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It's our secret

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“Isaac! You promised you'd take me to the mall to pick some new clothes”
“You can go alone big boy! Your'e seventeen, i'm twenty five , twenty five year old guys like to sleep, LET ME SLEEP” yelled Isaac,

“Don't worry honey” said Allison, Isaac's wife “I'll wake Kira and we'll go, K?”

“Thanks Alli”

While Allison went to wake his other older brother's girlfriend, Stiles sat and ate cereal,

It was so hard to be the youngest of three boys,

With two of your brothers being a deputies and your father being the Sheriff, it's only expected for him to go in this way too,

“Let's go shopping!” Said Kira, Scott's girlfriend,

Yes. His brother's girlfriend and wife was his best friend, but not his only best friends, he had Lydia, and he had Malia and... ok that's it.

“So why didn't you asked Malia and Lydia to come with you?” Asked Kira,

“All they wanted to do was talk about boys and the new Justin Bieber song”

It wasn't that Stiles wasn't interest in boys, oh, he was.

But his brothers didn't know it.

Like, you know, having two conservative over-protective older brothers. A recipe for disaster.

“Wer'e here!” Said Allison, once they got out of the car, there were kids running around, moms yelling and teenagers fangerling,

Or as he liked to call it- Beacon hills's mall,

Of course he lived in this small town nobody ever heard of.

A place where everything you do is matter, yeah, not stressing at all.

“What about this?” Kira put a shirt before Stiles's body after they went into a little shop,

“It can be cute with these pants” said Allison, and after half an hour there was no more Stiles, it was the CLOTHES MONSTER,

“Help! I'm gonna fall!!” And with that, Stiles fell, all the clothes landed on his face of course,

“Hey,” someone handed him a hand,

“Thank you” Stiles got up,

Oh, this is so awkward.

Before him stood a gay at least twenties years old, face kinda like grumpy cat, broody shoulders,

“You ok?” He asked after a moment,

“I- uh, yeah, thank you for helping me before I embarrassed myself even more” Stiles laughed,

“I'm Derek”


“Who calls his kid 'Stiles'?” Derek laughed,

“It's a nickname... I can tell you my real name but you wouldn't understand”

“Stiles? Where are you?” called Allison,

“Your girlfriend is looking for you” said Derek,

Stiles stopped for a second, then he realized what Derek said,

“girlfriend?” Stiles laughed “no, she's married to my older brother, I'm not looking for a woman”

“ Oh.” Derek raised his eyebrow “so your'e single?”

“Very single”

“So let's say you're single, and I'm single. Could we-”

“DEREK” called a girl behind them,

“in a minute Cora!” Derek yelled back,

“would you stop flirting with every guy you see?!” said the girl- Cora.

“I'm sorry” Derek apologized “so how about you give me your number and I'll call you?”

“Yeah, of course” Stiles took out a pen and held Derek's hand and wrote his number,

“bye” said Derek,

Stiles watched Derek's back as he went to the girl, too hypnotize to say something,

“he was cute” said Kira “do you know him?”

“No.” said Stiles,

“so you just talked to him and gave him your number?” asked Allison,

“yes, I do that sometimes, now let's go back to shopping” said Stiles, he immediately went to other side of the store and tried to hide,

on their way back home Stiles decided, he's gonna tell Kira and Allison, they'll understand and could help him with his brothers, right?

“Can I tell you something?” he said,

“yeah, of course” said Kira,

“ is it the fact that you're gay?” Allison smiled,

“H-how did you...”

“How did we knew?” Kira smirked “sweetie, you have to be blind to not know, but Allison and I thought it's better to let you come to us first and not attack you”

“Thank You think Scott and Isaac noticed? They're gonna kill me,”

“They don't know, it's your choice to tell them, whenever your'e ready” said Allison,

“Also,” Kira added “that guy you were talking to, he totally flirted with you. And you totally flirted back!”

Stiles blushed “you think he was serious?”

“ He was so serious it looked like he was about to fall too” said Kira,

“OK, wer'e home. Remember Stiles, it's your choice to tell them, we'll support you anyway”

“thank you”

The next day Stiles was walking toward the precinct, his father and both brothers forgot their lunch and if Stiles won't bring them food they're gonna eat hamburgers,

Also, non-related of course, he heard the new deputy is coming today and Allison -who already met him- said he's hot,

“baby bro!” Scott called him the minute he walked through the door,

“I brought you food”

“Sure, come, Isaac is in the office talking to the new guy”

as they walked toward the office Stiles heard a familiar voice,

“hey baby bro!” said Isaac “Derek, this is Scott's and mine little brother, Stiles, Stiles, this is the new deputy, Derek Hale.”