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Love Conquers All Things.

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“It’s a tooth!”

“Bit young to be losin’ ya teeth,” Faith got up from her seat to get a better look at the offending object.

“It’s not my tooth!” there was just hint of panic in Steve’s voice.

“Maybe it’s just a clove,” Dick suggested.

“Does it look like a fucking clove?” Steve demanded, then added, “I think I’m gonna puke.”

Picking up the tooth, Faith passed it to Dawn so she could examine it.

“Could it be a cows tooth?” Gordon asked looking at Dawn hopefully.

“With gold fillings?” Dawn dropped the tooth on the table and wiped her hands on the legs of her jeans.

“Who made the pie?” Steve, quite understandably, wanted to know; everyone turned to look at Gordon.

“I didn’t make it,” Gordon replied defensively, “I found it.”

“You did what?” Dawn was really feeling quite ill now as the full implications of finding a human tooth in the pie struck home.

“I found it,” repeated Gordon looking around the table at his colleagues.

“You found a pie?” Faith crossed her arms over her chest and looked belligerently at Gordon.

“It was wrapped in foil,” Gordon explained as if that made everything alright.

“Oh well,” Steve drank from a glass of water, “that’s okay then.”

Starting to retch Jill realised what sort of meat might have been in the pie. Steve stood up and looked as if he was about to hit Gordon. Faith caught Dawn’s eye and signalled her to come and stand next to her; Maggie walked over to the table and immediately sized up the situation.

“Okay,” Maggie held up a hand in a placatory gesture, “everyone calm down.” She ran round the table to where Jill was coughing and retching, “Come on Jill,” Maggie helped Jill to her feet, “come with me.”

“Ooh! I’m going to me sick!” Jill wailed as Maggie led her out into the garden.

“Okay, I’m sorry everybody,” Gordon stood up and looked around the table at the faces that stared at him accusingly, “I thought it was a welcome gift.”

“From who?” Steve wanted to know.

“Hannibal Lecter?” Faith suggested.

Giggling at Faith’s remark, Dawn just couldn’t help herself seeing the funny side; after all she’d seen in her life a pie which might or might not be made of ‘person’ didn’t rate that highly. Unfortunately no one else appeared to appreciate Faith’s graveyard humour and turned to glare at her. Unabashed, Faith returned their looks with interest.

“I cooked it for the full hour,” Gordon cunningly drew everybody’s attention back onto himself.

“It had instructions?” Dick asked incredulously.

“No,” Gordon gestured helplessly at the offending pie, “but it’s a pie…you cook pies for an hour.”

“You don’t cook every pie for an hour,” Harris explained, displaying here-to-fore unsuspected culinary expertise.

“You don’t think I undercooked it do you?” Gordon asked quietly.

“Fucking ‘ell!” Steve shook his head in disgust.

“Yeah, okay,” Faith stepped forward and produced a large, sharp knife from behind her back before plunging it into the remains of the offending pie. “There!” she cried triumphantly, “It’s dead…” her voice faltered as she noticed half a dozen pairs of eyes staring at her, “What?” she asked innocently.

“Right!” Dawn pushed herself forward and heard everyone’s eyes click onto her, “Okay,” she smiled nervously, “now Faith’s killed the nasty pie, lets just throw it away.” Dawn tried to remove the knife from the pie, it wouldn’t budge, “Faith?” she gestured to the weapon.

Reaching to take hold of her knife, Faith easily pulled it from the pie; Dawn picked up the offending object and threw it in the bin, “Happy now?” she asked.

“Great,” Harris examined the hole that Faith’s knife had made in the table, “that makes me feel a whole lot safer.”


Some time later.

Already in bed, Dawn watched Faith as she dried herself off after her shower. Knowing she shouldn’t be taking so much interest in Faith’s firm, supple and incredibly attractive body, Dawn dragged her eyes away and tried to think of something else.

“So w-what do you think?” Dawn asked as she studiously studied the appalling wallpaper.

“I think we get to somewhere we can call Slayer Central,” Faith stood and brushed her hair watching herself in the mirror, “an’ get some reinforcements. Just like you said Dawnie.”

“Cool,” Dawn agreed breathlessly, she’d found herself watching Faith again, “We-we’ll get somewhere high and try the phones again, right?”

“Whatever you say,” Faith stopped brushing her hair and studied herself in the mirror, she turned to look at Dawn, “I’m thinking of cutting my hair shorter, what d’ya think?”

“NO!” Dawn almost sat up in shock, “Um, I mean no, it’s perfect like it is.”

“Y’think?” Faith pulled her hair up on top of her head and looked at herself in the mirror.

“Uh-huh,” Dawn’s eyes roamed over Faith’s body drinking in her beauty, “Phew!” she gasped pushing back the covers, “Is it me or is it hot in here?”

“Hey!” Faith bounced onto the bed and started to pull back her side of the covers ready to climb in, “What about that pie?” she grinned as she climbed in next to Dawn, “Do y’think stabbing it was goin’ too far?”

“No-no,” Dawn felt strangely excited as she felt Faith toss and turn next to her as she tried to get comfortable.

The bed was a double bed but only a very small one, if Dawn lay on her side at the edge of the mattress, she wouldn’t touch Faith by accident. As long as she didn’t touch Faith everything would be okay and she’d get over these ‘feeling’ she was having for the dark haired, incredible beautiful and athletic woman lying beside her. Groaning with frustration, Dawn closed her eyes and tried to get to sleep.


A long, loud scream split the night just as Dawn was drifting off. In an instant, Faith had leapt from the bed and dressed only in her panties and a t-shirt she’d grabbed one of her knives and had opened the door into the corridor. Dawn was only a couple of seconds behind her; brandishing her small battleaxe and dressed in her Winnie the Pooh nightdress she followed Faith towards the scream.

Following the sound of the scream to Jill’s room they burst in only to make the poor woman scream all the louder on being confronted by two young women wielding sharp looking melee weapons.

“Okay! Okay!” Dawn lowered her battleaxe and tried to calm the woman down; Faith rushed over to the open window and looked out, “What’s wrong?”

“Th-there was a man at my window!” Jill had stopped screaming and was now sitting on the edge of her bed trembling as Dawn put a comforting arm around her.

“Faith?” Dawn flicked her eyes towards the door.

“On it!” Faith turned and headed out the room just as Harris and Maggie burst in.

“What’s the matter?” Harris demanded.

“What’s wrong?” Maggie asked as she joined Dawn and Jill on the bed; by now all the others had arrived outside Jill’s room.

“There was a man at my window,” Jill repeated.

“Yeah,” Dawn agreed, “Faith’s checking now.”

“She is?” Harris looked down at Dawn catching sight of the battleaxe that rested on the bed next to her.

“What did he look like?” Dick had just that moment forced himself into the room.

“He had a mask;” Jill wheezed, “where’s my inhaler?”

“You’ve not been at my mushrooms have you?” Steve wanted to know.

“Shut up!” Dawn and Maggie said in unison.

“Apparently Faith is looking for him,” Harris told everyone.

“By herself?” Dick turned to look at Harris.

“No she had her knife with her,” Harris pointed out.

“Oh,” Dick relaxed, “that’s alright then.”

“Come on,” Harris started to move towards the door, “we’d better go and look too.”

Alone in the room with Jill and Maggie, Dawn looked from the frightened woman to the still open window. Getting up she crossed the room then turned to look at Jill, she was calmer now that Maggie had found her inhaler.

“Jill,” Dawn asked slowly, “you said he was wearing a mask?” Jill nodded her head, “What sort of mask? Was it a fright,” Dawn hesitated still not sure what some things were called on this side of the Atlantic, “um, like a Halloween mask?”

“No…no,” Jill shook her head as she regained her breath, “it was worse than that.”

“Worse?” Dawn pulled a face and glanced at Maggie who was still trying to comfort Jill.

“Yes,” Jill nodded her head she seemed to have regained some control of her breathing now, “it was like someone had stitched two heads together…”

“Like Frankenstein’s monster?” Maggie suggested.

“Yeah, sort of,” Jill agreed.

“It was probably some kids playing a prank,” Dawn tried to sound reassuring.

“What? Way up here?” Maggie said before she noticed the look Dawn was giving her, “Oh, yeah of course,” Maggie tried to correct herself, “they could be camping close by.”

“Yeah,” Dawn nodded her head, “its probably kids camping near by.”

“You think?” Jill asked looking from one woman to the other.


Running silently between the trees, Faith searched for whatever had been looking into Jill’s window. All she could hear was thunder rumbling in the distance and the sound of the wind in the trees. To her enhanced slayer ears it all sounded as noisy as a city street; there was no way she’d find anything by listening for it. Stopping she closed her eyes and took a couple of deep calming breaths before opening her eyes again.

Looking through the blackness under the trees, Faith saw nothing at first. Until she noticed something flit between two trees, instantly she became alert and started to move stealthily between the trees hunting her prey like some incredibly lithe, sexy, big-cat. Whatever it was she was hunting made an incredible amount of noise as it blundered through the dead branches and pine needles that lay on the forest floor.

Working her way around the creature so she was in front of it, Faith waited behind a tree. Just as the beast stumbled by, she sprang out knife raised high ready to strike.

“AAAAAAGH!” Gordon screamed as he caught sight of the half-naked, knife wielding, Amazon who’d just appeared in front of him.

“F’FUCKS SAKE!” Faith yelled as she lowered her knife, her heart pounding in her chest as she realised just how close she’d come to killing Gordon.

“Ohgodohgodohgod!” gasped Gordon as he collapsed against a tree, “You-you know that’s dangerous, running around with a knife like that?”

“Yeah well,” Faith didn’t know what to say, then she smelt something, “Jeez, man,” she waved her hand in front of her nose, “you just crap y’self?”

“What’s going on here?” Harris ran over waving a torch about and managing to ruin Faith’s night vision.

“Beardy boy here,” Faith gestured to Gordon, “crapped himself when I jumped out from behind a tree.”

“She was going to stab me,” wailed Gordon as he walked stiff legged towards the lodge.

“But I didn’t!” Faith called after him.

“You better give me that knife,” Harris held out his hand.

For an instant Faith considered plunging her blade through this his hand, but she decided against it, Dawn probably wouldn’t like it.

“You want it,” Faith grinned as she rammed the blade into a handy tree trunk, “you take it.”

Waiting for a couple of minutes as Harris made a fool of himself trying to pull the knife from the tree. Faith smiled and pulled the weapon effortlessly from the tree truck. With a toss of her head she walked off towards the lodge trying to ignore Harris’ eyes which were burning holes in her back.


“We need to get out of here,” Maggie told Dick as they all stood or sat around Jill’s room, Dawn nodded her head in agreement.

“Yeah,” Dawn stood up and went to look out the window, “it’s like too weird up here.”

If she could get everyone to leave it would make things so much easier when Giles flooded the area with slayers.

“Talking of weird,” Maggie looked down to where Dawn’s axe lay on the bed.

“Oh yeah that,” Dawn swallowed, “my big sister’s really protective, she won’t let me go out without protection.”

No one looked convinced.

“Yeah I’m leaving,” Jill looked up a Dick, “in the morning I’m going, even if I have to walk to the nearest town.”

“No one’s going anywhere,” Dick tried to stamp his authority on the situation just as Harris and Faith entered the room.

Giving Faith a questioning look and receiving a slight shake of the head in reply, Dawn noticed Faith’s dirty feet. Seeing Billy and Steve standing in the corridor she asked where Gordon was.

“Um he had to clean himself up,” Faith grinned.

“Alright gang, this is what’s going to happen,” Harris stepped forward, “Tomorrow morning we go to the top of the hill and try and get a signal. Get somebody to come and pick us up.”

“Go on my son,” cheered Steve.

“Great idea,” added Maggie.

“Just a minute…” began Dick but was interrupted my Dawn.

“All those in favour raise your hand and say ‘Yay!’,” Dawn put up her and said ‘yay!’, there was a ragged chorus in favour, “There motion passed, now lets get back to bed.”

Everyone started to troop out of Jill’s room and off to their own.

“Hey!” Dick called after everyone, “No that is not what’s going to happen. Anyone who leaves won’t have a job to come back to.”

“I don’t care,” Jill pushed Dick towards the door.

“Not bothered,” called Faith as she headed for the bathroom to wash her feet.

“I’m with her,” Dawn called as she went back to her and Faith’s room.

“I’m gonna follow the totty,” announced Steve just before he closed his door.


Coming slowly awake, Faith started to become aware of the early morning light creeping in around the edges of the curtains. Shifting a little she became conscious of the soft, warm body that had wrapped itself around her own. Smiling sleepily she snuggled up to the body and sighed contentedly, she felt Dawn’s arms tighten slightly as she held on to her. Not really paying much attention to what she was doing Faith started to stroke the bare arm that lay across her ribs. Her fingers lingered as the passed over Dawn’s velvety smooth skin; Faith felt her own nipples start to harden as Dawn pressed into her side with her breasts. Moaning sleepily, Dawn moved her leg up over Faith’s and started to rub herself against her thigh. Just as Faith was about to push the younger girl onto her back and climb on top of her, her eyes flew open.

“OH MY GOD!” Faith sat up in bed pushing Dawn away as she did so, “Oh god I’m sorry I didn’t…”

“Wa?” Dawn looked up rubbing the sleep from her eyes, “Why’d you move? It was all warm and snugly and…OH MY GOD!”

Dawn joined Faith in sitting up in bed, the two young women looked at each other as they realised what had so nearly happened then turned away quickly. For a moment the only sound in the room was their rapid breathing.

“Um,” Dawn shifted a little further way from where Faith sat, “like, isn’t it time to get up?”

“Yeah sure,” agreed Faith as she swung her legs out of bed and put them on the floor, “wouldn’t wanna be late.”

“Totally,” Dawn concurred studiously avoiding looking at Faith as she too got up and pulled her nightie straight.

“Just going for a shower,” Faith bundled up her clothes and headed out of the door as if all the demons of hell were after her.