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our dreams will carry us

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our dreams will carry us from kaleidoscopefanmix on 8tracks Radio.

Track list:

1) Swing it Shorty (Intro) - 브라운아이드걸스 | Brown Eyed Girls

2) Disparate Youth - Santigold
Oh, we said our dreams will carry us
And if they don’t fly we will run
Now we push right past to find out
Oh, how to win what they all lost

3) Tell Yourself - 클래지콰이 | Clazziquai Project
Take a look around this is me, what I see
너도 꼭 나와 같은 기분이 드니 (Do you feel the same as me)
만나면 매일 똑같은 반복들 (The same mistakes that occurs when we meet)
Now stop, 이제는 지워버려 (let’s erase them)

4) Hope on Fire - Vienna Teng
You're a one-man shift in the weather
You're the woman who just won't sell
Climbing up and ringing the bell

5) Impossible - Kate Earl
Go on and hold your head high honey
Circumstances for worse or better
Are no excuse to forfeit our dreams

6) Marchin On - OneRepublic
For this dance we'll move with each other
There ain't no other step than one foot
Right in front of the other

7) Together - Frank Ocean
I love you
And I don't know you
But I know the light in you
Is the same as in me
I trust you, like a brother

8) Let's Face The Music And Dance - Nat King Cole
There may be trouble ahead
But while there's moonlight and music and love and romance
Let's face the music and dance