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Pet Academy: Everyone wants a werewolf pet

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It was at the end of the day of their first day at PA, Pet Academy. Stiles peaked around the corner to see if the coast was clear then bodily whipped back around. Anxiety spiked by who he saw, his back hugging the wall under his breath he cursed, “Shit!”

Panicked, Stiles started to back-peddle down the hall only to come to a full halt when he heard Scott whelped in pain. Turning around, Stiles saw the reason, the normally long leash was cut short because he had unintentionally wrapped it around in his fist then yanked it hard in his haste, causing the leash to cinch and tighten the collar fastened around Scott’s neck.

Seeing his pet’s eyes water, Stiles immediately dropped the leash. Apologizing profusely, Stiles wiggled his fingers under his pup’s collar tenderly caressing his skin to quiet his whimpering. Then abruptly he froze when he heard and recognized Lydia Martin’s high pitch voice, boom accusingly. “What’s going on here? Are you abusing this pup?”

Stiles licked his lips and slowly turned toward his onetime crush. It was a crush that had only taken him years to get over, but eventually he had put it in perspective after his dad had started to date her mom, Natalie over a year ago. A few months later they were all unofficially living together as a family, and Lydia was almost a sister, but not – until they weren’t.

He hadn’t seen Lydia all summer since their parents broke up – their break-up was something Lydia blamed him for and said as much the last time he had seen her.

Since the semester started at PA, Pet Academy, he had tried to avoid seeing Lydia or any of her posse. Wishing but not counting on that Lydia’s demeanor toward him had lessened over the summer.

“Ah, hi Lydia, nice to see you.”

“Don’t give me that. What are you doing here? Whose pup are you torturing?”

Stile gritted his teeth.

STINKlinski, answer me or so help me I’ll report you to his owner.”

Stiles cringed when he heard the dreaded old nickname she had given him back in third grade. He glanced up through his lashes only to see Lydia’s patience was wearing thin. Remembering her demand he suddenly burst out laughing.

Lydia didn’t like anyone laughing at her and apparently neither did her pup-slave Jackson who suddenly stood protectively in front of her, growling.

Just as abruptly Scott was there and though his voice was strained his pup growled back. Needing to stop things from escalating, Stiles reestablished a firm grip on Scott’s leash and held him back. His fingers swept up caressing Scott’s flesh, “Hey no, sorry, I wasn’t laughing at you - it was just funny cause Scott’s my pup – so you reporting on me to me, his owner – get it, it’s kind of funny.”

At his confession Lydia just stared at him as if he had grown two heads.

The silence was broken when Lydia’s besties, Allison and Danny, idled up next to her with their pups in tow. Picking up on the tension, Allison looked between Lydia and Stiles. “What’s going on?”

Lydia shrugged, her eyes widening and deadpanned, “Stinklinski here says the pup is his, and I happen to know for a fact papa STINKlinski, had no intention of ever getting a pup for his irresponsible son.”

Pissed, Stiles returned her glare. It was one thing to downbeat him and call him names, but as far as he was concerned his dad was off limits and he let the sharp edge of his voice convey his feelings. “That’s Stilinski, and it’s always been Stilinski!”

At his rough tone, Lydia jerked in surprise, but held her stance glaring him down.

It was Allison that broke the tension. Instead her attention was riveted to the pup in question; her smile widened showcasing her dimples, “He’s adorable. May I?”

Stiles nodded his consent, his lips curved upward into a proud grin as Scott, his pup, who had Allison and Danny’s full attention easily lapped at Allison’s fingers, encouraging her to pet him.

Danny’s fingers joined Allison’s, both offering soothing caresses until their fingers were combing through Scott’s soft curls. Almost in awe, Allison wistfully stated, “OMG, his hair is so soft. I could pet him all day.”

Lydia uttered a pronounced humph, like she was bored, and although she tried to hide it Stiles knew she was eyeing Scott’s hair. “Go on, pet him.”

It was only there for an instance, but Stiles saw the flicker of hurt behind the anger, before Lydia’s lids lowered to half mass intensifying her glower. It was a look he was sure she had perfected and had come to naturally long before they had even met.

Suddenly Stiles felt contrite over his poor choice of words. He had wanted to sound casual, but the moment it came out of his mouth, even to own ears he heard the challenged dare. Obviously a part of him was still stinging over Lydia’s rejection of friendship since their parents break up.

Abruptly emotions pushed forward followed by the words he had wanted to say for a long time. “Listen Lydia, I wanted them to work out too. I liked that we were becoming a…” The word, family stuck in his throat, but the intensity of his gaze conveyed his sincerity. “I don’t know what happened and I’m really sorry we, you, got hurt in the process.”

Whether it was time or what she saw in his eyes, Stiles saw a shift and her anger slowly started to dissipate. “Hmmm, so go ahead then tell me how you got a pup?”

Grinning, he readily replied, “You’re right dad never would have let me have the responsibility to care for a pup. But…” he glanced longingly over to Lydia’s pup, Jackson and smiled fondly remembering the days he got to play with Jax, “after being around Jax so much then not having him around anymore…” He shrugged, “It got to me. Over the summer I got a job working for Deaton, the Veterinarian over on Grant Street. I started saving and between what I earned there, pet sitting, and then selling my car, it was enough to prove I was serious. In the end, as a belated graduation gift, Dad matched my saved earnings, making it possible for me to purchase Scott.”

The harsh grimness etched around Lydia’s face eased into the more relax stance as she gazed at her friends animatedly fondling Scott. Stiles knew the instant Lydia’s lower lip dropped into a ‘oh’ sigh moment that she was on the road to forgiving him, his dad, and the entire fiasco of their parents dating.

Facing Scott, the corners of Lydia’s lips twitched in obvious enjoyment at the rising excitement her friends caused in his pup then she asked, “So, your dad how is he?”

Nervously Stiles raked teeth over his bottom lip, looking over Lydia’s shoulder trying to figure out what to say. The fact was this was the first time they’d talked, been able to be in the same space without any fireworks. The last thing he wanted to do was lie to her – But to tell her his dad was already seriously involved with someone else, that wasn’t news he wanted to give her.

Lydia guessed or already knew, “He started dating someone else, didn’t he?”

She had barely finished when he blurted out how sorry he was.

Lydia’s lips pursed together for a second then she sighed and shrugged before asking, “It’s still going go on then?”

Nervously his hand threaded through his hair, “Yeah. He seems happy.”

“Anyone I know?”

Stiles couldn’t remember if they met or not, but quietly answered, “His deputy, Jordan Parrish.” Shrugging, he said. “They got closer after I started to pet sit for Parrish. He’s got this rescue, a beautiful stud, Derek.”

Lydia didn’t say anything, but Allison asked, “Derek? I know that name; he isn’t by chance from the Hale line?”

Surprised, Stiles questioned, “Yeah, how did you know?”

Clearly embarrassed as her voice faltered, Allison stated. “My aunt Kate, she owned a litter of Hales. She was...” and trailed off before adding, “I’m really sorry, how is he?”

Stiles just stared at her, silently adding up everything he knew about Derek. The scars he’d seen from all of the abuse the stud had suffered, to now know and put a face to – or a name to his mysterious abuser.

Allison flushed, “You know what she did?”

Stiles nodded.

The silence stretched then Allison took a deep breath, her voice shaky as she explained almost pleading for him to understand. “We didn’t know. By the time we found out and dad stepped in, it was too late. Several pups in the line had died under her care. We were only thankfully a few had survived: Peter, Laura, Derek and Cora although not without severe trauma.” Allison nervously licked her lips, as she cast a glance at him before continuing on. “At the time because of Kate, and the charges pending we weren’t allow to keep them. Why they ended in Deaton’s care. All except Peter. He was the most damaged within the litter. He wasn’t expected to survive the week. With Deaton’s help speaking on dad’s behalf, they allowed dad to keep the stud and cared for him personally. That first week, dad never felt Peter’s side. The poor pup was so broken dad had to be bottle feed him. He surprised everyone and survived the week. Dad continued to care for him under Deaton’s regime, in time with dad’s constant love and care, Peter came around and started to get healthier. Now he’s thriving. Dad said Peter or Petey as he calls him now is the best pup he’s ever had.”

“Watching him care for Petey… It took me a while, but I wore him down and eventually convinced dad to let me have a pup. However I didn’t want just any pup but rather a rescue pup. I wanted to do what he did, to take the time to train and care for a rescue pup. By the time I talked dad into letting me register to own my own pup, I had a plan in place to get one if not all of the Hale pups back to give them the right kind love and attention that they deserved. Especially after everything Kate had done, it only seemed right that we were supposed to somehow fix it. However by the time I received my certification to purchase a pup and we went to Deaton’s to purchase the Hale pups it was too late, Deaton had already sold them.”

“I was heartbroken, even after he promised they had all gone to good loving homes. Then Deaton brought out this sweet young pup. It was how I ended up with Isaac here.”

Stiles watched Allison’s eyes light up as her fingers ran lovingly through the pup’s mangled long curly locks. It was obvious she adored the pup. However he was more concerned for the pup knowing now who Allison was related to. Stiles didn’t just watch he scrutinized the pup’s response. How Isaac’s entire body willingly leaned into Allison’s touch. It was uninhibited, the same trusting reaction he had witnessed in Derek with Jordan, Jackson with Lydia, and it was the same response he had seen in Scott toward him. There were no revealing signs of hesitation, nervousness or fear coming from Isaac only the natural instinct of a loving pup toward his owner.

Clearing her throat, Allison asked, “So Derek, his new owner, he’s loved?”

Nodding, Stiles quickly supplied. “Oh yeah Jordan’s great. He gives Derek a lot of attention. Right now Derek’s in training to properly serve them at work. You know, at either the station and out on patrol.”

Lydia whispered, “Them?”

While Danny whistled, “An abused rescue trained to be a service pet-slave were, that’s pretty impressive.”

Stiles only nodded; if Lydia wasn’t hundred percent sure his dad had moved on, she did now. Sexually sharing one’s pup wasn’t unheard of, but it was customary for that sharing to be strictly between committed relationships: either between the couple or shared within the family and between siblings, like he had done with Lydia. Otherwise it was seriously frowned upon in society. There was even legislation in the works to officially make it otherwise illegal.

Essentially it was the push he needed, and why he had such a hard time with his dad’s break up. Unknown to their parents, Lydia had secretly shared her pup Jackson with him.

By then they were partially living together. He and Lydia had both misjudged where their parents relationship was going. She had been enjoying the benefits of Jackson’s attention for nearly a year. When they moved in, Lydia found it funny that he got a boner every time Jackson came sniffing around him. It didn’t take him long to figure out she got a kick out of encouraging Jax’s behavior.

Although his guessing went out the window when she snuck Jackson into his room and he woke up with the pup in his bed nuzzling his morning wood. Stiles had no second thoughts, as he pulled his pajama bottoms down to allow the pup easy access to lick and swallow his cock down. It wasn’t until after he came that Stiles even noticed the bow he had accidentally pulled out of Jax’s hair, or the note that was attached to the pup’s collar. It was in Lydia’s handwriting stating: On loan to share, Happy Birthday Stiles.

Those two months were the happiest days he’d had ever experienced. Everything with Jax was everything he had ever read about that a boy could have with a pup-slave.

Sadly both had been so occupied with their senior year and Jax they hadn’t noticed the quiet riffs between their parents. Like Lydia he had thought they were fitting nicely into a new family dynamic. Neither paid attention on how often their parents were off working or supposedly sleeping at the other house for privacy, leaving Stiles and Lydia to happily fend for themselves.

If the pup wasn’t with him he was with Lydia. It was only when they were at school and had been forced to leave Jax at home that the pup got any sleep. Neither of them had any idea that things were going to dramatically change - especially the week just before they graduated from high school. That was when their parents decided they weren’t going to work out and Lydia and her mom, Natalie left; moving back into own their place.

He was heartbroken; in one fell swoop he lost a step-mom, sister, and Jax his first pup-slave. He didn’t understand why things didn’t work out, and his father never said what went wrong between them, only that it had nothing to do with either, him or Lydia.

Things only went from bad to worse when he saw Lydia later that week, she wouldn’t talk to him, but blamed him for their break up. To top things off without Jax around to help relieve his sexual tension, he was a walking erection.

That’s when he started asking or harping on getting his own pup. Dad didn’t bat an eye and repeatedly said no until one day he slipped and said if he really wanted a pup he had to go get a job and earn the money to buy his own pup.

He did. He got a job a Deaton’s clinic and between working at Deaton’s and then pet sitting for Parrish. Parrish’s pup-slave, Derek, wasn’t an easy stud; he took a lot of time and care. Overall it was enough to finally make dad see how serious he was.

Deaton had called to tell him the catcher found a new batch of pups. When he came into the clinic, the litter was separated and now only consisted of one pup. The young pup was cover in filth, and stank to high heaven. The pup’s thin frame was shivered whether in fright or cold. He stayed curled up on his side, alone and afraid. However when Stiles reached out to pet the pup, and softly encouraged him to turn over, and he did. When the young pup opened his eyes, it was at that moment Stiles knew the truth. His gut dropped, even as his heart beat wildly in his chest forcing him to acknowledge that this pup was his. Instantly his heart and soul melted into the biggest softest brown eyes, silently pleading for Stiles to help him.

Lydia’s abrupt, “Oh!” caught his attention bringing Stiles back to the moment at hand. He watched as her eyes widened comically.

Stiles opened his mouth, lips spreading into a wide grin even as he was about to laugh outright then suddenly he glanced over to see what had caused her to break her normal facade.

“Oh shit, Scott, no, no, no!” Even as he said it, Stiles watched horrified, Scott’s cock stood hard, the sacs drawn up, the head slick, glistening with come, waving of its own violation. His pup was about to come and break one of PA primary rules. Even as the thought occurred to him and he reached out to clamp a tight fist over Scott’s cock in order to stop his pup - it was too late. Scott’s cock twitched harder in his hand even as streams of creamy white werewolf jiz ejaculated to splatter allover Allison’s skirt.

Seconds passed then around him Danny, Allison and Lydia squealed in laughter while the other pups around them whined, their own excitement heightened.

However it was the snide bark of Mr. Harris’ voice from behind him that made Stiles jump. “What the hell is going on here? Stilinski, this your pet? Collared, leashed yet he’s not fitted with a cock ring? Are you not aware of the rules of this Academy?”

Stiles swallowed hard, he had hated the man in high school but to see him here now as an instructor at PA… Inhaling, Stiles started to count before he turned toward the man. He hadn’t changed; he was the same beady-eyed creep Stiles remembered from high school. Muttering nervously, “Well I … I mean I…”

Looking down his nose at him, Harris leaned in. “We have rules here Stilinski, decorum, and if you and your stray do not meet the requirements…”

Lydia interrupted, “Excuse me Mr. Harris, but I am quite familiar with the rules. You’re right, they are to be followed and obeyed throughout the day until the last class bell at end of the day? Correct?” she glanced at her watch, and pursed her lips, “And if I’m not mistaken the last bell rang twenty-one, make that twenty-two minutes ago.”

Then Allison smiled sweetly, as she held up and presented a cock-ring, silently implying she had taken it off of his pup. “We were just timing the pup’s response. I wanted to see how much come he could produce – I thought it’d be a sweet treat for my pup to lick clean.”

Harris stood ridged, his anger obvious but unable to do anything about it. He barely glanced toward him, and haughtily stated, “I suggest you familiarize yourself with the rules. I wouldn’t want to have to take action against you or your stray pup – but note, you give me reason and I will. Now good day to you, as you pointed out the academy is closed, please leave the facilities!”

They didn’t need to be told twice and collectively they moved toward the exit and clamored down the stairs – each breaking out in laughter as they made their way toward the parking lot.

At Lydia’s car, they slowed down. Stiles looked around him, and sheepishly nodded his thanks. The words stalled, as he choked out, “Thanks! That was… I really appreciate it.”

Danny smiled and nodded, as he walked away with his pup, Ethan in tow. “See you tomorrow.”

“I got to go too…” Smirking she added with a mischievous wink, “gotta let Isaac have his treat.” Then she pulled on Isaac’s leash and left him alone with Lydia.

It wasn’t until they heard Allison’s car start up and take off that Lydia spoke up. “Harris, he was right; you better get familiar with the rules. Harris isn’t the only one here waiting to bust your balls, or your pups.”

“Yeah you’re right. Though Scott’s usually great and doesn’t need a cock ring.”

“Neither does Jackson, when he’s at home and away from other pets. You have to remember that here at the academy that’s what they are trying to do, push all those boundaries. Not everyone registered is going to graduate – only the top twenty percent.”

Absently Stiles nodded.

Apparently satisfied, Lydia said, “Good. I’ve got to go too. Mom is expecting me.” Opening the back door, she ushered Jackson in. Closing the door, she opened the driver’s door and got in. Rolling her window down, Lydia said, “By the way, I suggest you punish your pup. I know it was off hours, but Harris is going to be stalking you, looking for any excuse. A rosy ass tomorrow would be beneficial.”

“Yeah. I’ll take care of it.” Lydia started her car, and power rolled the back window half way down. It was enough that Jackson could push his head out the window.

Stiles’ fingers clenched holding Scott’s leash. He had wanted to reach out and pet Jax, not realizing until now how much he’d missed the pup. Although Lydia kept going and started to back out, she seemed to understand and smiled brightly even as she put her sunglasses on, and called out “He missed you too. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Left alone, Stiles looked around the parking lot, thankful Parrish was late. “Let’s start walking; I’m sure Jordan or dad will be here soon.” Tugging on the leash, they started to stroll home. Stiles lifted his other hand that was still sticky with come, and started to lick his fingers clean even as Scott whimpered at his actions.

Chuckling, “Oh no. It wasn’t exactly a great first day Scotty…”

Remembering how Lydia then Allison stood up for him, he couldn't stop grinning. “Then again not exactly a bad day either.” Walking with an added bounce in his step, Stiles gleefully bumped Scott’s shoulder looking forward to what tomorrow was going to bring. “You know, I think things just might be looking up.”