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Meliora (Better things)

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Part One


Dean was actually surprised that Sam agreed to separate after the way he’s been acting lately, but his little brother was indeed on his way to Bobby which left Dean to ask for some angelic assistance for his own case in Loose Creek, Missouri. They both wanted to go when Bobby’s call came that he needed more help and Rufus was not available, but they were already on their way to Loose Creek where women went missing and they couldn’t just drop it. So in the end they went their separate ways.

Sam kept looking at him with narrowed eyes the second Dean said that he’s gonna get help if he needed it. Dean very pointedly didn’t bring up Gabriel to Sam and his brother didn’t do it either for a while, it was an unspoken agreement of late, and while Dean hated it, he decided that he needed to give Sam much more time and hoped that eventually things would settle down.

He wasn’t sure that being separated for a few days would be good for it or not, but of course he couldn’t deny that he was happy that he’ll have some time with Gabriel without his brother’s bitchface. Because yes, he was here on a hunt, but he definitely needed back-up, and he was fed up with only seeing the archangel once in a while since Sam couldn’t bare being in the same room with him. Dean called for the angel as soon as he got separated from Sam, but he didn’t show up, the hunter got a text message from an unknown number a minute later saying: “Can’t go, hunting too :( Catch you tomorrow. Sleep tight hot stuff. ;D ~ G”

He saved the number and was wondering for a while whether getting a text from an archangel was funnier or that said archangel used emoticons in his text, it made him chuckle anyway. It was late night when he arrived to Loose Creek so he checked into a motel and went to sleep.

He definitely needed breakfast so he headed to the diner he saw on his way to the motel already forming the game-plan in his head about the hunt. He had quite a lot of info about the missing women already, but he still needed to talk with the police and the relatives and had to look around on the scene. Plus research. There was a reason he didn’t like solo-hunts, but he had a good guess that Gabriel would be willing to help wrap this up as quickly as possible.

The cute red-head waitress took his order and Dean was nursing his coffee, already feeling more alive than he did minutes ago. Even if he managed to sleep quite ok, at least 6 hours, he was really hazy. Must’ve been the foggy whether that seemed to be the theme of the town, it was not so chilly but everything was almost milky white.

The waitress – Lori, her nametag said – returned with his pancakes and asked if he needed anything else with a bright smile. Too bright for so early in the morning and way too personal-looking, not that Dean wasn’t used to that by now, so he smiled back at her and asked for more coffee. Now normally Dean would’ve been pretty glad about the way Lori leaned down to refill his cup, since it showed off some pretty impressive cleavage and her interest at the same time. He was sure that he could get her number pretty easily, if he wanted to that is, he didn’t, but he still couldn’t help but appreciate the view, since he was not dead.

‘Thank you sweetheart,’ Dean smiled at her again.

‘My pleasure, anything else I might get you?’ she asked.

‘How about you get me some from these pancakes?’ asked a third voice and poor Lori jumped almost dropping the coffee pot as Gabriel was standing right next to her. Dean was also surprised and was quite sure that the archangel simply zapped in instead of using the door, he usually didn’t do that.

‘Jeez… You scared me,’ Lori panted while putting a hand above her heart.

‘Sorry about that,’ smiled Gabriel. ‘So… pancakes?’ he asked.

‘Sure thing,’ she said as she watched as Gabriel slid into the booth opposite from Dean.

‘With chocolate syrup,’ Gabriel added. ‘And some whipped cream too if you have any, beautiful.’ She huffed out a laugh as the tension of being startled slipped out of her and she smiled down at Gabriel too.

‘Be right back,’ she said throwing one last smile at Dean too. The hunter turned towards the archangel, a bit uncertain because of his abrupt arrival.

‘Listen, I was just…’

‘Flirting with the hot waitress?’ Gabriel asked with an eyebrow raise, he didn’t seem jealous or angry or anything, but sometimes it was not easy to read him.

‘Yeah, well it was nothing,’ Dean said anyway, and Gabriel started laughing at that.

‘Don’t make such a face Dean-o,’ he said while grinning. ‘Of course you’re flirting with the hot waitress; I’d be seriously concerned if you wouldn’t react to such a hot little thing practically throwing herself at you,’ he chuckled again. ‘What? You’re surprised I say that? You know me better than that,’ he added. Dean started chuckling too.

‘Yeah, ok, I shouldn’t be surprised,’ he admitted, while he grabbed his fork to start on his pancakes. ‘It’s just not what one would expect I guess. Even if I know squat about these sort of things.’

‘Well, the last time I checked I was not a 13-year-old girl, so I can’t really get jealous of a pair of boobs y’know.’ Dean chuckled again and swallowed his syrup-covered bite before answering.

‘Fair enough,’ Dean admitted.

‘Especially since I currently don’t have any myself,’ said the angel and Dean stopped eating hearing this.

‘Currently?’ he asked. Gabriel grinned.

‘This is just a vessel,’ the archangel replied, waving his hand in front of his body. ‘And not my first one.’

‘You’ve been a chick before?’ he asked is disbelief.

‘I’ve been a lot of things,’ Gabriel shrugged, Dean looked at him for a few more seconds his mind involuntarily trying to imagine mischievous amber eyes, gold-blond hair and that sly smirk all in a girl-pack. He hummed.

‘Bet you were pretty hot like that too,’ he said finally, which earned him one of the more flirtatious grins.

‘You have no idea,’ he told him, Dean kept eye-contact and seeing the first spark of heat in Gabriel’s eyes sent a light shiver down his spine. He returned the grin before he went back to his pancakes, he was hungry so: priorities. Lori arrived with Gabriel’s chocolate pancakes, whipped cream generously on the top of it.

‘Here you go,’ she smiled.

‘You’re officially perfect, beautiful,’ Gabriel told her with a smile after he looked down at his plate. She smiled in return.

‘Just let me know if you need anything else.’

‘Definitely,’ Gabriel told her and she walked away.

‘We’re just too damn similar sometimes,’ Dean told him while he shook his head with a grin.

‘I’d say that’s a very good thing Dean-o,’ Gabriel replied then he took the first bite and made an appreciative sound.

‘Yeah you gotta stop calling me that,’ Dean told him. ‘Reminds me of a demon bitch.’ Gabriel chuckled again.

‘Sure,’ he agreed with a shrug. Dean didn’t bring up the case yet just enjoyed his pancakes and the conversation that was about nothing really and felt relaxed and cheerful as the minutes passed by.

After they finished up their breakfast Dean headed to the restroom. He planned on going back to the hotel to switch to a suit and talk to the police and then the relatives, if needed he could check out the scene, but hopefully some of the information he gathers would light up something in Gabriel’s big angel-brain and he will know what they’re dealing with today and they can get rid of it soon, maybe he could spent an extra day in town or the next town before picking Sam up in Sioux Falls after, and he definitely liked that idea. And the thought of all the ways they could spend the time brought a smile on his face. He was drying his hands with the paper towels when he was grabbed by the hips and spun around.

His body reacted and his muscles tensed, but by the time his back hit the tiles he had lips on his own he managed to realize who his ambusher was. Gabriel was kissing him deeply; his body pushed into Dean’s, keeping the hunter in place. Dean was still disoriented when the archangel let go of his lips and put kisses on the side of his neck, Dean tilted his head back until it hit the tiles.

‘Hey, not that I’m complaining, but…’

‘Then don’t,’ Gabriel replied then he gently bit the skin under his mouth.

‘I’m not, just what are you…’ this time Gabriel slotted his knee between his legs and leaned even closer to put pressure on his groin to shut him up, he hushed him before he captured his lips again. Dean went with it, reached out to put his hands on the angel too, he buried his fingers in his hair to hold onto something, he wanted to push his hips further forward, but Gabriel didn’t give him much space to do so. It never failed to light his body on fire, the contradiction of how the smaller man so easily overpowered him. Then he felt as Gabriel reached between them, unbuttoning and unzipping Dean’s fly. The moment the angel’s hand grazed his rapidly hardening dick all thought fled from his mind. He kissed him harder which ended with Gabriel laughing softly; he was always delighted when he managed to turn Dean on this quickly.

‘Fuck,’ Dean breathed when fingers closed around his now exposed cock.

‘Keep it quiet,’ Gabriel breathed into his mouth with a naughty grin and a heated look, and then he dropped to his knees easily. And that movement alone sent a heavy wave of lust through Dean’s body, his breath hitched and his heartbeat vehemently sped up.

It took only a second for Dean to realize that Gabriel won’t tease him like he normally did. The angel could turn him into a mumbling mess with his mouth within minutes, but being the way he was, he kept it up for a very long time until Dean completely lost his mind in pleasure. But this time Gabriel swallowed him whole immediately and Dean had to bit his lips hard to keep his voice in.

The wet warmth encircled him completely as his dick so easily disappeared between Gabriel’s lips. He felt as the head of his cock hit the backside of Gabriel’s throat, but the angel didn’t gag, Dean was sure he could just switch that reflex off if he wanted to. Gabriel slowly pulled off lightly sucking on the flesh until only the thick head was in his mouth then he took everything in again all the way. Dean knocked his head back on the tiles and bit his lips again. He gritted his teeth not to make a sound when Gabriel swallowed around his cock, his throat closing around the head a little. He was painfully hard and panting heavily.

Gabriel started up a slow pace, Dean’s dick sliding in and out of mouth easily, his lips wrapped around him tightly, his tongue caressing the soft skin and the hard flesh at every motion. But he soon sped up a little and sucked more, Dean let out a groan, he couldn’t help it and Gabriel hummed in response, which just made the pleasure even more intense. He bucked his hips forward involuntary when teeth grazed his cock lightly and this time Gabriel was not holding his hips in place.

‘Sorry,’ he managed to choke out, Gabriel let out a noise again, and it made Dean look down on him, the angel looked up at him too and that one look made Dean bite the inside of his cheeks and moan, focusing not coming immediately, because he understood that look and the way Gabriel’s hand came up and stroked the back of his thigh once was as clear a message as it could possibly be. He buried his hands in the angel’s gold-brown hair again, gripping it tightly, keeping eye-contact, and his entire body was shaking from anticipation and humming from pleasure.

He made an experimental light thrust forward and Gabriel didn’t stop him.

‘Oh fuck,’ he groaned, his mind catching up with what he was doing, he made another forward thrust and Gabriel all but smirked around the thick flesh in his mouth, which made Dean moan again as he thrust his hips forward, now with a slow pace. He thought that his heart will burst from the way it was beating insanely in his chest, pumping blood in his veins. Gabriel stopped moving then and Dean had to grip the golden locks even tighter when he looked down onto him. ‘Ah Gabriel,’ he breathed before he had to shut his eyes for a second, the scene too much for him, the archangel kneeling in front of him taking him entirely. The hot tightness of his mouth all around Dean’s almost painfully hard erection as the human was thrusting his hips forward again and again, his hand twisted in his hair keeping his head in one place. Dean was getting really close really fast, he knew he couldn’t hold back much longer, but he wanted to savor the feel of it. He sped up and his thrust became a bit harder, but Gabriel didn’t stop him he just let him fuck his mouth in the bathroom of some diner at 9 AM. Dean couldn’t form coherent words at this point he just kept shoving his dick into the angel’s mouth. He could taste the edge of his orgasm, the way his muscles tensed up in his body, how he had to bite his knuckles not to scream. Gabriel hummed and gripped his hips then and it sent Dean over the edge with bullet speed. The angel didn’t pull off, but swallowed as the hunter emptied himself into his mouth. Dean’s back hit the wall again and he was slightly aware that only Gabriel kept him standing, his own legs were not able to hold him up.

Everything was in a haze so he missed as Gabriel tucked him back in and re-buttoned and zipped his jeans. He opened his eyes and was looking into glinting amber ones, he was sure that the smile on his face must look goofy at least, but he was completely loose and sated and his mind was working on the level of a jellyfish.

‘What was that for?’ he asked, because damn he didn’t remember doing anything that could possibly earn him such treatment.

‘Just missed you,’ Gabriel answered before he kissed him again. And Dean managed to raise his arm to wrap it around Gabriel’s neck, he moaned into the kiss tasting himself on the angel’s tongue. And Dean wanted nothing but keeping that up, kissing him more or wrapping themselves up in some sheets and nothing else.

‘Damn, you’re awesome,’ he said after they parted, which earned him a chuckle. Gabriel was looking at him.

‘You tend to bring that out of me,’ he answered and Dean smiled.

‘Want me to return the favor?’ Dean asked with a smirk.

‘Not yet,’ the angel answered. ‘First we kill whatever you’re here to kill.’ Gabriel leaned close again his lips grazing Dean’s earlobe. ‘And then I get you in a bed and make you scream my name all night,’ he finished. And Dean came only minutes ago, but this just made his blood boil with a new wave of arousal right away. He very much agreed to the plan.