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“Thief!” Glenn shouted, gripping the side of the couch he was barely sitting in. Beth laughed out loud. Maggie had stolen his next song. Maggie just smirked at her husband and shrugged her shoulders. Beth looked around at her family lounging in the house.


The house. It felt weird to be in a house again after so much time on the road. When the group had found Alexandria, they had thought it too good to be true, especially Beth. After her time at Grady, she had been certain there would be a price to stay. Yet, Deanna had remained true to their first meeting. This was a place to rebuild the past and safeguard the future.

The fact that they could be sitting in a heated home, playing a silly game together proved it. Speaking of the game, Glenn’s team was up with thirty seconds to give their answer. Beth had put the game into motion about thirty minutes before. She had handed Judith off to Rick, who was now standing by the window, and explained the rules to everyone. Random words were written down and placed in a hat, one was selected and each team had thirty seconds to sing seven words from a song containing the word. If not, the other team won the round.


The world for the round was ‘pie.’ Beth was hoping the boys ran out of time because she had nothing. Waiting for Glenn, Carl or Abraham to come up with something, she snuck a glance at her favorite redneck, perched in the bay window. Daryl, of course, wasn't playing. Instead, he looked to be moping. He'd been like this since they had been reunited at Grady, distant and forelorn.


She had tried to get him to talk to her about it. She could still remember him grabbing her face tenderly when Dawn had  handed her over. He took one look at the bruises on her face and pointed his gun at Dawn, demanding answers for such poor treatment. Beth had tried to get him calm by reaching out for his hand, gripped tight on the gun. That had been the entirely wrong move, as when she did so the hand-shaped bruises on her hips and up her ribs were revealed when her shirt rose up as she did to reach his hand. Daryl had lost control before any of them could rein him in, shooting Dawn when she responded with a curt “uncontrollable circumstances” and a shrug of her shoulders.


Beth knew he felt responsible for her sufferings, but she was over it. Life was too damn short to wallow. Just as Daryl moody eyes met hers, Glenn crooned out his answer.


“Make a grown man cry, sweet cherry pie! Ha!” Glenn bellowed, receiving a high five from Carl and a glare from his wife.


It was their turn and Beth could tell neither Maggie nor Tara had anything. The boys were looking triumphant. Suddenly, it came to Beth. She had the song and she was going to use it to get Daryl out of this funk.


Standing up, Beth began singing. “Sugar pie, honey bun…” She heard all three boys on the other time groan. Rick snicker and Michonne laugh out loud.


Daryl eyes, which hadn't left hers immediately flicked down as she approached him, swinging her hips to the beat. A short “Hmmph” was all she got as she grabbed his hand. The room was dying. “You know that I love you.”


She could hear Maggie doing the back up part from behind her. Daryl looked at her again and she practically dared him with her eyes to say something in protest. He was shy and uncomfortable with this show of affection in public. She didn't care.


Beth unceremoniously plopped her behind on Daryl still singing, “I can't help myself, I love you and nobody else.” Beth wrapped Daryl arms around her chest with her own and had them both swaying. She couldn't help herself; she was laughing now at the look of total confusion on Daryl’s face. He didn't know what to do.


She should have known better though. Daryl was not a man to be one upped on anything. As soon as her teasing eyes met his, he flung her up from his lap and easily caught her around the waist as he stood up.  

“You gonna back your mouth up, runt?” He said, smirking at her now bewildered look. Beth was at a loss. There had always been an unspoken sexual tension between the two of them since the prison fell and she had only seen Daryl for a moment show it back at the funeral home before she had been taken. She had since dismissed it as a trick of her mind, reading into something because she wanted it.


She could see it again now though, as she stared up at him. The room had seemed to grow silent. Maggie wasn't singing anymore and nobody was laughing. “You gonna answer the question, girl?” Daryl said, his eyes intense, but with a hint of mischief in them as well. Suddenly she could feel those fingers of his a whole lot better through the thin fabric of her pajamas. She wondered what they would feel like on her bare skin. Shaking herself out of that dangerous image, she looked Daryl straight in the eyes and gently kissed his cheek before prying herself loose of him and strutting back to her spot by Maggie.


“Your turn, boys.” She said, turning to face an entire room of shocked faces. For a moment, Daryl stood where she left him, but then walking towards her said “Nah. Game's over. We're taking a walk.” With that, he hauled Beth to her feet and swung her up onto his shoulder. A smiling Beth saw only her family from upside down as Daryl carried her out the door. She thought she heard Glenn say something along the lines of “Enjoy the encore.”

Beth had no idea where they were headed as Daryl continued trekking with her on over his shoulder. Suddenly , she felt her feet touch cold cement. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, Daryl took a few steps away from her and but kept himself facing her.

"Just curious, Daryl is there a reason I'm standing out behind the house in my barefoot, freezing my ass off?" Beth asked, as she realized they were standing just outside the garage.

"What you playing at, girl?" Daryl asked, not moving towards her. "Singing that love stuff to me?"

"I was trying to make you smile. You know move your lips into something other than a straight line." Beth said, rolling her eyes.

"Ain't no other reason?" He asked.

In the dark, Beth hoped he couldn't see her blush. "Nope."

Before she knew it, Beth found herself hauled up against the garage door, "Liar." With that, Daryl’s lips were on hers. She didn't even fight back the moan that came out of her as his tongue traced her lips, seeking access into her. She quickly submitted. As he plunged into her, she grabbed his shoulders. God, they were hard. Before she could help herself, her eyes rolled and continued to do so, as Daryl cupped his hands on her butt and lifted her easily into the hair. She wrapped her legs around his torso and felt the delicious burning shoot through her stomach as she came into contact with his arousal.

They both groaned as their hips moved together instinctually. She felt Daryl cradle her in own arm as she heard him open the garage door and quickly slam it shut. She gave a sigh of discimport as Daryl set her down and moved away from her momentarily to take his jacket off and lay it on the floor. In less than a second he was back though, this time behind her, kissing his way up her neck as his hands encircled her hips, splaying themselves across her bare stomach as he pulled her shirt up and off of her.

She sighed as his fingers made slow, upward circles on her bare skin. She shuddered when she felt his lips by her ear. "I like it when you moan like that. I wanna hear wheat other sounds I can bring out. Can I, Beth?" He pushed the words out through gritted teeth. He had a thin hold on his control, she could tell. "God, say something, girl." He said, needing her approval before this went any further.

In reply, Beth rocked her hips back so that her ass met his arousal. If that wasn't a yes tor him enough nothing would be. "Ah shit," Daryl muttered, baring down on her throat as his hands cupped each breast. The combination of his lips sucking deep on her throat and his fingers tracing her nipple over the fabric of her bra had Beth bringing one of his hands up to her mouth to cover her scream of arousal. She could feel the hot liquid of her arousal already flooding her panties and she wanted to feel his fingers on that untouched part of her.

Grabbing his hand, she led it down her stomach once again and onto her glistening mound. She shuddered when he fully cupped up and fell back against his chest as he started circling her clit.

"God, yes!" He said, rocking his groin hard against her backside. "You're so wet, Beth." He held her against him as she swayed from the touch of his thumb on her bare clit, his hand sneaking into her pants, pulling them down.

"Open your eyes, Beth." Daryl ordered. "Look at what I'm doing." She obeyed. God, it was almost too much to see his hand on her, flicking at her swollen clit. She screamed when he took a finger inside her, going in and out as his hardness pumped her backside.

Making quick work of her clothes, Daryl laid her down on his jacket. Bare-chested he rose over her. "This time is for you, Beth. I'm gonna get you there so many different ways," he said, as his lips came down on hers. "With my hand," he whispered, cupping her again, "with my tongue," he breathing, curing her nipple with thathe same tongue. She couldn't breathe. Her core was throbbibg for release. Daryl knew it too. With a smirk, he bent his head down between her legs and took her in his mouth. Beth's entire body tightened with the height of her pleasure. She could hear Daryl lapping at her as her stomach gnawed inside of her. Beth Greene didn't like to curse, but fuck. This was incredible. As Daryl flicked only his tongue against her clit, Beth grabbed his head and she heard him gorwl. Pulling him towards her, she watched as his mouth covered her pussy, sucking her. She couldn't stand it anymore, and screamed as she came. Her eyes roared and her head spun. Her body rocked up and down of its own accord as she rocked through the orgasm, the first she'd ever had.

Daryl lightly kissed her swollen mound and pulled her panties and PJ'S back on her. Smirking he picked her up, "Let's go, runt. You got a game to win. "

As Daryl carried her back through the front door into the living room, she was certain she already had.