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Catalyst in Motion

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She hadn’t seen God outside of dreams since the day after she heard the angels and he set her on this path of limiting damage done by his wayward children. None of it - the ghosts, the demons, the angels - could have prepared her for this. This woman who seemed to radiate darkness where God had been light.

The woman's head tilted slightly, looking at Joan critically. "You've seen Him."

"Yes." There was no need for elaboration, she knew exactly who they were discussing.

"When? Where?"

Joan bit her lip, glancing at the sky before answering. "Seven years ago. Not here."

The woman smiled. "At least you've seen Him. The people who claim to know what He's like that have never met him are beginning to try on my patience. Come, child, tell me about him. What has he been doing while people have worshiped him like sheep?"

"He's been... around, I guess? I don't know him that well, he just asks me to do things. Why are you looking for him?"

"There's business I need to settle with my brother."

That was what took Joan off guard. She stiffened before letting out a breath. "He never said anything about having a sister. What... What's your name? I'm Joan."

The woman - God's alleged sister - scowled briefly. "Your human scriptures speak of Darkness. But I am fond of the name Amara. As for my brother's silence on my existence... He is prideful and made his creations worship him to cover the existence of his greatest crime. We were to Create together but he chose to fear my power and lock me away, warning you all against the darkness, offering protection for your praise. And you all did without any proof that he was even there." The girl took a step back as Amara's eyes seemed to hold a dark promise. "But I've tried praying. I've tried to get his attention and nothing. Maybe you'll be a better message. I am sorry, Joan. I want to bring everything perfect peace. But sacrifices have to be made."

She felt the familiar presence before the hand rested on her shoulder.

"That's enough, sister. My messenger is innocent." God was in a form Joan had never seen - a someone scruffy man, hair starting to go grey in his beard and curly hair. If he wasn't the Almighty, she'd assume he was some dorky middle aged guy but as it was... "Joan. Go home. See your parents and your brothers. Let me deal with this."

She nodded, eyes not leaning the two ancient beings until she had to turn around.

Joan didn't look back.