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Your Beauty And Your Worth

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When Pearl opens her eyes for the first time, she believes that the entire universe exists in shades of pink, beige, and white.

Mostly pink. Every surface of the room she's in, every object, is some shade of pink. The one exception is the Gem standing before her, with her peachy skin and white dress, and even she's got a lot of pink to her, from the gem on her belly to her full lips to her long, soft ringlets.

There are two things Pearl knows for certain at the moment she awakens. The first is that she is a Pearl, made to serve and obey. The second is that her owner is none other than Rose Diamond herself, and while she does not yet grasp the significance, she knows that Rose is important in some way. Not just to her, but to Gemkind as a whole.

Rose smiles. “Welcome to your new home, my Pearl.”

Pearl smiles back, reflexively. “Hello," she begins automatically. "My designation is Pearl #318. I am very pleased to serve you, Rose Diamond.”

Rose looks her over, clearly delighted.

Pearl wonders what Rose is looking at, precisely--being so new, she has, of course, never seen her reflection. She looks down at her hands, noting that her skin is off-white, that her nails are blue. Looking down further, she notes her teal blouse, her pale pink shorts, her light orange flats with ribbons criss-crossing their way up her thin calves.

It is at this point that she learns that there are more colors in the universe than just pink and white and beige, and she's not sure what to think, because none of the new colors are quite as beautiful.

“Are you alright?” Rose asks, and she sounds so concerned.

“Yes, my lady,” Pearl replies, and she is met with a warm, soft smile from Rose, a smile that makes Pearl feel perfectly safe.

“Good. Please, follow me.” And Pearl does so without hesitation, allowing Rose to take her by the wrist and lead her away. Her master's grip is firm but gentle, a soft chubby hand wrapped around a slender wrist, and Pearl finds herself nearly giddy about whatever will come next.

A nagging voice in the back of her head tells her to not let her guard down. Rose has nearly two feet on her, and far more physical prowess, from what little Pearl can tell at a glance. She could poof her effortlessly, just snap her right in half if she were so inclined.

She wouldn't, though, Pearl thinks with a smile. She is built to serve, to be completely loyal, but she's fairly sure her trust towards Rose Diamond is genuine regardless.

And she is absolutely, completely certain that Rose would never hurt her.