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Howling in the Moonlight

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Stiles woke up and got ready for his first day back at school. He wondered if anyone would notice that some vicious animal had bitten him last night. Probably not, but he’d have to tell Scott all about the weird stuff he’d been through after they got separated.

“Stiles, stop stalling and get to school.” Sherriff Stilinski said as he showed up at his son’s bedroom door. “I have to find the other half of that poor girl’s body today, so I don’t want any arguments on this, okay?”

Stiles sighed, resigned, with a small nod. “I’m on my way now, just getting my backpack.”

“Did you take your Adderall?” His dad asked, concerned.

“Yeah, I never forget.” Stiles assured him. “See you later.”

Stiles pushed his way past his dad with an easy smile and got into his Jeep to drive to school.


“Scott!” Stiles was happy to see that he’d made it back okay without a ride.

“Thanks for ditching me like that.” Scott shook his head with a smile.

“I got caught, and I was making sure that you wouldn’t.” Stiles reminded him.

“We have to go back after school.” Scott told him with a sigh. “I dropped my inhaler and I need to get it back.”

Stiles wasn’t so sure he wanted to go back to the woods after last night, but he owed it to Scott.

“Oh, well of course we will.” Stiles smiled. “Besides, they haven’t found the other half of the body yet.”

Scott widened his eyes. “I know where it is! I found it last night when I lost my inhaler.”

“So which half was it?” Stiles asked out of curiosity.

“The top half, I guess…” Scott replied with an awkward chuckle.

The bell rang and they made their way to their first class.

Stiles sat down, sure that he would tell Scott about what had happened, later. For now, Stiles just wanted to focus on not falling behind from the first day of school. Of course he’d already taken a look at the syllabus and knew what he was supposed to do, but he sometimes lost focus and his mind would wander to something completely unrelated to the course work.

He didn’t stress over his grades much, he usually got straight A’s, but he didn’t want his teachers to hate him again this year.

He heard a loud phone ringing, but no one else seemed to hear it as he looked around the classroom. He looked outside and overheard that a new girl had forgotten to bring a pen. Weird, because he shouldn’t be able to hear things that far away.

“Yo, Scotty.” Stiles whispered.

“What is it?” Scott whispered back.

“Do you have a spare pen?” Stiles asked with a squint.

“You forgot to bring a pen?” Scott asked with a scoff.

“No, just lend it to the new girl.” Stiles sighed, leaning back into his seat.

“What new g-?” The principal walking in with the new girl interrupted Scott.

He introduced her to the class as Allison Argent before leaving and Scott watched her take the seat behind him. He offered her his spare pen and she looked at him with confusion before accepting it with a smile and a “thanks.”


“Dude, how did you know that she needed a pen?” Scott asked before lacrosse.

“I overheard her talking on the phone with her mom.” Stiles shrugged. “I don’t know how, it just happened.”

“What just happened?” Scott asked, confused.

“Okay. We were in class, right?” Stiles asked. “Well I heard her phone ringing from outside and I heard her talking on the phone with her mom even though she was across the yard.”

“So, what does that mean?” Scott asked, still confused.

“I don’t know, but maybe it has something to do with what happened last night.” Stiles said, lowering his voice to a whisper.

“What happened last night?” Scott asked.

Stiles looked around and pulled Scott into an empty bathroom. He lifted his shirt to reveal a large bandage on his side.

“Something bit me.” Stiles whispered. “I don’t even know what, but it sounded kinda like a wolf.”

“So maybe you got bit by a wolf.” Scott shrugged.

Stiles scoffed. “Heh. No. Wolves haven’t lived in California for like 60 years, alright? It wasn’t a wolf.”

“Was it a coyote?” Scott suggested.

“Nah, it didn’t sound like a coyote.” Stiles sighed. “Who knows what it was.”


After school, Scott and Stiles went back to the woods to find Scott’s inhaler, just as planned.

“I thought your dad caught you.” Scott said, losing his breath as they hiked. “How’d you end up getting bitten by something?”

“Well, he took me back to my Jeep but he had to go back with the police cars.” Stiles sighed. “I wasn’t actually gonna ditch you out here, so I came back to look for you but you weren’t where we’d been split up so I started looking around. It was dark though, and some deer were stampeding, and somewhere in that mess I heard some snarling or growling or something and got attacked by some wild animal.”

“Dude, I was in the middle of that stampede!” Scott exclaimed. “Those deer were totally freaked.”

“Probably by whatever bit me.” Stiles shrugged. “Hey, didn’t you say that the body was around here?”

“I could have sworn this was it. I saw the body, the deer came running. I dropped my inhaler…” Scott said, crouching down.

“Maybe the killer moved the body.” Stiles suggested.

“If he did, I hope he left my inhaler.” Scott replied, looking up at him. “Those things are like 80 bucks.”

Stiles was about to reply when he saw someone standing nearby watching them.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, approaching them. “Huh?”

Stiles was at a loss and rubbed his head.

“This is private property.”

“Uh, sorry man, we didn’t know.” Stiles replied awkwardly.

“Yeah, we were just looking for something, but-” Scott continued but paused. “Forget it.”

The man threw Scott his inhaler back and walked away.

“Alright, c’mon man, I gotta get to work.” Scott said in his low voice.

“Dude, that was Derek Hale.” Stiles said, trying to remind Scott about how the man was a few years older than them. His family and home burned down in a fire six years ago.

“I wonder what he’s doing back.” Scott replied.

Stiles just scoffed with bewilderment and shrugged. “C’mon.”


As Stiles was getting ready for bed, he remembered that he had to change his bandages so he headed to the bathroom. When he lifted the bandage off though, there was no bite mark. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

Confused but unsure of what to do, Stiles sat down to finish his homework before going to sleep.


Scott had tried to make first line in their school’s lacrosse team again, but without having practiced enough and his asthma, he hadn’t been able to make it.

“Sorry, man.” Stiles said as they sat on the benches during practice. “I know how important it was for you to make it, but it’s just a game. Besides, there’s always next year, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Scott moped. “But Allison saw me play and I sucked.”

“Yeah, you did, buddy.” Stiles assured him, earning him a wide-eyed look of betrayal from Scott.

“Stilinski, you’re up!” Coach called over, blowing his whistle.

“Ah, crap.” Stiles let out a big sigh before dragging himself over to the field.

Stiles readied himself for the humiliation that Jackson was gonna put him through and started playing. Somehow, everyone looked slower than usual and he felt himself getting faster. He could smell Danny’s “Armani” cologne mixed with sweat even though their goalie was at his post across the field. He could hear Jackson’s angry heartbeat as he skipped past him to make the shot. He felt the power of his throw going faster than Danny’s ability to stop it.

Everything focused him on the game and once he made the shot, he could hear the loud cheers made for him, even though he didn’t know how he had done any of it.

Coach called him over and yelled at him in that ridiculous way he had.

Stiles looked around confused as to what was happening to him when he felt Coach grab his shoulders and heard the pride in his voice say, “you’re starting, buddy. You made first line.”

Any other time, Stiles might have been ecstatic about making first line, but he was starting to wonder about the wolf he thought that he had heard.

Once he got home, he looked up everything he could on werewolves, and what he found scared him. He was in the middle of reading an article when Scott knocked on his door with a huge grin.

“Get in. You gotta see this.” Stiles started, closing the door behind him for good measure. “I’ve been researching, reading websites, books!”

“How much Adderall did you have today?” Scott asked, smile still on his face.

“A lot. Doesn’t matter because I don’t even think it’s working.” Stiles said, flailing his arms a bit.

“Looks like it is.” Scott noted.

“Yea, well I don’t feel it.” Stiles clarified. “It’s more like I don’t need it so much anymore. I don’t know, just listen.”

“Is this about the body?” Scott asked, setting his stuff down and taking a seat on Stiles’ bed. “Did they find out who did it?”

“No, they’re still questioning people. Even Derek Hale.” Stiles said, trying to move on from the completely irrelevant subject.

“Oh, the guy in the woods that we saw the other day.” Scott said lazily.

“Yeah! Yes, but that’s not it, okay?!” Stiles tried to calm himself, the annoyance getting to him.

“What, then?” Scott asked.

“You remember how I said that I thought I heard a wolf? And how it couldn’t have been because wolves don’t live in California? Well I don’t think it was a wolf, but I think it might have been a werewolf.” Stiles said, terrified that it might be the truth.

“What?” Scott asked, still not understanding anything.

“A wolf- a bite in the woods!” Stiles tried to clarify. “I started doing all this reading. Do you even know why a wolf howls?!”

“Should I?” Scott shrugged.

“It’s a signal! Okay? When a wolf’s alone, it howls to signal its location to the rest of the pack.” Stiles continued. “So if I heard a wolf howling, that means that others could’ve been nearby. There may be a whole pack of them!”

“A whole pack of wolves?” Scott asked, intrigued.

“No… Werewolves.” Stiles said, worried.

Scott stood up. “Are you seriously wasting my time with this? You know that I’m picking up Allison in an hour.”

Stiles stood in front of him before he could leave. “Did you see what I did today, Scott? It wasn’t just amazing, okay? It was impossible.”

“Yeah, so you made a good shot.” Scott shrugged with a hint of jealousy but mostly misunderstanding.

“NO! I made an incredible shot, I mean the way I moved, my speed, my reflexes?” Stiles moved about the room, unsettled and restless. “People can’t just suddenly do that overnight.”

Scott paused.

“And there’s the vision and the senses! I can see, hear, and smell things that normal people can’t see, hear, and smell!” Stiles yelled, quickly getting agitated that his best friend wasn’t listening to him.

“Okay! Dude, I can’t think about this right now!” Scott yelled. “We’ll talk tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? What? No!” Stiles yelled back. “The full moon is tonight! Don’t you get it?”

“What are you trying to do?” Scott asked angrily. “I have a date with a girl who I can’t believe actually wants to go out with me, and maybe this year my life might be a little bit perfect, why are you trying to ruin it?”

“I thought I was asking my best friend for help.” Stiles sighed, calming himself down. “I’m cursed, Scott. And it’s not just the moon will cause me to physically change, it also just so happens to be when my bloodlust will be at its peak.”

“Bloodlust?” Scott asked, calming down but obviously feeling like he was being pranked.

“Yeah, my urge to kill.” Stiles said looking up at him.

“You know, I’m starting to feel an urge to kill, Stiles.” Scott said, shaking his head and then walking out the door. “I’m sorry, but I gotta get ready for that party.”

Stiles felt anger bubbling up inside himself and he shoved his chair out of the way once Scott was gone. When he picked it back up, he found that there were tears in the back like claw marks.

Unsure of what to do, Stiles headed out to the woods, hoping to find a place where he might be able to keep himself from hurting others. He could feel the moon calling out the wolf inside of him, making him angrier that Scott wouldn’t listen to him.

He tried to keep it controlled, but the more he tried, the less it helped. He couldn’t keep his anger leveled but his body was already shifting into something less than human. He heard footsteps approaching and smelled gunpowder so he ran and hid, not wanting anyone to see him in this form.

He heard an arrow striking against a tree and supernaturally fast footfalls running. He had to find the other werewolf, so he ran. He used his enhanced hearing to listen for the steps, but could no longer hear any, so he used his sense of smell. The guns were a few meters away, but he could smell something else, something between wolf and human, so he made his way as quietly as he could toward it.

He heard it creeping behind him and lunged as quickly as he could towards it, tumbling and wrestling whoever it was down a small hill.


“Derek?” Stiles asked, looking over to the man with confusion.

“Get up.” Derek said hastily getting on his feet and pulling Stiles with him. “Go!”

Stiles got up and ran in the other direction.

“Where are you going?” Derek asked, looking around nervously.

“The other way, you run one way, I run the other and whoever gets caught, too bad.” Stiles shrugged.

“Come with me, you idiot.” Derek growled.

“Not with that attitude.” Stiles challenged.

“You want to get caught by hunters?” Derek asked menacingly.

“Yeah, no.” Stiles nodded his head and they ran together. “So, hunters?”

“The kind that have been hunting us for centuries.” Derek nodded once they reached what seemed to be a safe-haven.

“Um, I think you mean hunting you.” Stiles clarified. “You kinda did this to me.”

“Is it really so bad?” Derek asked, moving closer. “That you can see better, hear more clearly, move faster than any human could ever hope? You’ve been given something that most people would kill for. The bite is a gift.”

“Listen, I’m not saying that it doesn’t come with perks.” Stiles replied. “But I can’t deal with having people trying to kill me because of them. How am I supposed to control this?”

“I can teach you how.” Derek assured him. “So you and me, Stiles. We’re brothers now.”

“You can’t just adopt me as your brother.” Stiles said flailing his arms. “Derek? Where’d you go? Derek?”

But Derek was already gone.

“Great. Very helpful.” Stiles sighed.


At school the next day, Scott was ecstatically going on about what an amazing time he had had at the party the night before.

“That’s great! So everything is cool then.” Stiles smiled, happy for his friend.

“Yeah, and dude I’m sorry about what happened between us.” Scott apologized sincerely.

“Ah… Yeah, about that.” Stiles was going to explain what had happened but Scott interrupted him.

“I was just really nervous and you going on about being a werewolf and stuff when I had to get ready just pushed me over the edge.” Scott said. “But it was all just a joke, right? I looked for you at the party to try and apologize then but you never showed up.”

“Oh…” Stiles paused. “Nah, I just figured that it might be better for you to just spend that time with Allison. I stayed home, but it all turned out okay for you, right?”

Scott let out a relieved breath. “Dude, everything was great and Allison is just- she’s amazing!”

Scott went on about Allison and the party while they got ready for lacrosse practice.


During practice, Jackson was being his usual asshole self and for some reason, it bugged at Stiles worse than ever. Something about the guy’s face just pissed him off. When Jackson tumbled him over, Stiles tried to remember that lacrosse is a contact sport but something inside of him just snapped and the next time that he ran towards Jackson, he hit him hard enough to dislocate his shoulder.

“I can’t play the game on Saturday.” Stiles said heading towards the locker rooms, feeling like his head was about to explode.

Scott hurried towards him in concern. “Stiles are you okay?”

Stiles tried to calm himself down but he just got angrier. “Go away, Scott.”

“What? No, tell me what’s wrong.” Scott pushed.

“Get away from me!” Stiles yelled, shoving his friend away with his face turned to avoid being seen.

Stiles heard himself growl before reigning himself back in and feeling himself calm down.


“Dude, what just happened?” Scott asked, concerned.

“I can’t play the game on Saturday.” Stiles answered, his chest heaving.


After practice, Stiles was going to Skype Scott, but decided to do some of his homework in his room instead. He knew that Scott was just going to try to convince him to play the game after separating Jackson’s shoulder, and Stiles wasn’t in the mood to be guilted into playing some meaningless game that might end with him killing someone.

He was reading from a book when a reflection from his laptop screen caught his attention. Just as he was about to turn around, he saw Derek Hale and felt him whipping him around to slam him against the wall.

“I saw you on the field.” Derek said menacingly into Stiles’ ear.

“That’s a little creepy and unsettling to be honest.” Stiles replied, trying not to show his intimidation.

“You shifted in front of them!” Derek yelled, still not letting go. “If they find out what you are, they find out about me. About all of us. And then it’s not just the hunters after us, it’s everyone.”

“They didn’t see anything!” Stiles said, his voice muffled against the wall.

“And they won’t!” Derek threatened. “Because if you even try to play that game on Saturday, I’m gonna kill you myself.”

Before Stiles could respond, Derek had already let go and disappeared.

“For the record: I wasn’t planning to!” Stiles yelled to his empty bedroom.


“What do you mean you can’t play the game tomorrow?” Coach asked as they stepped into his office.

“I mean I can’t play the game tomorrow night.” Stiles sighed.

“You mean you can’t wait to play the game tomorrow night.” Coach corrected.

Stiles chuckled nervously. “No, Coach. I can’t play the game tomorrow night.”

“I’m not following.” Coach squinted.

“I’m having some… personal type issues.” Stiles squinted back.

“Is it a girl?” Coach smiled.

“No.” Stiles scoffed.

“Is it a guy?” Coach asked. “You know, our goalie Danny’s gay.”

“Yeah, I know that Danny’s gay.” Stiles assured him easily. “But that’s not what my problem is.”

“You don’t think Danny’s a good looking guy?” Coach asked, sincerely.

“No, he’s a pretty good looking guy.” Stiles shrugged. “Not my type though. I mean, I like girls.”

Coach just looked at Stiles in confusion again.

“Look, I’m just having some anger problems.” Stiles tried to explain.

“Well here’s some good news,” Coach answered. “That’s why you play lacrosse. Problem solved.”

“Coach, I’m not gonna play the game tomorrow night.” Stiles said firmly.

“Listen here, Stilinski.” Coach said, standing up. “Part of playing first line, is taking on the responsibility of being first line. Now if you can’t shoulder that responsibility then you’re back on the bench until you’re ready.”

Stiles considered it. “Okay, sure that sounds fair.”

“Stilinski, play the game.” Coach answered.


In Algebra, while Scott was working on solving a problem on the board, Stiles was sitting in his usual seat when Lydia turned around to face him.

“Why’s there a rumor going around saying that you’re not playing the game tomorrow night?” She asked.

“You know me?” Stiles asked bewildered, his heartbeat racing.

She just lifted her eyebrows at him, waiting for him to answer her question.

“Yeah, I’m sorta not playing tomorrow night.” Stiles answered with a sigh.

“I think you sorta are.” She told him. “Especially when you brutally injure my boyfriend by ramming into him.”

The mention of Jackson sent a flash of anger through Stiles. “He brutally injured himself ramming into me.”

“Jackson’s gonna play tomorrow.” Lydia continued. “But he’s not gonna be at his peak, and I prefer my boyfriend at peak performance.”

Stiles held in a growl. “Okay?”

“I date the captain of the winning lacrosse team.” She clarified. “And if they start the season by losing, I date the captain of the losing lacrosse team. I don’t date losers.”

“No, but you are dating a tool.” Stiles said under his breath.

Lydia just lifted her eyebrows at him again. “Fine! Don’t play. We’ll probably win anyway. Then we’ll go out after, like we were planning… And I’ll introduce Allison to all the hot players on the team. Then Scott McCall can stay at home, surfing the net for porn.”

Removing her attention from Stiles, Lydia turned back around in her seat. Stiles just leaned back, frustrated and wondering how Scott would react to the threat.


In the hallway, Stiles saw his father talking with the principle and overheard a curfew being instated for nine pm.

“This is unbelievable.” Stiles said to himself. “My dad’s out looking for a rabid animal while the jerk-off who actually killed the girl is just hangin’ out, doing whatever he wants.”

“What?” Scott asked, sneaking up behind him.

“WaAah!” Stiles exclaimed, startled. “Don’t do that!”

“Sorry.” Scott smiled, amused.

“We’re gonna go find the other half of that body.” Stiles said, slapping Scott on the shoulder in an indication to follow him.

“Are you kidding?!” Scott asked. As he turned around he noticed Lydia introducing Allison to a member of the lacrosse team and went towards her instead.

Stiles just sighed, shook his head and continued on his way.


Stiles pulled his Jeep up in front of the Hale house.

“Derek!” He called out, just to see if he was home. “Yo, Derek! You home?”

Stiles looked around and noticed a fresh pile of dirt before he turned and saw Derek heading towards him.

“Hey.” Stiles smiled, trying to be friendly.

“Do you really think that you can just Google werewolves, and now you got all the answers, is that it?” Derek asked, moving towards him like a force of nature.

“So I guess that we’re just skipping right past the pleasantries.” Stiles shrugged. “Wait, are you stalking me?”

“You don’t get it yet, Stiles, but I’m looking out for you.” Derek informed him. “Think about what could happen. You’re out on the field, the aggression takes over, and you shift in front of everyone.”

Derek picked up Stiles’ lacrosse stick. “Your dad, all your friends… And when they see you,” Derek tore the net with his claws. “Everything. Falls. Apart.”

Derek threw the lacrosse stick in the air and was gone by the time Stiles looked back to him from the distraction.

“You’re really shady, you know that?” Stiles called out. “You’re making me look like I talk to myself! Which I do, sometimes, but that’s not the point!”

Stiles shook his head and muttered. “Dumb, over-dramatic werewolf.”


Stiles ran into Scott’s house up to his room. “I found it! I think I found it but we’re gonna need some shovels.”

“You’ve had a lot of Adderall, haven’t you?” Scott asked with a smile. “What did you find?”

“There’s something buried in Derek Hales’ yard, I could smell blood.” Stiles said, excited.

“What?” Scott asked, confused.

“Just c’mon!” Stiles said, pulling him up. “We find the body, my dad nails Derek for the murder, and then I figure out a way to play lacrosse tonight so that my best friend can get laid.”

“What?!” Scott asked confused and a little bit mortified.

Stiles just sighed and yanked him along with him.

“We have to go to the hospital first.” Stiles said.

At the hospital, Stiles snuck into the morgue to smell the other half of the dead body to try to match it to the scent he had smelled earlier at Derek’s house.


“Hey, Stiles?” Scott asked in the Jeep on their way to Derek’s.

“Yeah, what is it buddy?” Stiles asked, looking over at his best friend.

“Why are we doing this?” Scott asked, confused.

“Because Derek killed a girl and thought he could get away with it.” Stiles shrugged. “Besides, solving the case helps my dad out.”

“Right, okay.” Scott said, still not sure of what was going on.

Making sure that Derek was gone, Stiles drove up the old Hale house.

“Wait, something’s different.” Stiles said, getting out of the car.

“What do you mean? Different how?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know.” Stiles furrowed his brow, walking up to the grave.

They dug for a while before Scott got impatient. “This is taking way too long.”

“Just keep digging.” Stiles said, shoveling dirt out.

“What if he comes back?” Scott asked nervously.

“Then we get the hell out of here.” Stiles replied.

“What if he catches us?” Scott asked, even more nervous.

“I have a plan for that.” Stiles assured him.

“Which is?” Scott asked, slightly appeased.

“You run one way, I run the other, whoever he catches first, too bad.” Stiles shrugged.

Stiles paused, remembering the night before and snorted.

“I hate that plan.” Scott whined.

Just then, Stiles hit something firm. “Woah, woah, wait, stop, stop, stop.”

They moved some more dirt, undid a few knots before they discovered the top half of a wolf, and screamed, jumping up out of the grave.

“What the hell, Stiles?” Scott asked, trying to calm his heart rate. “I thought you said that the body would be here but this is a friggin’ wolf!”

“I can see that!” Stiles yelled back. “I told you something was different.”

“That doesn’t make any sense!” Scott yelled, confused. “What the hell does that even mean? What’s going on?”

“This doesn’t make sense.” Stiles said, thinking.

“We gotta get out of here.” Scott said, standing up to leave.

“Yeah.” Stiles agreed.

Just then, he noticed a purple plant a few feet away.

“What’s wrong?” Scott asked, concerned.

“Do you see that flower?” Stiles asked, pointing to it.

“What about it?” Scott asked with a shrug.

“I think it’s wolfsbane.” Stiles informed him.

“What’s that?” Scott asked, still not knowing what was going on.

“Uh, haven’t you ever seen the Wolf Man?” Stiles asked.

Scott shook his head. “No.”

“Lon Chaney Jr.?” Stiles tried again.

Scott kept shaking his head.

“Claude Rains.” Stiles continued. “The original classic werewolf movie?”

“No!” Scott yelled. “And why are you still talking about werewolves?”

“Because I am a werewolf!” Stiles yelled back.

“We don’t have time for this!” Scott yelled, exasperated.

Stiles sighed before heading over to the plant, yanking it out only to discover that it was buried in a spiral around the body.

Scott stood up in shock. “Stiles.”

Stiles moved over to see what had startled Scott and saw that the wolf had been transformed into the dead girl. “Holy…!”

Scott turned to look at Stiles in astonishment.


The next morning, Stiles and Scott were still at the Hale house watching as Derek got arrested.

Just as Derek was being put into the back of the police car, Stiles snuck into the front seat to face him despite Scott continuously shaking his head at him.

“Okay, just so you know, I’m not afraid of you.” Stiles started, but then Derek glared at him and he felt a little trickle of fear. “Okay, maybe I am. Doesn’t matter. I just want to know something: the girl you killed, she was a werewolf. But she was a different kind though, wasn’t she? I mean, she could turn herself into an actual wolf, and I know that I can’t do that. Is that why you killed her?”

“Why are you so worried about me when you’re the problem?” Derek asked, leaning forward. “When you shift on the field, what do you think they’re gonna do, huh? Just keep cheering you on? Trust me, you don’t want to play that game.”

Before Stiles could come up with something witty to retort, his father dragged him out of the car.

While talking with his father, trying not to give away the whole werewolf thing, he accidentally let slip that he had lied the other day about being alone in the woods.

“Oh, crap.” Stiles said, letting his head drop.

“So you lied to me.” Sherriff Stilinski said, unsurprised.

“That depends on how you define lying.” Stiles tried.

“Well I define it as not telling the truth, how do you define it?” His dad asked.

“Mm, reclining your body in a horizontal position?” Stiles answered with his usual hand movements.

A small huff caught his attention and he turned to see Derek shaking his head in the back of the police car. Stiles liked to think that maybe Derek was holding back a smile. Well not liked… Of course not.

“Get the hell out of here.” His dad told him, waving him off.

“Absolutely.” Stiles said, rubbing his head and walking away.


In the car on the way back, Stiles started feeling extremely agitated. He couldn’t breathe and the sounds of Scott typing away on his phone made his skin crawl. He pulled the car over and let himself out.

“Stiles, are you okay?” Scott asked, worried.

“Back up!” Stiles warned. “Aaah! I can’t breathe!”

“What can I do?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know, I just-” Stiles ran as fast as he could, unsure of where he was headed.


After a few hours of running, Stiles found himself back in his room, pacing back and forth until his dad came home.

“Stiles?” He called.

Stiles looked around nervously before heading to the bathroom and locking the door. When he caught sight of his reflection, he flinched back, but the more he stared, the more he calmed down.

“Stiles, are you in there?” His dad asked, knocking on the door.

“Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute.” Stiles said, watching his face transition back to normal.

“I heard that there’s a game tonight, are you gonna play?” He asked once Stiles opened the door.

“Probably not.” Stiles shrugged. “Hey, shouldn’t you be at the station looking into Derek?”

“The medical examiner listed the death as an animal attack, so we’re letting Derek go.” His dad answered.

“What, really?” Stiles asked, upset. “But what about the body?”

“We’re running tests to identify it but he says that it’s his sister.” Sherriff Stilinski answered, sitting down. “Gonna keep him in holding until we can identify her for sure though and make sure that the halves are compatible so I’m heading back in a few minutes, just came home to get a snack. I might be home late tonight, there’s a lot of paperwork.”

Stiles just nodded. “I have to get ready for the lacrosse game anyways, I’m still on the team.”

“Okay.” His dad nodded back.


Stiles showed up to the game in time to play first line, but none of the players were passing him the ball and he faked an arm injury to get benched.

“Does your arm hurt really badly?” Scott asked, smiling.

“Nah, I just have more friends on the bench than I do on the field.” Stiles winked and knocked his shoulder against Scott’s.

“McCall, you’re in!” Coach yelled. “Get out there!”

Scott looked extremely excited and jogged out into the field. Stiles watched as Scott held his ground pretty well against the other team. He wasn’t the best, but he had obviously been practicing more and was good at passing the ball to the other players. Stiles whooped louder than anyone did when Scott threw the winning goal.


A week later, Stiles woke up in a stream in the woods.

“I gotta learn how to control this.” Stiles said, soaking wet in his pajama pants.

“Yes, you do.” Derek said, coming out of nowhere.

“What the- where’d you come from?” Stiles asked, shaking the water off his body as best he could.

“You’re not too far from my house, and I heard when you started panicking.” Derek said, his face completely blank.

“So you just came by to see if I would drown?” Stiles asked, nodding at him. “Cool, thanks.”

“I came by to make sure you hadn’t hurt anyone.” Derek clarified, raising his voice.

“Do you ever smile or?” Stiles asked with a shrug.

Derek just glared at him harder.

Stiles nodded. “So I didn’t hurt anyone, right?”

“No, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t.” Derek assured him. “If you don’t learn how to control it, you might end up killing someone.”

“And then people find out that I’m a werewolf and that leads to them finding out about you and blah blah blah.” Stiles continued for him. “I get it. You keep saying the same thing but you don’t actually seem to be helping.”

“How am I supposed to help you when you’re trying to get me arrested?” Derek asked, getting angrier.

“Hey, if you kill someone, then you deserve to get caught.” Stiles said, stepping closer.

“I didn’t kill her.” Derek flexed his jaw. “I found her like that.”

“So why didn’t you just tell the cops?” Stiles asked.

“She’s my sister and something did that to her, I have a right to bury her as is customary in my family.” Derek answered defensively.

Stiles paused, remembering something. “Wait, can you shift into a wolf? Like an actual wolf, not the weird wolf-man thing that happens to me.”

Derek looked uncomfortable. “No.”

“Why could she do it but you can’t?” Stiles pried.

“Don’t you have to get to school?” Derek asked, walking away.

“Shit.” Stiles cursed. “Yes I do, but this conversation isn’t over.”

He ran as fast as he could to get home, taking a quick rinse in the shower to wash away the smell of leaves and changing quickly before heading to school.


“So then, Derek isn’t the killer?” Scott asked at lunch.

“No, Derek said that he isn’t but that doesn’t mean that we believe him.” Stiles clarified. “The guy definitely gives off some serial killer vibes.”

“Yeah, but what if he didn’t?” Scott asked. “Didn’t you say that there could be a whole pack out there?”

“Pack of what?” Lydia Martin interrupted, taking a seat.

“A, uh, a pack of coyotes.” Stiles stuttered, unsure of why she was sitting with them or why any of the other popular kids were taking seats around them.

They’d started sitting with them since last week’s incident where a bus driver had been attacked and eventually “succumbed to his wounds” and died, but Stiles still wasn’t used to it.

“I hope not, then I can’t let Prada out to do her business out in the night.” Lydia sighed.

Stiles looked to Scott for help but Scott’s attention was already focused on Allison. When Stiles looked to his right, Danny looked uncomfortable or upset, so Stiles just finished his lunch while Scott accidentally agreed to go on a double date with Lydia and Jackson.


After school, Stiles pulled up to the old Hale house.

“Hello?” He called out. “Derek, are you home?”

Derek had a knack for appearing out of nowhere, so Stiles closed his eyes, listened for a sound, and sniffed around for a scent.

“Okay, yeah, you’re definitely home.” Stiles said under his breath before calling out again. “I can smell you so you may as well just come out already.”

“You’re getting better.” Derek observed, stepping out through the doorway.

“You know that I could just go around the back of the house where there is no wall right?” Stiles asked. “I mean, if I wanted to go in.”

Derek just glared.

“Okay, we have got to work on your communication skills.” Stiles said, tapping Derek lightly on the shoulder, causing the man to look down at it and then back up to glare harder.

“See, that’s exactly what I mean.” Stiles pointed out.

“What do you want?” Derek asked, annoyed.

“I just came by to say ‘hello, how ya been? Why’d you turn me into a werewolf?’ You know the usual.” Stiles grinned.

Derek sighed. “I didn’t turn you.”

Stiles waited for a few seconds for more, but Derek just stared at him some more. “Okay, am I gonna get an explanation?”

“There’s an Alpha here.” Derek answered. “You and I are betas, and betas can’t turn people into werewolves, only the Alpha can do that.”

“So where’s the Alpha?” Stiles asked, looking around. “Because so far, I’ve only seen you and a bunch of hunters that want to kill me.”

“The Alpha killed my sister, but I don’t know who it is.” Derek explained, obviously annoyed with Stiles. “That’s why I need your help. You were bitten by the Alpha so you’re part of his pack. He’s gonna call on you to join him and when he does, you’re gonna want to be able to be in control.”

“Shouldn’t he be your Alpha too?” Stiles asked, tilting his head. “Where’s your pack?”

Derek looked down for a few moments before looking back up. “Do you want to learn how to control the turn or not?”

“Yes, of course I want to learn how to control it.” Stiles answered. “But your being cryptic doesn’t help anyone.”

“We’ll start tomorrow.” Derek said, like the conversation was over.

“Why can’t we start now?” Stiles asked, more than a little bit annoyed.

“Because you have homework and I have someplace to be.” Derek lifted his eyebrows at Stiles.

“What are you, my dad? I’ll get around to my homework.” Stiles said, ready to leave but then pausing. “Where do you go, anyways?”

“How is that any of your business?” Derek asked, challenging.

“Well because you want my help and I want to make sure that you’re not gonna go out and kill someone.” Stiles answered, lifting his eyebrows.

“I’m not going to kill someone.” Derek replied blandly.

“How do I know that for sure?” Stiles challenged.

Derek stepped closer. “Use your abilities. Listen to my heartbeat, and if I’m lying then it’ll jump.”

Stiles looked up at him.

“I am not going to kill someone.” Derek said slowly, still staring at Stiles.

Stiles listened and Derek’s heartbeat didn’t jump.

“You could just be some kind of sociopath that’s really good at lying.” Stiles shrugged, earning another glare.

“Fine.” Derek said, stepping back again. “Don’t believe me, I don’t care.”

Stiles was still listening and heard Derek’s heart jump.

“Listen, I was just kidding.” Stiles started to apologize, but Derek was still glaring. “What? I just know that sometimes really good liars can pass a polygraph! It’s why they’re not admissible in court.”

Derek’s expression changed.

“My dad’s the sheriff, but you knew that.” Stiles shrugged. “Anyway, you were right about that homework so, I’m gonna go ahead and go do that while you go wherever.”

Stiles turned around towards his Jeep, when he looked back, Derek was gone.

Stiles wondered where the hell Derek parked his car.


Late that night, Stiles heard a gunshot followed by a howl. Worried about Derek, he quickly put some pants on and headed out towards the source of the noise.

Instead of finding Derek though, he overheard two hunters in a discussion.

“How long will it take?”

“I give him 48 hours… If that.”


The next day at school, Scott talked about how his double date went.

“Sounds just the way I expected that it would.” Stiles shrugged. “This is what happens when you lie about being good at bowling.”

“But it was humiliating!” Scott complained, banging his head against the locker. “I bet she’ll never speak to me again.”

“Dude, if she just liked you because you said that you’re a good bowler, then you don’t want her.” Stiles scoffed. “Besides, she agreed to a date with you before that and I’m sure that she’ll get over it. Did she seem upset or were you just listening to the crap that Jackson spewed out of his mouth?”

“I guess most of the problem was Jackson.” Scott admitted. “And we did kiss at the end of the night and she said she’d like to hang out again.”

“Atta boy!” Stiles said proudly, slapping Scott on the back. “Nothing to worry about!”


Scott spent most of the day busy planning a study session with Allison after school so Stiles spent the day trying to find out how to control his werewolf from coming out. The problem was, that Stiles didn’t get angry very easily, or know how to get himself angry without putting others at risk, but he wanted to get a jump-start on learning how to control it before the next full moon.

“Okay, so I tend to shift when my heartbeat increases or when I get angry.” Stiles said to himself. “Lydia and Jackson. She’s too smart to be with him but she is, and he’s a big asshole that doesn’t deserve her…Even if she is a little bit evil.”

Stiles got lost in thought for a few minutes, before a thought occurred to him. He could try to transition without getting himself upset. Stiles spent his free period practicing extending and retracting his claws. By the time his hour was up, he felt pretty confident in his control.


There wasn’t any practice after school, so after school, Stiles got into his Jeep and was ready to leave when Derek passed in front of his car.

“Oh my God!” Stiles yelled, watching as Derek swayed on his feet…and collapsed.

“You gotta be kidding me, this guy’s everywhere.” Stiles said before getting out to see him. “What are you doing here?”

“I was shot.” Derek said, sounding really sick.

“C’mon.” Stiles said, helping Derek into his Jeep. “Why aren’t you healing?”

“I can’t.” Derek answered, his head drooping. “It was- it was a different kind of bullet.”

“What a silver bullet?” Stiles asked, between excited and concerned.

“No, you idiot.” Derek glared at him from the passenger side.

“I’m not appreciating your tone.” Stiles said, maneuvering out of the parking lot.

“I’m not appreciating dying and having to put up with stupid questions.” Derek retorted.

Stiles sighed. “Wait, the woman that shot you said you had 48 hours.”

“What?” Derek asked, his eyes flickering from their normal green-grey to his werewolf blue. “Hang on, Stiles. I need you to find out what kind of bullet she used.”

“How exactly am I supposed to do that?” Stiles asked, slightly panicked.

“She’s an Argent, she’s with them so she’ll probably be staying at their house. You can get Scott to do it.” Derek suggested.

“With who?” Stiles wasn’t liking the sound of this.

“The hunters.” Derek said, annoyed with a forced half-growl.

“The Argents are hunters?” Stiles asked, surprised.

“Yes!” Derek said, exasperated. “Now if I don’t get that bullet, I’m gonna die.”

Stiles turned on the radio and texted Scott to check the Argent home for a bullet.

“Hey, try not to bleed out on my seats, okay? We’re almost there.” Stiles said, upset that Scott seemed surprisingly unhelpful.

“Almost where?” Derek asked, struggling to stay awake.

Stiles sighed. “Your house?”

“What?” Derek said, looking slightly panicked. “No, you can’t take me there.”

“I can’t take you to your own house?” Stiles asked, unsure of where else to take him.

“Not when I can’t protect myself.” Derek said as though it was obvious.

“Alright.” Stiles pulled his Jeep over. “What happens if Scott doesn’t find your little magic bullet? Hmm? Are you dying?”

“Not yet.” Derek answered. “I have a last resort.”

Stiles flailed wildly. “What do you mean?! What last resort?!”

Derek lifted his sleeve to reveal his bullet wound.

“Oh, my God. What is that?” Stiles asked, feeling queasy. “Oh, is that contagious? You know what, you should probably just get out.”

Derek sighed loudly. “Start the car. Now.”

Stiles turned to him upset. “I don’t think you should be barking orders with the way you look, okay? In fact, I think I could drag your little werewolf ass out into the middle of the road and leave you for dead.”

Derek turned to him very sincerely. “Start the car, or I’m gonna rip your throat out… with my teeth.”

Stiles stared at him for a few more seconds before looking around exasperated and started the car.

Derek let his head fall back down again.

“For the record: I’m not doing this because you’re threatening me.” Stiles informed him very seriously.

Derek didn’t reply, just sighed again.

“Another great conversation.” Stiles said sarcastically, changing direction towards his own home.

Once they got to Stiles’ house, made sure that the sheriff wasn’t home, and snuck Derek into Stiles’ room, Stiles got another text from Scott.

After asking if a strange phrase meant anything to him, Derek answered that it was a rare form of wolfsbane.

Derek’s breathing was getting heavier. “Just get him to bring me the bullet.”

“Yeah, I know. You’ll die without it.” Stiles answered. “I’m working on it.”

Stiles was getting more and more agitated, thinking that maybe Scott was more concerned about getting lucky than the fact that Derek was dying and he was the only chance they had to save him.

Stiles’ claws started coming out and he tried to retract them but it was no good.

Derek’s head lolled back and he noticed Stiles’ claws.

“Don’t worry, I’m working on it.” Stiles assured him, but seeing Derek looking so sick and pale just agitated him further.

Derek just shook his head at him.

“Scott’s gonna be here soon, I’m sure that he’s already found the bullet.” Stiles tried to assure him. Stiles sat down on his bed and managed to retract his claws. “You’re gonna be okay.”

“Clear your desk.” Derek ordered.

Stiles just sighed and did as he was told. “Should I ask why?”

Derek took off his shirt.

“You know, that really doesn’t look like anything some Echinacea and a good night sleep couldn’t take care of.” Stiles joked, gesturing towards the wound.

Derek swayed his way towards the desk. “When the infection reaches my heart, it’ll kill me.”

“‘Positivity’ just isn’t in your vocabulary, is it?” Stiles asked, looking around nervously, wondering what exactly Derek was doing.

“If he doesn’t get here with the bullet in time… last resort.” Derek said, breathing getting heavier.

“Which is?” Stiles asked.

“You’re gonna cut off my arm.” Derek answered, pulling a handsaw out of nowhere.

Stiles took a moment to be surprised. “Where the hell did you even get that?”

“When you brought me in through the garage.” Derek answered as easily as he could in his condition.

Stiles picked up the handsaw while Derek tied some string tightly around his arm.

“Oh my God.” Stiles exclaimed, starting to feel sick again.

“You should have taken me somewhere easier to clean.” Derek observed.

“Yeah, what if you bleed to death?” Stiles asked, unsure of what to do with his hands.

“It’ll heal if it works.” Derek answered, muffled by the string still in his mouth.

“I don’t know if I can do this…” Stiles said sheepishly.

“Why not?!” Derek asked, obviously losing his cool again.

“Well, because of the cutting through the flesh, the sawing of the bone, and especially the blood!” Stiles tried to explain.

“You faint at the sight of blood?” Derek asked, completely done and about two steps away from ripping Stiles’ head off.

“No, but I might at the sight of a chopped-off arm!” Stiles yelled.

“Alright, fine.” Derek conceded. “How about this? Either you cut off my arm, or I’m gonna cut off your head.”

“Okay, you know what? I’m so not buying you threats any-” Stiles was cut off my Derek grabbing him by the shirt and pulling their faces close. “Alright! Okay, bought, sold, totally. I’ll do it.”

Derek started to gag.

“What? What are you doing?” Stiles asked, watching as Derek leaned over and threw up thankfully in the trashcan. Well… mostly…

“Holy God, what the hell is that?” Stiles asked, seeing that some black goo was bubbling in the trashcan.

“It’s my body… trying to heal itself.” Derek tried to explain, feeling worse and worse by the second.

Stiles wasn’t feeling much better at this point. “It’s not doing a very good job of it.”

“Now. You gotta do it now.” Derek half-pleaded, half-demanded, staring up at Stiles from his vulnerable position.

“Look, honestly, I don’t think I can.” Stiles said apologetically.

“JUST DO IT!” Derek screamed, officially panicked.

“OH MY GOD!” Stiles screamed, picking up the handsaw and putting it against Derek’s arm.

“Stiles?” Scott called.

“Scott?” Stiles called back just as Scott walked into his room.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Scott yelled.

Stiles laughed in relief. “Oh, you just prevented a lifetime of nightmares.”

Derek pulled himself up. “Did you get it?”

Scott pulled the bullet out of his pocket and handed it to Derek.

“What are you gonna do with it?” Stiles asked, curious.

“I’m gonna…” Derek fell down, unconscious.

“Derek?” Stiles asked, panicked. “Derek, come on, wake up. Scott, what the hell are we gonna do?”

“I don’t know!” Scott said, looking around like the unprepared teen that he was.

“He’s not waking up!” Stiles yelled. “Get the bullet.”

Scott looked around and picked it up off the carpet.

“I think he’s dying.” Stiles said, on the verge of tears. “I think he’s dead!”

“Alright, just hold on!” Scott yelled, not wanting to add to his own panic.

Stiles balled his hands into fists. “Please don’t kill me for this.”

Derek woke up once Stiles punched him in the face and Scott helped him up.

Derek emptied the bullet on the desk and set the wolfsbane on fire with a lighter he had in his pocket. Then he picked the pieces up into his hand and rubbed them into the wound, falling back onto the floor, screaming and growling until the wound healed.

“That… was… Awesome!” Stiles yelled, relieved and happy while Scott stared at him as if he had gone insane. “YES!”

“Are you okay?” Scott asked Derek.

“Oh, well except for the agonizing pain.” Derek snarked.

“Well I’m guessing the ability to use sarcasm is a good sign of health.” Stiles observed, earning yet another glare from Derek.

“Okay, we saved your life, which means you’re gonna leave us alone, you got that?” Scott said angrily.

Derek shifted his gaze from Stiles to Scott.

“And if you don’t, then I’m just gonna go back to Allison’s dad and tell him everything.” Scott threatened.

“You’re gonna trust them?” Derek asked, turning to look at Stiles.

“Well, why the hell not? They’re a whole lot freakin’ nicer than you are.” Scott continued.

Stiles just looked between the two keeping his silence.

“Yeah, I can show you exactly how nice they really are.” Derek said with a sneer.

“What do you mean?” Stiles asked.

Derek headed out, expecting them to follow.


They took Derek’s Camaro to the hospital where he led them to his Uncle’s room.

“Who is he?” Stiles asked, observing Derek’s behavior.

“My Uncle, Peter Hale.” Derek said, hurt and sadness obvious in his expression.

“Is he like you?” Scott asked. “A werewolf?”

“He was.” Derek answered. “Now he’s barely even human. Six years ago, my sister and I were at school, and our house caught fire. Eleven people were trapped inside. He was the only survivor.”

“So, what makes you so sure that they set the fire?” Scott asked.

“’Cause they were the only ones that knew about us.” Derek answered, turning to look at him.

“Well, then they had a reason.” Scott shrugged.

Both Derek and Stiles furrowed their brow, but Derek was the one that answered. “Like what?”

Derek turned back to look at his uncle and maneuvered him to show that the other side of his face was a large burn scar. “You tell me what justifies this.”

Scott was surprised, eyes wide. Stiles turned to look at Derek’s pained expression, watching anger take over again.

Derek continued. “They say they’ll only kill an adult, and only with absolute proof, but there were people in my family that were perfectly ordinary in that fire. This is what they do. And it’s what Allison will do!”

Before anyone could say anything else, a nurse came by to tell them that visiting hours were over.

“We were just leaving.” Derek informed her before the three of them walked out and he took them home.


After they had dropped Scott off at his house, Derek drove Stiles home.

“So, not like I care or anything,” Stiles said, breaking the silence. “But do you actually sleep in that house, like do you have a mattress or anything?”

Derek just looked at Stiles confused for a moment before turning back to the road without answering.

“Because, you know, you should probably sleep somewhere less creepy.” Stiles continued.

Derek glared at the road for a moment before turning to glare at Stiles.

“And haunted with bad memories.” Stiles nodded.

“What do you care?” Derek asked defensively.

“Oh, I don’t.” Stiles replied, just as defensive. “But, you were dying just about an hour ago, so maybe you should sleep somewhere, you know, sanitary and safe where you can have a good night’s rest.”

“I don’t have anywhere else to go, if you haven’t noticed.” Derek said, shaking his head. “Besides, I’m saving my money for important things.”

“Saving your money?” Stiles asked. “So you have a job then? Is it around the school or do you just creep around a high school in your free time?”

Derek turned to glare at Stiles again.

“Nah, it’s cool.” Stiles assured him. “But do you work at some kind of restaurant food chain? Do they make you wear a uniform? Oooh! Is it hotdogs?”

“Stiles.” Derek said, getting Stiles to be quiet for a moment. “Shut up.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Stiles asked with a wicked grin. “Which one?”

“No, Stiles.” Derek said, pulling up to the house.

“I’m gonna find it.” Stiles promised.

“Get out of the car.” Derek commanded.

“Sure you don’t want to come in?” Stiles asked, opening the door.

When he turned back to look, he was not prepared to see the look of utter confusion on Derek’s face.

“What?” Stiles asked.

Derek schooled his expression. “Nothing.”

“So is that a ‘no’?” Stiles asked, just to make sure.

“No, Stiles.” Derek sighed. “I’d rather not continue hearing you make up stories with unanswered questions.”

“I’ll stop asking questions.” Stiles offered. “Or you could, you know, answer them.”

“You have school tomorrow, go to sleep.” Derek said, pushing Stiles out of his car.

“I have a lot of homework to do, seeing how I was very busy saving your ass after school today.” Stiles said, still not getting out.

“Then do your homework.” Derek replied flatly.

“Wanna come in and watch something?” Stiles asked. “Do you have a TV at your house? How about power? Come to think about it, how do you even live there?”

Derek sighed heavily again. “I thought you said you were going to stop with the questions.”

“That was if you came inside.” Stiles clarified.

“Why is that so important to you?” Derek asked, bewildered.

“It’s not.” Stiles shrugged.

They sat there staring at each other in silence for a few moments.

“Fine.” Derek caved, getting out of the car.

Stiles ran in front of him to unlock the door with his key. “My dad doesn’t seem to be home, but you should keep quiet just in case.”

Derek just shrugged and put his hands in his pockets.

Once the door was unlocked, Stiles called for his dad.

“Doesn’t look like he’s home, but just head on up to my room without me, I’ll be up in a minute.” Stiles said, closing the door behind Derek.

Derek just looked around disinterested and disappeared up the stairs.

A few minutes later, Stiles walked into his room to find Derek sitting on the bed, looking at the claw marks on the back of Stiles’ chair.

“Scott ditched me for Allison.” Stiles explained, sound muffled around a bag of chips before he set them and a bunch of junk foods on his desk.

“Why did you bring so much food?” Derek asked confused.

“You mean ‘snackage’.” Stiles winked. “And it’s because you can’t watch a movie without snacks.”

Derek looked at him like he was crazy. Stiles wasn’t so sure that he wasn’t.

“Open that cabinet over there.” Stiles instructed, pointing towards a medium sized cabinet on the other wall.

Derek did as instructed and saw an impressive DVD collection.

“You can go ahead and pick one and we’ll watch it.” Stiles smiled.

Derek wasn’t sure how to politely ask “why” and for some strange reason he actually cared and kept quiet, picking out some random movie that he’d never seen or heard of before.

“Ah, good choice.” Stiles said, putting it in.

Derek shrugged, standing there awkwardly.

“So have you seen it before?” Stiles asked conversationally.

“No, I don’t really watch movies.” Derek informed him.

“Well, maybe you’ll like this one.” Stiles shrugged, skipping through the trailers.

“Maybe.” Derek agreed.

“You can make yourself comfortable on the bed.” Stiles said, gesturing towards the twin-sized bed in question.

Derek sat down, rigid.

“I said ‘comfortable,’ Derek.” Stiles sighed. “Guess I’ll just have to demonstrate.”

Derek put his guard up when he saw Stiles running towards him, but instead of being attacked, Stiles just flopped on the bed next to him. His expression open and happy.

“C’mon, big guy.” Stiles goaded. “You can relax.”

Derek rolled his eyes and moved to get comfortable on the bed. His back against the headboard and his legs extended.

Stiles just nodded his approval with a grin, proud of himself, and stood up to get the laptop, setting it on Derek’s lap.

“Start it, I’m right here.” Stiles told him, getting the snack bags and surrounding Derek with them.

A half hour later, Stiles was settled into the bed next to Derek with books and snacks between them. The space was a little bit cramped, but not uncomfortable. Every so often, Derek would notice Stiles writing something completely unrelated to a certain subject and would bring him back to focus.

Derek was enjoying the movie, but mostly he was surprised that he was enjoying Stiles’ company. He would get a little bit loud every now and then, and spoiled a few of the plot twists on accident with his excitement, but even then, it didn’t bother Derek much.

Stiles asked Derek if he liked the snacks and was able to do his homework and still answer Derek’s questions about parts of the movie he wasn’t clear on. He commented freely about parts of the movie that he didn’t like, and defended the parts of the movie that Derek found a bit overdramatic or inaccurate if he didn’t agree. It was… pleasant.

As the time passed and the movie reached its climax, Stiles had finished most of his homework and started dozing off.

“I should head home.” Derek said, pausing the movie.

Stiles sat up at that. “Before finishing the movie?”

Derek wasn’t sure how to answer that, but Stiles was looking at him like it was an unforgiveable crime so he just. “You’re right, I’ll go home when it’s over.”

That seemed to appease Stiles and he settled back into his spot, closing the book he had been occupying. He looked tired and rumpled, but also peaceful despite earlier admitting to being afraid of Derek.

Derek yawned before he even realized and suddenly felt Stiles’ gaze. When he looked to meet it, Stiles just looked back to the laptop screen for a moment before getting up.

“What?” Derek asked, slightly concerned.

“Just clearing stuff off of the bed.” Stiles answered easily, moving the books and snacks to the desk.

“You finished your homework?” Derek asked to make sure.

Stiles scoffed at him with a smirk. “Yeah, I finished.”

Derek just glared.

“You can check my heartbeat.” Stiles said openly. “I finished my homework.”

Derek nodded his approval and turned his attention back to the screen while Stiles crawled under the covers of his now cleared bed.

When the movie was over a few minutes later, Derek noticed that Stiles breathing had evened out and he had fallen asleep. So Derek got out of bed as quietly as possible and closed the laptop, setting it on the desk.

Stiles stirred. “You leaving?”

“Yeah.” Derek answered.

Stiles stretched and got up. “You weren’t going to leave without saying goodbye, were you?”

Derek shrugged.

“Well, if you really want to leave then I’ll walk you out, but I don’t have a problem with you staying.” Stiles said casually.

“Thanks, but I really should get going.” Derek insisted, even though he didn’t really want to leave.

“Alright.” Stiles smiled. “Come on, I’ll walk you out.”

They headed down the stairs and Stiles walked him to his car.

“Guess I’ll see you creeping around school tomorrow.” Stiles teased.

Derek rolled his eyes and glared at Stiles, but Stiles knew it wasn’t as bad as before.

“Goodnight, Stiles.” Derek said firmly, getting into his car.

“So you do know how to dismiss yourself like a normal person.” Stiles teased some more. “Goodnight, Derek.”

With that, Derek drove off, back to his lonely and burnt down home, haunted with both good and bad memories.


A few days later, Stiles went to visit Derek at the Hale house.

“Yo, Derek?” Stiles called, using his senses to find him.

Derek appeared out of nowhere with a startled expression.

“What are you doing here?” Derek asked, watching Stiles carefully.

“Well, it’s a Saturday and I finished all my homework last night so my day’s free.” Stiles smiled. “I figured we could do something together.”

“We should start on your training.” Derek nodded.

“No, I mean, we could, but we could also not.” Stiles shrugged, grinning.

Derek furrowed his brow.

“Just in case you need to recover from getting shot.” Stiles shrugged. “I wouldn’t want you to strain yourself.”

“I’m fine…” Derek informed him, watching him carefully.

“Okay, so then what’s first?” Stiles asked. “I’ve been thinking about it and kinda wondering if it really matters who the Alpha is?”

“What do you mean?” Derek asked, stepping closer.

“Well, if he’s going around killing people, then his reasons don’t matter. He needs to be put down.” Stiles shrugged.

“It would be better to know who it is first so that we know what we’re up against.” Derek informed him.

“Right, so ‘know your enemy’ and all that.” Stiles nodded. “Okay.”

Derek watched him fidget for a while.

“What?” Derek asked blandly.

“Well, the first step to finding out who it is, is finding out his motives.” Stiles answered. “Now, I guess the question is, whether he was already an Alpha before he killed your sister.”

“So you think he killed her to become the Alpha?” Derek asked, thinking.

“You and your sister, you left Beacon Hills.” Stiles remembered. “So why did you come back?”

Derek looked down thoughtfully. “There was a deer, it was marked.”

“Marked how?” Stiles asked, pushing for an answer.

“A spiral.” Derek answered hesitantly.

“So, what does a spiral mean?” Stiles asked, looking to the spot where Derek had buried his sister. “You buried a spiral of wolfsbane around your sister.”

“Doesn’t mean anything.” Derek assured him, turning to go back inside.

“We are not playing this game.” Stiles said, running up and catching Derek by the arm. “Obviously it means something and you better not lie to me.”

“You don’t wanna know.” Derek assured him.

Stiles let him go to clench his fists and sighed heavily. “Do you want to find who killed your sister? Huh? Because I can help but you have to trust me!”

Derek hesitated for a moment, but shook his head.

Stiles scoffed. “Fine. Whatever, I’ll just find this thing on my own.”

“Wait.” Derek said, just as Stiles was about to leave.

Stiles turned around, raising his eyebrows in expectation.

Derek closed his eyes tightly and sighed.

“I’m waiting.” Stiles reminded him.

“How do you plan to find out who the Alpha is?” Derek asked, moving his jaw around awkwardly.

“Motive.” Stiles shrugged. “We find a motive, we find the killer.”

“But you said that the motive was for him to become an Alpha.” Derek said, scrunching his face in confusion.

“Yeah, but he bit me.” Stiles reminded him. “He didn’t kill me, but he could have. He killed the bus driver for no apparent reason. I don’t know, something tells me that he’s gonna kill someone else.”

Derek sighed, frustrated. “Do you know who?”

“If I knew that, then I wouldn’t just be standing here talking to you now, would I?” Stiles snarked.

Derek huffed and turned to leave.

“Are you seriously just gonna walk away every time you’re done with a conversation?” Stiles asked, mildly irritated.

Derek shrugged and disappeared.

Stiles lifted his arms in disbelief. “Unbelievable.”


That night, as he was riding with his dad in the police car, eating curly fries, there was an attack at the video store. Lydia and Jackson were there with the ambulance, Jackson being his usual self, yelling at the sheriff and pissing Stiles off.

Just as Stiles was ready to turn, breathing heavily and ready to tear Jackson’s head off, he caught Derek’s scent.

He looked up and Derek was on the roof, watching the whole scene.

“I told you that he was going to kill someone.” Stiles said, sitting down in the police car knowing that Derek could hear him.

“You didn’t know who.” Derek reminded him, still on the roof.

“He’s not done.” Stiles said, ignoring the comment. “In fact, I think he’s barely getting started.”

Derek looked down to where a dead body was being carted into the back of an ambulance.

“Lydia looks really terrified.” Stiles said, watching her curled up against the ambulance, eyes wide with fright.

“Maybe she saw something.” Derek observed. “I have to find out what.”

“Hey, I’ll take care of that.” Stiles said, warning. “You stay away from her. She’s been through enough and I’m sure she’s not gonna be up for your kind of interrogation anytime soon.”

Derek sighed. “I’ll talk to the boy then.”

“Promise?” Stiles asked, laughing. “Give him a hard time, he’s an ass.”

Derek rolled his eyes.

“You kinda remind me of Batman, being all dark and mysterious on the roof.” Stiles grinned. “I love Batman.”

Derek wasn’t sure how to respond to that, but apparently, he didn’t need to because Stiles just kept on talking.

“You should definitely watch Batman with me.” Stiles continued. “We can start with the older movies and work our way up to Christian Bale. Dude! You need to see Adam West’s Batman; he’ll make you piss yourself!”

Stiles started laughing hysterically, and his dad came over to check on him.

“Stiles, are you okay?” The sheriff asked, concerned but unsurprised.

“Just thinking about Batman.” Stiles assured him. “I uh- I might have taken more Adderall than necessary today.”

Stiles was lying, obviously, but it was a plausible excuse for being found laughing to himself.

“What have I told you about that?” His dad asked, sighing. “Look, I’m gonna wrap things up here, want me to get someone to drive you home?”

“Do you mind if I walk?” Stiles asked.

“Let’s see, do I mind if you walk home while it’s dark out and there’s a wild animal on the loose, possibly somewhere nearby?” His dad asked, insincere. “Yes, Stiles of course I mind! I’ll have someone drive you home.”

Stiles sighed and settled back into his seat.

“Think you’ll be out late tonight?” Stiles asked, an idea hitting him.

“Probably.” The sheriff shrugged. “I’m sorry, Stiles, but at least we got to have dinner together.”

“Yeah.” Stiles grinned. “Lay off the curly fries. In fact, I’m taking them with me.”

“What?” His dad asked, upset. “I paid for those!”

“But you can’t eat them!” Stiles reminded him.

The sheriff sighed and turned towards one of his deputies. “Take my kid home, would you?”

The deputy nodded and Stiles took the curly fries with him.

“Derek?” Stiles whispered, inconspicuously looking up. “Meet me at my house.”

Derek didn’t answer before he disappeared, but Stiles was pretty sure that he’d see him in a few minutes.


“You have to move your desk away from the window.” Derek said once Stiles had turned on the light.

Stiles snorted.

“It’s impractical for me.” Derek told him very seriously.

“You knocked my pens over.” Stiles laughed, picking them up.

Derek huffed and fixed his jacket.

“I brought curly fries and I think I have the original 1966 Batman movie with Adam West, so get yourself nice and comfortable because we’re totally watching the crap out of it.” Stiles grinned, looking for it in his DVD collection.

Derek sat down on the bed, watching Stiles’ movements.

“Come on,” Stiles said, leaving the room. “My dad won’t be home tonight so we can watch it in the living room on the TV.”

Derek followed him to the living room and sat down on the couch. Stiles placed the DVD in the DVD player and started the film. The couch was small but they fit comfortably, Stiles leaning his body away from Derek to give him more space.

The cheesy music and intro started, displaying the actors’ names with their characters. Derek watched Stiles as the movie started and wondered what exactly Stiles found entertaining about the bad acting, but when he turned to look at him, Stiles had a wide grin and Derek cracked a smile.

A few minutes later, Derek was trying not to roll his eyes.

“He can’t just add the word ‘bat’ front of everything.” Derek said, frustrated.

“Yes, he can.” Stiles replied, grinning madly. “He’s Batman.”

“That doesn’t mean anything to me.” Derek reminded him.

Stiles gasped loudly, staring at Derek with his jaw dropped in horror.

Derek shrugged.

“Well what else?” Stiles asked with a huff.

“The Penguin quacks like a duck, the Joker is just a stupid clown, Catwoman has a bad accent, and they keep celebrating Batman’s death prematurely.” Derek answered.

“So you like the Riddler?” Stiles lifted an eyebrow.

“His riddles don’t make sense but somehow Batman and Robin solve them.” Derek sighed. “They solve crimes like you do. Somehow magically being able to see all of the connections that normal people can’t and shouldn’t be able to see.

“You think I’m a genius like Batman?” Stiles grinned.

“It’s not genius, it’s ridiculous.” Derek corrected.

“Are you enjoying this at all?” Stiles asked, sitting up.

Derek looked around, unsure of how to answer. Yes, he was enjoying Stiles’ company, but no, he wasn’t going to tell him that and no, he wasn’t entertained by the movie.

“You’re unbelievable.” Stiles scoffed. “This is classic Batman!”

“And to be honest, I’m a little bit insulted to be compared to him.” Derek answered snarky.

Stiles opened and closed his mouth helplessly looking for something to say.

Derek smirked.

“You’re a robot!” Stiles yelled, standing up and grumbling. “Fine, I’ll just have to put the 1989 film with Michael Keaton.”

Derek wasn’t sure how that was going to improve his opinion on Batman, but he held his peace and watched Stiles grumpily go to his room to retrieve the DVD.

An hour later, Stiles was watching Derek carefully while Derek made sure not to give away any expression, finishing the curly fries.

“You’re not even watching the movie.” Derek said, staring at the screen.

“I’ve seen it a hundred times, I don’t have to watch it.” Stiles said, his body fully turned towards Derek, leaning closely to watch his expression.

“You’re distracting me.” Derek said, trying to sound upset even though he actually found it endearing.

“So you like it?” Stiles asked, leaning over to try to catch Derek’s expression, but he fell over.

Derek rolled his eyes as Stiles fumbled to stand up and get back on the couch.

“So you don’t like it…” Stiles said as if he had been personally offended.

“It’s not so bad.” Derek sighed. “The costume is better than the first one.”

Stiles smiled at him again, beaming.

“Aha!” Stiles exclaimed.

Derek rolled his eyes again.

“Someday, those things are gonna roll right out of your skull, you know that?” Stiles smiled, settling back on the couch.

Just then, Derek heard a car drive up and knew that it was the sheriff.

“I thought you said he wasn’t gonna be home all night!” Derek accused, looking around.

“Shh, I’ll handle this.” Stiles flailed off the couch, pulling Derek with him. “Go to my room and hide! GO!”

There was the sound of keys turning a lock and Derek ran, not having a better plan.

“Yo, dad!” he heard Stiles say awkwardly. “I thought you were going to be out all night.”

“Yeah, well we don’t really have any leads and that Jackson kid wouldn’t shut up about going home so, since there isn’t much to do about a wild animal wandering around, I figured I could finish the paperwork in the morning.” The sheriff answered with a sigh. “What are you doing up?”

“Oh, me?” Stiles scoffed. “Just watching Batman, haven’t seen it in a while and, you know, I was thinking about it earlier.”

“Why do you look so suspicious?” Derek knew that the sheriff was squinting, and he sighed, frustrated.

“I just- I was gonna- I was gonna watch some porn.” Stiles stuttered.

Derek resisted the urge to smack his head against the wall for the sole reason that it would make noise.

“Wh- Just go do it in your room.” The sheriff answered awkwardly. “You have a laptop, don’t do it in the living room! For Christ’s sake, Stiles, we eat there sometimes!”

“Noted!” Stiles exclaimed awkwardly. “I’ll just go jerk-off to Batman in my room then.”

“What?!” The sheriff asked, mortified.

“Bad idea. Oh, god, you’re never gonna watch Batman with me again, are you?” Stiles sounded genuinely upset.

“No, I don’t think so.” The sheriff replied.

“It was a slip of the tongue!” Stiles yelled, defensive.

“Just- just go to your room.” The sheriff sighed.

“But dad-” Stiles started.

“Take your DVDs with you.” The sheriff sighed.

Stiles moved to collect his DVDs.

“I didn’t figure Michael Keaton to be your type.” The sheriff said, noticing the DVDs.

“No, not him.” Stiles corrected. “The girl… obviously, I mean… yea…”

The sheriff sighed, then left to go to his room.

He had to pass by Stiles’ room and Derek made himself look smaller, hiding in the shadows. He was going to kill Stiles.

Stiles showed up a moment later, walking in with a fallen expression.

“I think I’m going to kill myself.” Stiles said, tossing the DVD boxes on the desk and flopping face-first on his bed.

So it wasn’t the appropriate time to tease Stiles about comparing Derek to Batman a few hours before saying that he jerked-off to the character. Derek could respect that. He also didn’t really want to make the situation more awkward than it had already been.

“My dad’s not gonna look me right in the eye for the whole week.” Stiles mumbled into his mattress.

Derek stood still, unsure of what he should do.

“Oh, my God.” Stiles flailed to get up and look at Derek. “So, my dad’s gonna be avoiding me for the week. Wanna stay the night?”

Derek looked around, trying not to seem awkward.

“Okay, I have never jerked-off to Batman.” Stiles said defensively. “Especially not Adam West or Michael Keaton.”

Derek just stared.

“Not that they aren’t attractive or anything but George Clooney is… well he’s George Clooney…” Stiles babbled. “And I mean, Christian Bale was pretty, you know… cool… chill… so if I was going to, then I have better- Derek, say something.”

Derek cleared his throat, considering his options. He started laughing.

“Oh, my god. You’re an asshole.” Stiles said, relieved and laughing with him. “You’re unbelievable. This is all your fault!”

Derek composed himself.

“How is any of what just happened my fault?” Derek asked, surprised. “I just did what you told me to.”

“Yeah, but you-” Stiles threw his hands up. “You make me nervous! And then my dad showed up and I don’t know what to tell him, and you’re hiding in my room and I panicked!”

Derek watched him carefully, listening as his heart started racing.

“Stiles, calm down.” He said, moving to calm him before things got ugly.

Stiles started hyperventilating and clenching his fists, trying not to turn.

“Stiles, listen to me.” Derek said, grabbing Stiles’ shoulder. “You need to calm down.”

Stiles looked up at Derek, his eyes flashing yellow and his heart speeding up even more before finally calming down.

Stiles took a deep breath, placing a hand on Derek’s arm and keeping it there until his heart slowed back down to normal.

“I thought you were controlling it better.” Derek said, concerned.

Stiles finally let go of his arm and nodded. “Yeah, I don’t know what happened, I guess I just started freaking out.”

“I don’t think I like Batman.” Derek said, very seriously as he saw Stiles stare at him in horror.

“What? But- no, now we have to watch the movies.” Stiles answered, moving over to open a drawer full of comics. “And I’m giving you homework.”

Derek shook his head. “I’m not reading that.”

“Yes you are.” Stiles nodded at him. “You are going to read all of my Batman comics.”

“There are more important things that I have to be doing, you remember that, right?” Derek reminded him.

“Can’t you make just a little bit of free time for Batman?” Stiles asked, half-whining. “Maybe you could read it while hiding behind a tree while you’re stalking me.”

Derek just glared at him.

“Come on!” Stiles whined.

“No.” Derek replied, unmoved.

“I’ll be your best friend?” Stiles bribed.

Derek glared harder.

“Heads up though, because Scott’s already my best friend so… and he also doesn’t like you very much.” Stiles informed him.

Derek rolled his eyes and sighed. “I’m not reading any comic books. I don’t want to and there’s an Alpha out there that killed my sister that I should be chasing instead of wasting my time like this.”

Stiles looked hurt for a moment and Derek actually felt bad, but he knew that he was right.

“Yeah, I get it.” Stiles nodded, resigned. “Sorry, you’re right. I’ll ask my dad what they know about the murders tomorrow.”

Derek almost felt inclined to take it all back, but it wasn’t his way.

“I’m gonna go home.” Derek said, turning to leave. “You know where to find me if you hear anything new.”

“Wait.” Stiles said, moving his desk. “You should leave through the window, since my dad’s home.”

Derek nodded and left.


Stiles spent Sunday looking through the files at the police station, sneaking around so that he wouldn’t get noticed in his dad’s office while he was away.

He pulled up the bus driver’s file and discovered that he had been the insurance investigator that had been assigned to the Hale house fire.

“‘Terminated under suspicion of fraud.’” Stiles read, sitting down next to the filing cabinet. He scrambled to make a copy of the paper and pulled out the video store clerk’s file. When he looked through the file, he found that the man was a convicted felon with a history of arson.

Stiles copied that paper too as quickly as possible, folding the copies to hide in his pocket and putting the files away.

He tried to sneak out of the police station when his dad came in.

“What are you doing here?” The sheriff asked, suspicious.

“I came by to see if you were free for lunch.” Stiles lied easily. “But you weren’t here so I figured I’d just go home.”

“Well, I’d love to get some lunch with you, but I have a lot of work to do.” The sheriff sighed. “Sorry, son. I know that I haven’t been around much lately, what with all the animal attacks and the paperwork.”

“It’s okay, dad.” Stiles assured him. “You’re just doing the best you can.”

His dad smiled at him. “Go eat, I’ll see you tonight.”

Stiles smiled back and left.


Stiles sat outside the Hale house, fully aware that Derek wasn’t home but having nothing else to do but wait for him.

Derek showed up a little while later.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, walking up to where Stiles was lying down.

Stiles sat up. “Where’ve you been?”

“I was visiting my uncle at the hospital.” Derek answered, looking around.

“I looked into the victims.” Stiles said, sighing and pulling out the papers he had copied. “The bus driver and the video store clerk?”

Derek looked at him with a furrowed brow, reaching to get the papers but Stiles held them away.

“Look, I don’t know how you’re going to react to this, but-” Stiles said, hesitating.

Derek pulled the papers out of his hand.

“What is this?” Derek asked, glaring at Stiles like Stiles was responsible for everything.

“Woah, I just did some digging.” Stiles said, standing up. “That’s what I found out.”

“What are you trying to tell me?” Derek asked, looming over Stiles.

“Calm down, okay?” Stiles said, raising his hands. “You told me to tell you if I found something new. This is new to me, so I decided to share my information.”

Derek looked him over before stepping back.

“Good.” Stiles nodded. “What do you know about the fire?”

Derek looked down.

“Derek, you gotta give me something, man.” Stiles said, watching Derek look around thoughtfully.

“I have to go see my uncle again.” Derek said, storming off.

Stiles ran to catch up with him, but seeing that Derek wasn’t going to share any information, he decided against it and went home.


“Just a friendly reminder: parent/teacher conferences are tonight.” Mr. Harris announced in Chemistry class the next day. “Student’s below a ‘C’ average are required to attend. I won’t name you because the shame and self-disgust should be more than enough punishment.”

Stiles was busy highlighting important facts in the book that he would need to study when Mr. Harris came up to him. “Has anyone seen Scott McCall?”

Stiles looked up, going to shrug when Jackson came in, taking up the class’s attention.

“Hey, Jackson.” Mr. Harris said, walking over to him. “If you need to leave early for any reason, you let me know.”

He walked back to the front of the class. “Everyone, start reading chapter nine. Mr. Stilinski, try putting the highlighter down between paragraphs. It’s chemistry, not a coloring book.”

Stiles glared and spat the cap out of his mouth towards the ceiling before catching it. He decided to ignore his teacher and leaned to where Danny was sitting in front of him.

“Hey, Danny.” Stiles said. “Can I ask you a question?”

“No.” Danny said, ignoring him.

“Well, I’m gonna to anyway.” Stiles continued. “Um, did Lydia show up in your homeroom today?”

“No.” Danny sighed.

“Can I ask you another question?” Stiles asked again.

“Answer’s still no.” Danny replied, mildly annoyed.

“Does anyone know what happened to her and Jackson?” Stiles asked.

“He wouldn’t… tell me.” Danny answered, uncomfortable.

“But he’s your best friend.” Stiles said, confused.

Danny sighed with a shrug.

“One more question.” Stiles said.

“What?” Danny asked, obviously annoyed now.

“Do you find me attractive?” Stiles asked, leaning over to see Danny’s face before falling out of his chair.

Danny looked confused and didn’t answer.


Coming out of class, Stiles smelled Derek and followed the scent to the locker rooms.

“What are you doing here?” Stiles asked, confused but not surprised.

“I’m going to have a chat with Jackson when he’s out of the shower.” Derek shrugged. “Hey, why do you care if that boy, Danny, finds you attractive or not?”

Stiles squinted at him.

“Do you think things over in your head before you say them or do you just not care if you sound like a creep?” Stiles asked, genuinely interested.

“I don’t care.” Derek answered. “But what do you mean?”

“Well, you’re waiting for Jackson to come out of the shower and you’re stalking me.” Stiles said, lifting his eyebrows at Derek.

“Why do you always say that I’m stalking you? I’m not stalking you.” Derek shook his head.

“You were listening to a private conversation between myself and Daniel while I was in chemistry class.” Stiles pointed out.

“You know that when you asked him about Lydia, your heart started beating a little bit faster?” Derek asked.

“You have got to get out more.” Stiles said, shaking his head. “You’ve passed the age where stalking teenagers is acceptable.”

“I’m not that much older than you.” Derek reminded him.

“But you aren’t in high school anymore, and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make much of a difference if you were.” Stiles said, hearing the water shut off.

“That’s my cue.” Derek excused himself, hiding in the steam.

“Great job, Stiles, you’ve befriended a big creep.” Stiles whispered to himself.

Just then, he heard Derek slam Jackson against a locker. It was worse than he’d thought. He hadn’t even allowed Jackson to get dressed and was pressing him against the locker menacingly while Jackson cowered in only a towel.

“Are you for real?” Stiles squeaked, knowing that Derek could hear him and Jackson couldn’t.

Derek came up to him a few moments later. “He doesn’t know anything.”

“Cool, great, thanks.” Stiles said, gaping at Derek. “What the hell happened to you?”

Derek looked down at himself to check for anything out of place. He looked back up at Stiles, confused.

“Nothing, why?” Derek asked.

Stiles just gaped at him some more before leaving the locker rooms, leaving Derek to continue doing creepy Derek things.


After school, Stiles went to see Lydia. She was pretty drugged out on her bed.

She was surprisingly flirty and happy to see him, and he felt his heart race every time she touched him. She let him sit on her bed and leaned over him, her face close to his.

When Stiles saw the pill bottles on her nightstand he chuckled. “I bet you can’t say: ‘I saw Susie sitting in a shoeshine shop’ ten times fast.”

She raised her eyebrow at him, accepting the challenge. “I saw Shuzy- I shaw-”

Stiles put the bottle back down and she lied down, a haunted expression on her face.

“I saw…” She said, distant and unfocused.

“What?” Stiles asked, placing his hand over her own. “Lydia, what did you see?”

“Something.” Lydia answered, staring at the wall.

“Something like… like a mountain lion?” Stiles asked, knowing that she hadn’t.

“A mountain lion.” Lydia agreed.

“Are you sure you saw a mountain lion, or are you just saying that because that’s what the police told you?” Stiles asked.

“A mountain lion.” Lydia repeated.

Stiles reached over to show her a plush giraffe. “What’s this?”

“A mountain lion.” Lydia stated, turning to it.

“Okay,” Stiles said, putting the giraffe back. “You’re so drunk.”

Her head fell in his lap and her hand was close to his crotch. He gasped loudly, surprised and aroused.

Stiles stood, abruptly, feeling oddly guilty. “Well, I’m gonna go. Uh, I’ll let you get back to the post-traumatic stress thing.”

“Mm, stay.” Lydia said, just as he was about to leave.

He whipped the door back open. “Me, stay? You want me to stay?”

Stiles tried not to get his hopes up, not when he’d been obsessed with her since the third grade. But she hummed and nodded, patting the bed seductively and he couldn’t resist her. He rushed back to where he’d been sitting before.

“Yes, please.” She said, delicately caressing his face.

He started breathing heavily, his heart racing as she brought her face closer to his, almost as if going for a kiss.

“Stay.” Lydia’s face turned soft. “Please… Jackson.”

Stiles held in his irritation. “And we’re done here.”

Lydia passed out on the bed as he sighed and her phone went off.

“You want me to get that?” Stiles asked her unconscious body.

“It’s a text.” He informed her, toying with her phone to try to read it. “I don’t know how to-”

Stiles cut himself off, a video open on her phone playing before pausing on the Alpha.

Stiles was shocked and unsure of what to do. He held her phone uncertainly for a minute before standing back up.

“I gotta go, I’m just gonna borrow this.” Stiles said, fixing her position on the bed and pushing the hair out of her face.

He turned her light off and closed her bedroom door behind himself before leaving.


Stiles got in to his Jeep and went home.

In his room, Stiles was desperately trying to contact Scott for advice when his dad knocked on the door.

“Please tell me I’m going to hear good news at this parent/teacher thing tonight.” He asked with a pained expression.

“Depends on how you define ‘good news.’” Stiles replied awkwardly.

“I define it as you getting straight ‘A’s’ with no behavioral issues.” His dad answered, scrunching his face.

Stiles did his best not to wince. “Might want to rethink that definition?”

“Enough said.” His dad said before walking away.

Stiles watched the video one more time before deciding to go for a run to Derek’s place. When he got there, he smelled gunpowder and electricity. Hunters were obviously there and Stiles could hear the same woman hunter that had shot Derek talking.

Stiles approached as silently as he could, coming in through the back as he heard Derek gasping, trying to crawl away.

He heard the sting of electricity and Derek shivering.

Stiles recognized the voice as Allison’s aunt Kate as she taunted him.

“You never were good with electricity… or fire.” She said, and Stiles could hear Derek’s struggling breaths. “Which is why I’m gonna let you in on a little secret and, well, maybe we can help each other out.”

Derek grunted, struggling to get up, and Stiles desperately wanted to help him, but it wouldn’t do anyone any good if he just revealed himself and got himself caught.

“Yes, your sister was severed into pieces and used as bait to try to catch you.” Kate continued. “Unpleasant, and frankly: a little too Texas Chainsaw Massacre for my taste, but quite true. Now, here’s the part that might really kick you in your balls: we didn’t kill her.”

Stiles could practically smell Derek’s glare.

“You think I’m lying?” She asked.

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” Derek struggled to say.

“Tsk, sweetie.” She tisked. “Well, why don’t you just listen to my heart and tell me if I am, okay? We… didn’t… kill… your… sister. Do you hear that? There’s no blips or upticks, just the steady beat of the cold, hard truth. Found bite-marks on your sister’s body, Derek. What do you think did that? A mountain lion?”

Stiles heard her scoff and he could tell from the angry sound of his heartbeat that Derek was steadily healing himself enough to be able to run. There was the click of Kate putting her weapon away and Stiles knew that in just a few seconds, he could act.

“Why aren’t we helping each other out?” Kate asked. “You might as well admit what you’ve been guessing all along which is: the Alpha killed your sister.”

Derek shifted his position easier, and Stiles knew that it was the perfect time to act. He shifted as noiselessly as possible and ran as quickly as he could around her, knocking her gun away to distract her attention away from Derek, giving Derek the opportunity to make a run for it.

Derek ran as fast as he could in his weakened state, away from where Kate started shooting up his house and Stiles caught up to him about half a mile away to help him as he stopped to lean against a tree.

“What the hell do you think you were doing?!” Derek asked, tired but outraged.

“I thought I was saving your ass!” Stiles yelled back, defensive and surprised.

“What if she saw you?! What if you weren’t fast enough and she caught you?!” Derek yelled, slumping against his support.

“You can yell at me later, right now I’m taking you somewhere to heal.” Stiles said, pulling Derek in the general direction of his house.

“No!” Derek growled. “What you did was reckless and stupid and you could’ve gotten killed!”

“Maybe.” Stiles shrugged, like it wasn’t important. “But if I hadn’t, then you could be dead right now and then what the hell am I supposed to do?”

Derek looked him over, angry that he still couldn’t figure the boy out, and growled again.

Stiles growled back for the hell of it, frustrated.

“I’ll be fine, just go home.” Derek said, walking away.

“Yeah, you’ll be fine eventually, but right now you’ve just been shocked by nine hundred thousand volts.” Stiles reminded him. “I’m not letting you out of my sight until I’m positive that you’re completely healed.”

“Why?” Derek asked, genuinely confused. “Why does it matter if I’m okay or not?”

Stiles looked down, shifting his jaw from side to side with a pout. “I don’t know, just, ever since I got bitten there’s this confidence that I didn’t have before, and some weird overprotective need to make sure that my friends are okay.”

Derek furrowed his brow, watching Stiles’ awkward behavior.

“It’s not so overprotective when it comes to you though since you’ve basically continued being on the verge of death since we met.” Stiles joked lightly, trying to ease the tension.

Derek hadn’t actually thought that Stiles considered him a friend, he just thought that he’d sort of forced Stiles into doing whatever he said.

“What?” Stiles asked after Derek had been staring for a few minutes. “We have to get you someplace safe before the hunters track us somehow.”

Derek just nodded, slightly stunned, as Stiles lead him away, watching Derek with concern obvious in his expression. Derek could smell it.


“So I moved the desk away from the window, as per your request.” Stiles winked at Derek, turning the light of his bedroom on.

“Where’s your dad?” Derek asked, remembering last time.

“He’s at this parent/teacher thing at my school.” Stiles shrugged. “It doesn’t end ‘till nine so that gives us a few hours to get you all rested and healed.”

Derek looked around, noticing that Stiles had indeed moved his desk away from the window, even though it cramped the room a bit.

“You can lie down on the bed, I’ve got some homework to finish and I’d work better at the desk tonight.” Stiles suggested, moving his arm to indicate the bed. “You should take a nap, you can snuggle under the covers if you want.”

Derek sat down, still looking around and noticing that Stiles had set up a series of newspaper clipping and pictures connected with tacks and strings.

“That’s just how the investigation is going.” Stiles said, answering Derek’s unasked question. “You can borrow a shirt if you want, or- hold on.”

Stiles stood up and crouched down to open a drawer to take out a pair of sweats.

“They’re clean and kinda big on me.” Stiles said, tossing them to Derek. “You can go ahead and try them on to see if they’re comfortable, if you want.”

Derek nodded and undid his belt and popped the button of his jeans.

“Woah!” Stiles said, lifting his palms up before swiveling his chair around and turning on his laptop. “Little bit of warning next time.”

Derek rolled his eyes and kicked off his shoes as he finished taking his pants off, slipping the borrowed sweats on.

“Is it safe to look?” Stiles asked, swiveling his chair back around with his hands barely covering his eyes, peeking between his fingers. He grinned happily, seeing Derek in his sweats.

Derek made himself comfortable under Stiles’ sheets, unused to the soft material but also comforted by the warmth that enveloped him and Stiles’ lingering scent.

Stiles smirked at him before turning back to the laptop.

“Hey, you don’t mind if I leave the light on, do you?” Stiles asked, opening a book.

“No, I probably won’t fall asleep anyway.” Derek assured him.

“Okay.” Stiles nodded, opening Google and typing into the search.


Derek woke up the next morning, still in Stiles’ bed. He looked to where Stiles had fallen asleep with his head lolled back in the desk chair, a bit of drool dripping out of his mouth.

Not in any rush to leave, Derek took his time to stretch his muscles, surprisingly relaxed as he hadn’t been in months. Maybe even years.

He checked the time and found that Stiles still had another hour left to sleep and went to wake him.

“Stiles.” Derek said, shaking him.

Stiles moaned with a smile. “You’re dirty.”

Derek rolled his eyes when Stiles started kissing at the air and giggling.

Fuck it.

Derek tipped Stiles’ chair back far enough that Stiles’ weight brought it falling backwards, startling Stiles into flailing and fumbling to get up, wiping at the drool on his face self-conscious.

“What? What is it?” Stiles asked, voice rough from the disuse of sleep and from sleeping with his mouth open.

“Come on, go to bed.” Derek directed, guiding a half-asleep Stiles to the bed.

“Wait.” Stiles paused, more alert. He turned to check his clock and smiled, turning his grin towards Derek before flopping on his bed.

Derek was about to leave when Stiles startled and turned back around.

Derek raised his eyebrows in question.

“Did you sleep okay?” Stiles asked as if it was the only thing that mattered in that moment.

Derek answered with a nod. “Go back to sleep.”

Stiles grinned at him happily again and let his body drop back down on the mattress.

Derek shook his head.

“Good morning, Derek.” Stiles muttered before falling back asleep.

Derek changed back into his pants and shoes, looking around for his shirt before remembering that he hadn’t brought one. He sighed and left, needing to go retrieve one from his house and check for hunters.


Stiles was out getting snacks that evening, thinking about maybe looking up Derek to watch a movie, when he heard a growl.

Stiles used his senses to find where the growl had come from when he caught a familiar scent.

“Come on out Derek, I know it’s you.” Stiles called, bored as he put the groceries into his Jeep.

Derek attacked him, snarling and fierce, and Stiles was confused for a moment.

“Woah!” Stiles exclaimed. “What is this?”

Derek just growled at him some more and Stiles shrugged, shifting into werewolf form and growling back, crouching to a defensive position.

Derek lunged at him, but Stiles caught him and pushed him away, not actually wanting to hit Derek even though he knew that he would heal.

Derek clawed at him, punching and kicking Stiles back as Stiles tried to dodge and block the assaults. That only seemed to infuriate Derek more and he snarled loudly in Stiles’ face, biting at him threateningly.

“Fight back!” Derek demanded.

“Can I ask why?” Stiles asked, avoiding Derek’s claws as they just nearly missed his face.

Derek growled at him again and Stiles shrugged, knowing that Derek wasn’t going to give him an answer until he got what he wanted.

Stiles fought back with as much ferocity, punching and kicking, slashing and biting, actually cutting through Derek’s skin a few times, but not enough to weaken him.

“Don’t hold back!” Derek commanded, slashing at Stiles’ middle, just barely missing.

“I really like this shirt.” Stiles said, backing away.

Derek sighed and shifted back into human form, obviously annoyed. Stiles followed suit.

“Really, Stiles?” Derek asked. “Is that what you’re gonna tell the Alpha when he comes for you?”

“Depends on what shirt I’m wearing.” Stiles grinned.

Derek sighed heavily.

“You know, you really don’t have the element of surprise down.” Stiles informed him, heading back towards his Jeep. “I can tell if it’s you.”

“Well, at least you’re using your senses.” Derek shrugged, still unimpressed. “But you have to be in complete control. You’re faster and stronger too, don’t forget that.”

“I don’t.” Stiles assured him as he got in his Jeep. “I’m gonna go home to drop these off. There was a big mess at the parent/teacher conference and Allison’s dad shot a mountain lion. Somewhere in the mess, my dad was hit by a car and he’s okay, but I feel guilty about not being there and so I’m apologizing by making snacks.”

Derek just stared.

“He’s got some medication for the pain.” Stiles continued. “It’s nothing really strong like morphine or anything, but it’s stronger than Aspirin and makes him kinda sleepy. I could sneak out later and we could meet up in the woods for your whole ninja training thing.”

Derek sighed, frustrated, but nodded.

“Cool.” Stiles smiled. “Did you go back to your house? Is it clear of hunters or…?”

“It looks like they’ve left the place alone for now.” Derek answered, walking away.

“See you in a few hours!” Stiles yelled after him.


A few hours later, Stiles was wandering around in the woods, using his senses to find Derek when he caught another scent. It was the Alpha and it was close by. He heard a growl and started running away, looking for any sign of Derek. Stiles fell down a small hill and positioned himself defensively, growling low and ready for a fight.

The Alpha’s terrifying form was mostly hidden by the dark, but Stiles focused his vision and was able to discern what it looked like, for the most part at least. The large, ugly creature crowded towards him and Stiles’ heart rate skyrocketed. Not bothering to control it, he shifted easily and snarled.

The Alpha ran towards him and Stiles howled, remembering that wolves howled to signal their position to the rest of the pack and praying that Derek would hear him. The Alpha cut Stiles off before he could howl again by throwing him against a tree.

Stiles snarled and slashed at the Alpha’s face before running away, knowing that the Alpha was close behind and would catch up sooner rather than later.

Stiles was starting to regret calling for Derek. He knew that they couldn’t take him on, even together the Alpha was still stronger, faster, and bigger in every way.

Derek caught up to him, and Stiles could smell the fear.

Derek was going to stand and fight, but Stiles grabbed him and pulled him along.

“We can’t take him yet.” Stiles reminded him. “Come on.”

Derek looked ready to argue, but he followed Stiles without another word.

After running a few miles, Stiles stopped. “Wait a minute.”

“What?” Derek asked, looking around.

“Do you hear that?” Stiles asked, walking the direction they had been running from.

“He’s not chasing us anymore.” Derek answered, following behind Stiles.

“He was angry.” Stiles remembered, running back to where he had last seen him.

“Stiles!” Derek chased after him. “Stiles, wait!”

Stiles stopped when he reached his destination and looked around, smelling the traces of anger that had been left behind.

“You smell it, right?” Stiles asked Derek when he had caught up.

Derek nodded, looking around and sniffing.

Stiles looked around, following the scent back to the tree that he had been thrown against.

“Derek, I think now might be a good time for you to tell me what a spiral means.” Stiles said, tracing his fingers over where the Alpha had carved into the tree.

Derek’s eyes widened, and Stiles could smell the terror he was feeling. It was weird, being able to smell emotions.

Derek backed away, blinking rapidly.

“Derek?” Stiles asked, not willing to let Derek leave until he had an explanation.

“It’s- it’s our sign for a vendetta.” Derek answered, momentarily stunned. “For revenge.”

Stiles made a movement with his head for Derek to continue.

Derek took a moment to compose himself.

“It means he won’t stop killing until he’s satisfied.” Derek explained, his expression dark and confused.

“Okay, so we know that this has something to do with the house fire six years ago, right?” Stiles asked. “Who else might have survived? You went to go talk to your uncle, did he give you any insight, at all?”

Derek shook his head. “No.”

“Great, so we’ve got nothing to go on.” Stiles sighed. “What do we do now?”

Derek shook his head, unsure.

“Wait. Wait a minute!” Stiles knocked himself in the head. “The deer!”

Derek furrowed his brow.

“The deer that lured your sister back to Beacon Hills.” Stiles reminded him. “Who found it?”

Derek shook his head again.

“Deaton should know.” Stiles said, slapping Derek’s shoulder in a gesture for him to follow. “Scott works at the animal clinic. Deaton’s his boss. He should know everything about that deer.”

They raced to Derek’s car since it was the closest and Derek drove them to the animal clinic.

“Who the hell taught you how to drive?” Stiles asked as Derek made another sharp turn, causing the tires to squeal.

Derek just glared at the road, determined, and kept driving.

When they got to the animal clinic it was closed, but a quick survey of the place with his senses told Stiles that Deaton was still inside and he walked in with Derek in tow.

Deaton had mistaken them for Scott and was surprise to see Stiles there.

“Stiles, what are you doing here?” Deaton asked, not unkindly.

“I just came by to ask about a, uh, a deer that might have come by a few months ago.” Stiles stuttered, wishing that he had a picture.

“A deer?” Deaton asked.

“It had a spiral on it.” Stiles clarified.

Derek showed up next to him at the doorway.

“It was three months ago.” Derek informed him, trying to look a little bit less threatening than usual.

“Oh, yes.” Deaton answered. “It’s just a deer, and I didn’t find it, they called me because they wanted to know if I’d ever seen anything like it.”

“What’d you tell them?” Derek asked.

Deaton crossed his arms. “I told them no.”

Stiles could hear Deaton’s heart blip and watched Derek carefully as he walked in.

“Did you hear that?” Derek asked, walking towards Deaton slowly.

“Derek.” Stiles warned.

“Hear what?” Deaton asked, backing up.

“The sound of your heartbeat rising.” Derek answered, upset.

“Excuse me?” Deaton asked, looking confused but Stiles knew that he was hiding something.

“It’s the sound of you lying.” Derek answered, pulling Deaton by the lapels over the small metal table.

“Derek, stop!” Stiles said, pushing Derek away from Deaton, but Deaton was already knocked out on the floor.

“What the hell?!” Stiles asked, leaning down to check Deaton for life signs.

“He’s lying, I know you heard it.” Derek said, pulling up a chair and setting Deaton on it.

“Yeah, I did, but-” Stiles started, but realized he didn’t have a good defense for him.

“Exactly.” Derek started tying Deaton’s hands behind his back.

Deaton woke up just as Derek had finished and stepped aside.

“Oh, God.” Deaton said, looking around worried.

“Are you protecting someone?” Derek asked.

“Alright, the key to the drug locker is in my pocket.” Deaton said nervously.

“I don’t want drugs, I want to know why you’re lying.” Derek demanded forcefully.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Deaton answered, but his heartbeat told Stiles that he was lying. Again.

“I want to know who you are, or who you’re protecting!” Derek said, picking Deaton up.

“Hey, that’s enough.” Stiles said, grabbing Derek’s arm.

Derek shoved him away and punched Deaton in the face.

“I said that’s enough!” Stiles yelled, pushing Derek back.

“Look, when he’s conscious, he can keep himself from healing, but unconscious, he can’t.” Derek yelled back.

“He’s not the Alpha!” Stiles yelled.

“We’re about to find out.” Derek said, pulling out his claws and ready to strike when Stiles shifted to catch his arm and snarled at him to back down.

Derek stopped and backed away, surprised.

“Look at his face.” Stiles said, shifting back to human form. “It’s cut and it’s bleeding. If he were the Alpha, he would have healed by now.”

Derek looked to the small cut on Deaton’s face, not healing even though he was unconscious.

“Come on.” Stiles sighed. “You better go. We’ll chase down more leads tomorrow.”

“We’re running out of time, don’t you get that?” Derek asked, angry. “We don’t know who the Alpha is or why he’s killing people that are supposedly responsible for murdering my family!”

Stiles sighed, grabbing bandages and cleaning Deaton’s wounds.

“Do you have a plan?” Derek asked, impatient.

“No.” Stiles scoffed. “Do you?”

Derek lifted an eyebrow and tilted his head.

“We’re not torturing him!” Stiles yelled.

Derek shrugged. “You don’t seem to have any better suggestions.”

“No, Derek.” Stiles said, rolling his eyes.

Derek let out an exasperated sigh.

“Wait a minute.” Stiles said, thinking. “Even if he is, what the hell are we gonna do?”

“Kill him.” Derek answered, lifting his eyebrows as though it were obvious.

“But then Scotty’s out of a job.” Stiles said, furrowing his brow.

“That really doesn’t matter to me. At all.” Derek deadpanned.

“Yeah, I know.” Stiles sighed. “How are we going to kill him?”

“We can take him, together.” Derek assured him. “He may be an Alpha, but he’s an Alpha without a pack, which makes him weaker than he should be.”

“What if he- you know, what if he kills one of us?” Stiles asked, slightly terrified.

“Then one of us dies, but he dies with us.” Derek said bravely.

“That’s worse than my ‘I run one way, you run the other way’ plan.” Stiles noted.

Derek grunted, annoyed. “He’s going to wake up soon.”

“Fine.” Stiles nodded. “But we’re taking him to the school.”

“Why?” Derek asked, confused.

“Mostly because I’m hoping he’ll tear it up enough so that it closes for a few days, partly because I’m never gonna let myself die at school, but also because I have an idea.” Stiles shrugged.

“What idea?” Derek watched him suspiciously.

Stiles grinned. “Are you gonna put him in your car or should I?”

Derek didn’t like being on the other side of the cryptic answers.


“It should be empty this late in the evening.” Stiles said, getting out of the Camaro.

“Are you gonna tell me your plan?” Derek asked, agitated.

“You said that the Alpha and I are linked, right?” Stiles asked as a reminder. “So I’m gonna call him.”

“That’s a horrible idea.” Derek informed him.

“It’s the best I could come up with short notice.” Stiles shrugged, bounding up the school steps.

“Where are you going?” Derek asked, hesitant.

“Just, shut up and keep an eye on Scott’s maybe psychotic boss.” Stiles smirked.

Derek sighed and leaned against the Camaro.

Not long after, a loud howl echoed throughout the school… block… town… possibly the whole state.

Stiles came hopping down the steps with a grin.

“I’m going to kill you!” Derek threatened. “What the hell was that? What are you trying to do, attract the entire state to the school?!”

“Heh.” Stiles chuckled. “I know it was loud, but it was awesome!”

“Shut up.” Derek told him.

“Don’t be such a Sourwolf.” Stiles grinned.

Derek glared, then realized he was pouting and didn’t know what to do with his face. Stiles started to laugh.

“Wait, where’s Deaton?” Stiles asked, seeing the backseat empty.

“What?” Derek asked, turning around. He turned back to Stiles, confusion clear on his face when something clawed him from behind, blood spurting out of his mouth.

“Derek!” Stiles yelled as the Alpha threw him against a wall. Stiles ran to check on Derek but the Alpha blocked his way.

Stiles used his senses to figure out if Derek was alive, but he couldn’t hear his heart beating and his eyes were open, staring at nothing. Empty.

A primal anger inside of him clawed to get out and he let it take over; shifting and attacking the Alpha with everything he had. The Alpha was still stronger, but Stiles was faster and far more angry. He could smell it, strong even to his own nose. And he slashed the Alpha’s face when the opportunity presented itself.

The Alpha howled in pain, then growled low, snarling as he tried to command Stiles to do his bidding. Stiles ignored his wolf’s instinct to fall in line and growled back, his senses enhanced and alert in the small silence that followed as the Alpha readied himself for another attack.


Stiles heard voices inside of the school and turned towards them, confused. The Alpha used his distraction to hit him, knocking him back against the school doors.

Stiles rushed inside, running as fast as he could to track the voices to get them to leave.

“But why would he want to meet at the school?” Stiles heard Lydia and panicked, stopping himself in his tracks.

“Yeah, isn’t this illegal?”


That meant that…

“His dad’s the sheriff, I don’t think Stiles cares much for rules.”


Stiles ran towards them, calming himself down back to human form, steadily using Scott as an anchor.

“Why did I have to come? Stilinski and I don’t exactly chat.”

Jackson. Well, if one of them ended up dead, Stiles already knew who he was voting for.

Stiles burst into the classroom they were in. “What the hell are you guys doing here?”

“You texted me, telling me to bring Allison, Lydia, and Jackson.” Scott answered, looking Stiles over and noticing a hint of blood on his shirt. “Wait… didn’t you?”

“No.” Stiles said, looking at the four of them with concern.

“I could have sworn…” Scott said, pulling his phone out.

“You all have to leave, right now.” Stiles said, trying to usher them out when there was a loud clanging.

“What was that?” Lydia asked, looking around frightened.

“Wait, is that Derek?” Scott asked.

Stiles just barely stopped himself from hitting him.

“Derek?” Allison asked. “As in Derek Hale?”

“Yes.” Scott answered.

“NO!” Stiles screamed, just barely holding back the wolf.

There was a clamoring and the Alpha knocked against the door.

“Out the kitchen, up the stairs!” Stiles demanded, holding his hands out protectively in front of his friends, facing the door.

“That means going up!” Scott yelled.

“Up is better than here. Run!” Stiles yelled.

They all ran out, just as the Alpha broke through.

“Could someone please tell me what’s going on right now because I am freaking out and I would like to know why.” Allison said, breathing heavily.

“It’s Derek.” Scott said, moving to hold her hand. “Derek’s doing this.”

“Wh-?” Stiles looked at his best friend, his jaw dropped at the shear amount of betrayal he felt.

“No, this was supposed to be over- the mountain lion.” Lydia said, frightened and confused.

“Don’t you get it? It wasn’t a mountain lion.” Jackson yelled at her.

“What does he want?!” Allison asked, turning back to Scott. “What’s happening? SCOTT!”

“I-I don’t know!” Scott stuttered.

Stiles felt his anger flare up and he tried to calm himself.

“If we go out there he’s gonna kill us.” Scott warned, turning to Stiles for approval.

Stiles was barely containing himself and turned to Lydia.

“Us? He’s gonna kill us?” She asked, holding on to Jackson’s arm.

That wasn’t helping either.

“Who is it?” Allison asked Stiles, but he couldn’t answer. He could barely breathe.

“Derek.” Scott affirmed.

“Are you sure?” Allison asked him.

“Derek killed them.” Scott revealed.

“All of them?” Allison asked, panicked.

“Yes! Starting with his own sister.” Scott yelled.

“The bus driver?” Allison asked, her voice a whisper.

“Yeah, and the guy at the video store, it’s been Derek the whole time!” Scott answered forcefully. “He’s in here with us, and if we don’t get out now, he’s going to kill us too!”

Stiles felt his eyes glow yellow but closed them tightly, breathing heavily.

Lydia reached out to touch his arm. “Are you okay?”

Stiles held her hand where it was on his arm and breathed. “Yeah.”

“Call the cops.” Jackson commanded.

“No.” Stiles refused.

“What do you mean no?” Jackson asked, upset.

“I mean no. You wanna hear it in Spanish? Noh.” Stiles snarked, anger bubbling back up inside him.

He kept his focus on where Lydia was clutching his arm.

“Look, Derek-” Stiles paused. “Derek killed three people, okay? We don’t know what he’s armed with.”

“Your dad is armed with an entire Sheriff’s Department. Call him!” Jackson retorted.

Lydia let go of Stiles’ arm and took out her phone. “I’m calling.”

“No, Lydia. Would you just hold on a second?” Stiles asked, following her as she moved away, but Jackson got in his face.

Lydia called the police, but they hung up on her. Someone called and gave them a tip that there were going to be prank calls about a break-in at the high school and that if she called again they were going to have her arrested.

“Okay, then call again.” Allison told her.

“No, they won’t trace a cell.” Stiles informed them. “Then they’ll send a car to your house before they send anyone here.”

“What the- what- what is this?” Allison asked, grabbing her head. “Why does Derek wanna kill us? Why is he killing anyone?”

Stiles held in a growl.

“Who knows?!” Stiles yelled when he saw them all looking at him. “How the hell am I supposed to know?!”

“Yo, Stiles, chill, dude.” Scott said, standing next to Allison.

“NO!” Stiles yelled.

“Is he the one that sent her the text?” Lydia asked, her voice small.

Stiles shook his head, he couldn’t think. He couldn’t breathe.

“Is he the one that called the police?” Allison asked.

“What part of ‘I don’t know’ aren’t you people getting?! You especially!” Stiles yelled, just barely holding back his wolf.

Scott stood in front of Allison and Stiles sighed, shaking his head exasperated. He was going to kill them.

Scott turned around to face Allison. “He’s stressed out, stop asking questions! We don’t know any more than you do!”

Just then, Scott put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

“We’re gonna get through this, okay?” Scott assured him. “You need to calm down.”

Stiles wasn’t really in the mood the talk to Scott, but he was still his best friend. They were brothers. He could forgive him another dumbass mistake. Stiles looked to Scott and nodded, taking a few seconds to breathe and calm down.

“Okay, why don’t we ease back on the throttle here, yeah?” Stiles said, putting some more distance between Scott and Allison.

Scott allowed himself to be maneuvered away.

“Okay, first off: throwing Derek under the bus? Nicely done.” Stiles said sarcastically.

“I didn’t know what to say, I had to say something.” Scott replied, panicked. “And I’d already let it slip earlier and he’s been arrested and I’m still not entirely convince that he isn’t the one murdering people.”

“Yeah, it’s not him.” Stiles sighed. “He was just tossed by the Alpha outside. Blood spurted out of his mouth, that doesn’t qualify as a minor injury, and I couldn’t hear a heartbeat.”

“Well, if he’s dead then it doesn’t matter, right?” Scott shrugged.

Stiles wanted to strangle him. Stiles did. Not the wolf. Stiles. Stiles was going to strangle his dumbass best friend.

There was a distant scream, Stiles used his senses to find out that it was the janitor who had come to clean up the upper level.

“What was that?” Allison asked, but when she looked at Scott she pressed her lips together and looked the other way.

“God, I totally just bit her head off.” Scott said, worried.

“And she’ll totally get over it.” Stiles assured him. “Bigger issues out of hand here, like how do we get out alive?”

“But we are alive!” Scott reminded him. “I’m pretty sure it could have killed us by now but it’s… I don’t know it’s cornering us or something.”

“The Alpha wants revenge.” Stiles said thoughtfully. “But I don’t get why it would try to kill us.”

“Okay, assheads!” Jackson interrupted. “New plan: Stiles calls his useless dad and tells him to send someone with a gun and decent aim. Are we good with that?”

Forgetting that Jackson was a spoiled brat that dumped Lydia for no apparent reason even though she was possibly the most amazing girl that Stiles would ever meet, Jackson was a giant dick and Stiles hated everything about him.

“He’s right.” Scott said, siding with Jackson. “Tell him the truth if you have to, just call him.”

Stiles was alarmed at the amount of betrayal he was feeling.

“I’m not watching my dad get eaten alive.” Stiles said, moving to leave.

“Alright, give me the phone.” Jackson tried to touch him, harass him and take the phone, but Stiles was done putting up with bullshit.

He kept his claws retracted, but he clenched his fist and punched Jackson in the face as hard as he could.

There was a crunch and Stiles felt Jackson’s nose break against his fist. He struggled for a moment but ultimately decided on calling his dad.

“Dad, hey, it’s me.” Stiles said into the phone. “And it’s your voicemail. Look, I need you to call me back, now. Like right now. We’re at the school, dad, we’re at the school.”

The Alpha started banging against the door and they ran out through a door that led to another classroom. They escaped into the hall just as he managed to break into the room they had just been in and they ran, trying to find another open classroom.

Lydia found the Chemistry room unlocked and they all scrambled in.

The Alpha was just outside and they all kept quiet, careful not to make a sound even to the point of holding their breaths.

“Jackson, how many people can fit in your car?” Scott asked.

“Five, if someone squeezes on someone’s lap.” Jackson replied.

“Five? I barely fit in the back!” Allison whispered harshly.

“It doesn’t matter, there’s no getting out without drawing attention.” Stiles informed them, upset but keeping his heart rate down.

“Well, what about this?” Scott asked, indicating another door. “This leads to the roof, we can go down the fire escape to the parking lot in, like, seconds.”

“That’s a deadbolt.” Stiles pointed out, gesturing to the lock.

“There has to be a key.” Scott said, looking around in uncertainty.

“I have an idea.” Stiles sighed, resigned. “But it’s gonna require me going out there alone, to face something that was able to murder Derek in less than ten seconds.”

“That sounds like a horrible idea.” Scott said, breathing heavily.

“I can get the key.” Stiles informed him.

“Wait, where are you going?” Lydia asked, her eyes wide with fright.

“I’m going to get the key for that door.” Stiles nodded at her. “You’re gonna be okay.”

She started breathing heavier. “You’re not gonna go out there unarmed.”

Stiles shrugged. “There’s nothing else.”

“There is.” Lydia smiled, calming down enough to gesture towards the chemical cabinet.

“What are we gonna do, throw acid on him?” Stiles asked, sincerely fearing for his life.

“No, like a fire bomb.” Lydia told him. “In there is everything you need to make a self-igniting Molotov cocktail.”

“Self-igniting…” Stiles tried to repeat.

“Molotov Cocktail.” Lydia finished. “What? I read it somewhere.”

Stiles sighed. “I don’t have a key for that either.”

Jackson rolled his eyes and elbowed the glass cabinet in, shattering it.

Lydia set up a workstation and Stiles watched her carefully as she poured the ingredients and mixed them in together.

“Jackson, hand me the sulfuric acid.” Lydia said, receiving the bottle he gave her and pouring it into a beaker. She mixed in and put a cork in it before handing it to Stiles.

“See you guys soon, I guess.” Stiles said, but Scott caught his arm.

“Come back in one piece, yeah?” Scott looked at him with those puppy dog eyes and Stiles smiled.

“I have to.” Stiles chuckled. “Who else would let you copy their homework and put up with your non-stop talking about your girlfriend?”

Allison sighed and held Scott’s hand.

Stiles took it as his cue to leave. “Lock the door behind me.”

He exited into the hall, following the smell of blood to the gymnasium. He found the janitor’s body hanging from the bottom of the top of the bleachers. He climbed them as stealthily as he could, but then the bleachers started closing. He grabbed the keys and dropped down to pick up his beaker bomb before running out from under them.

The Alpha was waiting for him then and he threw the beaker at the Alpha’s face, but nothing happened. The Alpha shook away the glass and ran to Stiles, grabbing him by the ankles and sliding him across the gym. He held him down firm, despite Stiles’ struggles and let out a loud growl that echoed through the school.

It called out his wolf, forcing him to shift. He growled in turn, looking for a sign of the Alpha but it was gone. Stiles had to urge to find the group and tear them to shreds, but he paused, thinking of Derek. Derek had trusted Stiles and Stiles had gotten him killed. Stiles thought of their hangouts together and took a moment to breathe, finally being able to hear his father’s police sirens and shifting back into human form.

Stiles went back to the Chemistry classroom, opening the door with the keys in his hands, but they were no longer necessary. They all ran downstairs to give their statements to the police and report what had happened.

“You’re sure that it was Derek Hale?” Sheriff Stilinski asked.

“Yeah.” Scott nodded.

“I saw him too.” Stiles agreed. He may as well. “What about the janitor?”

“We’re still looking.” Sheriff Stilinski sighed.

Stiles sighed, knowing that his father didn’t believe him and there was nothing he could do.

“We’re gonna search this whole school.” The sheriff assured them. “We’re gonna find him, I promise.”

Just then, the sheriff was called away and he told them to stay.

“Well, we survived, dude.” Stiles sighed. “You know? We outlasted the Alpha. Still good, right? Most of us are alive?”

“When we were in the chemistry room, it walked right by us.” Scott reminded him. “You don’t think that it heard us? You don’t think that it knew exactly where we were?”

Stiles sighed. “Yeah, maybe. So?”

“You said that it wants revenge, but I don’t think that’s it.” Scott said. “I think that this was it recruiting you for his pack.”

“Wait a minute, you think that he wants me to kill you, Allison, Lydia, and Jackson to join its pack?” Stiles asked, disbelieving.

“You said it yourself, we’re brothers.” Scott sighed. “What if it doesn’t like that?”

Stiles thought back to when he first saw Derek on his first full moon.

“We’re brother’s now.” He had said.

“He doesn’t want to kill you… he wants me to do it.” Stiles pieced together.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Scott spotted Deaton in front of an ambulance.

“Ah, yeah, I need to talk to you about that.” Stiles said, holding Scott back before he could approach him.

“It’s your boss.” Stiles informed him. “Deaton, the Alpha. He’s your boss.”

“What? No.” Scott said surprised.

“Yes. Murdering psycho werewolf.” Stiles nodded.

“That can’t be.” Scott defended.

“All I know is that Derek and I brought him here and then he disappeared, and then the Alpha showed up ten seconds later to toss Derek 20 feet through the air. It was pretty convenient timing.”

“It’s not him.” Scott continued.

“He killed Derek.” Stiles growled.

Scott took a step back, watching his friend’s eyes glow yellow for a moment.

“Sorry, I just- Gah, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Stiles apologized. He felt empty, like he was missing something. Like he was missing a limb.

Scott spotted Allison and ran towards her. Stiles knew that they were going to have to sort a few things out, and went the other way.


Scott wouldn’t speak to Stiles until the Sunday before school re-opened, which meant eleven days of silence since the school had been shut down. Stiles was okay with it though, he didn’t feel much like hearing about Scott’s problems with Allison and why they’d broken up, when he couldn’t seem to fill the empty hole he felt it his gut.

Stiles was always the one masking his feelings and being there for Scott, but Stiles really just wanted to be M.I.A. for a while and cut everyone off. It was relatively easy to do, what with Scott’s silence and his dad being overworked and out most of the time anyways. They still hadn’t found the janitor and he knew that his dad wouldn’t believe him until there was solid proof that the janitor had even been there.

So Stiles snuck out into the woods for most of the day, and snuggled into his sheets and blankets that still smelled a little bit like Derek if he sniffed them enough. Stiles felt like he was living in a daze, nothing seemed real. There was nothing to do and the days felt long in a way that Stiles wasn’t sure were good or bad.

Mostly, he blamed himself. It had been his own stupid, half-assed plan that had gotten Derek killed. Derek was his friend. Maybe even pack since their first encounter. Stiles felt awful and didn’t know what to do with himself. Several times a day, he’d consider going back to the Hale house to try to find something of Derek’s that he’d probably left, but the place was surrounded by the police and the only time he had managed to sneak in, he’d found an old shirt that Derek had more than likely exercised in. The wound was too raw, too open for Stiles to go back again, to remember Derek and accept that he was actually dead.

Stiles almost went by to see Peter Hale, just to give him the news, but he had heard somewhere that bad news had a way of regressing patients like that, and he didn’t want to be responsible for taking any hope that the last surviving Hale had. Stiles thought he should cry, and he did once in the woods when he went back to the stream where he’d woken up and found Derek staring at him. Nevertheless, most of the time, Stiles felt numb or angry, and he’d swirl the spiral that the Alpha had carved into a tree, adding his own anger and pain.

Stiles spent the days training himself, learning to be his own anchor and using his mother’s memory when it got to be too much. Stiles hated the small spark of hope that he had when he found out that Derek’s body hadn’t been recovered anywhere, but then, neither had the janitor’s. He trained hard and pushed himself the way that Derek might. He broke bones and pushed himself to his limits, finding out exactly how fast he could go, how far he could jump, listening, smelling, and watching as best he could.

He didn’t know how much good eleven days of training were going to do, but he knew that he had to do something. The Alpha was going to come back, and Stiles was going to be ready for him or die trying. He’d killed Derek, and something had snapped in Stiles. He ignored every hope that Derek might be alive, every instinct that told him that maybe Derek could have survived. He’d already gone through false hope with his mother, hoping that she might live longer or even get better. Stiles wasn’t going to give into it again, because it hurt ten times worse when reality struck.


Sunday evening, Scott called Stiles, feeling terrible and done trying to blame Allison’s trust issues on anyone other than her lying family of hunters. Stiles stole a bottle of whiskey from his dad’s liquor cabinet, pasted on his most dazzling smile, and got in his Jeep to pick Scott up at home.

Scott smelled like cookies, tears, and his mother’s perfume. Although not particularly in the mood, Stiles teased him about moping around and being coddled the past week to try to get some semblance of normalcy. Stiles was grateful that Scott had such an amazing mother who loved him as much as she did. He drove Scott up to a small hill, not too far out in the woods, and handed him the bottle of whiskey. Scott took it reluctantly and took a sip.

Stiles sat down on a rock while Scott prattled on about Allison not trusting him and dumping him when he’d done nothing wrong. Half a bottle later, things weren’t any lighter and Stiles knew that he couldn’t get drunk as easily as Scott could.

“Yo, Stiles?” Scott asked, now lying down next to him as they gazed at the stars.

“Yeah?” Stiles asked, indulging his drunken friend.

“I’m sorry about Derek.” Scott apologized. “I feel really shitty about putting all the blame on him.”

Stiles sighed. “That’s okay.”

“Do you think he forgives me?” Scott asked, turning to look at Stiles.

“Probably not.” Stiles answered. “Can’t really do much where he is now.”

“Do you think he’s in heaven or hell?” Scott asked, still watching Stiles.

“I don’t know.” Stiles shrugged. “Maybe neither. I just know that he isn’t here.”

“So you think he’s alive?” Scott slurred. “I think he’d find a way to be alive. He’s still mad.”

Stiles held in a growl. “Can we not talk about this please?”

Scott kept quiet for a moment. “It hurts so much.”

“I know.” Stiles nodded.

“No, you don’t.” Scott slurred. “She’s gonna dump me.”

“Yeah, okay so I don’t.” Stiles shrugged. “But I know this: as much as being broken up hurts, never having had anyone hurts even worse. Everyone walking in pairs around you and you can’t even actually imagine what it would be like to have someone you like, like you back.”

“What?” Scott asked, trying to wrap his drunken mind around what Stiles was saying.

Scott was going to take another swig from the bottle, like it was going to help, when someone snatched the bottle out of his hand.

“Well, look at the two little bitches getting their drink on.” A black man said, mocking, to his white companion.

Stiles watched him darkly. “Give it back.”

“Yeah, give it back.” Scott repeated, stumbling to stand.

“What’s that little man?” The black man asked, towering over Stiles.

“I think he wants a drink.” The white companion answered, laughing.

“I want the bottle.” Scott said, swaying on his feet.

Stiles sighed and stood up to help him.

“C’mon, Scott. We should just go.” Stiles said, helping Scott lean against a boulder.

“You brought me here to get me drunk, I need alcohol for that.” Scott reminded him, bracing his hands against the boulder for support.

“Alright, you heard him.” Stiles said, challenging the two shitheads. “Give him the bottle.”

The man just scoffed and was going to take a sip when Stiles held his arm down forcefully. “Give me the damn bottle or you’re going to be spitting out your teeth.”

The men watched him carefully and he glared at them, growling low in his throat and snatching the bottle away. He thumped the bottle against Scott’s chest and they headed back to his Jeep.

“Are you gonna need to be chained up for the full moon tomorrow?” Scott asked, swaying behind Stiles.

“Let’s go home now.” Stiles suggested, helping Scott into the Jeep.

Scott just nodded before passing out.


Stiles pulled himself out of bed and took a shower, changed, and brushed his teeth before heading off to school.

“What’s going on?” Stiles asked his dad, having waited for him to finish talking with the school principal. “Did you find Derek yet? Or the janitor?”

“I’m working on it, you go take your test.” His dad deflected.

“Alright, dad, listen to me.” Stiles said.

“Go!” His dad replied.

“This is really important.” Stiles continued. “You have to be careful tonight, okay? Especially tonight.”

“Stiles, I’m always careful.” His dad reminded him.

“Dad, you’ve never dealt with this kind of thing before, okay?” Stiles warned him. “At least not like this.”

“I know, which is why I brought in people who have. State Detective.” His dad said, gesturing to the state detective. “Go take your test.”

Stiles sighed and did as he was told.

During the exam, Stiles managed to tune down his enhanced senses and focus on his work, tuning the world out.

Sometime in the middle of the exam, after looking one too many times at Allison, Scott started hyperventilating. Stiles reached into his backpack and took out his inhaler for him and Scott took a puff, confused but not wanting to attract any more attention to himself.

Stiles finished the exam, confident in his answers before handing it in and leaving. He knew that Scott would want to talk later, but Stiles was on edge with the full moon coming at night. Stiles went out to the lacrosse field to lie down and took a deep breath. He thought that he smelled Derek, but remembered that he’d tossed Derek’s old shirt in his shirt drawer and stopped looking around.

“Even now, still making me look like a crazy idiot.” Stiles sighed. “Yeah, you’re right. I can’t blame that on you completely.”

Stiles sat up, looked around for any signs of life, and inhaled the front of his shirt.

“Yeah, it’s just me.” Stiles sighed, lying back down.


Lydia seemed to be more interested in Stiles than usual during the day, actually acknowledging his existence and flirting with him. He reciprocated in kind, heart racing when she took him into an empty classroom before practice and kissed him as he’d never been kissed.

For some reason, it wasn’t the way he had always imagined it to be. He could smell that she wasn’t genuinely interested in him, only using him in some weird power thing and he pulled away. Maybe some part of her was grateful for what he’d done for them the other night, but he wasn’t in the mood to be used and he left her alone in the classroom to play lacrosse.


Scott handcuffed Stiles to the heater in his room, knowing that his mom would be gone the whole night working a 12-hour shift at the hospital.

Stiles sat there, trying to keep calm so that he wouldn’t wolf out, but Scott had closed the door just to be safe and Stiles was left alone with his thoughts. He thought about the Alpha, the image of Derek spurting out blood flashing in his mind every time he closed his eyes. He wanted the Alpha to pay for everything he’d done, Stiles wanted the Alpha dead. It angered him that they still called him the Alpha, because what was an Alpha without a pack? Nothing, just another wolf. If what Stiles knew about wolves was correct, then an Alpha without a pack was hardly better off than an omega, but he had still managed to kill Derek by attacking from behind.

Once the full moon came up, Stiles screamed, growling loudly and thrashing until he broke free of the handcuffs and ran out the window into the woods. He had to find Derek, even if it was just his body, Stiles needed to find Derek.

He didn’t know where he was going, but he kept his senses open in case hunters came around, he didn’t want them to find him. He ran on all fours around the woods until he found himself nearing the Hale house. There were cops around, making him angrier that they wouldn’t leave Derek alone because of some stupid lie that Scott had told to appease his girlfriend and it hadn’t even worked.

Stiles wanted to attack them, some primal urge to strike them down overtaking him, but just before he could, he was tackled to the ground and found himself face to face with Derek.

“Derek?” Stiles growled, surprised in his wolf form.

Stiles tackled the other werewolf and they rolled around, growling and grunting until Derek stopped fighting back and realized that Stiles was hugging him.

And also sniffing him…

Derek allowed Stiles to cuddle him for a few more moments before pushing him away as politely as possible. Stiles was looking down, collapsing onto his knees, fully human again and sobbing.

Derek watched with wide-eyes, confused and unsure of what to do.

“I thought you were dead.” Stiles said, breathing heavily and choking back tears.

Derek clenched his fists in uncertainty as he stepped forward to lay a hand on Stiles’ back, hoping it would be a comfort.

Stiles looked up at him then, his eyes their usual bright hazel but glossed over with tears.

“I take it you missed me.” Derek tried for something witty, since that’s what Stiles usually did.

Stiles stood up, trying to compose himself and wiping away his tears.

“Sorry, that’s… embarrassing.” Stiles chuckled awkwardly.

Derek looked for something to say, but he had never actually seen anyone in such a broken down state of emotion, let alone over him.

“No.” Derek replied, patting some of the leaves off of Stiles’ jacket.

“I was so mad, I- I thought you were dead.” Stiles tried to explain. “This is gonna sound so weird, but I felt like- like I’d lost a limb, I couldn’t breathe most of the time and I didn’t want to think about you because every time I close my eyes, you’re choking up blood and then just… lifeless.”

Derek watched in wide-eyed fascination. He’d felt similar when he’d found out about Laura’s murder. That anger and pain is what had driven him to come find her killer and bury her body under a spiral.

“I just made things awkward again, didn’t I?” Stiles said, standing up.

“No.” Derek said again, just because he wanted to say something, but nothing else really came out.

Stiles just nodded, looking around. “Thanks, for, you know, stopping me from killing my dad’s co-workers.”

Derek smiled politely and nodded.

“Hang on, do you smell that?” Stiles asked, his senses still on high alert.

“Blood.” Derek answered, both of them running towards it.

When Stiles saw an ambulance and a body bag, Derek could hear his heart pounding faster.

“Hang on, just- wait.” Stiles told him, running up to the scene. “Dad? Dad! Has anyone seen my dad?”

Just then, the sheriff showed up and Stiles wrapped him in a tight hug, stunning the sheriff but he patted his son’s back.

Derek watched, fascinated.

“What are you doing here?” His dad asked.

“Just out for a walk, I’m on my way home now.” Stiles answered, sounding surprisingly sincere.

“It’s not safe out, I’ll take you.” The sheriff offered.

“No thanks, I’m okay.” Stiles smiled.

“You look like you’ve been crying, son, what’s wrong?” Sheriff Stilinski asked, concerned.

“I fell into a rosebush a ways back.” Stiles laughed. “It wasn’t really pleasant. I’m not proud of my reaction.”

The sheriff seemed to think it a plausible story and rolled his eyes. “Go home, son.”

“Will do.” Stiles said, walking down the road as he whispered under his breath. “Kate and her brother are watching, can you go around and meet me at my house?”

“Sure.” Derek replied, finding a way around the scene.


Derek found Stiles with a broken leg right outside his house.

“Do I wanna ask?” Derek sighed.

“Probably not.” Stiles answered slowly, trying to grin despite being in pain as he locked the bone back into place.

Derek sighed and wrapped Stiles’ arm around his shoulders, helping him to his room.

“I’m gonna ask anyways.” Derek said, setting Stiles down on the bed.

“My bones are kinda tired I guess.” Stiles shrugged.

Derek lifted his eyebrow, urging him to continue.

“I’ve been training.” Stiles continued. “I broke a few bones, they’re still healing.”

“Why would you purposely break your own bones?” Derek asked, outraged at Stiles’ stupidity.

“I wanted to see how long it would take them to heal again, if I could speed the process, maybe make it less painful.” Stiles avoided looking Derek in the eyes.

Derek was surprised at how much it upset him, he hadn’t even noticed how much Stiles watched him until he no longer was.

“Did you find anything out?” Derek asked, keeping focused on their topic of discussion.

“It hurts.” Stiles smiled at him shyly.

Derek rolled his eyes, going to leave.

“Wait…” Stiles’ voice made him pause and turn back to face him. “We’re a pack, right?”

Derek raised his eyebrows in alarm.

“Oh…” Stiles looked back down with disappointment.

“Yeah.” Derek assured him. “Yeah, we’re pack.”

Stiles flashed him the biggest grin that Derek had ever seen light up the boy’s face and rolled his eyes.

“My dad won’t be home until later, he’s got a double homicide to investigate.” Stiles informed him, waggling his eyebrows at him.

“Which he probably thinks that I committed.” Derek reminded him, lifting his own eyebrows for emphasis.

“I’m blaming this one all on Scott.” Stiles nodded. “I was losing control, he had to come up with answers before I shifted and killed them all.”

“What are you using as an anchor?” Derek asked, even though he knew it might be a little bit personal.

“My mom.” Stiles whispered under his breath.

He obviously knew that Derek could hear him, and Derek knew that it was probably always going to be a sore subject.

Derek thought about what to say for a moment, moving his jaw from side to side in thought.

“I use anger.” Derek said, nudging Stiles as he sat on the bed next to him.

Stiles smirked at him. “So you’re like the Hulk.”

“He has to control his anger.” Derek remembered.

“So do you, or else you’ll wolf out. Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk keeps the Hulk at bay by always being angry.” Stiles nudged him back before changing his voice in an imitation. “‘That my secret, I’m always angry.’”

Derek watched Stiles from the corner of his eye with lifted eyebrows, and then made a show of rolling his eyes with a smirk.

“I know you’re on the run from my dad, but would you like to spend the night?” Stiles asked, watching Derek carefully.

“I can’t- or rather, I shouldn’t.” Derek sighed.

“Nobody’s gonna be looking for you at the sheriff’s house.” Stiles shrugged. “Or in his son’s room.”

Derek considered it. “Fine, but you’re sleeping next to the wall.”

Stiles grinned and pulled out a pair of sweatpants. “Here, these are the same size as the last ones you borrowed.”

Derek accepted them, but felt something was off.

“Why do you have sweatpants that are too big for you?” Derek asked, suspicious.

“I thought that I was gonna beef up and get another growth spurt the second I turned sixteen.” Stiles answered, a blush rising up his neck and covering his face. “I thought I was planning ahead.”

Derek couldn’t resist a snort, watching Stiles’ face turn a nice shade of pink, just lightly tinting his cheeks.

“I’m gonna go change in the bathroom, you can stay here and laugh at me.” Stiles said, no real bite to his words but obviously embarrassed.

Stiles left the room with some sweats and a folded t-shirt. Derek looked around smiling until he noticed a small picture on Stiles’ desk. It was the Lydia girl that Stiles was in love with and something in his chest clenched.

He heard Stiles coming back and put the picture where it had been, watching as Stiles threw the day’s clothing in the hamper while brushing his teeth. Stiles mumbled something around the toothbrush and pointed to the bathroom before walking out again.

Derek waited for Stiles to come back after rinsing his mouth.

Derek lifted his eyebrows and shook his head in question.

“I was asking if you wanted to take a shower before changing into those sweats, seeing how you haven’t yet.” Stiles asked, giving Derek a full body check.

Derek knew that he had nothing to be self-conscious about, but he still felt the urge to fidget.

“Yeah.” Derek coughed. “I don’t think your boxers would fit me.”

“You noticed that I wear boxers.” Stiles winked.

“Unless you thought that you were going to be bigger down there too.” Derek continued, teasing. “Then your boxers probably don’t fit me.”

“I was expecting to be just as sexy as you, but no, I just got the sweats.” Stiles shrugged. “Most of my brain wasn’t really too worried about it and I figured I could either walk around shirtless and commando, or buy more clothes.”

Derek ignored the comment about being “sexy” and shook his head.

“But I will have you know that there is nothing lacking ‘down there.’” Stiles assured him with another wink.

Derek was pretty sure that he’d lost the conversation thread somewhere.

“So are you gonna shower or not?” Stiles asked, bringing the subject back around.

Derek shrugged and headed into the bathroom, Stiles trailing behind.

“Do you intend to join me?” Derek asked, snarky.

“Not tonight, babe, I’m pretty beat.” Stiles grinned. “I was just gonna show you how to work the faucet.”

Derek rolled his eyes again.

“Right for cold, left for hot, and you pull this out to adjust the water pressure.” Stiles said, leaning against Derek to demonstrate.

Derek didn’t usually like close proximity, with anyone, but Stiles had something about him that Derek didn’t really mind, maybe even liked.

Stiles tapped his chest as he moved around Derek to leave the bathroom and closed the door behind him.


A few minutes later, a car pulled up and Stiles panicked since Derek was still in the shower. His dad had the worst timing and Stiles ran into the bathroom, startling Derek.

“What are you doing in here?” Derek asked, the tips of his ears turning red.

“Shush.” Stiles said, then started singing randomly about bubbles and getting soap-y.

“I don’t even know why I come over here.” Derek said, rolling his eyes and kept on showering.

“Stiles, is that you?” The sheriff asked, knocking on the door.

“No, some random person is showering in our bathroom.” Stiles yelled, conveying sarcasm.

“Hey, let me in for a sec, I need my toothbrush. I left it in there this morning and I need to brush my teeth before bed.” The sheriff said.

“Yeah, uh- sure.” Stiles stuttered. “Hang on.”

Stiles looked back at Derek sheepishly, throwing a towel over the clear curtain to mostly cover him. Derek was not appreciating this invasion of privacy.

Stiles seemed to turn beet-red as he started stripping.

“Stiles!” His dad knocked on the door again.

“Yeah, hang on a second! You’re interrupting a man’s cleaning time!” Stiles yelled, perhaps a bit harsher than necessary.

Stiles finished stripping and jumped into the shower to get his head wet, forcing Derek to crowd against a corner, then wrapped a different towel around his waist as he unlocked and opened the door.

“Here’s your toothbrush, thanks for stopping by.” Stiles said, handing his dad a toothbrush before shutting the door and locking it again.

Derek could hear Stiles’ heart beating extremely fast, but seeing as how Stiles was the type of person to need a physical anchor, Derek stayed in his corner.

A few seconds later, Stiles had calmed down enough to be upset. He looked down at himself a whined. “I’m soaked.”

“You jumped into my shower, you don’t get to be mad.” Derek said, lathering his hair.

“I- my intentions were pure!” Stiles defended, feeling like a wet cat.

Derek noticed that even though Stiles looked thin, his shoulders were broad and he was developing his abs.

“I’m sure they were.” Derek smirked at him.

“Shut up, just- don’t look at me.” Stiles said self-consciously as he slipped his boxers back on, bending over and giving Derek a view of his lily-white ass.

“I know you’re staring, now stop it.” Stiles actually sounded mad so Derek turned the other way until he was sure that Stiles was fully dressed.

“Aren’t you going to leave?” Derek asked, he still had a few places to finish soaping up.

“I can’t, not until my dad does anyways, or goes to sleep.” Stiles grumbled, sitting on the floor with his knees tucked under his chin, staring at the door.

Derek remembered being that age, feeling inadequate and small compared to the meatier looking men. It didn’t matter that Derek was stronger or faster or smarter. There was always that feeling of never being good enough. Sometimes, Stiles displayed incredible amounts of self-confidence, but then Derek remembered that Stiles didn’t shower in the locker rooms or walk around shirtless and proud like the others. He waited until he got home and even in his room, he still wore a t-shirt to bed. Hell, he wore layers during the Californian summer.

Derek hurried up to finish his shower, knowing that Stiles wouldn’t be gawking at him or even taking any quick peaks. He finished his shower and slipped on the loaned sweatpants before he realized that Stiles had fallen asleep, curled up against the door. Making a quick review of the house with his senses, Derek confirmed that Sheriff Stilinski had fallen asleep.

Derek thought he should feel awkward, picking up Stiles’ sleeping body and carrying it to the bed, but he didn’t. He settled Stiles under the covers and went to close the door, locking it. He crawled in next to Stiles, trying to find a position that would be comfortable for both of them, before saying, “fuck it” and spooning Stiles (Derek being the big spoon of course), and remembering how nice it felt to hold someone again.


When Stiles awoke, Derek was gone but he was in his bed. As he oriented himself, he remembered falling asleep on the bathroom floor.

“Well then, how?” Stiles asked, looking around.

Once he realized, he smiled.

“Sourwolf is just a big ol’ softie.” He grinned.


Derek didn’t show up for another week, and patrols around the Hale house had grown lazy enough for Stiles to sneak in with more ease. He spent his afternoons avoiding Scott and catching up on homework at the house. He decided to practice making “Self-Igniting Molotov Cocktails” after he managed to steal some more ingredients from the school, even driving to break into the rival school to steal theirs.

He used his chemistry book to help in the measurements and handled them the way that Lydia had, back in the school. Scott had told him that Jackson, the arrogant dumbass, probably subconsciously trying to get Stiles killed, had passed her the wrong ingredients. Stiles wasn’t sure if they worked yet, but he figured that he would find out eventually if he got bored enough to actually throw them at something.

Stiles got odd looks from the store clerk when he bought the beakers, but he tried to look innocent, saying that he broke his at school and was making up for it. She was cute and he added a bit of flirting, but that just seemed to help in making her lose interest and he frowned as he retrieved his plastic bag and left.

Stiles felt more comfortable working out at the Hale house anyways. No one could see him and Derek wasn’t going to be stopping by with it still being patrolled, even if only a little bit. He could comfortably work on his push-ups and sit-ups without feeling judged, and he could do pull-ups from the doorways without breaking them, which was also a plus. Not to mention, it was a decent run into the woods away from his house, and Stiles enjoyed the exercise.


After a week of silence, Stiles’ dad ran out the door, quickly telling Stiles that they had found Derek.

“No.” Stiles whispered, turning to Scott who was hanging out with him in his room.

Just as he was heading out to find him, he got a call from Derek.

“Meet me by the iron works, take my car!” Derek yelled before hanging up.

Stiles relayed the message to Scott and they got into his Jeep to find Derek’s car. Once they found it, Scott took the wheel and Stiles climbed into the passenger seat.

Kate Argent was driving right behind the Camaro, Stiles yelled at Scott to go faster. Eventually, they lost her and Stiles told Scott where to turn until they caught sight of Derek. Stiles threw the door open and jumped to the back.

“What part of laying low don’t you understand?” Scott asked, stepping on the gas.

“Dammit! I had him!” Derek yelled, hitting the dashboard.

“Who, the Alpha?” Stiles asked, sitting on the edge of his seat so that his face was right next to Derek’s.

“Yes! He was right in front of me and the friggin’ police showed up!” Derek yelled, frustrated.

“Woah, hey- they’re just doing their jobs…” Stiles defended.

Derek was in no mood for this shit. He sent a fierce glare at Stiles. He didn’t really want to argue with him after not seeing him for a week, but he was pissed.

“Yeah. Thanks to someone who decided to make me the most wanted fugitive in the entire state!” Derek yelled, looking past Stiles to glare at Scott.

“Can we seriously get past that? I made a dumbass mistake. I get it.” Scott shrugged, defensive.

“Alright!” Stiles flailed in the backseat, getting Derek’s attention again. “How did you find him?”

Derek looked at him for a moment before shaking his head.

“Can you try to trust us for at least half a second?” Scott asked, glancing at Derek before returning his eyes to the road.

“Yeah, both of us.” Stiles intervened.

Derek turned his neck to face him, leaning forward to glare.

“Or just him, I’ll be back here.” Stiles pouted, nodding at Scott before sitting back in his seat.

“Look, the last time I talked to my sister, she was close to figuring something out.” Derek explained. “She found two things: the first was a guy named Harris.”

“Our chemistry teacher?” Stiles asked, popping his face back next to Derek’s.

“Why him?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know yet!” Derek replied, upset.

“What’s the second?” Scott asked again.

“Some kind of symbol.” Derek reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper with a drawing on it.

Scott groaned, closing his eyes before he could roll them.

“What? You know what this is?” Derek asked, leaning forward to watch Scott expression without Stiles’ face in the way.

“I’ve seen it on a necklace… Allison’s necklace.” Scott hit the steering wheel in frustration, driving faster.

“Well then you have to get it.” Derek commanded.

“What?” Scott asked, disbelieving. “How am I supposed to do that?”

“I don’t care.” Derek reminded him. “Just get the damn thing.”

“Things are a little bit sensitive between them right now.” Stiles intervened. “She doesn’t trust him, she said that-”

“I don’t care!” Derek yelled louder, forcing his face even closer to Stiles’.

Stiles huffed at him, not backing down.

“Are you going to get the necklace or not?” Derek asked, question directed at Scott but his gaze still lingering on Stiles.

“Yeah, he will.” Stiles answered for his friend, not moving either.

“So this is what happens when an immovable object collides with an unstoppable force.” Scott muttered under his breath.

Stiles and Derek both turned to look at him before returning to glare at each other.

“Where are we dropping you off?” Stiles asked, rolling his eyes.

“You can drop me off around the corner, there’s only so much stupid I can put up with.” Derek answered, turning back to face the road.

Stiles made faces at Derek’s turned head, but Derek ignored him.

“You heard him, Scotty.” Stiles said, leaning back in his seat. “There’s only so much dickish-behavior I can put up with anyways, and I already saw Jackson today.”

Derek glared at the road and pouted.

Stiles did not find it adorable.

Scott sighed. “Where are we leaving your car?”

“I don’t care.” Derek shrugged.

“How can you not care?” Stiles asked, offended for the car as he again invaded Derek’s personal space with his face. “I’d never be able to just leave Betty anywhere.”

“‘Betty,’ really?” Derek asked with a scoff.

“Shut up, I bet it’s better than whatever you named your car.” Stiles said defensively.

“I didn’t name it.” Derek informed him. “It’s a machine. It drives me from point A to point B so that I don’t run everywhere and give away that I’m a werewolf. At least it did until you showed up in my life and ruined that. I don’t care where you leave it.”

“Well, see? ‘Betty’ is a better name.” Stiles answered, completely ignoring the rest of Derek’s response.

Scott pulled up at the next turn and Derek opened the door to get out.

“How are we supposed to contact you if we find something?” Stiles asked, halting him.

Derek raised his eyebrows and shrugged, uncaring as he closed the door without a real answer.

“I hate him.” Stiles said, moving back to the passenger seat, hearing his own heart skip at the lie.

“Yeah, he gets on my nerves too.” Scott agreed, driving off.

Stiles just sighed and kept quiet, silently taking in Derek’s lingering scent.


The next day, Stiles was still trying to convince Scott to get the necklace, but Scott started thinking about Allison in the shower and he lost him for a few minutes.

“So she’s not giving you the-” Stiles asked at lunch after Scott explained that his method of trying to get her to talk to him had ended with her telling him not to.

“She’s not giving me the necklace!” Scott interrupted, upset.

“Well, did you find anything else out?” Stiles asked, biting into a chicken tender.

“Just that I know nothing about girls, and that they’re totally psychotic.” Scott said, frustrated.

“Okay.” Stiles sighed, not wanting Scott to go off on another tangent about Allison. “I came up with a Plan B just in case anything like this happened.”

“What’s Plan B?” Scott asked.

“Just steal the stupid thing.” Stiles answered. It was the obvious choice, and his first one, but Scott had wanted to talk to Allison.

“Couldn’t we at least try getting to Harris?” Scott asked, not wanting to steal from his ex-girlfriend.

“My dad put him on a 24-hour protective detail, okay?” Stiles informed him. “The necklace is all we got. Steal it. Thank you.”

Scott sighed, still upset.


Stiles headed straight for his laptop when he got home, trying to get a jump-start on his homework since he knew that his life was going to be pretty busy once Scott managed to steal the necklace.

His dad was home and he started typing when he caught a familiar scent and swiveled his chair around.

“Derek?” Stiles yelled, surprised.

“What, Stiles?” His dad called, coming to see what was wrong.

Derek held up his finger to silence him and hastily pointed towards the door.

Stiles ran out of his chair to face his dad.

“What’s wrong?” His dad asked, curious.

“Nothing, just talking to myself… doing homework.” Stiles nodded, smiling.

“Well I’m glad your home, I wanted to talk to you.” His dad said, looking around nervously.

“Yeah, sure, anything.” Stiles said with a smile, hoping to convey innocence.

“I heard at the station that you’re playing tonight and I wanted to tell you that I’m gonna be there.” His dad informed him. “I know you’ve played before and I missed it, but I’m really looking forward to seeing you play.”

“Gosh, great!” Stiles answered, trying not to word vomit. “Uh… good.”

His dad smiled at him. “I’m very happy for you, and I’m really proud of you.”

“Thanks, me too. I’m happy and proud… of myself.” Stiles nodded, awkward.

“I’m very proud.” His dad repeated, lifting his arms.

“Oh yeah, me too. Again, I’m- oh!” Stiles answered, his dad coming towards him for a hug.

Stiles accepted it easily, closing the door behind himself so that his dad wouldn’t see Derek inside his room.

“Huggie.” Stiles smiled, awkward as he pulled away. “Huggie, huggie…”

His dad walked away, unnerved. “See you there.”

“Take it easy.” Stiles said, going back into his room, ready to apologize just as Derek as slammed his back against the door once it was closed.

“If you say one word-,” Derek threatened with a pointing finger.

Stiles rolled his eyes but let himself be handled. “Oh what, you mean like ‘hey, dad, Derek Hale’s in my room, bring your gun’?”

Derek put his finger down, looking Stiles over but not pulling away.

Stiles sighed, looking Derek’s face over, trying not to enjoy the close proximity. Derek had really nice eyes, even though Stiles couldn’t quite place the color. They were somewhere between gray, green, blue, or hazel. Possibly all of the above, and at this point, Stiles really didn’t mind the pressure of Derek’s fist against his chest.

Derek pulled away a bit and Stiles smirked at his downturned lips which just made Derek frown harder and Stiles tilted his head with a smile.

“If I was going to turn you in, don’t you think that I would have done it last week? In the shower?” Stiles reminded him.

Derek almost blushed, gaze slipping down to Stiles’ lips as he nodded and let go, fixing Stiles’ jacket for him.

Stiles smirked and fixed Derek’s jacket mockingly.

Derek jerked his face in front of Stiles menacingly, but Stiles bared his teeth playfully and let out a growl, smiling to assure Derek of his good humor.

Derek rolled his eyes as Stiles sat back down at his desk.

“Scott gonna get the necklace?” Derek asked.

“No, he’s still working on it.” Stiles sighed. “But there’s something else we can try.”

Derek stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked forward, indicating for Stiles to go on.

“The night we were trapped at the school, I sent a text to Scott telling him to bring Allison, Lydia, and Jackson for a study group.” Stiles felt weird, hearing his own heart speed up at the thought of Lydia.

“So?” Derek asked, confused but upset for some reason.

“So it wasn’t me.” Stiles replied, confusing Derek.

“Well, can you find out who sent it?” Derek asked.

“No, not me.” Stiles sighed. “But I think I know somebody who can.”

“Who?” Derek asked.

“My friend Danny. Well, not friend… it’s complicated, we’re partners...” Stiles informed him, grimacing. “We have chemistry.”

Derek turned away, not looking at Stiles and pouting.

Stiles took it as consent and called Danny to meet them.

Derek was unsettlingly quiet as he grabbed a book and pulled a chair to the corner to sit down and read.


A few minutes later, Danny was standing in Stiles’ room.

“You want me to do what?” Danny asked.

“Trace a text.” Stiles repeated.

“I came here to do lab work.” Danny reminded him. “That’s what lab partners do.”

“And we will, once you trace the text.” Stiles sighed, frustrated.

“And what makes you think I know how?” Danny asked, confused.

“I- I looked up your arrest report, so…” Stiles answered awkwardly.

“I- I was thirteen. They dropped the charges.” Danny said defensively.

“Whatever.” Stiles dismissed.

“No, we’re doing lab work.” Danny answered.

“Oh, my…” Stiles made faces in frustration as Danny put his things down and took a seat.

Stiles started typing, not in the mood for homework anymore when Danny leaned in.

“Who’s he again?” Danny asked, gesturing to Derek.

Stiles turned around to look at Derek, still sitting quietly as he paged through a book.

“Um, my cousin… Miguel.” Stiles answered awkwardly.

Derek eyes looked up at him, resisting an eye-roll before returning to his book.

“Is that blood on his shirt?” Danny asked, curious.

Stiles turned around, he hadn’t even noticed.

“Yeah. Yes.” Stiles nodded. “Well he gets these horrible nosebleeds. Hey, Miguel!”

Derek turned up to glare at Stiles, pouting.

“I thought I told you, you could borrow one of my shirts.” Stiles told him, gesturing to his drawers.

Derek closed the book in his lap, still pouting and upset, and tossed it on the bed. He stood up and took his shirt off, glaring at Stiles.

“So anyway, we both know you have the skills to trace that text so, we should probably-” Stiles said, talking to Danny.

“Uh, Stiles?” Derek asked, grumpy.

Stiles rolled his eyes, irritated. “Yes?”

“This…” Derek tugged at a shirt in his hand. “No fit.”

“Then try something else on.” Stiles replied, upset that Derek was being a big grump for no reason. He turned to Danny and apologized, but Danny was ogling Derek. Stiles felt a tinge of anger as he caught scent of Danny’s arousal, but got an idea as Danny looked away, awkward, his heart starting to beat faster.

Stiles turned back to see Derek trying another one of his shirts on, then tapped Danny’s shoulder. “Hey, that on looks pretty good, huh? What do you think, Danny?”

“Huh?” Danny asked, awkwardly trying to glance at Derek’s body.

“The shirt.” Stiles pointed towards Derek.

Derek was fuming. Stiles certainly did not find Derek’s pout adorable and his heart was not beating faster seeing Derek wearing Stiles’ shirt even though it was too tight and would definitely be leaving his scent on it.

“It’s- it’s not really his color.” Danny stuttered.

Personally, Stiles like the blue and orange on Derek, but he was a Mets fan.

“You swing for a different team but you still play ball, don’t you Danny boy?” Stiles whispered, leaning in with a grin.

“You’re a horrible person.” Danny accused.

“I know, it keeps me awake at night.” Stiles assured him. “Anyway, about that text.”

“Stiles!” Derek yelled, calling Stiles’ attention back to where Derek was shirtless, his hair standing up and messy from exchanging shirts. “None of these fit.”

“I’m gonna need the ISP, the phone number, and the exact time of the text.” Danny interrupted nervously, pushing Stiles out of the way to reach to the computer.

Stiles turned back around to grin at Derek, watching as Derek dug through Stiles’ shirt drawer, but paused. His hand reached in and half-pulled out another shirt, recognizing it as his own. Stiles gaped, unable to find something to say as his lips opened and shut awkwardly.

Derek raised his eyebrows at him in question.

Stiles just stared back with wide-eyes.

Derek had stopped glaring and now he seemed to be holding back a smile. Stiles could hear his heart beating faster as he slipped it on, probably trying not to laugh. Stiles was pretty sure he’d be shifting right now if he weren’t so stunned. He felt his face blush down his neck and looked away, knowing that Derek could probably hear his heart pounding.

Stiles moved his chair back to Danny’s side, looking back to the laptop as Derek slipped the shirt on. Stiles pushed his chair to the side furthest away from Derek and leaned against Danny, trying to forget that Derek was in the room.

Danny sighed. “There. The text was sent from a computer, this one.”

Danny pointed at the screen and looked at Stiles, Derek’s face popping up next to his from behind.

“Registered to that account name?” Derek asked, surprised.

“No, no, no, no, no.” Stiles said, leaning back, suddenly feeling Derek’s shoulder. “That can’t be right.”

Danny just shrugged at where the screen read: “Beacon Hills Hospital – Melissa McCall.”

Stiles was still leaning on Derek’s shoulder when he looked up to find Derek looking back at him.

“I’m gonna go.” Danny excused himself. “Next time, we’re studying for chemistry class at my house.”

“Probably a good idea.” Stiles nodded, standing up quickly and pushing away from Derek.

“I’m never helping you with something like this again.” Danny said, exiting the room and showing himself out.

“Thank you!” Stiles called to the empty doorway.

Derek was staring at him again and Stiles looked around nervously.

“You’re chemistry lab partners.” Derek finally said.

“Yeah, I told you that.” Stiles reminded him. “Why does that even matter? We have to go to the hospital and talk to Scott’s mom.”

Derek growled and stepped into Stiles’ personal space with a determined look on his face that made Stiles step back.

“What’d I do?” Stiles asked, eyes wide and slightly panicked.

Derek stepped back, looking around, stunned. His eyes landed back on Stiles and he rolled them, agitated.

“We should really get going.” Stiles said, trying to calm his beating heart.

Derek looked down at his shirt.

Oh, shit.

“Why do you have one of my shirts?” Derek asked, surprisingly calm.

“Is that why you’re so upset?” Stiles asked, scoffing. “I thought you were dead, remember? I went by your house and snuck in. I found it.”

“But you kept it.” Derek said, slowly.

“What else was I gonna do with it?” Stiles asked, shrugging. “It’s a perfectly fine shirt, I wasn’t going to throw it away.”

“You threw it in with the rest of your shirts.” Derek observed.

“Where else was I supposed to put it?” Stiles asked, hearing his own heart starting to race.

“You wore it.” Derek sniffed. “It smells like you from the inside.”

Stiles’ jaw dropped unhelpfully as he looked around for an answer. “I kinda… missed you.”

Derek smiled with his eyes, but otherwise kept still.

“I- look, I had a shitty week and you were dead, Scott wouldn’t talk to me because he was moping over Allison, and my dad was out trying to find you.” Stiles explained. “I needed someone but no one was around, so I stole a shirt and wore it to bed. Is that a crime?”

Derek shook his head and sighed.

“I kept an eye on you.” Derek said, figuring that Stiles already thought he was a creep and didn’t seem to care. “I saw you training, getting Scott drunk and talking about being alone, and I heard when you were talking to me on the lacrosse field.”

Stiles watched him in confusion but listened.

“I thought that you would find me when you started looking around, I was a little confused when you didn’t.” Derek confessed.

Before things could get more awkward, what with Stiles gaping at him with squinted eyes, Derek hit his shoulder lightly to rattle him. “We should check out the hospital, look for Scott’s mom.”

Stiles nodded, following Derek out the door with his the keys to his Jeep.


The drive was awkward, Stiles still hadn’t said anything and was disturbingly silent in a way that Derek had never seen him. Stiles pulled over when he felt his phone vibrate and pulled it out. It was a text message from Scott with a picture of the necklace. Stiles showed it to Derek without a word, seemingly upset.

When they got to the hospital, Scott called Stiles.

“Did you get the picture?” Scott asked. Stiles could hear people talking in the back and figured that he was at the lacrosse game.

“Yeah, I did, and it looks just like the drawing.” Stiles answered.

Derek grabbed Stiles’ wrist to talk into the phone, not letting go despite Stiles’ cries in pain.

“Hey is there something on the back of it?” Derek asked, appreciating that Stiles was finally reacting to him even if it was just in pain. “There’s got to be something: an inscription, and opening, something.”

“No, no, the things flat and no it doesn’t open.” Scott answered. “There’s nothing in it, on it, around it, nothing. And where are you? You’re supposed to be here!”

Derek knew that he was addressing Stiles, but waited for Stiles to tell him to let go, something.

Stiles just growled at him, gripping Derek’s wrist with his free hand and yanking it away. Derek was confused.

There was some fussing on Scott’s end and Coach Finstock asking Scott where Stiles was.

“Man, you’re not gonna play if you don’t get here to start.” Scott told him a few moments later.

“I know.” Stiles hit the steering wheel in frustration. “Look, if you see my dad, can you tell- tell him I’ll be there, I’ll just be a little bit late, okay? Alright, thanks.”

Derek watched as Stiles slumped, obviously upset.

“You’re not gonna make it.” Derek told him, but he was sure that Stiles already knew that.

“I know.” Stiles replied, irritated.

“And you didn’t tell him about his mom, either.” Derek said, glad that he’d finally gotten a response.

“Not ‘till we find out the truth.” Stiles sighed, agitated.

Well, if Stiles was going to be aggressive, Derek could be aggressive. He hadn’t forgotten about being used to manipulate Danny into helping.

“By the way, one more thing?” Derek said deviously.

“Yeah?” Stiles asked, still not looking at him.

Derek grabbed Stiles by the back of the neck and slammed his head against the steering wheel.

“Oh, God!” Stiles cried out in pain, grabbing his head. “What the hell was that-”

“You know what that was for.” Derek pointed a finger in Stiles’ face. “Go.”

Stiles glared at him, not willing to listen to him.

“GO!” Derek demanded.

Stiles forced his door open and slammed it on his way out, not looking back at Derek as he went inside.

Derek felt a little bit guilty.

Once Stiles had been inside for a while, Derek got worried and called his cell phone.

“Hello?” Stiles asked.

“It’s me, have you found her yet?” Derek answered.

“I can’t find her. You have a cell phone?” Stiles asked, surprised. “How did you get my number?”

“I texted myself with your phone back at your house.” Derek answered quickly. “Where is she?”

“Yeah, I said I can’t find her.” Stiles reminded him, still upset with him.

“Look, ask for Jennifer. She’s been looking after my uncle.” Derek suggested.

After a few moments, Stiles sighed.

“Yeah, well he’s not here either.” Stiles informed him.

“What?” Derek was confused and surprised. His uncle was practically a vegetable and hadn’t moved in six years.

“He’s not here, he’s gone, Derek.” Stiles answered.

Suddenly everything clicked into place and Derek panicked.

“Stiles, get out of there right now! It’s him. He’s the Alpha! GET OUT!” Derek yelled into the phone, clutching it hard in desperation.

There wasn’t a reply as Derek listened to see if Stiles would reply. He looked to the entrance doors to see if Stiles was running out, but instead he heard crashing coming from inside. His heart leaped and he ran inside, damning the consequences of being caught.

When Derek ran in, Stiles had obviously panicked and was now in wolf form, crouched on all fours and baring his teeth threateningly. Derek saw Jessica going to hit him from behind and elbowed her in the face.

“That’s not nice.” Peter scolded calmly. “She’s my nurse.”

“She’s a psychotic bitch helping you kill people.” Derek answered, heart racing as Stiles stood up and looked at him in relieved surprise.

“Get out of the way.” Derek instructed, not taking his eyes off of his uncle.

“Oh, damn.” Stiles said, knowing what was coming and crouching back down on the floor, this time just to make himself smaller.

“You think I killed Laura on purpose?” Peter asked, walking towards Derek. “One of my own family?”

Derek growled at him, his eyes flashing blue as he bounced against the wall for momentum before attacking his uncle. Peter caught him and slammed him against the walls while Stiles crawled away, startled by the nurse’s unconscious body, he stood back up.

Peter picked Derek up from the floor by the neck, just enough to drack him across the hall.

“My mind, my personality, were literally burned out of me.” Peter said. “I was being driven by pure instinct.”

He dropped Derek as he reached into his nurses pocket.

“You want forgiveness?” Derek asked, punching his uncle.

Peter held Derek’s arms and head-butted him. “I want understanding.” Peter kicked Derek back.

“Do you have any idea what it was like for me during those years?” Peter asked. “Slowly healing, cell by cell, even more slowly coming back to consciousness. Yes, becoming Alpha, taking that from Laura pushed me over a plateau in the healing process. I can’t help that.”

Stiles watched as Derek threw punch after punch, Peter dodging until he caught Derek’s arm, crushing his hand as bones crunched. He had to do something.

“I tried to tell you what was happening.” Peter continued. “I tried to warn you.”

When Peter threw Derek over the counter, Stiles shifted, remembering the promise he had made when he had thought that Derek was dead. He lunged at Peter, catching him by surprise as if he had forgotten his presence and slashed the burned side of his face, making Peter scream in pain and toss Stiles against a wall.

“Stiles, don’t!” Derek yelled, obviously in pain but concerned.

Stiles ignored him and growled at Peter, ready to take him on alone if he had to.

“You’ve got spirit.” Peter smiled.

Stiles lunged at him again, but this time, Peter was ready for him and caught him mid-air, slamming him against the wall. Stiles grunted but growled loudly, biting harshly at Peter’s face, not ready to give up.

Peter tilted his head at Stiles, still smiling like Stiles was some fascinating creature that he wanted in his collection. Stiles was pissed, and he needed to distract Peter while Derek crawled to safety to heal.

“You know, I have to say that I didn’t expect you to get so close to my nephew.” Peter said, holding Stiles by the neck. “It’s good though, he seems to be fond of you too, so I just need to convince one of you to join my pack and the other will follow.”

“I’m never joining your pack.” Stiles wheezed against Peter’s hand. “You’re a murderer, and you murdered Derek’s sister. I doubt he’ll follow you either.”

“But of course he will.” Peter assured him calmly. “He’s a beta and Laura was his Alpha, meaning that he’ll fall right back in line the way that he’s supposed to once I explain everything.”

Stiles looked for Derek, but if his senses were correct (which they were, he’d gotten damn good at finding Derek by now), Derek had crawled into the operation room.

Peter let Stiles’ neck go. “You can leave. I have to talk to my nephew, but don’t worry, I’ll come back to check on you.”

Before Stiles could try to interpret the phrase, Peter had dug his claws into the back of Stiles’ neck and Stiles fell to the floor, seeing flashes of Peter’s memories: the fire, the aftermath, killing Laura and the others.


Derek felt guilty, leaving Stiles to fight Peter on his own, but he knew that Peter wouldn’t kill Stiles since he still wanted him in his pack. A few minutes later, Derek heard Stiles’ body hit the floor, gasping for air as he spasmed. Derek stood up, in pain but ready to do something, when Peter strode in with a slash on his face. Derek took a moment to be impressed with Stiles.

“I was going to wait for dramatic flair, but…” Peter turned to look at himself before he flipped a mirror, stopping it from spinning once the burn and slash marks had completely healed. “When you look this good, why wait?”

Derek watched him carefully, confused as to what he’d done to Stiles and unsure of what he was going to do to him.

“Derek, you have to give me a chance to explain.” Peter pleaded. “After all, we’re family.”


Scott was waiting for him when Stiles got home.

“Dude, where were hell have you been?” Scott asked, anxious and standing up to check him over. “You never made it to the game and I thought something might’ve happened to you.”

Stiles rubbed the back of his neck, checking to see if Peter had left any claw marks since he could still feel an open wound. They hadn’t healed yet, which they should have by now.

“I- uh. We found out who the Alpha was.” Stiles sighed, lying down on his bed with a tired thump.

“Seriously?” Scott asked, worried. “What happened? Where’s Derek?”

“I don’t know where Derek is!” Stiles replied, harsher than he had intended, but he’d spent a half hour looking for Derek after he had snapped out of whatever Peter had done to him.

Scott looked at him even more worried.

“I’m sorry, man.” Stiles sighed. “There was a fight and I got- well, I don’t really know what happened to me, but when I got up, Derek was missing.”

“So who’s the Alpha?” Scott asked, curious.

“You remember Derek’s uncle? Peter?” Stiles reminded him. “He had this scary burn on his face and was pretty much a vegetable?”

“Yeah…?” Scott asked.

“Well, he turned out to be pretty active as he kicked our asses without even shifting.” Stiles answered, defeated. “There’s no way that we can take him on without some help.”

“What can I do?” Scott asked, ready to do anything.

“I don’t know, Scott.” Stiles turned to where he’d set up his investigation of the Alpha with newspaper clippings, different colored yarn, and a few tacks. “Look, I’ll think about it and get back to you on it tomorrow, right now I’m just beat up. Literally.”

“Okay.” Scott agreed. “Can I stick around? Just to keep an eye out during the night and look through your papers?”

“You’d do that for me?” Stiles asked, turning to look at where Scott had sat down in the desk chair.

“Yeah, of course I would.” Scott smiled, assuring. “If the Alpha knows that you know who he is now, he’s probably gonna be coming for you, and I’m not losing my best friend to some supernaturally powered jerk that thinks he can just wake up six years later, kill a bunch of people, and take over our lives.”

“Dude, you know that Allison has taken up more of your life than the Alpha.” Stiles snorted.

“Maybe, but when I was going through her things she was looking up werewolves and she comes from a family of friggin’ hunters that have been trying to kill you so eventually it’s going to.” Scott informed him.

“Wait, what?” Stiles asked, sitting up. “She’s looking up werewolves?”

“Yeah, and she’s really close to her Aunt Kate, who you said shot Derek.” Scott said.

“Why am I just hearing about all of this now?” Stiles asked, squinting before rolling his eyes. “No, I know. Every time you bring up Allison, it’s about your problems with her.”

“I love her, Stiles.” Scott reminded him. “And it’s not like I haven’t been helping. I got the bullet to save Derek, didn’t I? And I stole the necklace!”

“Yeah, alright.” Stiles sighed, not in the mood for a fight. “I just haven’t been acting normal since this whole mess started, and now Derek’s missing again and I’m pissed that I’m still not used to it.”

“You like Derek?” Scott asked, confused. “I thought you hated him. You said that you hated him.”

“I don’t ‘like’ Derek.” Stiles scoffed. “We are… I don’t know, hostile allies, maybe?”

“That doesn’t make any sense.” Scott said, shaking his head.

“It makes perfect sense.” Stiles replied, defensive. “We hang out together while trying to find the Alpha, we’re allies and we’re hostile about it.”

“I don’t think that I’d spend as much time with Derek if I had been turned into a werewolf.” Scott said with a scoff. “I certainly wouldn’t hang out with him.”

“Yeah, but you don’t even hang out with me much since you met Allison.” Stiles deadpanned. “And Derek wouldn’t want to sit around hearing you talk about Allison 24/7. No offence, but I’m your best friend and I don’t wanna do it.”

Scott frowned. “Listen, all I’m saying, is that maybe you should distance yourself from him a little. He’s creepy and probably already sided with his psychotic uncle anyways.”

“Are you forgetting the part where his nut-job uncle killed Derek’s sister? He wouldn’t join Peter.” Stiles held in the urge to growl.

“I just don’t want you to be surprised if he does.” Scott shrugged. “They are family, and you’re just some teenager that he met a few months ago.”

Stiles looked away, not wanting to admit that it was true or see the puppy-dog eyes that Scott was most definitely giving him.

“I’m sorry, Stiles.” Scott apologized. “But maybe you should just let him go. It’s not like you guys are actually friends or anything, I mean, you just said it yourself: you’re hostile allies.”

“Yeah.” Stiles said, closing his eyes. “I’m tired, Scott. You can stick around, I’m going to sleep.”

Stiles hated that Scott was right. He wasn’t anything to Derek, just some teen wolf whose help he had needed in taking down the Alpha before finding out that it was his uncle. They’d probably already talked shit over and started a pack. Derek had just said that he was Stiles’ because he felt sorry for him at the time.

Stiles resolved that even if it were true. If Derek had joined Peter, then Stiles wouldn’t follow behind him blindly and prove Peter right. Stiles was still going to kill the Alpha, because it was what he was training to do and because there was no other way for him to be brought to justice.


Stiles woke up with Scott asleep in his desk chair, the front of his body leaning forward to rest on the desk.

“Yo, Scotty.” Stiles grumbled, getting out of bed.

“What?” Scott mumbled, still half-asleep as Stiles jostled his body.

“You have to wake up.” Stiles yawned. “The winter formal is this Friday and you still haven’t bought your suit.”

“I’m not going.” Scott moped, turning his head to the other side and trying to go back to sleep.

“You have to go!” Stiles sputtered. “You have to swoop in and dance with Allison and remind her of all the things she loves about you.”

“She doesn’t, not anymore.” Scott whined, finally sitting up and flopping on Stiles’ bed.

“Are you seriously just gonna mope and let some other guy take her? Huh?” Stiles asked, trying to roll Scott lightly, but it wasn’t working.

“She deserves better.” Scott moaned.

“Better than my best friend in the whole world? Better than my very own brother?” Stiles asked skeptically. “No. If anyone deserves better, it’s you.”

“What are you talking about?” Scott asked, grunting when Stiles pulled the pillow away.

“You are the kindest person alive, the best guy I know!” Stiles pulled the sheets out from under him. “If a girl is making you feel this way, then I’m not sure that I can approve.”

“Don’t you have an Alpha to worry about?” Scott grumbled, trying to pull the blankets away from Stiles.

“He never shows up until he wants to.” Stiles let the blanket go, causing Scott to fall off the bed with the force of his own pull.

“Can’t you force him out?” Scott asked, resigning himself to being awake. “You know who he is now and what he wants.”

“Yeah, but it won’t do me much good.” Stiles sighed, exasperated. “I need more information.”

“Why don’t you just ask your dad?” Scott suggested.

“No, I think…” Stiles trailed off, eyes widening in realization. “Where did Allison get her necklace?”

“I think she said something about her aunt giving it to her.” Scott replied, squinting at Stiles. “Why?”

“I think I gotta go.” Stiles said, running out the door and leaving Scott confused in his room.

“Stiles, we have school!” Scott yelled after him.


“Hey, where’s Lydia?” Stiles asked, seeing Allison in the hallways.

“Oh, I haven’t seen her.” Allison answered, looking around.

“Do you know if she’s going to the formal with anyone?” Stiles asked her nervously.

“I think she’s going with Jackson, sorry.” Allison replied, her eyes full of sympathy.

“That’s okay.” Stiles shrugged. “I didn’t know that they were still together, I thought that they broke up.”

“Oh, they did.” Allison scoffed. “He asked me to the formal since- well, you know… but I don’t really think that I want to go anyways so he asked her and she gave him hell for it and he bought her a dress and a limo and everything.”

Stiles snorted and shook his head. “Classic Lydia.”

Allison smiled at him.

“You should talk to Scott.” Stiles said, changing the subject. “If you just talk to him, then I’m sure that everything will work itself out.”

“Thanks, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet.” Allison looked down.

“There was a lot of confusion at the school that night, he was just trying to protect you.” Stiles said, turning back to walk to his locker. “Give him another chance.”

Stiles walked away, he could hear Allison’s heart beating faster.


Stiles was doing homework in his room when he heard his dad get a call. Lydia had been found in the woods behind her house with a huge bite-mark on her side.

Stiles chased down Derek’s scent to an abandoned warehouse.

“DEREK!” Stiles demanded, yelling out.

“Derek, I know you’re in there!” Stiles broke the door in.

Derek was standing on a platform, waiting for him.

“He bit Lydia!” Stiles growled. “She is off limits and he BIT HER!”

He was going to run up and attack Derek when a firm hand held him back.

“It’s not smart, coming here like this.” Peter warned him calmly. “Derek’s part of my pack now, which means he’s a lot stronger than you.”

“Why Lydia?” Stiles asked, growling. “She hasn’t done anything!”

“You’re smarter than that.” Peter tilted his head with a smile. “You already know why I bit her.”

Stiles growled.

“Derek told me about your feelings for the girl, so I got an idea: I need more members in my pack anyway, and it might be easier to convince you to be part of the pack… if Lydia is too.”

Stiles looked up to where Derek stood motionless and projected all the betrayal he felt.

“You need to understand how much more powerful we are together…” Peter continued, covering Stiles’ view of Derek. “You and me and Derek.”

Peter finally let Stiles go with a shrug.

“Did you know, that some of the most successful military operations during the Second World War were the German U-boat attacks? Do you know what they called them?” Peter asked. “Wolf packs. Did you know that? Derek also happened to tell me that you get a little unfocused when you study if it doesn’t interest you. I find it interesting.”

“You want a history lesson?” Stiles asked. “Maybe you should try to remember that the Germans lost the war.”

Peter scoffed. “I think you’ll find that most historians would argue that as a failure of leadership. And trust me, we don’t have that problem here.”

Stiles looked back up to Derek, but Derek was looking away.

“Hey!” Stiles called to him, angry. “Did you know that he was gonna hurt Lydia? Did you tell him everything that you know about me? LOOK AT ME!”

Stiles snarled at him until Derek finally turned to look at him. He knew that Peter was observing them but he didn’t care.

“So everything that we’ve been through together, trying to stop him,” Stiles pointed to Peter. “It doesn’t mean anything? You’ve basically just been spying on me. I haven’t been a werewolf for very long, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how a pack is supposed to be. You lied to me and I trusted you. Now I’m gonna have to find a way to kill you too.”

Derek’s eyes widened for a second before turning away, shock and hurt clear on his face but Stiles didn’t care.

“Don’t feel too bad. If she lives, she’ll be a werewolf. She’ll be incredibly powerful.” Peter smiled.

“Yeah, and once a month, she’ll go out of her freakin’ mind and try to tear me apart.” Stiles retorted, hostile.

“Well, actually, considering that she’s a woman… Twice a month.” Peter informed him.

“I’m never joining your pack.” Stiles turned to Peter. “And neither is Lydia if I have anything to say about it. You either leave town and find somewhere else to terrorize, or I’m gonna put you down, myself.”

“That’s a big threat coming from an omega.” Peter smirked.

“It’s not a threat.” Stiles assured him. “It’s a promise.”

Peter let him leave the warehouse, for now. Stiles knew that Peter would find a way to retaliate, but Stiles had a plan to set in motion.


After the incident in the warehouse, Peter left and let Derek go for a walk.

Derek made his way back to his old house, trying not to be sentimental but his mind wandered to his times with Stiles. He thought about his family and what they would think about his decision to join Peter, but Peter was part of their pack before the fire. It made sense that Derek should join him, even after all he had done, he promised that Laura’s death had been an accident. All of the other kills had been retaliation for murdering their family, and Derek could understand that anger and need for revenge.

Laura had moved them away before Derek could do anything close to retaliation, and she had enough of a hard time dealing with their family’s decimation thinking that it was arson. Derek never had the heart to tell her the truth. He blamed himself and he couldn’t lose Laura if she decided to blame him too.

Just as he was going up the steps, there was an arrow going straight into his right arm, weakening him. There were bullets flying everywhere and he couldn’t regenerate fast enough to recuperate and run.

He saw Kate stepping towards him with her usual smirk before she hit him in the face with her gun, knocking him out.


Peter was waiting for Stiles after school.

“I’m going to visit Lydia at the hospital.” Stiles said, shrugging his backpack on. “She doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I already told you that I’m not helping you or joining you or whatever so you can either leave me alone or kill me once I know that she’s okay.”

“I’m actually here to help Derek.” Peter said, following Stiles to his Jeep. “He was caught by Kate Argent last night and I can’t find him.”

Stiles paused, eyes worried and confused before he sighed. “That’s not my problem.”

“I thought you cared about Derek.” Peter smiled, lifting his eyebrows.

“He’s part of your pack, you should have been taking care of him. Watching to make sure that hunters didn’t get to him.” Stiles reminded him. “Whatever happens to him now is out of my hands and in yours.”

Stiles drove away, leaving Peter in the school parking lot, but Peter was waiting for him at home when he got there.

“The Argents plan is to get Derek to get to me.” Peter said, once Stiles had huffed and slammed his way back to his room.

“I’m still not seeing why I should help.” Stiles sighed, throwing his backpack on the floor.

Peter was done playing games and grabbed Stiles by the neck.

“I really don’t have the time for this.” Peter reminded him.

“Yeah, neither do I.” Stiles struggled. “My best friend finally made up with his girlfriend and I’m going with him to buy a new suit.”

“Well, my nephew is going to be murdered by his psychotic ex-girlfriend that murdered my family.” Peter said, tightening his grip. “I think that my emergency is more urgent than yours.”

“Fine.” Stiles squeaked. “I’ll help.”

“Good.” Peter let him go.

“Wait, what do you mean ex-girlfriend?” Stiles asked, rubbing at his neck. “Derek was with Kate?”

Peter sighed and rolled his eyes, annoyed. “Yes. She seduced Derek and he led her right to the rest of us, anything else you want to know?”

“Does Derek blame himself for the fire?” Stiles asked.

“Probably. Now how are we going to find Derek?” Peter fixed his coat and stood in the corner.

“We should wait until nightfall.” Stiles recommended. “Derek will probably be able to stall for time until then and we’ll have an advantage.”

“Well, obviously.” Peter sneered. “But in the meantime, I think we should focus on finding him.”

“We won’t have to.” Stiles licked his lips. “I have an idea but it’s gonna have to wait until before we find him. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go find a last minute suit for my best friend so that he can take his girlfriend to the Winter Formal.”

When Stiles looked back to find Peter, he was already gone.

Stiles set his plan in motion.


Once the sun had gone down, Stiles ran out into the woods. He didn’t wait for Peter because he knew that Peter would catch up sooner rather than later. Stiles howled as loudly as he could, hoping that Derek would receive his message.

A minute later, there was another howl and Stiles ran towards it, following the sound back to the Hale house. There was an underground cellar and he went in, sniffing for Derek’s scent.

“Why did they bring you here?” Stiles asked, breaking Derek’s arm free.

Derek blinked at him guiltily.

“Wait a minute.” Stiles said, stepping back before freeing Derek’s other arm. “I hear someone coming.”

Stiles was able to hide when someone came in with a bat and turned on the light

“Ready to have some more fun?” The hunter asked, looking over his knuckles. “To be honest, my knuckles are kind of hurting so I brought some help. But I need to warn ya, I used to play in college.

Before he could hit Derek with the bat, Derek caught it.

“I brought a little help too.” Derek said, pulling the man closer and knocking him out.

“Friend of yours?” Stiles asked, smirking.

Derek sighed and avoided looking Stiles in the eye.

“Help me with this.” Derek said, pulling at his chains once he had pulled out the strings attached to the machine they used to electrocute him.

“Wait a minute.” Stiles said, walking up to him.

“What?” Derek asked, confused and pulling at his shackles.

“Why did you join Peter?” Stiles asked, trying not to sound hurt.

“You really wanna talk about this right now?” Derek asked, sassy.

“He bit Lydia. LYDIA!” Stiles reminded him.

“So what?!” Derek yelled.

“So, I’ve only been obsessed with her since the third freakin’ grade! So she is my friend and she isn’t getting any better and I don’t know what’s wrong with her!” Stiles yelled back.

“I don’t know when Kate’s coming back, so just get me out of this right now. GET ME OUT RIGHT NOW!” Derek screamed, pulling at the shackles violently.

“Help me stop him!” Stiles yelled, angry.

“You want me to risk my life for your girlfriend, huh?” Derek asked, growling low. “For your stupid, little teenage crush that means absolutely nothing?! You’re not in love, Stiles. YOU’RE SIXTEEN YEARS OLD! You’re a child!”

“I never said that I was in love with her!” Stiles screamed back. “Yes, I know that it’s a crush and whatever I feel doesn’t matter in the slightest. She’s still innocent and he still bit her to get to me because you told him that I love her. That’s on you.”

Derek started breathing heavily, looking around for an answer, a way out of his guilt, but he couldn’t.

“Forget all of that.” Stiles said. “Okay, forget all of that for a minute and remember that I’ve shared Peter’s memories. I’ve been investigating. Peter told you that he didn’t know what he was doing when he killed your sister, right? He lied.”

Derek looked at him in confusion.

“Remember the deer that they found, the one with the spiral?” Stiles asked, undoing Derek’s shackles. “Well, I went back to Deaton after we found out about Peter and he told me that three months ago, someone came into the clinic asking for a copy of the picture.”

“Who was it?” Derek asked, rubbing his wrists.

“Jessica, Peter’s nurse.” Stiles sighed. “They brought her here so that Peter could kill her and become the Alpha.”

“I’ll help you.” Derek nodded.

They ran out of the house, Derek tiredly following behind Stiles but Stiles refused to help him at all and Derek wasn’t going to ask.

“Hey, hold on.” Derek panted. “Hold on. Hold on.”

Stiles turned around, lifting his eyebrows at Derek.

“What?” Stiles asked, harsh. “I’m not carrying you.”

“No, it’s not that.” Derek looked around. “Something doesn’t feel right.”

“What, like a heart attack?” Stiles ran up to him, concerned. “Can werewolves get heart attacks?”

Derek glared at him. “No. I mean- it’s kinda like- I don’t know, it was almost- It’s kinda like it was too easy.”

“Aw, great.” Stiles whined. “You jinxed it! Now bad things are gonna happen!”

Derek rolled his eyes, exasperated as he tried to catch his breath.

“Listen to me, you just gotta hang on for a few more minutes.” Stiles nodded. “Peter knows where you are, I mean he has to, right? And we’re gonna kill him.”

“Fine. You’re right.” Derek agreed.

Just then, an arrow shot Derek in the arm.

“You had to jinx it.” Stiles said, reaching to drag Derek behind a tree.

Allison was with Kate, shooting at Derek as she instructed.

“Stiles, your eyes!” Derek warned.

Stiles covered his eyes and pulled Derek closer to the Hale house. Derek pulled the arrow out of his arm and got up, pulling Stiles with him.

“Come on, let’s go.” Derek said, rushing to what he hoped was the safety of his old home.

Allison shot an arrow at Derek’s leg but Stiles was fast enough to catch it. He tried not to shift, anchoring himself with Derek as they ran towards the house but Allison threw a flash bolt and he was temporarily blinded.

“Stiles, go!” Derek called, pushing at him as an arrow hit his leg.

“Derek!” Stiles reached out to him, groaning as he tried to stop himself from shifting.

“Shut up, Stiles.” Allison said, striding towards him.

“Let him go!” Stiles growled, his eyes flashing yellow.

“Just shoot him.” Kate sighed, walking up to them with a bored expression.

“You- you said we were just gonna catch them.” Allison said, stunned.

“We did that. Now we’re gonna kill them.” Kate said, shooting Derek. “See? Not that hard.”

Stiles growled low, still on all fours and running to Derek’s body, towering over it protectively.

“Oh, no…” Kate sighed, seeing Allison’s shocked expression. “I know that look. That’s the: ‘you’re gonna have to do it yourself’ look.”

Stiles growled, and Allison started shaking her aunt.

“Kate. Kate, what are you doing?” Allison asked, seeing Kate point her gun at Stiles.

Kate shoved Allison to the ground. “I gotta say, it’s kinda cute that you’d rather stay and die with him than run away.”

“I’m not the one that’s going to die.” Stiles said, just as he saw Chris approaching them.

“Kate!” Allison’s dad called, walking up. “I know what you did. Put the gun down.”

“I did what I was told to do.” Kate answered, trying to explain.

“No one asked you to murder innocent people.” Chris said, turning to look at the remains of the Hale house. “There were children in that house, ones who were human! Look what you’re doing now. You’re holding a gun at a sixteen year old boy with no proof that he’s spilled human blood. We go by the code: Nous Chassons Ceux Qui Nous Chassent.”

“We hunt those who hunt us.” Allison translated under her breath.

Kate still ignored him and was going to pull the trigger when Chris pointed his own gun at her.

“Put the gun down.” He warned, firing a warning shot when she wouldn’t. “Before I put you down.”

Kate dropped her gun and the door to the Hale house creaked open.

“Allison, get back.” Her father instructed, pointing his gun to the house.

“What is it?” Allison asked, frightened.

“It’s the Alpha.” Kate answered, holding her gun back up.

Just then, something fast started circling them.

Stiles felt Derek stir beneath him and looked down, seeing Derek watching his movements and knowing that Derek had seen everything. Stiles stealthily moved away, giving Derek the freedom to move quietly.

The Alpha knocked Chris out first, then disarmed Allison. It took it’s time before Peter caught Kate by the arm and twisted it, hearing her cry out in pain as he grabbed her by the neck and threw her on the steps, running to drag her inside.

“No! No!” Allison said, running after them.

Once she had disappeared inside, Stiles turned to Derek.

“Go around the back of the house, I’ll take the front.” Stiles instructed. “This isn’t how my plan was supposed to go.”

“You made a plan?” Derek asked, frustrated.

“I still say that it would have gone smoothly if you hadn’t jinxed it, now GO!” Stiles demanded, growling a bit.

Derek ran around the back, shifting into his wolf form.

Stiles ran inside, just as Kate’s body hit the floor. Peter had slashed her neck and she was bleeding, eyes open but lifeless.

“I don’t know about you, Allison, but that apology…” Peter sighed. “Didn’t sound very sincere.”

Stiles growled, stepping next to Allison and getting Peter’s attention. Once Derek was on the other side of the room, Stiles turned to Allison.

“Run.” Stiles pushed her lightly and she ran outside.

Stiles attacked first, but Peter caught him and threw him against the wall. Derek punched him in the face a few times, but Peter was still stronger and tossed him onto a pile of broken of beams. Stiles growled and slashed at Peter’s face, knowing that it was a soft spot for him and causing the Alpha to howl in pain, his face forcing to shift as he held it back. In his surprise at the scene, Peter punched Stiles to the ground and slid him back to the other side of the room.

Derek came up and back kicked Peter, landing with a snarl. Peter took advantage of his crouched position and hit him in the face, then kicked Derek’s body up before punching it down. He picked Derek up and threw him on top of Stiles just as he was getting ready for another attack.

Derek quickly picked himself back up and ran at Peter, but Peter was faster and threw him against the side of the house, head first, and knocking Derek out. Stiles growled angrily and lunged at Peter. Peter caught him in a headlock and kneed Stiles in the stomach twice, then tossed Stiles against the wall. Stiles was fast enough to turn around before Peter could hit him again and forced Peter against the wall, kneeing and punching Peter in the back as much as he could before Peter’s face morphed again, trying not to turn and he elbowed Stiles in the face.

Stiles was pushed backwards and Peter grabbed him by the neck, strangling him. Stiles punched Peter continuously, listening to Peter’s heartbeat as it sped up and he could no longer control his wolf. Peter threw Stiles into the other room, struggling with himself as he shifted, his clothing tearing off as he became this horrible looking monster.

The Alpha came at him, picking him up and throwing him through the front of the house to the front where Allison was crouched over her dad. The Alpha came out snarling and picking Stiles up again, growling in his face to force his submission but Stiles growled back, kicking the Alpha in the chest, forcing the Alpha against the house.

Stiles ran inside, looking for the beakers he’d left as the Alpha chased back in after him.

Before it could make its way back inside, Stiles threw the first beaker at the Alpha’s arm, shattering it and causing it to explode. The Alpha’s arm caught fire and he howled in pain, falling backwards and trying to put it out. Stiles grabbed the other beaker and threw it at the Alpha again, causing the Alpha to catch fire completely and forcing him to howl in pain.

The Alpha made one last attempt to kill Stiles, but Stiles jumped up and kicked it in the face. The Alpha shifted back into Peter, his body covered in burns as he slumped into the ground. Stiles turned back to Allison and her father.

“I didn’t want him to get hurt.” Stiles told her, pointing at her dad. “I just needed help.”

“Does Scott know about all of this?” She asked, tears in her eyes.

“He knows about me and Derek.” Stiles sighed. “He wanted to tell you, but it’s not his secret to share. I told him not to.”

Chris woke up and Allison turned back to him just as Derek made his way towards Peter.

“Derek, wait.” Stiles called, running to catch up with him.

Derek towered over Peter as he gasped for breath, holding on to life as much as he could. He crouched down on one knee, ready to finish Peter off.

“Wait!” Stiles said, tugging Derek’s sleeve. “What about Lydia? How can I cure her?”

Derek closed his eyes tightly.

“Derek.” Stiles called. “If you do this, she’s dead. She isn’t waking up and she isn’t healing. What am I supposed to do?!”

Derek stared down at Peter.

“You’ve… already… decided.” Peter said, looking back up at where Derek was fighting himself. “I can smell it on you!”

Derek raised his clawed hand to strike.

“Wait! Derek.” Stiles held his arm but Derek shoved him away and slashed Peter’s throat.

Derek stood back up and turned to Stiles, his eyes glowing red.

“I’m the Alpha now.” Derek growled.

Stiles scoffed and stepped back.

“Why would you do that?” Stiles asked, horrified. “I can’t save Lydia.”

“You couldn’t have saved her either way.” Derek informed him. “The bite either kills you or it doesn’t. I suggest you spend whatever time she has left with her.”

“I smelled it too, you know.” Stiles said, just as Derek turned to leave. “The power of being Alpha is more important to you than Lydia’s life. I can promise you that I won’t forget that.”

Derek glared at him before disappearing.

Stiles turned back to the Argents. “Are you going to kill me now?”

Allison turned to her father and he sighed heavily, watching Stiles.

“Go to Lydia.” Chris commanded. “If you kill anyone, I won’t be so lenient. And tell Scott that he and I need to have a conversation.”

“Yes, sir.” Stiles nodded, running off to the hospital to see Lydia.