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Within a Strangers Eyes

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Derek P.O.V.

“'What do you want me to do? Go who, him? Who is this person? I don't know him! Or even then, shove him into oncoming traffic-
what, who was that guy? Almost put his arm around me, what an asshole!”

Derek can hear the conversation, the smaller man of the two being so animated that he doubts he’s the only one listening in to the conversation.

“We’re the ones who are dating Stiles, not you and Scott. You and I.”
“Scott is my best friend! I always hug him, you need to relax. He’s completely straight and it’s completely platonic.”

Derek can tell this ‘Stiles’ is telling the truth. His heart beat is calm, well as calm as it can be when one is riled up in a conversation.
But it’s the truth. He supposes it’s one of the perk of being a werewolf.

“So you’d rather pick Scott then-”

Derek holds back his smirk as he watches ‘Stiles’ stand up abruptly.
“Okay that’s it! We’re done. It’s over. I do not need this kind of distrust. I have a science paper to go write. Have a nice life.”

Putting down the newspaper he wasn’t at all interested in Derek gets up, and quietly follows the young man out of the café.
He’s already caught onto the scent, and following him in his Camaro is going to be an easy feat.
Except the kid’s jeep breaks down, and so Derek can’t do anything other than stop his own car.
He finds himself getting out so that he doesn’t look like a creep, and with a friendly smile he walks up to the one named Stiles.

“Hey- Do you need any help getting her started again?”
He hears a ‘clang’ and then a groan, with a possible expletive thrown out of the others mouth.
“Yeah- can you.. uh.. yeah.” Stiles is stuttering, it’s endearing.
Derek’s knows his smile has widened, he can’t help it as he notices Stiles heartbeat quicken, he’s nervous.
Yet he helps the other start his Jeep without an issue, Stiles shouldn’t be scared of him.
“Man I wish I could own a nice car like yours.”
“Maybe you will one day…. I’m Derek.”
“Stiles.” They shake hands and it’s pretty uneventful, except Derek’s going to need a new car.
Stiles can’t know he’s being followed.


Stiles P.O.V.

On the down side, he just broke up with his boyfriend, and on the plus side he got helped by one of the hottest strangers he’s ever laid his eyes on.
Like man that was one hot piece of person. He even drove a Camaro. In what universe does someone drive a Camaro in Beacon Hills.
Well now he’s distracted there’s no chance his paper will be written. There’s not even a chance he’s going to be able to beat Scott at Halo tonight.
Why didn’t he grab the dude’s number?

“Stiles…. Someone’s here to see you.”

He’s even being distracted to the point where he didn’t hear his dad come in nor did he hear someone knock at the door.
Damn he’s got it bad. Bad…. Bad idea, such a bad idea.

“What… are you doing here?”
That’s the first thing you had to ask him? Really Stiles, your ex shows up at your door and you’re like why are you even here? Way to sound like an idiot Stilinski.
“Look, we had a fight- we shouldn’t… stop dating because of one fight.”

He almost twitches, one fight? They’ve been having this one fight for months. The urge to roll his eyes is strong, so he only crosses his arms.
“Okay- first off, it is O-V-E-R. Like it’s done, came out of the oven, and ready to be sent off. It’s over Devon…. Sorry but I can’t keep having this fight with you…”

He almost feels nothing, it’s lacking as he closes the door on Devon’s face. Besides Devon’s only in Beacon Hills for school, he’ll move out next year and they would have broken up anyways. Also going to University in Beacon Hills means you’re kinda doomed to shitty teaching jobs, which is why Stiles is doing his University the modern way. Wifi-central, online.

He threads back up the stairs, and into his room, and he frowns. He hadn’t let the window open, had he? He looks around his room, his closet, under the bed, and finds nothing. He shrugs it off, it’s possibly just the wind, and his windows are shitty anyways. Or it could be death, but he’s not really worried about it. Nothing exciting ever happens in Beacon Hills.

“Stiles!” He looks up to see Scott entering his room. “I’m going to kick your ass tonight!”
Stiles grins as Scott holds up the junk food. Sometimes geeking out is the best remedy to mid-terms.
He doesn’t remember passing out. He does remember blue glowing eyes.
Stiles knows he’s dreaming, there’s no way he’s being kidnapped. Not a chance this is-
Wait just one minute is that….

“Hello, Stiles…”

Stiles wants to freak out, but he can barely manage one sentence to come out of his mouth.
“Give me a moment… I’m trying to… get rid of the nuisance…”

Stiles tilts his head to the side to see Devon, bleeding out on a table, he may or may not pass out, he can’t remember.
“You’re a little overwhelmed and it makes sense.”
“A little?” He squeaks, as Derek starts explaining that he was saving him from Devon.
“My ex tried to kill me…. How’s that for overwhelmed?”

He sees Derek shrug a little, and he wants to run up and punch him. He’s infuriating.
“So after I passed out, you took me to the hospital… and what? How did you explain this….”
He sees the other roll his eyes. “I didn’t…”

He hears the words as if it’s supposed to be the most natural response.
“What the fuck Derek! He’s--- like…. What in the hell.”
“Are you done?”
“N- yes….”
He sighs, and frowns, knowing he can’t really argue with the guy who saved his life.
Although it doesn’t exactly feel like he’s out of danger with the way Derek is watching him.
What are the chances he’s attracted two killers into his life? Pretty minimal…. Hopefully.