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Kara Danvers sat at her desk, looking into the office of her currently absent boss, while fidgeting slightly with her fingers. It was a habit that Kara, at Cat Grant’s insistence, had been trying to break – “Kara, if you want to be taken seriously, you need to exude confidence; something that cannot be achieved if you cannot refrain from wringing your hands like the common kindergartener.” That had been nearly five months ago, and for the most part Kara had been successful in channeling her nervous energy in more productive manners, like saving speed away trains, having epic showdowns with exiled family members, and demolishing the occasional tub of Ben and Jerry’s, and Cat was right, she did feel more confident.

Today, however, she was not feeling quite at the top of her game, something that could once again be traced back to her boss who at the moment was out of the office, with her son, giving Kara the perfect opportunity to contemplate her current conundrum. She broke her gaze from the empty chair behind Cat’s desk and down to her own lap, where her hands, after twenty minutes of stressful twiddling had begun to look a little more pink than usual. She heaved a sigh, and moved to sit on them instead.

She was glad to be the only person left at CatCo headquarters. It wasn’t unusual for Kara to still be at work when it began to empty at the end of the day. Cat Grant insisted that one of the leading principals to being a great boss was to be the last to leave the office, and being her assistant meant that Kara, was typically only dismissed minutes before Miss Grant herself prepared to leave for the day, not that she minded, it usually just served to make her feel more normal. And more recently, she’d taken to enjoying the extra time spent with her boss.

Kara looked down once more to check her watch, she had just shy of half an hour before she needed to leave the solace of the quiet office building. She reached up with her right hand, leaving her left under her still, and jostled the mouse on her desk, bringing her computer back to life. She quickly pulled up her to-do list, but nothing had changed since she had checked it fifteen minutes prior. Her layouts were done, she had already spoken with the head of printing about the changes Miss Grant wanted made, all of Miss Grant’s meetings for the next two weeks were appropriately scheduled, and Kara had even taken the liberty to ensure that the next week specifically ran more smoothly than normal, given that Katherine Grant would be in National City for her own conference, which would no doubt send Cat into a tailspin of anxiety.

With less than a minute passing since turning her computer on, Kara willed Cat to upload a new task to their shared document, if only to keep her occupied for the next twenty minutes. She knew it was hopeless, Cat Grant may be a workaholic, but she was a dedicated mother, and she would not shirk her son of her time any more than she would invite Lois Lane to brunch just to catch up.

It was a very special day for Carter, he was set to win an award at school for a recent research project, which had been inspired by the small adventure he had had while under Kara’s care. Cat had taken the entire day off with the promise of doing whatever Carter wanted, all leading up to the ceremony at his school that evening, which Kara herself would be attending with them. Carter had grown very fond of Kara and made her promise not to miss it.

With twenty minutes still left before she needed to leave to meet them, Kara resisted the urge to call Alex for her input about her current situation. She knew it wouldn’t help though, as much as she loved her sister, there were some things she was just no good with, and helping Kara to make sense of the complexities of her interpersonal relationships was one of those things. Not to say that she couldn’t occasionally be a good sounding board, she just sucked at giving advice, often letting her protectiveness of her baby sister cloud her assessment. And at the moment Kara didn’t need a sounding board, she felt pretty clear about the situation, she just didn’t know what to do about it.

With one more look at the document on her computer, which still showed no new tasks to be handled, Kara decided to grab her things and leave the office early. She’d use the extra time to stop into the café down the street and grab Cat a latte, a small comfort she knew her boss would appreciate despite it nearing six o’clock.

As she stepped up to the counter she quickly rattled off Cat’s order. The barista smiled at her, “Would you like to add two extra shots of espresso? You look like you could use a pick me up.”

“Long day.” She smiled back. “And no thanks, to the expresso, it’s not for me.” She left it at that, because the last time she checked it wasn’t exactly socially acceptable to say “Actually it’s for my boss, who I’ve just realized I might be dating, and who I’m even more sure knows that I’m Supergirl.”