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Kisses Like Fireflies

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After official practice is over, most of the Karasuno team gathers in the dormitory room, tired but jovial as they peel off sweaty clothes and lay out futons. Shouyou grins as he watches Tanaka and Nishinoya jostle each other in a playful fight over a bottle of soda, paused in tugging off his shirt. It looks fun, and he's tempted to join in, but he also wants to hurry and hunt down Kenma, who will surely vanish into thin air if Shouyou waits too long.

He doesn't realize that he is standing in someone's way until a throat clears beside him, and he tilts his head up in question, raising an eyebrow when he sees Tsukishima scowling at him. Tsukishima has pulled off his undershirt to change, a rarity that Shouyou almost never gets to witness, and without thinking, his blank stare drops to Tsukishima's naked chest.

“Can you move already?” Tsukishima mutters, exasperation tinging his tone, and Shouyou immediately steps back, jerking his gaze away as his face heats up.

“Sorry,” he replies quickly, dropping to his knees to dig in his bag for a clean shirt -- for all that he will dirty it later, practicing as he intends. Tsukishima doesn't move, and his attention on Shouyou digs into the back of his neck, leaving him tense -- what did he do to deserve this? He's been so good lately, doing his best not to annoy Tsukishima, half out of fear and half out of irrational attraction. He's gone almost a whole day without Tsukishima saying something sly or rude to him, and he doesn't want to be the reason it happens now.

Why did he have to get a crush on the only guy on the team who hates him?

After a moment Tsukishima leans over to grab a shirt out of his bag. His arm brushes Shouyou's shoulder, warm skin that Shouyou has only touched in passing, and he inhales softly with a faint shiver. Before Tsukishima can notice, Shouyou jumps up, pulls on his shirt, and twists to hurry away from everybody.

Only to trip rather spectacularly when Nishinoya steps backwards into him, knocking his shoulder hard and sending him flailing.

His shriek draws the attention of the entire team. Nishinoya twists around in surprise, open bottle of soda in hand. “Shouyou! I'm sorry, are you alright?” In his concern, Nishinoya does not notice Tanaka skidding to avoid both of them -- and failing, knocking Nishinoya down with a yell, and Shouyou with them.

The bottle goes sailing, as if in slow motion, and the entire team watches as it lands on Captain's futon.

“Oh, shit.”

In the face of Captain's fury, Tanaka's choice words sum up the situation quite perfectly.


“So we have a bit of a problem,” Captain says to the team of sheepish boys kneeling in a half circle. He surveys the crowd with a frown, before exhaling over a deep sigh, shoulders drawing up. “Earlier, we had a total of twelve futons. Thanks to a certain pair of individuals --”

“It was Ryu's fault!” Nishinoya immediately protests, and Tanaka somehow looks proud. “If he hadn't pushed me --”

“It couldn't be helped! And then it went everywhere... it was amazing!” Tanaka laughs, and Captain glowers at both of them, immediately silencing them.

As I was saying. Thanks to the hyperactive duo, we are now short one futon.”

“I think Tanaka and Noya should share,” Ennoshita says immediately, and the two troublemakers in question duck their heads to avoid looking at him. Kinoshita immediately seconds this enthusiastically. Tsukishima mutters something to Yamaguchi, who snickers.

Shouyou watches all of this, his fingers twisting nervously in his lap, his body scrunched even smaller than usual. Sugawara had reassured him that it was not his fault, but he cannot help but feel guilty. If he hadn't been so focused on Tsukishima, it wouldn't have happened this way.

Not that he's going to tell anyone why he wasn't paying attention.

“I have half a mind to make them,” Captain mutters, then sighs again. “I'll see if I can borrow a spare from one of the other teams, but it looks like two of you will have to share for sure. You guys can figure it out yourselves. Don't fight, and don't bother me about it,” he says forebodingly, and the temperature of the room drops a few degrees.

When Captain finally lets them go, Shouyou immediately runs off to search out Kenma, in hopes that his friend will spike to him again. Kenma manages to evade him, and even Kageyama brushes him off to set alone, so Shouyou goes to the one place where he can practice for sure.

Tsukishima casts a glance over at him, raising an eyebrow at his entrance, but Shouyou refuses to acknowledge the little skip in his heartbeat. “Ohh, chibi-chan, come back for more?” Kuroo leers, which sends a shiver down Shouyou's spine. How can this guy be Kenma's best friend?

He stops beside Tsukishima, wary but interested, and Tsukishima pushes up his glasses. “Just what I need,” he mutters, ignoring Shouyou when he makes a face in response.

Blocking practice with Bokuto and Kuroo is a trial in patience, because he's almost always pitted against Tsukishima, who takes great delight in blocking him. His smarmy smirk riles Shouyou with a hot flash of irritation every time, and he wants nothing more than to spike the ball straight past Tsukishima's face.

With Kuroo giving tips to Tsukishima and Lev constantly, Shouyou makes a point to listen and use the techniques as best as he can. It works, too, and he gets a few up on Tsukishima, who glares at him through the net after one of Shouyou's blocks wins the Owls a set.

Shouyou grins up at him. “How do you like that?!”

“It was a fluke.” Tsukishima pushes his glasses up, scowling, and Shouyou's grin quirks slyly.

“It was not, and you know it. No matter how tall you are, I can reach you, every time! Just because I'm short --”

“How is the view down there anyway?” Tsukishima interrupts, the line in his brow smoothing as his teeth flash in a mean grin.

Shouyou's mirth fades, and he steps forward. He cannot stand it when Tsukishima digs at his height. “What'd you say?!” If the net wasn't between them, he could jump up and --

“Hey hey hey! How about another set, yeah?” Bokuto's hand lands on Shouyou's shoulder and tugs him back, keen eyes flicking to Tsukishima. Shouyou nearly shrugs his hand off but resists, mumbling an apology. He doesn't look at Tsukishima again, but he can feel his heavy stare, and he wishes he had better control of his temper these days.

Never mind hitting Tsukishima -- he might blurt out something irreparably bad. He absolutely does not want to give Tsukishima any more ammunition against him. He really, really wishes he did not have this stupid crush.

Though practice goes on, the tension remains, crackling between Shouyou and Tsukishima every time they face each other. If Shouyou is honest with himself, he can admit to the heated impulses that creep into the back of his mind when he sees Tsukishima looming over him. The thoughts burn slowly, little desires that he tries his best to ignore, of Tsukishima's cruel mouth softened with a smile, of his large hands that block Shouyou's spikes so easily sliding through his hair instead, of his great height that Shouyou can easily climb to give him a kiss --

He chooses not to think about those desires at all, because to think about sex and Tsukishima while in the same room with him is enough of a turn-on that Shouyou would land himself in very deep trouble if discovered.

Especially by Tsukishima himself.


After dinner, Shouyou still wants to practice more, so he heads back to the gymnasium alone. Kenma had mentioned he would go to bed immediately, and Shouyou doesn't want to invade Nekoma territory without Kenma awake to defend him from certain spiky-haired captains and tall first years with gleaming eyes. (Inuoka is okay, at least, but he's pretty sure Inuoka went off somewhere with Shibayama.)

He realizes someone is following him when he reaches the doors and hears the dull thud of someone's shoe on the pavement behind him, and he turns to see Tsukishima frowning at him. “What are you doing?” Shouyou asks, returning the frown in confusion.

“I thought you were walking back to the dorm. You're going to practice? Even Bokuto-san and the others are done for the night.”

Tsukishima's judgmental scoff makes Shouyou grit his teeth. “I can still do stuff alone!” he snaps, twisting open his water bottle and going to fill it. I always have, he doesn't say, not wanting the pity.

To his surprise, Tsukishima follows him into the gym. With a small grumble, Shouyou ignores him and stomps over to the carrier of volleyballs, pushing it to the edge of the court. He needs to work on his serves, and he can do it whether or not Tsukishima is watching.

“Wait,” Tsukishima calls out, and Shouyou looks over his shoulder wearily. Tsukishima's frown grows more pronounced. “I'll help, if you'd like.” Shouyou gapes at him, and Tsukishima's frown shifts into a scowl. “I can do other things than block and spike, you know. Might as well work on receives if you're going to serve.”

“Well, yeah, but,” Shouyou stutters, realizing that he and Tsukishima will be alone together. Practicing together, with no Yamaguchi or Kageyama to run interference -- he's not sure his nerves can handle it, but he also doesn't want to piss Tsukishima off by turning him down.

“Fine,” he mumbles, watching as Tsukishima takes position, long legs flexing, and he bites back a groan.

This really, really isn't fair.


Somehow, they work reasonably well together, though with no shortage of barbed comments on Tsukishima's side of the court and challenging glares from Shouyou.

He can't help it. And Tsukishima knows it, too -- Shouyou will catch his smirk, fume, and serve harder than necessary, causing him to lose control of the ball more often than he cares to admit. He's not the only person getting hot under the collar, either, to judge by the stink-eyes Tsukishima sends his way.

“Crap, when did it get so late?” Shouyou complains, wiping the sweat from his forehead with the back of his arm. He grabs his water bottle and drinks from it until it's empty, then groans. “Nooo, there's no more,” he sulks.

Tsukishima grunts as he lowers his water bottle, rubbing his hand back through his messy hair as he holds it out to Shouyou. The back of his shirt is soaked with sweat; Shouyou can see the outline of his shoulder blades, and he has to avert his eyes for a moment. “Here.”

“What, really?” Shouyou eyes him suspiciously. Tsukishima shoots a threatening glare at him, and Shouyou quickly takes the water bottle and drinks from it, pointedly not thinking about his mouth touching the same spout that Tsukishima's lips had just sucked from. He blushes when he realizes that he can taste something different and that it must be Tsukishima's spit. “Thanks,” he says breathlessly after he drinks his fill, offering it back. Tsukishima takes it without comment, and even though he just drank something, Shouyou's mouth goes somewhat dry when Tsukishima finishes off the rest of the water, not even bothering to wipe Shouyou's germs away.

Not fair.

He stays quiet as they walk back to the room. It's later than usual, enough that when they reach the building, most of the second and third years are already asleep. Yamaguchi is cuddling his pillow as usual, and Kageyama is out like a light. Shouyou grabs his bag as quietly as he can and hurries off to take a bath, wanting to finish before Tsukishima can join him, but he's too slow; Tsukishima walks into the changing area as Shouyou shucks off his clothes.

Shouyou has to turn away as Tsukishima peels off his damp shirt. Tsukishima has a really nice body, and Shouyou really shouldn't look at it so lewdly. He can't help it, though, not when Tsukishima's shoulders are so broad, his muscles clearly defined in his arms and chest, and his face shape is nice -- when he's not scowling at someone. He's the most attractive person on the team, in Shouyou's opinion -- which really sucks, because his personality is the worst.

He licks his lips, remembering how Tsukishima's water bottle tasted. If he kissed Tsukishima, would he taste the same? He touches his own lips, considering what it would be like to kiss Tsukishima, cold and distant most of the time as he is -- when he's not picking on Shouyou or going out of his way to irritate the other members of their team.

Shouyou is utterly exhausted from practice, yet somehow he cannot stop thinking about Tsukishima's mouth. To his dismay, the thought of kissing Tsukishima incites him enough that his body reacts in an obvious way. As he takes his bucket to the bathing area, Shouyou keeps a towel clutched over his crotch, not wanting to irritate Tsukishima yet again.

Tsukishima settles on a seat on the opposite side of the room, so Shouyou doesn't have to face him and watch him bathe. Or so he thinks, until he looks up and notices a mirror in front of him, partly fogged up, but clear enough that he gets to see Tsukishima's back flex as he leans over to pick up his shampoo.


As Shouyou lathers his hair, he sighs to himself, wishing that someone else was here with them. The silence grates on his nerves, heavy with his attraction and Tsukishima's lack of interest. Yamaguchi would be able to distract both of them, and Kageyama is always useful to have around, because Tsukishima hates Kageyama slightly more than he hates Shouyou.

It's a little depressing to consider, really, but it can't be helped. Tsukishima doesn't seem to like anybody except Yamaguchi. Shouyou is so far beneath his notice that he might as well be invisible.

Shouyou shakes his head and begins scrubbing. Cleaning off the day's sweat and dirt is so nice. If he were alone, Shouyou would probably jerk himself off. Even just thinking about it -- and about doing it with Tsukishima in the same room -- makes Shouyou a little breathless. As he passes the washcloth over his chest, his finger catches on his nipple, and he shudders at the erotic sensation. He glances at Tsukishima quickly, but Tsukishima isn't paying any attention to him.

He does it again and bites his lip, sucking in a small breath. He's been playing with different parts of his body more these days, thinking about what it would be like to have sex with a guy and how he might like it. He really likes certain things, and he's daydreamed about other things but hasn't tried them yet. He's been very good about not using his crush as fantasy material – except for some dreams that he hasn't been able to avoid.

He is such a pervert, thinking about this with Tsukishima in the same room -- and while he's naked, even. If Tsukishima had an inkling of what was going through Shouyou's head, he would be furious.

He's even more turned on now, enough that his cock is rising in his lap, and he wishes his body would behave. He glances over his shoulder briefly. Tsukishima is rinsing his hair, and when Shouyou hears Tsukishima turn the shower head on, he drops his hand to his lap and grips himself for a moment.

He has to bite down another sigh. He can't.

He allows himself only a couple quick strokes, enough to clean that part of himself and move on.

When he glances up again, Shouyou gets to see white soap suds sliding down Tsukishima's slick skin. His mouth goes dry again, and his growing erection throbs. He presses it down, desperate for Tsukishima not to notice. He might actually kill Shouyou, and he still has to beat Ushiwaka and go to nationals.

He pointedly uses cold water to rinse himself off. The refreshing shower diminishes his heat a little, enough that Shouyou can think a bit more clearly. He refuses to look at Tsukishima again.

With a low groan, Shouyou drags himself up, angling his body away so that Tsukishima can't see him like this. He even wraps a towel around his waist, bunching it over his cock, determined to get in the bath quickly.

“Hinata,” Tsukishima calls out, his low voice cutting through the steam. Shouyou freezes. “I can't seem to find my soap. May I borrow yours?”

Shouyou shoots a wide-eyed look over his shoulder in disbelief. “Um... sure. It's in my bucket.”

Tsukishima meets his gaze in the mirror, his golden eyes glinting. Probably with irritation. “You're going to make me search for it?”

Shouyou lets out a little whine, tightening his grip on his towel in frustration. After a moment he exhales explosively and stomps over to his bucket to fish out his soap, then walks a bit more gingerly to Tsukishima, who is thankfully facing away from him.

He silently offers the soap to Tsukishima, who looks up at him with a raised eyebrow. This close, Shouyou can see the little indents his glasses leave in his nose. There's a small droplet of water clinging to his eyelashes, a few soap suds lingering by his ear. Shouyou swallows.

“Can you wash my back for me?” Tsukishima requests, still staring at him with that strangely focused intent, and it takes a minute for Shouyou to actually process the question.

“Me?” he squeaks, and Tsukishima rolls his eyes.

“No, the other moron standing there. Do I need to spell it out for you?”

Shouyou growls and almost walks away, not wanting to bother with him, but he glances at Tsukishima's back and has to bite his lip. To be able to touch Tsukishima, even for a little while...

“Fine,” he grumbles, moving to kneel behind Tsukishima and surveying his back. Tsukishima sits straighter than anyone Shouyou has ever known, head slightly bowed. His shoulders and his back muscles are clearly defined, leading down to a slim waist, and -- Shouyou does not dare look lower. His face is uncomfortably hot.

Tsukishima huffs, which pisses Shouyou off for a second. Before Tsukishima can complain again, Shouyou takes the wash cloth and soaps it up, rubbing it all the way down Tsukishima's back. He gives in to a traitorous thought and squeezes the cloth a few times to build up a good handful of bubbles, then spreads them across Tsukishima's back and shoulders with his fingers.

He bites his lip when he touches Tsukishima's warm, smooth skin, his cock throbbing beneath the towel.

He has to be quick, else he give himself away. After a few scrubs, Shouyou drops the wash cloth beside Tsukishima and sits up on his knees, ready to run. Tsukishima's hand snakes out and grabs his wrist, and Shouyou gasps.

“You're not done,” Tsukishima mutters, with a throaty quality to his voice that sends a shiver down Shouyou's spine.

“Come on, I wanna go soak,” Shouyou whines, and Tsukishima sighs and twists around to glare at him.

“Are you really going to be this stupid?” he asks, then yanks Shouyou close. Shouyou ends up with his chest pressed against Tsukishima's back, his face squashed against Tsukishima's side under his arm. He yelps and tries to scramble away, but Tsukishima holds him firm and tugs their hands down – and into his lap.

“Oh,” Shouyou breathes, freezing as his fingers land on something hot and rigid. Tsukishima's cock, and he's just as hard as Shouyou is, his velvety skin slick and so very hot. Shouyou shudders, his lips parting as he flicks his gaze down to their hands, a tiny gasp escaping his throat to see the head of Tsukishima's cock peeking out from between his fingers.

“Exactly,” Tsukishima hisses, tightening his grip around Shouyou's fingers, pulling his hand along as he tugs downward. “This is your fault. Sitting over there and looking at me like that, with those little sighs you keep making -- did you think I wouldn't notice?”

Shouyou moans, his hips jerking a little. His towel has slipped down to the tiles, and he is very aware of how naked he is, how much of his skin is touching Tsukishima's slick, warm body, and how heavily his cock hangs between his legs, throbbing from the stimulation. “Oh my god.”

He can hardly believe this is happening.

“Now take care of it,” Tsukishima growls, before letting go of Shouyou's hand and fisting his hair, tugging upward. Shouyou looks up in time for Tsukishima to kiss him, and he swallows a gasp.

A little shock runs up his spine, because he recognizes the taste from Tsukishima's water bottle, and he's thirsty for more. Tsukishima's cock is hot and heavy in his hand, and he can hardly think – he is ready to burst, and he wants to kiss Tsukishima back, but he also wants more of him. He leans up into Tsukishima's grip, the kiss clumsy but perfect to Shouyou's stretched, sore nerves.

He could say no. He could get up and run away and forget this ever happened. He's never even been kissed before. But Tsukishima, for some reason, likes him back -- or at least finds him nice enough to look at that he doesn't mind having sex with him.

At this point, Shouyou isn't going to be picky. He has wanted Tsukishima for ages.

Irritatingly, Tsukishima is longer than him and a little thicker. Shouyou slides his hand down to the base, Tsukishima's foreskin sliding back with the motion, and he never knew touching someone else could feel this good. It's exciting in a completely different way than touching himself.

He starts pumping his hand slowly, catching Tsukishima's little hitched breaths with his lips. Kissing Tsukishima at the same time that he jerks him off is difficult, but Tsukishima seems more than content to control the kiss, not letting Shouyou have any ground and leaving him somewhat helpless against the onslaught.

He kisses like a firefly, holding Shouyou captive for a moment before letting him breathe, then catches his lips and lights him up all over again.

Tsukishima groans into his mouth, and the rush of power from knowing that he is making Tsukishima slowly come undone is a little heady. Shouyou gains confidence, tightens his grip a little, and starts exploring.

There's a long vein on the underside of Tsukishima's cock, and as he slides his hand down again, Shouyou traces the edge of it with his fingers. He reaches back up and catches the tip of Tsukishima's cock with his fingers, smearing the seeping liquid, then dragging his palm back down.

Tsukishima's hips jerk. Shouyou shudders, his back arching, and he realizes how uncomfortable he is. He moans into Tsukishima's hot mouth, leaning up into him at the same time that he fists Tsukishima more tightly, relishing in the small groan Tsukishima releases.

Tsukishima breaks off the kiss with a small curse. Shouyou catches a flash of irritated golden eyes, before the world spins and he finds himself flat on his back, his legs splayed widely over Tsukishima's thighs as Tsukishima leans over him.

“You're impossible. I can't believe I'm doing this,” Tsukishima mutters, and Shouyou manages to muster something of a glare -- but he can't breathe. He wants to touch everything, along Tsukishima's shoulders and across his hardened nipples, and he wants that cock in his hand again. He wants Tsukishima to touch him. He wants Tsukishima to kiss him.

A heavy hand lands on his cock, and Shouyou arches, a sharp cry falling from his throat.

“Shut up,” Tsukishima hisses, but Shouyou can't. No one has ever touched him like this before, and he might just fall apart, it's so good.

“I can't help it!” he whines helplessly, jerking his cock up into Tsukishima's tight grip. Tsukishima grunts and leans down, kissing him to silence him, and Shouyou tries to focus on his soft lips, on the tightening burn in his chest, on Tsukishima's other hand reaching up to pinch his nipple.

“Ahh, don't do that!” Shouyou whimpers, pushing Tsukishima's hand away, but his hips quiver traitorously. Tsukishima's mouth twists into a smirk against his lips, pinching the little nub, then sliding his hand over to the other one to repeat the action.

“Oh? Like that, do you?” He squeezes Shouyou's nipple again, tugging it somewhat hard, something Shouyou rarely does, because of the effects.

Shouyou keens, a ragged scream tearing from his throat. For a moment Tsukishima seems to pause, staring down at him. Then he tugs again, his eyes alight with a sadistic urge deeper than his teasing remarks or sly taunts. Shouyou pants and quakes, lifting his shuddering hips into Tsukishima's grip, before he grabs his hand and holds on tightly, pushing him back.

“N--no! I'll come if you do that!”

Tsukishima's grip tightens on his erection before he draws away, some of his weight lifting off Shouyou's pinned body. Shouyou opens his eyes to find Tsukishima staring down at him, pupils blown as he studies Shouyou. His lips are damp and flushed, just the same as Shouyou's.

He shies away from the attention, averting his gaze to the side as his face heats up. If Tsukishima says anything, he will leave right now. How could he admit that? It's humiliating --

“You should not be this attractive,” Tsukishima mutters, taking Shouyou's chin in hand and tilting his face upward. Shouyou hesitantly looks up, swallowing around the hot knot of embarrassment in his throat, trying to process those words and wondering how someone like Tsukishima could think that way about him.

“Tsukishima,” he whispers, which causes a sharp, deep noise to rumble in Tsukishima's chest, before he leans down to kiss Shouyou again. He takes the kiss with a gasp, tilting his head up and closing his eyes, wanting to drink in the softness of his lips and the desperation behind it.

It shocks him, to realize that Tsukishima is as desperate as he is.

After a moment Tsukishima tugs Shouyou's hips up a little and into his lap, and his face burns -- how can they be so close? Then something long and soft and hot presses against his sensitive cock, and Shouyou realizes dizzily that it is Tsukishima's erection. Then Tsukishima is wrapping long fingers around them both before thrusting forward.

Shouyou sees stars.

“Tsukishima,” he cries out, and Tsukishima swallows his voice down with a hard kiss, sliding his tongue into Shouyou's mouth as if to stifle every moan and grunt that Shouyou makes. He settles for little whines instead, his legs tightening over Tsukishima's thighs. He digs his fingers into the crook of Tsukishima's elbow and realizes he can press his foot against Tsukishima's shin for leverage. If he rolls his hips upward, he gets to hear Tsukishima gasp into his mouth, and finally Tsukishima breaks away and buries his head in Shouyou's neck.

“Damn it,” Tsukishima whispers, then a small, sharp pain in his neck surprises Shouyou. Tsukishima bit him.

“You jerk,” he moans breathlessly, and for some reason the pain turns him even more. Everything is burning, wet, and Tsukishima's skin is so slick and soft, yet his entire body is firm, powerful with strength that Shouyou envies. The tiles scrape against his back as Tsukishima's movements push Shouyou across the floor, and he whines again, grabbing at Tsukishima's shoulder.

“Just shut up,” Tsukishima mutters, opening his mouth and sucking at the small wound, his mouth hot against Shouyou's skin. The same tongue that was just sucking out Shouyou's soul laps at the little mark, and it makes Shouyou burn.

Everything gets hotter. He's thrusting up into Tsukishima's grip, and the head of Tsukishima's cock is bumping against his, and Tsukishima is grunting now, little moans that send Shouyou's head reeling -- and then everything washes away, as Shouyou sobs out his desperation and comes.

Tsukishima stills against him, before thrusting in short, halted movements, his breaths staccato against Shouyou's neck. Warmth splashes over his stomach, and Shouyou sags to the ground, trembling as Tsukishima carefully releases his sensitive, spent cock.

Shouyou opens his eyes after realizing he closed them ages ago, staring up at Tsukishima's face. This close Tsukishima's soft pants brush against his skin, setting his nerves on fire, and oh, how he wishes he could burn this into his memory -- he doesn't know if he'll get to keep it. But damn, does it feel good.

“So dirty,” Tsukishima murmurs, leaning down to lick a trail of saliva off Shouyou's cheek.

Shouyou might whimper in response, but he will never, ever admit it.


They do not speak again. They wash themselves -- separately, this time -- and soak at opposite ends of the bath, not looking at each other. Shouyou doesn't dare break the silence. When he steps out and finds his towel, he buries his blushing face in the terrycloth for a long moment, rubbing it against his eyes and mouth until he can think a little more sanely.

When he drops the towel, he finds Tsukishima staring at him, impassive as ever, but something in his golden gaze burns.

Shouyou swallows and looks away, more than a little rattled.

When they reach the dormitory, dried and clothed and still not speaking, the lights are turned off and everyone is clearly asleep, snoring the night away. Shouyou stumbles toward the only futon left, sinking down onto the cushion with a sigh -- and he almost shrieks when Tsukishima drops down next to him.

“What are you doing?” he whispers, startled, his voice nearly silent in fear of waking Captain.

Tsukishima leans in close, his mouth nearly touching Shouyou's ear, and he has to cover his mouth over a gasp. A flush of heat rolls up from his belly, as Tsukishima's chest bumps his shoulder. “There's only one futon left, remember? I'm not sleeping without one. Just deal with it.”

“Fine,” Shouyou whispers back, carefully sliding beneath the covers and rolling on his side, his back to Tsukishima. He could go sleep beside Kageyama -- if he wants to be punched in the face -- or maybe Yamaguchi, but Yamaguchi is really clingy when he sleeps, and Shouyou is already half-aroused. At least Tsukishima will not be shocked if he wakes up to Shouyou rubbing against him in the middle of the night -- or so he hopes.

He tries to take up as little room as possible. Tsukishima shifts around behind him, and a moment later the blanket drapes over them both. Shouyou waits a beat, then starts to relax -- it seems Tsukishima won't molest him here, too.

Not that he would really mind. But he is exhausted, and every muscle in his body is sore from long hours of practice, and he's still warm from the bath. Shouyou sighs softly and wiggles a little -- and then Tsukishima is shifting again, and a large hand lands on Shouyou's side.

“Don't squirm around,” Tsukishima mutters into his ear. Shouyou swallows a squeak and doesn't bother answering. Tsukishima's hand slips down a little, rubbing Shouyou's hip, and for a moment it confuses him – until he realizes that Tsukishima is pressing a thumb into the curve of his backside, and he gasps a little.

Tsukishima's grip becomes brutal, and Shouyou's heart jolts. Shouyou immediately hides his face in his arms to hush himself, stilling his hips. Tsukishima's slowly loosens his grip, but the ache lingers even though his fingers move, and Shouyou wonders if he will have a bruise in the morning. His heart is beating in his throat, and when Tsukishima's fingers slide lower, his lower stomach clenches.

It's strange and unreal -- Tsukishima of all people, touching him in such a way? He really hopes they won't be this close when they wake up. Everyone would laugh. Kageyama would kill him, and then Tsukishima would bring him back and kill him again for the embarrassment.

But it's kind of nice at the same time, because Tsukishima is warm and solid, and Shouyou can feel his soft breaths against the back of his neck. It's making him horny again, but he doesn't dare even think about doing anything in a room full of their teammates and especially Captain and Kageyama.

The petting is kind of nice. Relaxing. He wonders what Tsukishima would do if he tried to purr. He grins a little at the silly thought, shifting his hips again. Tsukishima inhales softly and his hands stop their wandering, which disappoints Shouyou a little, but he's so tired...

He starts to drift, his breathing evening out, and it seems for a while, he does sleep.

Until a hand slides into his shorts, and suddenly Shouyou is wide awake.

“What are you --” and then Tsukishima covers his mouth, because Shouyou's furious whisper is far too loud, and they wait in silent fear. Nothing happens for a few minutes, and Shouyou relaxes a little, but he still doesn't know what Tsukishima is doing.

“If you say no, I'll stop,” Tsukishima whispers against his skin, hot breath washing over Shouyou's neck and making the little bite mark Tsukishima left earlier tingle. He doesn't move again, and Shouyou has to fight with himself for a moment.

He really, really wants Tsukishima. He also really, really wants to live to the next tournament.

But no one else is awake, and if he's quiet -- if they're careful -- then it would be okay. As soon as he thinks it, the acceptance sends a little thrill through him. He nods slowly, and after a beat, Tsukishima's hand finishes its journey, wrapping around Shouyou's cock.

Shouyou bites down on a moan. If he makes a sound, they're both dead. He turns his head a little, his cheek bumping Tsukishima's -- he hadn't realized how close he is. But he wants to kiss him again, and it's making his chest throb, to feel Tsukishima's lips brushing the corner of his mouth. He parts his lips a little, licking his bottom lip and catching Tsukishima's upper lip at the corner.

Tsukishima seems to sigh, then long fingers are tilting Shouyou's head up, before Tsukishima seals their lips together in a kiss that blazes through Shouyou's defenses. He is careful not to breathe too loudly, and oh, it is so difficult, because Tsukishima's other hand is dragging down his shorts, enough that his cock is freed -- and something hard and warm is bumping his backside.

Feeling a little devilish, he wiggles a little, and is rewarded with Tsukishima biting his lip.

Tsukishima lets him go for a moment, fumbling with his own shorts, and then his cock nudges between Shouyou's thighs. He parts his legs without thinking, swallowing a moan, instead sucking Tsukishima's tongue into his mouth. He wonders what it would be like to crawl downwards and taste Tsukishima's cock himself.

He wonders how far they'll go.

A moment later, Tsukishima stops kissing him and holds up a hand to Shouyou's mouth, pressing his fingers to Shouyou's lips. For a moment Shouyou doesn't understand why, until Tsukishima applies a little pressure against his lips, the tips nudging against his teeth. Oh. Shouyou opens his mouth, and then Tsukishima's long fingers press against his tongue, and he tightens his lips around them and sucks. He is delighted when Tsukishima hisses against his neck, and he sucks a little harder, wanting to drive Tsukishima as senseless as he is.

His heart is pounding in his chest -- will they go all the way?

He has seen enough smut to know what they could do. He has thought about it before, sitting on his knees in bed and questing his fingers low enough to touch that forbidden part of himself, but his nerve always fails him before he can do anything more than touch. That, or he comes first, so aroused by the fantasy of it that he's already moaning into his pillow before he can try even one finger.

Shouyou waits with bated breath as Tsukishima reaches down, fingers brushing against Shouyou's entrance. He breathes out, maybe in relief, maybe in disappointment, because Tsukishima doesn't linger there, instead rubbing saliva over his cock. His knuckle bumps Shouyou's entrance, and Shouyou squirms, wanting more but afraid to ask. Then Tsukishima pushes Shouyou's knees together a little, trapping his cock between Shouyou's thighs.

He kisses Shouyou again before he can whine. His long fingers, slightly damp now, grip Shouyou's hip, over the aching bruise he left, before he tentatively thrusts forward.

Shouyou almost loses it. He feels helpless like this, as Tsukishima has all the control, and he loves it -- he knows what they could be doing instead, and he thinks he would like that, too. Tsukishima's cock is rubbing against places Shouyou has only touched a few times himself, deep in the night when he can't be disturbed, and it is so good, for Tsukishima's erection to press between his legs, making him hot all over.

He wants so badly to come.

Shouyou pushes his hips back as Tsukishima thrusts forward, and Tsukishima's fingers tighten on his hip, before they slide into his shorts again and wrap around his cock. He opens his mouth a bit wider as Tsukishima kisses him more fiercely -- and after a moment Shouyou has to pull away, turning to hide his face in his pillow to stifle his panting. His cheek is pressed against Tsukishima's forearm, and he opens his mouth without thinking to suck against his skin, wanting to mark him in the same way Tsukishima left a bruise on his heart.

Tsukishima's grip is tight. Every time Shouyou moves his hips away from Tsukishima, he thrusts into Tsukishima's hand, and at the same time, Tsukishima's cock slides between his legs enticingly. He doesn't know where to go, and he wants desperately to moan and beg and plead –- he wants Tsukishima to go faster, he wants more, he wants all of him – but he can only stay still and let Tsukishima handle everything.

Tsukishima's lips brush against his neck again, sucking hotly at the bruise he left before. Shouyou swallows a few times and bites down on the pillow, spreading his legs more and pressing back harder. Tsukishima's breathing hitches, ragged and desperate, and that's all it takes to send Shouyou over the edge. Quickly he reaches down to catch his seed, shoving his other fingers into his mouth and biting down, trying not to cry out again. Tsukishima thrusts hard against him, his hips quivering as more warmth splashes over Shouyou's thighs and hand.

The musky air beneath the futon might stifle him, but Shouyou can hardly move, trying to catch his breath as Tsukishima lays heavily against his back. They remain together silently for a moment, not wanting to separate just yet. If Shouyou could have this forever, he would beg for it. He doesn't know what will happen in the morning. He doesn't care anymore.

If Tsukishima asks anything else of him, Shouyou will definitely say yes.


Miraculously, Shouyou wakes early enough that he can escape the futon without anyone realizing he had spent most of the night with Tsukishima pressed up against his back. No one else has woken, but he probably wakes Tsukishima when he wriggles away, because he can hear him suck in a breath suddenly through his nose as Shouyou pushes the blanket back.

Shouyou glances back anxiously, but Tsukishima just shoots a sleepy glare at him and turns onto his other side. He breathes out in relief and grabs his bag, then flees the dormitory. He changes quickly into some clean clothes, his face burning as he shoves the dirty shorts to the bottom of his bag.

He goes running.

No matter how stressed he is or how much his head is pounding with anxiety, running always washes everything away. All he needs is the rhythm of his feet on the pavement and the wind in his hair, and it's as if he's flying. He breathes in the new day and breathes out his doubts.

Since he doesn't know the area well, Shouyou sticks to the school block. It's quiet enough that early morning traffic hasn't picked up yet, but he noticed a couple other students from the volleyball clubs running. He waves to them but doesn't stop to chat; he's too focused.

When he returns to the school, he slows to a stop in the courtyard and bends over to grab his knees, panting. When he straightens, something grabs his attention, and he notices Tsukishima standing outside in the shadows, arms crossed. He can't see Tsukishima's eyes. Shouyou stares at him for a moment, catching his breath and wondering if Tsukishima is waiting for him.

His head is mercifully silent. Shouyou approaches the dormitory building slowly, stopping in front of Tsukishima and lifting his head. There is no one around.

Tsukishima observes him silently, his mien impassive as usual, but Shouyou catches a glint in his eye and remembers how Tsukishima looks flushed and angry and aroused. He breathes in, his face warming a bit, and whatever Tsukishima sees in his expression is enough to make his shoulders relax.

Without a word Tsukishima bends down and kisses him, long fingers sliding across Shouyou's neck and pressing down. The resulting throb of the bruise he left last night makes Shouyou's heart race, and instead of giving in, he stands up on his toes and kisses Tsukishima hard, refusing to back down.

Tsukishima breaks off the kiss and grasps Shouyou's shirt, pulling him close and kissing his neck, over the little mark. “Don't overthink it. It’s not as if we’re dating,” he mutters, and for a moment Shouyou wants to hit him, worse than his rage at Kageyama days and days ago.

He shoves Tsukishima away and wipes his mouth, glaring. “I don't expect anything from you!”

Tsukishima leans back and frowns at him. “Then do you want it to end? Here I had thought you were into me, but if you're not...”

Shouyou opens his mouth to respond, but his brain can't find anything to say, and he gapes. “What -- you can't just -- you jerk, how could you think I could possibly like someone like you?”

Tsukishima sneers and thrusts out his arm. “Because of last night. Because of this.” Shouyou inhales sharply to see a bruise on his wrist. He remembers doing that, and for a moment he can taste Tsukishima in his mouth again. “Do you want to continue or not?”

Shouyou's chest hurts. He wants to say no and walk away, because it's painfully clear that Tsukishima doesn't like him at all. Last night he had been so sure that he would take whatever Tsukishima would give him, but...

Well. He didn't need Kageyama as a friend. He doesn't need Tsukishima as a boyfriend.

Instead of saying anything, Shouyou steps forward and takes Tsukishima's arm in his hand, lifting his wrist to his mouth and kissing the mark, without breaking Tsukishima's gaze. He grins in triumph as Tsukishima narrows his eyes and even flushes a little, and he doesn't resist the kiss when Tsukishima grabs him and tugs him upward.

As the sun breaks over the horizon, they stand close to each other, yet not truly together. Shouyou catches Tsukishima's whisper with his lips.

“Do you want anyone to know?”

“Not really.”

“Then I won't tell anyone, either.”