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The Hunt For Kira

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Dean Winchester walked into the cabin late Thursday afternoon. He stood in the large living area and listened to the silence. Sam had taken the girls and Ben into the city to shop and visit the doctor. Bobby had come up to the house earlier and was probably in his room or the library. His cell phone began its music, and he answered it as he walked towards his wing of the cabin.

"Dean, this is Watari," the elderly man began, glad to hear the voice of one of the young men who had become good friends with those who worked with L. "Are you busy?"

"I just got in. The house is quiet. I can chat awhile."

"Good," he sighed. "Have you been keeping up with the news lately?"

"Bobby's been keeping us up on it," the younger man said softly. He remembered his conversation with Cas over the holidays. "Are we needed?"

"Truth be told, I'm not a hundred percent certain," Watari commented. "L is nearly absolutely positive that these heart attacks are the work of a serial murderer. There's word the ICPO will be calling for him to investigate this. The truth is, Dean, I have a bad feeling about this."

Dean sighed softly. "I've been waiting for this, Watari. Cas warned me that something bad was coming and that it could be deadly."

"Somehow, I'm not surprised. The thing is, whoever or whatever is behind this needs to be stopped. I would like to send Matt to work with Bobby in researching what could be doing this; I know the two still have a lot more work to do on the database they've been building during our times there," he began.

"Send him on. It's too hot outside for Bobby to be at the shop working on cars anyway. Do you need Sam and me?

"I think we will," he said to him. "We could use someone to handle the whole going out and investigating issue because I'd rather keep L and his heirs behind solid walls. Mello may be coming with you due to the fact he will be able to reach the younger crowd for investigation."

"Okay. We'll need a day to get ready. Sara's pregnant, about three months. Can you send the plane for us? The airstrip is finished."

"It'll be on the way with the group within the hour," he told him. "L would like to handle the briefing personally as long as Ben stays away from his candy this time," the older man said with a chuckle. The team of geniuses spent a lot of time at the house, researching and solving cases from their private wing, and while Matt and Mello got along with Ben like a house on fire, L had issues at times fitting in with the others.

"Sounds good. Give me a call when you near us and I'll drive that big stretch Suburban L bought for you guys out to the strip and pick you up. Too hot for Brits to be outside for long."

"I've seen your weather reports, son, and it's too hot for anything living to exist out there," he teased.

"True. That's why I air-conditioned one of the garages at the shop and do my work in there."

"Good, now we should see you sometime tomorrow at mid-day," Watari said.

"Call my cell since I'll probably be at the shop."

"I will, see you soon," he told him, hanging up. It would be around the next day, close to midday when Dean would hear from him again.

Dean placed his phone in his pocket and walked over to Bobby's suite and knocked.

"Yeah," the older hunter called out.

"It's me, Bobby," Dean spoke quietly

"Well get in here, me," he snarked, shaking his head. Sometimes, his boys could be so formal and other times, he despaired of either of them behaving.

The younger hunter entered Bobby's inner sanctum. He walked over to where the older man was sitting in a recliner.

"What's going on," the older male asked, looking up from his work.

"The Whammies will be here around noon or so tomorrow. I'll take the stretch with me to work and drive over to pick them up."

"Let me guess, L's about to be asked to figure out what's going on with the heart attacks," he asked, looking at his heart son.

"Yeah. Watari wants them hidden from view. He's got a bad feeling about it. Remember what Cas said last year. L and the boys could die."

"So I can assume Matt will be here with me on research duty since the kid can research circles around me," he said, chuckling at tad. "What are his plans about the other two boys?"

“He's thinking about having Mello with Sam and me. There was no mention of Near."

"Then that one's in the air then," Bobby commented. "Mello would be good on the ground with you two so that's a smart decision. All right then, order a good meal for pick up tomorrow for an early dinner for them," he asked.

"Okay. I'll give Mary a call. She does home cooking and will deliver for a little extra. Food is good."

"They'll be hungry for something not high in carbs or sugar," he said, shaking his head. “What would you suggest Bobby. The only town near us has restaurants but very few deliver. Sam and the girls are shopping. They could cook something tomorrow."

"Sarah has been working on her art nonstop plus getting a nursery ready," he said. "Sam needs to pack, and Lisa...dunno. Call Mary and see what she suggests."

Dean took out his cell and dialed up the Bluebird Inn. He waited for Mary to answer.

"Bluebird, Mary speaking," a voice chimed.

"Hey, Mary. This is Dean Winchester. How're you doing? The truck still holding up?"

"It's doing wonderful, hon. What can I do for you," she asked.

"The whole gang will be here tomorrow. Can you deliver something filling but low carbs and sugar? Say around one o'clock?"

"The gang would mean the family members with the very finicky appetites," Mary said. "Something tried and true or do you want to push the younger ones again to try something new?"

Dean started laughing. "We can try, can't we?"

"I could do some Tex-mex," she offered.

"Low carb version?"

"Of course," she answered. "I'll have everything ready if you can have Sam swing by to pick it up?"

"I can try that. I was hoping that son of yours would like to earn an easy twenty by delivering it."

"I can do that if you promise to keep him out of your wife's baking," she answered with a laugh. "He had a tummy ache for two days because he over ate."

Dean laughed. "I'll tell Lisa to hide the goodies. Thanks, Mary."

"No problem, Dean," she laughed. "He'll see you around one."

Dean smiled as he placed his phone back in his pocket. He looked up at the older man and grinned. "We're getting low carb Tex-Mex."

"Let's hope Mary keeps it with high taste or I'm raiding the frozen dinners again," Bobby told the other.

"You'll have to stand in line."

The hunter grinned. "You mean you will."

"We'll see who's faster," the younger man said, smiling. "I'm going to get comfortable and give Sam a call."

"Sounds good," he said. "I'll help Lisa make sure the rooms are ready later. Fresh linens and the like."

"Okay. Sounds good. Talk to you later." Dean left Bobby's suite and headed across the large room towards the door to his wing. Entering the small formal room, he took out his phone and dialed his brother. Walking up the stairs to the bedroom, he waited for the man to answer.

Sam's voice sounded frazzled. "Please tell me you're calling to rescue me."

“Well, that depends, Sammy. Watari called. They'll be here tomorrow. It's the heart attack cases. I think it's what Cas warned us about. Watari's worried about L and the boys.

"Great, all right, I'll get the girls to end this shopping nightmare and head back. They'll be happy to see the boys again," Sam sighed.

"They want us on the case, Sammy."

"I figured that," he said. "I wouldn't want them solving this without us. Their IQs would probably outnumber most of the world's, but their common sense isn't always all there," he told him. "I know they'll let me keep in touch with Sarah."

"Yeah, they will."

"All right, see you soon. You two be ready to help haul things in. I wasn't kidding when I said it was a shopping nightmare," Sam sighed.

Dean smiled, not envying his brother. "We'll be there.”
"I'll text you when we get close," he told his brother. "Ben deserves a damned medal for putting up with this, let me tell you."

"I'll figure something for him. Not sure what and not much time to do it."

"Spend some time playing that new game Matt sent him for his birthday," Sam advised. "Some snacks and time with you will be all he needs. You like that game anyway. I can handle prepping our gear."

"Thanks, Sammy. I'd hug you, but I’d break the phone."

"Don't do that, Lisa would kill us since she finally figured that system out," he joked. "Just make sure to check the pulled pork in the oven, ok? We're having it and fries tonight. Sarah thought to drop the meat and sauce on them. Not sure but at least it's a mild craving compared to some of the ones she's had lately." A muffled thump would be heard and an "oww" from his brother.

Dean snickered and told his brother good bye. He left his wing and headed to the main kitchen to check on the pulled pork. It was nearly done. He figured on another fifteen minutes, and he could pull it out.

Bobby came out a short bit to help the man get things ready for supper. "You need help getting the gear assembled for the trip tonight," he asked, setting the large table in the dining room that Sarah had painted and decorated.

"Sammy told me that Ben needed a medal. He suggested I spend the evening playing his new game and snacking. Said he'd get everything ready. He could probably use your help."

"Probably a good idea since we have no idea how long this case will take," the older male pointed out. "Just promise you two will be safe. I've got a bad feeling about this one."

"I think we all do."

The man paused in his work, looking at Dean. "I was thinking of getting Ben to help with research if he asks to help or seems worried about you. It might let him have something useful to do without getting him too involved. What do you think?"

"I like the idea, but ask Lisa first. She might not want him involved in anything dealing with hunting."

"I will, trust me, but wanted to get your say so on it first," Bobby said. "No sense in pissing off both parents if I can help it."

Dean laughed. "Thanks, Bobby."

He nodded, then headed to the door when he heard the sound of an approaching vehicle. "They're here," he called back to Dean.

The younger man followed the older hunter into the large living area towards the front door. They waited out front so they could help unload the vehicle.

Sam got out of the van, shaking his head and looking exhausted. "We could definitely use the help here."
Dean stared at the large number of bags. He stared at his wife. "We could have had these delivered, Lisa"

"Not for the price they wanted," she reminded him, sending Sarah in with a few small bags and an order to get off of her feet. "The furniture for the nursery is being delivered, but the other stores wanted almost fifty percent of the cost of what we bought to deliver this. We won't get to shop for the baby very often so better to stock up on things now to get her comfortable. Plus maternity clothing."

Dean's eyes were wide and he looked at his brother, a question in his eyes.

"Yeah, that's what I thought too. They wouldn't hear otherwise, and Sarah was getting stressed out," he replied, sounding a bit frustrated before taking some of the bags from Ben as the boy was trying to overload himself.

Dean shook his head and grabbed two armloads worth of bags.

Sam grabbed a heaping load too and followed Lisa into the house. He set the bags into the family room and went back outside, Ben on his heels.

Dean followed the other Winchesters outside.

It took several loads before the van was empty and by that time, dinner was on the table thanks to Bobby.

Dean stood in the kitchen looking at the mountain of bags and furniture in the family room. "Where the hell are we going to put all this?”

"Sarah finished painting the nursery," Lisa said. "When the deliverers bring the furniture, they'll assemble it since that's part of the charge."

“So the high chair, playpen, and stuff isn't furniture?"

"Playpen will be folded up until it can be used," Lisa said. "There's a spare closet in their wing. High chair goes in the dining room, and the other items aren't furniture but decorating things as well as clothing. Dean, it's all fine."

"It is? Will we need all that when we have another kid?"

"Not unless Sarah ends up having twins or she and I get pregnant at the same time," Lisa deadpanned, sitting down at the table.

The hunter stared at his wife's face. "Lis? Are you pregnant?"

"Nope," she answered. "We'll talk about that once you get back from this hunting trip. Now sit down and eat, love."

Dean sat down unsure of how the answer made him feel. What did he and Lisa need to talk about when he gets back?

Sam laughed, passing him a plate of pulled pork to serve himself from. "Meaning she wants a baby, goof, but she knows now isn't the right time for it."

"I want a baby, Sammy. What time is ever right?"

"I want one too, Dean Winchester, but I know this case could take a while and I need to focus on Sarah while you're gone," she told him.


Dean took a bite of the pulled pork and looked across at his son. "Ben, you want to play that new game for a while tonight"

The boy looked up and gave him a grin. "I'd like that."

Dean nodded, "Okay. Great. After I clean up the kitchen and do the dishes."

"Thanks," he beamed, then went back to eating his meal.

Dean grew quiet and listened to the conversation going on around him. The girls were discussing all the clothes that were purchased.

The meal was enjoyed with playful discussion, all of them focusing on the family instead of the upcoming arrival of the genius members of the family as well as the impending departure of some of the members. It was a good night, all of them retiring later than normal despite the early hour all of them would wake the next day.