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The Writings of Frenzy: SI Fanfiction

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Fukui Satoshi frowned, before he sighed at the sound of the door slamming.

Looks like father is home.

Come on Satoru-kun.” Satoshi whispered motioned to his younger brother, who turned off the television he was watching. Turning to face him, Satoshi took in his mirror image of a twin, lifeless phlox purple eyes meeting his own bright pansy purple. As one, both brothers easily avoided the drugged form of their father, whom both had inherited their midnight blue hair from. Entering their room in their run down little apartment, Satoru took out a key, locking the door from the inside, then moving a chair for insurance. After all, if father entered a rage, it paid to have as much reinforcement as possible.

(The cost of having the lock was more then worth the few errands the twins ran for the ladies in the shopping district, along with all the splinters they got from getting it in when their father couldn't reach them in his intoxicated state.) 

“Satoshi-kun, can I hold Sam now? I miss the warmth.” Satoru asked, his voice tired, his eyes so very much dead.

Satoshi hesitated; he didn’t really want to give up Sam either, but as the older twin, he had to be responsible. Concentrating, the eldest sought out the heat that came from their Sam, their teacher, they true caretaker, the one who showed them so much of the world. Soon, the 7 turning 8 year old saw a warm orange flame appear in front of him, the warmth it held feeling like a warm hug to both boys. Swallowing down the extra saliva gathering in his mouth, Satoshi handed the flame to his twin, who happily took it, the flame disappearing the moment it touched the once dull boy's hands.

Satoru then giggled, feel giddy from having his Sam with him again, as it just felt so right. Though he couldn’t help but frown when he saw how Satoshi drooped, the calm, yet wary boy from before seeming… well, less now.

“We have to figure out a way to share Sam, and soon; people are starting notice how we act.” Satoru said, frown growing with his words.

“They’ll most likely blame our father.” Satoshi pointed out dully.

“Yeah, but don’t we need to make sure that he’s not discovered till middle school? That way we’ll be able to have a chance to live on our own.” the younger twin pointed out.

“… Sam had an idea…” phlox eyes brightened at that. “Sam says that they might be able to be shared through our bond, though they’re not sure what side effects could happen, especially since we’ve been born into an anime, as Sawada-san and Yamamoto-san proves.” Satoshi explained.

“Well then, what are we waiting for?” Satoru exclaimed, a big grin on his face.

They may only have one soul between them, a reincarnated one at that, but Satoru wouldn’t have his life any other way.

‘After all, we wouldn’t have one in the first place if it wasn’t for Sam.’Satoru thinks, before putting his all into sharing.


In the end, instead of them being a sky flame, Satoru was now a Flame user of Sun, Lightening, and Storm, while Satoshi was Mist, Rain, and Cloud.

Both found that more then acceptable; after all, they both got to feel Sam’s warmth all the time. And with Satoshi playing around with his Flames, specifically his Mist, they found that they could link their minds together, which seemed to balance them even better, especially since they did indeed face some unintended side effects.

While at first it wasn't obvious, what with them having to share Sam so it would make them seem as different as night and day, the twins were actually very similar with the only difference being that Satoshi was slightly calmer while Satoru was a bit more excitable. After the spitting of Flames the two had changed drastically in both likes and dislikes, along with thought processes, the older twin focusing more on academics as well as becoming awkward and wary of the people around them, anxiety forming if he had to talk longer then thirty minutes with a stranger. Meanwhile the younger of the two just became even more active, loving the thrill of free running and convincing his sibling that parkour was the best, but becoming just the slightest bit malicious to anyone outside of his brother as well as manipulative. Then their was the development of Satoshi's OCD, constantly having to do his little rituals in 2's or he would actully start to believ that Sam would go away forever or that his brother would actually trip and die if he did not do them. The phlox purple eyed twin on the other hand seemed to have a slight case of mania, as he would not only get overly excited to rather heart racing degrees along with overactivity, but would even have delusions as well.

But after Satoshi had discovered his Mist Flames, along with the natural link the two identical twins had and strengthening it with Sam's help, using what the other knew of mental arts and mindscapes to help forge a slightly stronger link (as well as sanity) between the two. Immediately, the results were different, with Satoshi being much calmer once more, only getting carried away here and there when his anxiety hit his peak while Satoru stopped having his delusions, his excited behaviors toning down greatly when he was in a calm and steady environment.  

Of course, they lived in Namimori; things could never be that simple of course.

Especially since their father was a drug dealer and all, which really wasn't all that stable since he himself was just as addicted to his products.

(The two young midnight haired children with purple eyes carried their scars well hidden, they had long wised up from the five year olds who didn't understand why mommy left or how their daddy could be so mean.

Since Sam had come into their lives when they were six, showing up after the two had gotten so sick from eating something their father had set out for them, the warmth from him burning out whatever it was that was hurting them as it would also guide them to survival with a kind voice and memories.) 

"Not a good night to come?" Satoru noted when he noticed all the activity around the apartment, the thirteen year old eyeing the building they lived (and soon wouldn't) in carefully. 

"Doesn't look like it... Good thing I hid our stuff rather well, otherwise they might have been sold off already." Satoshi absently said, wondering if he would be able to sneak into the place with his Flames and get out real quick with their stuff. The pansy purple eyed boy had already manged to trick their father into signing the emancipation papers for the two, they already found jobs for them at the ready as their 'helpful' reputations from ever since they were young coming in handy, and even found a good place far from their father to stay, but still close to their school. All they need to do was get their things and they were golden.

Luckily Satoshi had a really good handle on his Flames, as he could use his Mist to hide him, his Rain to slow down those around him, and his Cloud to help in a speedy escape.

And it was easy, he only had to knock out one guy in the whole process, everyone being none the wiser to it.


Goes on to how the two are living, how they use their flames to their advantage, both of them abusing them at times though making sure to be careful as they don't want any mafia attention. The two each decided to learn how to fight, going to Karate classes with Satoshi tricking the teachers there into thinking they've won free lessons in some supermarket drawling and Mist Flames.

Things are calm for a bit, then Reborn comes in like the wrecking ball he is and starts assuming, thinking Satoshi is a strong Mist with a Rainy-Cloud secondary and wanting his as the Vongola Mist. When he see Satoru, he thinks the other is a Sun with a strong Lightning Secondary, merely noting him as a potential Family member.

The Twins refuse, using both common sense, Manga/Anime knowlegde, and their abilities to duck out of Reborn's schemes, even once using the DC to do so. Along in this mess, Satoru and Gokudera become co-workers, and oddly enough the weirdest of friends while Satoshi actually starts to really hit it off with Yamamoto and Tsuna.

Things are alright, until the Kokuyo Arc comes, the twins ending up getting involved in the crossfire.


The minute Satoshi sees Rokudo shot himself, he immediately pales as he remembers that the other can possess people he had cut with his trident. Looking down at his arm, where the long gash from said weapon is, the midnight haired elder twin just knows this will not end well, even as he sees one by one all of Tsuna's comrades getting possessed, the older Mist Flame user gloating all the while as he does, using the voices of those the brunet cares for to do it.

When the elder of the Fukui Twins feels the tell-tale presence of a foreign flame in his system, reaching greedily for his mind, he couldn't help but full on panic at the intrusion, Satoru and Sam instantly feeling it making his brother come over to him in echoed panic.

Though the minute the Rokudo reached the elder twins mind, everyone knew because the minute he did, both the twins burst into a raging inferno of Flames that surrounded them, bursting at the seems to crush, destroy, and alienate,

(There is a condition know far and wide in the Mafia world known terrifingly as Sky's Folly, where a Sky can not harmonize their flames at all, the flames breaking down greatly, sometimes if you're lucky into the six elements it came from. It is a terrible and tragic condition, only livable in it's lighter forms and if you have a Rain, Mist, and/or Sky around to keep them stable or to always keep the mind constantly busy. Side effects of this condition can be MPD, Dissociated Personality Disorder, Social Anxieties, Anti-Social Disorder, Mania, OCD, Overflow, Flame Countermand, Flame Depression or even all of them. The Fukui Twins are literally the only people who have not only willingly caused this condition to themselves, but are able to actually rather well balanced enough to continue on living normal lives.

It was Mukuro Rokudo's biggest mistake, trying to possess the elder of the twins and upsetting their condition at the same time.)

It was only pure luck that Rokudo broke away from the Fukui Twin's mind in time before his own was crushed, the combined power of the Sky's Folly Disharmonious nature and Sam proving to being to deadly a combo for the young experiment.

Though with the presence from their minds gone, both the twins past out, the experience and raging Flames taking it out of them.

"What it wrong with them?" Rokudo could whispered in slight horror, for once truly terrified of another's mind.

It was that moment, along with the thought of one of his friends being hurt, that gave Tsunayoshi the strength to really beat back the Mist User. 


As I am a twisted, twisted person, I made another Flame Disorder! Sky's Folly is rather terrifying, as it is so naturally Disharmonious it naturally causes other's to go into Discord with themselves if they try to bond with them.  It is so lucky for the Vongola gang that the Fukui Twins are so balanced out and that Tsuna is such a powerful Sky, otherwise the two might have accidentally made so many people go into discord.

Of course, as the title suggests, this is a bit of a darker world and will deal with suicidal themes at times as the Twins will honestly wish they hadn't been born, the two struggling with these feels as they battle other things in life that attacks them from all sides. I honestly felt like I wouldn't be able to do this story the justice it deserved, as every time I tried to write one of these scenes or subtle clues about it I felt like I just wasn't doing it right, making me erase entire paragraphs because it just felt like I was cheapening the real struggles some people go through every day.

And that is all I have for this one, though I don't know why, but I like the thought of Mammon actually getting interested in the two, with Bel wanting them as his servants.

Here is the little bit of AN from Tumblr that I'm going to put here.

(Okay, this story comes from three things. You know that theory on Twins sharing a soul? And how self-inserts are sometimes born as the convenient twin, no weird side-effects? And how Sky flames are technically made of 6 different flames? Add these all together, and you got this.

I don’t Own anything but the story idea and my OCs.

Fukui Satoshi- Wise Fortune

Fukui Satoru- Enlightened Fortune

Note: Not good with name meanings, so sorry if I interpenetrated them wrong.