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He doesn't care

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I lay on a bed, held down, unconscious as my child is taken from me.

When I wake, there's a Kalish doctor standing over me, a bundle in her arms.

"Your child is hungry" she tells me as I bolt awake. Reaching for my child I hold it close.

"A son"the doctor tells me.

A boy. My colour hair, his eyes.

Tears stung my eyes as he feeds from me.

He didn't come, he doesn't care.




I'm transported several solar days later to a planet. Never told were I am or why I'm here. No one talks to me. I hold my child close. Kissing his head softly. I'm sorry he is here but he is my reason for living now.

Motherhood. I love it.


I'm left alone in my cell with my child for several more weekens. No one talks to me.


Food cubes and a small cup of water are given once a day.

Only ever two cubes.

The cell door opens loudly and a female child is thrown into my cell. The male never speaks he just looks me up and down.

Fear grips me as i keep my eyes down at my child. Shhing him as he try's to fight sleep.

The girl looks about eleven cycles old. She pushes her back to the corner opposite me eyes wide with fear.
The door slams shut.

Tears sting my eyes

He didn't come. He doesn't care.



"What is your name?" I ask softly.

"Soloku" she says.

"Hello Soloku. I'm Aeryn. This is my son" I say gently. "I wont ever hurt you" I add. She nodded.

I know of this place that I'm in. What is expected of us. There's never male prisoners here, only female. For the guards.

Fear grips me.

He didn't come. He does not care.

Then it begins.....

The door swings open one morning. He stands there looking at me.

"You. Come"he points to me. I stand laying my child down next to Soloku who is sleeping.

The door closes behind me, the lock engaged.

Bile rises, as i push it down.

He grabs my neck and shoves me down the walkway. I hit the wall hard. My arm cut on the metal wall. Pain tears as he pushes himself against my back. He's hard against me.

"in there whore" he growls. As he opens the door to a lockable room. Shoving me inside he locked the door behind him. Looking me up and down again he starts to rub him self through his pants.

Fear tells me to fight back. I cant move.

He didn't come. He doesn't care.

"You will do. Try anything and ill kill your half breed child. Make me happy and ill let it live." He walks around me in a circle. Still touching himself.
Fear grips me. I freeze.

He didn't come. He doesn't care.


He grips my hair in his hand and shoves me against the bench that is in this room. He takes a pain rod from the bench and uses it on my back.

I grit my teeth. I don't let him know it hurt.

He ripped at my top they gave me when I arrived. He pushes me over the bench rubbing himself against me moaning loudly. I let my mind drift away to a happier time. In the officers mess on the command carrier I calls home.

I feel him pushing me onto the floor. His pants are off now as he pulls at mine. Roughly pulling my legs apart.

"Frell" he groans as he looks at my naked body. He forces himself into me. I'm dry but he doesn't care. He pushes into me again and again. I don't make a sound knowing if I do he'll beat me.

"Frell" he groans as he finishes into me.

I didn't see another male standing in the door way.

I loose count how many I stop counting at four.

He didn't come. He doesn't care.