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tumblr fic #1

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Stiles takes another drag and swings his feet over the center console in his Jeep. As he exhales, he leans back until his back hits the door and lets his head fall backwards, out the window. Stiles closes his eyes and sighs again, thankful for the moment of reprieve. Derek left a couple weeks ago, and Stiles should be over it by now, but he isn't. He's been in love with Derek since sophomore year, two years ago now. Stiles takes the joint into his mouth again, breathing in deeply. This time he lets out the smoke in a quick huff. He watched The Force Awakens last week (alone in his living room, because Scott still hasn't seen any of them) and all he could think about was if Derek was there, they could've geeked out together. Stiles grunts as he opens his eyes and leans over to turn on the radio. He groans as Summertime Sadness fills his car, reminding him of angst and blasting this song on lonely nights. God, he was dramatic. But suddenly Stiles has a brilliant idea. He grabs his phone and scrolls though his contacts, finding the one he needed quickly and calling it up.


Derek wakes up slowly, squinting at the light in his eyes. Groaning, he gets up and pads to his bathroom. Once he's finished, he checks his phone and scrunches his eyebrows at a voicemail from Stiles. He suddenly feels sick, worried that something happened. He quickly unlocks his phone and presses play on the message. Stiles' singing, surprisingly good, fills the air around him and he's now significantly less worried Kiss me hard before you go. Stiles' voice is rough and low, like he's just woken up. Derek closes his eyes and keeps listening I just wanted you to know, that baby, you're the best. Stiles stops singing and the music continues on the radio in the background. "I miss you Derek," Stiles says softly, and the message ends. Derek takes a deep breath, shocked at this sudden display. He always had a feeling Stiles liked him, but he figured it was only physical, mainly a sexual thing. Derek never did anything about it. Now he definitely wishes he did.