some callow youth and Xander pushed himself up and stared at him in apparent shock. Before he could gather his wits to say something, anything, the boy had blushed scarlet and taken off, leaving Spike standing at the crypt, cum drying and congealing in his jeans and a bite mark on his neck that he hadn't noticed happening but couldn't help running his fingers over.

He realised he was doing it now, his fingers tracing the clear outline of Xander's teeth which hadn't healed despite the blood Spike had consumed whilst filling Red in on 'some' of the events of the evening.

“Goddess, I don't know!! I thought it might be the hyena making a return but if his eyes weren't – where the heck are Giles and Buffy?? I'm not ready to deal with this on my own – whatever it is.”

The girl was wringing her hands as she paced back and forth, obviously shaken and verging on hysterical. Spike was feeling pretty shaky too now he thought about it. The boy really hadn't seemed like himself, announcing to Spike that they were patrolling together and taking off with a loping stride that Spike had had to put on a burst of speed to keep up with. That should have given him warning enough – Xander was more the fall over his feet kind than the athletically running off with animalistic grace. What the bloody hell was going on?

The clanging of the little bell above the shop door broke into his train of thought and he was assailed with the scent of blood. Slayer's blood no less, and a lot of it. Buffy staggered into the shop, cradling her right arm protectively across her chest as she almost fell to the floor.

“Buffy!” Half unwillingly (white hat through necessity rather than choice here), Spike helped her to her feet and across to the desk that was covered in books. Bloody hell, the smell was enticing but there was an underlying scent that distracted him from his instant hunger, an aroma he couldn't quite place. “What happened?” Instantly into Florence Nightingale mode, Willow was helping the Slayer remove her jacket before bustling off for the first aid kit the Watcher kept under the cash register.

“You're not gonna believe this – ow! - but – God, Willow that hurts!” Whiny bitch was complaining as Willow was daubing her numerous scratch marks with surgical spirits. The sharp smell of the liquid cleared Spike's senses and he suddenly got a better sense of the aroma sticking to the Slayer.

“It was the boy wasn't it?” He wasn't even vaguely surprised when Buffy nodded, a curious look on her face before she winced as Willow began to clean out a particularly deep scratch.

“How did you know?”

“Summat outta the ordinary happened during patrol. All adds up don't it?”

“Well I don't know what you think adds up, but yes this was Xander. I can't even say he took me by surprise and that's why he managed to do this. Honestly? He clear out challenged me, said something about proving his worth. He even gave me time to ready myself.” He could tell the Slayer was in shock through her babble but his brain was ticking over. Any demon worth it's name wanted to prove itself worthy – for it's clan, pack or mate. Taking on the Slayer was a ballsy move though – that was take over the Hellmouth kinda worthy. He wondered who the boy was trying to impress, ruthlessly slamming down on the part of him that was beaming with pride and assuming that the bite on his neck – the one that wouldn't heal and that he was once again stroking – was at the very least an interim claiming mark. “I think he was even stronger than that time with the hyena.”

“If the boy was so strong, how come you're here? How come he didn't finish you off?”

“Bet you'd love that wouldn't you Spike?” He knew his smirk gave him away but for once he managed to stop himself from saying anything. “He didn't finish me off as you so eloquently put it because I managed to kick him in the head and do a runner. It's still Xander in there and if we can get him back, we will. Willow, where's Giles?”

“I was going to ask you that. I haven't seen him in a few days.”

“God, not a good time for him to have his buddy Olivia over. That's the only explanation I can think of. We can't handle this on our own. Are you done?” Willow nodded as she efficiently tied a knot behind the Slayer's neck, holding the sling she had put on in place. “Giles' place?”

Which was how Spike found himself sauntering along behind the Slayer and the witch through the darkened streets of Sunnydale. He made no mention of the few demons they passed – if the Slayer was too distracted by her mission to notice the odd vampire having a snack, who was he to mess with a fellow vampire doing what came naturally? And jealousy not withstanding, if his contact came through for him, he might well be rejoining his ilk in culling the populace. Waiting on that phone call had been all that was on his mind for the last few days - now that had been usurped by all this business with the boy. No one could say he wasn't flexible though – his thoughts about making Xander his childe could be altered if the boy was already another kind of demon. He wasn't even going to bother lying to himself – he would take the boy any way he could get him.

His thoughts were interrupted by their arrival at the Watcher's place and seeing the door slightly ajar was enough to put him on alert, even if the smell of old blood hadn't attacked his senses. Couldn't be more than a couple of days old but there was a helluva lot of it by his reckoning.

“Buffy - “

“Yeah, I can see Willow. Hold back a bit will you?”

“But your arm – what about - “

“Ssssh!” Pushing the door to cautiously, the Slayer led them into the Watcher's apartment. The gloom inside seemed strange – they were rarely there when all of the lights were out. Squinting slightly, Spike tried to break the gloom. There was nothing downstairs, not even the hint of a struggle. His nose told him they should head upstairs and catching the Slayer's gaze he flicked his eyes upwards. She nodded, once more pushing Willow behind her as she moved towards the staircase. The second stair creaked loudly and he couldn't prevent the scowl he threw her way – this was the bloody Scourge of demons everywhere? This chit of a girl that couldn't sneak her way into a house she practically lived in half the time? To give her her due, she blushed slightly then shrugged, wincing as the action jarred her injured arm. Served her bloody well right.

She and Willow turned right when they got to the top of the stairs but he followed his nose and turned left, heading for the bathroom where only a few months ago he had been chained up and forced to drink blood through a straw.

“CHRIST!” His cry called Willow and Buffy to him and they bumped into him as they tried to see what had caused him to make the sound. It was no surprise to him that Willow immediately turned and vomited in the hallway and even the Slayer looked grey as she took in the carnage in the bathroom.