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[Podfic of] Thrust of Grace

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This was my first year ever participating in ITPE! I made roughly 2 hours worth of podfic total for it. This was my second gift I managed to complete. I sincerely hope my recipient, and any other Veronica Mars fan who might stumble across it, enjoys it.

To download this single-chapter podfic as an audiobook in .m4b format... Direct Download (right click and hit "save link as" or "save target as") Thrust of Grace - Veronica Mars (Logan-centric) podfic.m4b


Direct Download in mp3 format (right click and hit "save link as" or "save target as")'s podfics hosting of Thrust of Grace - Veronica Mars (Logan-centric) podfic.mp3

Or just stream it at that link (at parakaproductions) by just left-clicking/regular clicking.

Another streaming option is right here:

Note that the podfic is 12 minutes and 37 seconds long. (12:37)

If you need an alternate download or alternate streaming link, let me know and I'd be happy to upload the podfic elsewhere. If you have any questions at all for me, let me know! All that being said... enjoy!

Podfic Art for Thrust of Grace, a bunch of screenshots from the season 2 finale. Veronica finds Mac on the floor naked but covered with the blue sheet - or was it a curtain? - besides the bare mattress. Veronica reacts with her hand over her mouth and tearful eyes as she looks at her. Also, Logan holds a tearful Veronica on the roof. Finally shown in the center is Logan holding Veronica lying/sleeping on his lap on the couch back at Veronica's home that night.

I used my own microphone to record the running water sound effect, but all of the other sound effects (the watch ticking, the elevator ding, the light switch, the doors closing, Backup's bark and whines, the kitchen & cooking sounds, and the car sounds) were all downloaded for free off the internet after a bit of searching. I had a lot of fun with this!

I haven't spoken to my abusive mother in 8 years, but I still have the entire Barenaked Ladies Greatest Hits album in my iTunes, thanks to her purchasing it possibly before I was even born. ;) But seriously, all sarcasm aside, I am grateful. Her taste in music was always pretty good. This might be my favorite song on that album. It was serendipity or something for me to discover this fic and be granted permission to podfic it when I already not only owned the song, but also had been planning to vid parts of it for this collaboration fanvideo: - truly, what an amazing coincidence. ;) Btw, you should definitely check out that collab. No LoVe in it, but many other amazing ships and you get to hear the entire song. The song is actually originally by Bruce Cockburn, but the Barenaked Ladies cover may be more famous. bigboobedcanuck mentioned, in her author's note, that the title of the fic comes from a line in the song, so for the scene break in the middle of the story, I used that line/that part of the song in my podfic. ;) I think the song does fit Logan/Veronica within the context of this season 2 finale episode remarkably well.

This fic just seemed PERFECT to me the first time I read it. It's an intense fill-in the blanks and everything I want from canon-compliant fics. I really hope listening to it, you all feel the same way. Please let me know in the comments below!

Thanks. ;)

Also, as has now become typical for me and my podfics, I created my own cover art for the story/for the podfic! I had a lot of fun with this one, and wished I could've included even more canon moments that are referenced or shown throughout the fic!  But I think these 7 screenshots from episode 2x22 make for a better cover than maybe any of the covers I've made before. I'm pretty proud of this one. The art was edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 Platinum Edition and I also used a NewBlue FX effect in my coloring.

Don't forget to leave bigboobedcanuck feedback on her story here: if you want her to get your feedback, too! ;)

FYI, the audiofic archive link for this podfic is here.