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The New Year's kiss

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"Iris I just finished work, yes I know what time the party is".
"Lis why are you not going to tell me what your outfit looks like? It's really annoying me" said Iris .
"Because I know it’s annoying you and I want it to be a surprise and you're going to just have to wait”
“No I won't and you know what I'm wearing Lis tell me please, please, please”
Felicity said in her angry voice “no, if I tell you you're going to tell everybody else, you can't keep a secret”
"Do you remember in college when you told your dad that I started a gambling club?”
“I didn't know it was a secret” said Iris .
"Iris your dad is a cop you weren't meant to tell him. And that time when you told Jack Parker that I loved him"
“What! that one isn’t fair, it worked out you went on a date with him”
"And I need to know because somebody else is coming with us Barry's friend, he lives in Star City” said Iris .
Felicity put her hand to her head and started to massage her temple. Why do her friends feel like they need to set her up with every guy.
"Iris I agreed to this because you said you weren't going to set me up with another guy"
She knew that Iris was rolling her eyes at this moment.
"Lis I've met him, he came over to Central City, I mean he’s a fine piece of man. His arms are like... Twice the size of Barry's. Guy is hot, I mean Greek God hot. Like you want to climb him like a tree hot”
"You have to do this for all womankind you have to go on a date with him and don't even look at it like a date, really you're just going out with me Barry and Cisco and Caitlin and the Greek God”
"Are you going tell me his name or am I just going to be calling him Greek god?”
"If you’re not telling me what you're wearing and I'm not going to tell you his name”. I think that's fair enough” “I was looking forward to the party, getting out of Starling City and visiting you, but now I'm nervous, I'm sweaty and oh God about if I start babbling? You know how I get in front of good looking people”
“Lis that is total bullshit, you get nervous with anybody, even with your milkman who is 50 years old and smells like cats!”
“But I don't think that's fair, anyway I'm getting in my car and I’m putting you on loudspeaker” said Felicity “and in my defence, I only babbled to him about milk and cats so I don't think that really counts”
"I think you forget that you said to him ‘why don't you come into my house’ and then babbled and then said ‘I mean for tea to drink tea’ "
“Don't remind me about that I was horrified. Can I have my mouth just zipped up?"
Felicity turned into Big Belly Burger parking lot.
“Great, no parking. Why does a motorbike need a space? Stupid motorbike now I've got to wait”
She watched the man get off the motorbike.
She could only see his head and shoulders. If she really stretched she could see his ass and God he has a good ass.
He turned around quickly and she looked in the other direction. “Shit I said that out loud, and my windows open so he heard everything” groaning she looked up and he was gone, as was his motorbike “That's good I’m so hungry”
Getting out the car of her red Mini Cooper, which was called Dorothy. Yes, she knows it's weird to call your car a name but everybody does it.
Felicity ran back to the car where she had left her phone, with Iris still on the other end.
“Oh I forgot my phone and I forgot that I had you on loudspeaker”
"Lis you are really weird when you talk to yourself".
"And yes he probably heard all of what you said. And you better not be a Big Belly Burger” said Iris .
“Why can't I?”
“Because you said that your jeans didn't fit yesterday and that your ass is going to look like Kardashian if you keep on eating crap”
“But I like it, with its smell of grease, and fries, and burgers. Feels like home”
“You are so sad” said Iris.
"No I'm not because you love jitters. I'm taking you off loud speaker”
There were a couple of people in front of her. Usual people, the person who was always in there is the guy with the red hoodie. He looks like he just walked out of Abercrombie & Fitch. Yep she said that out loud. “Geez where did you go?” said Iris .