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Hiding In Plain Sight

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     “You need to go to this interview, Louis.”
     “I’d rather not be anyone’s intern or assistant. You know me.”
     Louis looked at his closest friend, Liam, who was staring back at him with his eyebrows raised.
     “Unless you want to be working a low paying job and getting behind on rent every month, I’d suggest going to the interview. Besides, the flyer said it’s not that hard of a job. You’d probably just be sitting there looking pretty, anyways. Rich business, you know.”
     Louis groaned and rubbed his face, glancing at his phone. Not a single text from Adam, Louis’ fling. They’d hooked up a couple nights before and he hadn’t heard anything since. He thought Adam had interpreted his intentions in a way that would only be temporary, but he hasn’t been able to get the almost too perfect man out of his head since they’d first met. Whereas Adam is more of a hook-up guy, Louis is after a relationship with him.
     “Yeah, what time is the interview?” Louis sighed, looking back at Liam and leaning his head on his closed fist.
     “In about an hour and a half. Is that enough time to flip your hair a few times and put on something other than sweat pants and a tee shirt?” Liam poked, chuckling at Louis’ all-day attire. And, well, all-night.
     “Ah, think we’re being funny, are we, Liam?” Louis laughed and got up as if getting ready to fight. “You don’t want to start this war, mate.”
     “Alright, alright. I’ve got to get going, anyways. I’ve got a job to show up for.”
     Louis raised a middle finger at Liam and shook his head. He walked Liam to the door, shoving him out the doorway. “Bye, arse! I’ll be sure to trash your room before you get back.”
     Liam waved behind him without looking back and got into his car, pulling out of the driveway and speeding down the road. Louis shut the door and locked it, heading upstairs to the bathroom for a shower. He glanced at Liam’s room and then back at his, smirking at the difference. What a mess.
     After showering, styling his hair, and shaving, Louis stood in front of his closet and pondered what he should wear for the interview. He picked up his phone to text Liam.
     “What company is this for again? I don’t know what to wear”
     He sat on the bed and waited for a response.
     “Styles Inc very flashy”
     “So what should I wear?”
     “Do you want the job?”
     “What do I wear Liam?”
     “Suit and tie mate, ask for Harry Styles”
     “Of course”
     “Good luck!!”
     “Don’t text and drive”
     Louis threw his phone on the bed and slowly turned to face his closet. He knew he’d have to dig for it, but he didn’t think it would take long to find it. Fifteen minutes later, after fixing his hair again and standing in front of the mirror, he was dressed in his suit and dress shoes.
     “Nah, too much,” he muttered, removing the silk white tie that was fastened around his neck. He threw it back into his closet and looked again. “Good to go.”