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Strong Intentions: The Bonus Version I - A Drabble Series Moment

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1) Prologue

Word Count: 289

For Frodo, mornings involved getting out of bed, eating a good breakfast, going on a morning walk and returning to Bag End's study to work on jotting down the events that occurred on his quest into a red journal. What he didn't expect to see was a big black box, standing on top of the parlor table. Whatever this contraption did... well, he wasn't sure what it did. There wasn't anything attached to the box. How strange, and how did he know this box connected to anything?

On a smaller black box were an assortment of thinner boxes, with images of princesses and people wearing strange clothes. He wondered who they were. His gaze fell on the same title that was on all the boxes: Once Upon a Time.

"I wonder..." He didn't have to wonder long, for he pressed the O button with the line struck through it. It turned on the black box - how was it called a television? He didn't know. The thought just came to him. Anyway, the television and the smaller box - was it called a DVD player. This was all very confusing, and yet he accepted it. Getting back to track, Frodo pressed another button, this time the DVD player, which flipped open a place to put in CDs and DVDs.

All right, how did he know all these letters?

Opening the first box, Frodo pulled out the DVD and put it in the DVD player's drive. The drive closed, and with it the television revealed a menu screen and broken fairytale music. Picking up the DVD remote, he pressed the arrows and the OK button. The first season's episode began to play, revealing the first sentence: Once Upon a Time.