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Non timebo mala (I fear no evil)

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Part One


Dean reached wakefulness slowly, like his body and mind was too lazy to let the hazy sleep behind, slowly reaching awareness like some sated animal stretching out sluggishly. He was warm and comfortable. He already recognized the smell of the soft sheets, it reminded him of mint chocolate, but with that unmistakable scent of rain he associated with Gabriel. He stopped giving a damn about how it might look the way he kept wrapping his body around the archangel’s, since there was no one there to see it and it was a really good way to sleep. Well if Gabriel had enough time to stay while Dean slept that is. Now as Dean was slowly waking up he felt as Gabriel was tracing light patterns on the sigil on his back with his fingertips. The angel obviously loved seeing it on Dean’s skin, just like his eyes and fingers always lingered on the pendant Dean still wore around his neck. So Dean just shifted to get even closer, his arm tightening around Gabriel’s chest, his head still resting on his shoulder, his lips softly pressed to the skin of his neck.

‘Slept well?’ Gabriel asked. Dean hummed in response as he buried his face in Gabriel’s neck even more, he was way too comfortable to move and it seemed like the archangel didn’t want him to either. Gabriel’s hand went up from his back and his fingers slid into his short hair and even if it was just a light shift he also pulled Dean a bit closer. That gesture made Dean take a deep breath, he put a kiss on Gabriel’s neck and he pulled himself up, leaning on one elbow so he could look at him. Gabriel looked back and now that Dean saw his face he became aware of the slight tension in him, the way he schooled his face to almost blankness told Dean more than enough.

‘Risking sounding like a cliché,’ he started, but he couldn’t make his voice light like he wanted, not really. ‘Everything’s gonna be fine, nothing can go wrong, you thought of everything.’

‘Are you kidding?’ Gabriel reacted. ‘Thousand things can go wrong,’ Dean sighed, because the angel was way more anxious than he first thought.

‘Look, I’m doing my best here man, but if you start freakin’ out, I’m gonna freak out too,’ he admitted, because he sure as hell won’t be able to keep his cool and resolve if Gabriel didn’t keep his confidence in all this. Then without thinking too much about it he spoke again.

‘Turn around,’ he said. Gabriel frowned at him for a second, but then did just that. Dean straddled his hips after he was on his stomach. He put his hands down on Gabriel’s back. ‘And if you mind relaxing so you don’t feel like a piece of rock,’ he added when he pushed his fingers in, because damn he was tense as marble. Gabriel took a breath and he became “alive” under Dean’s hands. The tense stiffness now felt like soft human skin, muscles and bones. He knew for a fact that Gabriel was practically one with his vessel after so many years, completely comfortable in every cell of the body, probably much more than the crusader that said yes to the archangel back in 1148 AD. Dean teased Gabriel that the guy was pretty short for a knight, but the angel just shrugged it off by saying that back in the day he counted as a rather big guy, humans just got freakishly tall in the past millennia.

Dean knew every part of that body now, but he could never tell which small scar or mark belonged to the vessel and which not, the wound where Raphael stabbed him never faded away and Dean knew that it meant that it left a scar on his true self as well. So sometimes Dean wondered about the scars, which belonged to the vessel and which the angel? Gabriel had a very small scar on his right eyebrow, barely visible. There was a scar on the inside of his left wrist, like something burnt him once.  And the most visible were the three gashes on his back, from his right shoulder, across the shoulder blade until his spine. When Dean first saw and asked where they were from Gabriel just looked at him and said that it was ‘ancient history’. Dean was a hunter so he recognized right away that those were claw-marks, but the angel’s face told him not to ask more about it, so he didn’t, he almost dreaded to know what could’ve possibly scarred an archangel like that.

He stroked the skin under his palms, but then started to put force into it, pushing and kneading the muscles.

‘Ok, this is actually pretty awesome,’ Gabriel told him and Dean had to smile how much lighter his tone became already. So he continued, stroking his neck and shoulders with sure movements until the muscles relaxed and softened, then he continued on his back. He had to slide down a bit when he finished with the shoulder blades to have better leverage and he just couldn’t resist with all the naked skin just spread out in front of him. So he leaned down and put a kiss on Gabriel’s neck, then once his lips were on the warm skin he didn’t want to pull them away. So he put kisses on his neck and shoulders, mapping it with his lips, tasting. He moved even a bit down, his mouth moving, following the long line of the scars.

‘I was wrong, this is beyond awesome,’ Gabriel told him and it made Dean chuckle, but he still didn’t want to tear his lips away from the skin. His hands were roaming Gabriel’s back and sides, stroking skin and rubbing muscles, digging his fingers into flesh. His breath ghosting over the warm skin between kisses, then he had to lean down to kiss where shoulder met his neck, opening his mouth to lick on the skin to suck the flesh between his lips, to graze his teeth over the sensitive place. Dean’s chest was pressed against Gabriel’s back so he felt the small shudder that ran through the angel’s body and it made his breath hitch, his heartbeat rise and made the slow hum of arousal to flare up in his body. He was already hard – not at all surprising with both of them naked and so close to each other – but as heat washed through his body he instinctively rolled down his hips to search for friction. Gabriel hummed in an almost contented way; Dean felt the vibration in his own chest.

‘You want something there, De?’ Gabriel asked. ‘Because I’m game.’

This made Dean stop abruptly, he pushed himself on his arms and looked down at the angel, he was pretty sure that he misheard that.

‘What? Really?’ he breathed, and maybe it was because most of his blood was otherwise occupied that he couldn’t form his question better.

Gabriel didn’t move, but he looked at Dean as he turned his head on to the pillows.

‘I admit that it’s not something I would offer just to anyone, but yeah really,’ Dean kept looking at him in a pretty dumbfounded way, which made Gabriel roll his eyes in half-fond, half-annoyed kind of a way, then he moved to turn around so Dean lifted up to give him space. When Gabriel was on his back Dean sat down again and bit on his lips as his dick lined up next to Gabriel’s equally hard member, that didn’t help him to make his mind work better. One of Gabriel’s hands came up to stroke patterns on Dean’s hip.

‘Ok, I know we really hate having “moments”, especially from the chick flick variety,’ Gabriel said. ‘But you might recall our disgustingly romantic exchange of love declarations?’ he lifted an eyebrow and Dean grinned. Not just because of the words and how their meaning affected him, but also at the so familiar expression on Gabriel’s face, and that smile he just had to kiss, so he did, parting his lips exploring Gabriel’s mouth. He pushed his fingers in the soft gold-brown locks of the angel’s hair, while he pushed his body onto his, it was still him straddling Gabriel, but they could change that later, now Dean just wanted to feel. He kissed him until he had to pull away so he could take a few deep breaths. For a moment he felt uncertain, because of course he wanted it and Gabriel seemed to be more than okay with it, but it was still something new, another milestone, even if he almost lost count of those along the way, since there was almost no bridge left they haven’t crossed yet. And he also knew that what he felt along with the fire burning under his skin was too huge to simply call it ‘love’, he never wanted it to be gone and it gripped his chest and heart painfully when he thought that he never wanted to lose it. Gabriel pulled him down into a kiss this time and Dean didn’t resist.

‘My soul,’ Dean breathed when they parted. ‘You wanted… you wanted to mark my soul too.’

‘Dean,’ Gabriel started.

‘I’m okay with that now,’ the hunter said and it surprised even him that the thought didn’t concern him, he wasn’t anxious about saying it, agreeing to it. ‘I want that now,’ he added. Gabriel looked at him for moment than gave a small nod. ‘Okay,’ Dean smiled. ‘So where were we?’ he asked playfully, because he didn’t want to follow his previous train of thoughts, it was already almost too much to handle and he didn’t want to think about anything but the present. ‘Oh yes, so as it turns out you only bottom for true love?’ he grinned down at the angel. Gabriel grabbed his chin and pulled him down so they were only a breath away.

‘Shut up or I flip us over and fuck you instead,’ he threatened and his tone sent a thrill down Dean’s spine even if it didn’t manage to make his grin disappear. He moved his legs so that he stopped straddling Gabriel and instead he made space for his body between the angel’s legs pushing his thighs apart while settling it.

‘Later,’ he said after and ran his hand down Gabriel’s side, while he kept looking down on him. And without wasting any more time he leaned down and sealed his lips on the angel’s again, while he rolled his hips down in the same movement. Gabriel gripped the back of his neck and angled Dean’s head as they kissed, that touch of dominance from the archangel was enough to ground Dean as his emotions were storming like a whirlwind inside of him the second he thought about what they were about to do, just thinking about being inside of the archangel made him shudder in lust and anticipation. His right hand kept stroking Gabriel’s side and thigh, but then he tore his lips away from the angel’s to talk, but he kept kissing his jaw and cheek.

‘Um… I think we might need some--’ he couldn’t finish as Gabriel already pushed a small bottle into his hand.

‘Anything else?’ he asked, Dean shook his head with a smile and continued the kiss.

Gabriel was like a thunderstorm; enormous, dangerous, unchainable wave of power, electric brilliance and all-covering shadow, harsh and mesmerizing but still it brought the scent of fresh rain, purity and when seen in its completeness it was a terrifying beauty worth of awe. Dean often felt overwhelmed being with Gabriel, but never before so much as when he finally covered his fingers in lubricant and slowly pushed in his first finger, breathing the archangel’s name into his skin, his heart threatened to burst out of his chest, sweat covered his heated skin. His mind was barely following what he was doing, he took his time opening him up, enjoying every breath, every small noise he could hear from him. He already had three fingers inside, when Gabriel’s back arched up from the bed, his muscles tensing for a moment in pleasure.

‘Dean, now!’ he almost growled as he grabbed Dean’s head again in a searing kiss. Dean pulled his fingers out and shifted his body and the second the head of his dick lined up to Gabriel’s slick entrance he looked at the archangel.

‘Oh… fuck, Gabriel,’ he breathed as he had to lean down and kiss him, close his eyes as he pushed in, Gabriel’s hands on his back, his fingers digging into his skin where the sigil covered it. And Dean felt so much, too much, he could never name it, his mind was nothing but a litany of Gabriel’s name as he was slowly encircled in the tight hotness. At that very second it meant more than anything, that he was inside him, inside his terrifying powerful angel. He buried his face in Gabriel’s neck when he let go of his lips to suck a mark onto his neck even if he knew it would be gone soon. When he was fully inside he took a deep breath to keep himself grounded, but he heard as Gabriel breathed his name so he started to move, moaning loudly. He dug his fingers into one of Gabriel’s thighs as he took up a pace, the first few thrusts slow but still deep and steady then speeding up more. He leaned on his left elbow to look down onto the angel and he just didn’t want to tear his eyes away anymore. He pushed his fingers into Gabriel’s hair again and the angel’s eyes opened and locked on his. It caused Dean to shiver, the way Gabriel’s amber eyes were darkened with lust and Dean changed his angle a little, trying to thrust even deeper, it dragged a low moan out of Gabriel.

‘Right there, like this, just like this Dean,’ he panted and Dean loved to see how he was also getting lost in pleasure. Dean thrust his hips forward even harder, not quickening up his speed, but stroking Gabriel’s sweet spot with every movement and the angel moaned deliciously under his attention. Dean felt a rush of power whenever it seemed that Gabriel got lost in lust during sex, but now he felt that more than ever. He mouthed at Gabriel’s throat, when the angel threw his head back and he enjoyed feeling the heavy beating pulse, the rushing blood under his lips. Gabriel’s grip also became tighter and the angel was meeting his every thrust, pushing back trying to get him deeper. Their bodies moved in perfect synch.

Dean let go of Gabriel thigh and reached between them to wrap his fingers around Gabriel’s hard dick. He wanted nothing more but fuck the archangel as long as he came untouched, but he knew he wouldn’t last that long, not now, not the first time he was allowed to take him like this. Dean only sped up a little as he began to stroke the angel, he too felt the edge of his own release, how pleasure just waited to explode in his body.

‘So perfect,’ Dean breathed, he didn’t even know what he meant exactly, being together like this, being together or Gabriel himself but he didn’t care, he couldn’t think and the angel would feel what he felt, words didn’t matter so much. ‘So fucking perfect.’

Gabriel grabbed his cheeks and pulled him in for a kiss and the hunter felt like his senses exploded all at once and he knew that it was not just the orgasm that washed through his body. But he couldn’t tell what he felt or how it felt it was so beyond his comprehension that he didn’t even try, he just let it happen.

He wasn’t sure whether he blacked out for a second there or not, but he was panting heavily when he opened his eyes, his head was on Gabriel’s chest, his forehead resting on his collarbone. Gabriel’s chest was rapidly rising and sinking as well and Dean felt the hot wetness between their bodies, okay at least he didn’t pass out without getting Gabriel off too, so that was good. He gathered his strength and moved, pulled out before moving only a bit over and collapsing back onto Gabriel, he was an archangel he wouldn’t be crushed under Dean’s weight that was sure.

‘You’re really something,’ breathed Gabriel and it made Dean laugh in a pleased way.

‘That last bit thought, that was you, right?’ he asked. ‘The mark?’

‘That’s right,’ Gabriel answered.

‘So that’s like… forever, or you can just take it down again, make it disappear?’

‘Maybe I could, but I don’t want it gone… ever.’ The fierce almost possessive tone in his voice was more assuring than anything else.

‘So even if I’m really dead, like for good… you will still know where I am and could come to me?’ Gabriel hummed in confirmation. ‘Okay,’ Dean said, his arms tightening around Gabriel. ‘It’s forever then, so you better fucking stay forever, you understand me?’ Gabriel laid his hand on his sigil, pulling Dean closer for a moment.

‘I’ll do my best,’ he answered. He put another kiss on Dean’s lips then he sat up.

‘It’s go time?’ Dean asked.

‘Yes, let’s go,’ Gabriel answered.