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The Female Cat

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OC Information: 

Name: Aya Nakamura 

Age: 20 

Eyes: Dark Amber 

Hair: (long, ponytail) Brown 

Birthday: March 13th 

Blood Type: O 

Height: 5'6" 

Weight: 120 lbs

Likes: Milk, seafood, any type of food, traveling, reading, outdoors, cats. 

Afiliation: Sweepers, Chronos (formerly) 

Chronos Name: Black Cat- Train's partner during Chronos days

Chronos Number: Thirteen- roman numeral located on her right shoulder

Weapon: A medium sized dagger with a black and gold handle, a gun that looks like Train's with the number thirteen written on it- black, white and gold design gun.

Skills: Aya has remarkable speed and agility with the ability to fight with a gun and a dagger. she has excellent marksmanship being able to fire any type of shot to get a target without killing them or a shot that can kill them. Aya can even knock her enemies out with her gun or dagger without causing any harm to them while being able to see what enemies are coming toward her or while searching for something. She has excellent senses and reflexes which seems to be the same reflexes as a cat would have. Aya knows how to take care of any type of injuries or illness. She also knows how to deal with poisons from animals or different types of plants. Aya has a good memory while being very smart to figure out a way to defeat an enemy quickly or to get out of a tricky situation that would seem impossible for most people. She also has a few important skills that some ninjas would have, one of them being able to keep her presence hidden easily, great acrobatic, and flexibility that she learned from her trainer when she was a child who also trained Train.

Personality: When Aya was apart of Chronos, she seemed to be cold and heartless toward people until Train and her met Saya who ended up becoming their friend. Aya's personality started to change after that becoming more friendly and outgoing because of Saya. She started to care more about people mostly children and people who weren't a threat to humanity. Aya is now friendly and caring since she shows a lot more emotions now. Aya's cold side does come up every once in a while, but that is mostly if any enemies are threatening her friends and family.

Crush: Train Heartnet

Other characters: 

Zagine Axeloake
Sven Vollfied 
Train Heartnet
Rinslet Walker 


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Chronos is a underground organization that is in control of one-third of the world's economy. The group is commanded by the Council of Elders who send out the elite assassin squad known as Numbers on assignments. The aim of Chronos is to secure and maintain global peace by often dismantling organizations and killing people that the organization considers to be evil or corrupt. 

Aya's pov

I let out a sigh as I placed my dagger away leaving the battlefield filled with silence and bodies. Train and I had been sent on another assignment by the elders to take care of a organization that had been causing a lot of trouble. They had been dealing with illegal activities of trading drugs and weapons that have been causing many people to die. I looked over at Train as he placed his gun in his holster 

"Ready to go Train? The higher up are going to want the report as soon as possible."

I saw Train nod before we left the area quickly so we wouldn't get caught by anyone. The journey back to headquarters would take a few days which meant that I could relax somewhat, but there is always the chance that we could get another assignment. This was the job as an assassin though having to secure and maintain global peace for the word. My life as a assassin started when I was very young because of the training that Zagine put Train and I through. The training was tough for both of us, but we were able to get through it before the old man decided to kick the bucket. Zagine ended up dying from the wounds he received during a attack. Train and I started to travel after that going to different towns before we met a man who worked with Chronos. That was pretty much how Train and I became members of Chronos. There are only fourteen of us using the roman numerals for our position in the group. Train and I have the roman numeral thirteen which fits with the name Black Cat. We have been partners since day one mostly because we get along better then anyone else besides having to deal with Creed. I am wary around Creed though because I find him really creepy. He has a strange vibe which makes me not want to deal or be around him. 

I soon came to a stop since Train's cellphone went off probably holding the news about a new assignment. I waited patiently while listening to Train talk before he placed the phone away after sending a message. He turned to face me before saying 

"We have another assignment, they are going to send the information to our phones."

I gave a nod and brushed my hair back before we went to go find a place to stay for the night while waiting to receive our next orders. 


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The sound of shouts and gunfire could be heard from a nearby building that was in the middle of town. The building was filled with criminals who all had a bounty on their head. A sweeper was among the gunfire and shouts taking out the criminals one by one without actually harming them. A few more gunshots went off before the female sweeper was able to knock the armed men out easily without a second thought. She smirked as the last men fell and twirled her gun before placing it away in the holster. She pulled out her phone and called the police while looking at the papers holding the bounties on it. This is the way that Aya's life is now because she left Chronos since her view about what she did during that time has changed. 

Aya's pov 

I smiled happily as I finished counting the money from getting all of those criminals who had been causing troubles around the town. I knew that I would be eating great tonight so I could spoil myself for a little bit. I stretched my arms before heading over to get me something to eat. There was a bar nearby where all sweepers met up either to gather information, jobs, or just come for the food. I took a seat at one of the tables and waited while I looked out the window thinking to myself. I was wondering how Train was doing because it has been a while since we left Chronos. We ended up going our separate ways to mostly keep Chronos off our backs and confuse them about rumors with the name Black Cat. It was better that way since it would keep Chronos from searching because of how fast the rumors spread. I let out a sigh before getting my meal and listening to any conversations that were going on about sweeper work. Hopefully, I can meet up with Train at some point though. I would really like to travel with him once again as his partner working as sweepers to give people a helping hand whenever they needed it. 

Train's pov 

I let out a yawn as Sven was driving toward the next town to go find our next sweeper job. Eve was in the back silently reading her books like she always does. The car was silent and I gazed out the window watching the scenery go by as my thoughts drifted away. I was wondering how my old partner Aya was doing since it had been years already. I knew that it wouldn't be too long before Sven would hear about the other Black Cat rumors. I haven't told anyone else about Aya yet since there really wasn't a point to, but we are probably going to meet up at some point once again. I was looking forward to meeting up with Aya once again though since I wouldn't mind working with my old partner again. 


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Sven's pov 

I pulled the car to a stop once we finally reached the town that was holding our next job. A group of people working in the black market were apparently getting into some serious business. They were selling all types of things on the market from weapons to even people. It was going to be busy with this job, but the group needed to be stopped. Train decided to go walk around the town for a little bit while Eve and I went to find any helpful information. We found a bar that was for sweepers to gather as so they could collect information or jobs. I sat down at one of the tables before reading the paper as Eve looked at her book. A small crowd was in the building, but it was enough to gather information from. Two people were sitting at the bar before I heard one of them say 

"It's true, I heard another person talk about it yesterday. A group of criminals got taken out by the Black Cat yesterday. She took the entire group out just by knocking them out." 

I glanced over at them in curiosity since they had mentioned the name Black Cat and that the person was a female. I knew that they obviously weren't talking about Train so most likely someone was using his identity once again. The person that was using the name Black Cat should show up at some point since they are most likely nearby. I let out a sigh before pulling out my phone to call Train so we could get ready for the job that we had. The issue with Train's assassin name being used would have to wait until we get done with this job, but I would tell Train about it. 

Train's pov 

I was walking through the streets looking around the town seeing if I could find anything that would be helpful about the job. I came to stop in the center of town while looking around the area of the people were walking in the streets. The town looked pretty normal for the most part, but it was a dangerous place because of the crime that was happening here. I stretched my arms before my phone went off being Sven to tell me that it was time for the job. This job was a serious one though and the criminals here needed to be stopped from causing anymore problems. 

Aya's pov 

I stretched my arms after I climbed off the back of the truck I hitched a ride in. I had finished another job and I head about from a few fellow sweepers that a big group were causing problems in the town. I made the decision to come and see what the group was doing. A bounty was obviously placed on the group since I had been shown how much was placed. My interests were peeked though once I saw the bounty since I knew that I would be eating good for a while. I shifted my bag slightly as I walked by the townsfolk knowing that this was going to be a fun job. The one thing that I didn't know during that moment though was that I would be running into a very familiar face that I knew all too well. 


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Aya's pov

I let out a yawn as I got up the next morning since I would be starting my next job today. I got ready before I placed my gun and dagger in their holsters as the flyer with my next prey was sitting on the desk. I placed the flyer in my pocket before I left the hotel room to go start my hunt. My target liked to stay in abandoned warehouses so he could take his prey there because he was a killer. I needed to get him off of the streets before he had the chance to kill anyone else since he was a very dangerous person. I had searched the town yesterday so I could locate which one of the warehouses he was staying at. The warehouse ended up being on the edge of the town surrounded by more empty buildings around it making the spot be a good place for him to hide at. It would take me a few good minutes to reach the warehouse, but I knew that I had to be very careful once I got there because of the danger that I would be in fighting against my target. I looked up at the empty warehouse after I had arrived getting ready to go inside. That was when I heard the sounds of gunshots going off with the sound of a serious fight happening. I cursed to myself before I made my way inside quickly to go see what was happening since they were fighting against my target that had a big bounty on his head. I was holding my gun as I went toward the sound of fighting not knowing that I was going to see a very familiar face that I had seen many times before. 

Train's pov

I felt pain across my face as the target's fists hit me in the face a few times over and over again. I winced as I had suddenly gotten thrown against the wall while I heard Sven shout 


I opened my eyes as the shadow of the killer was looming over me while my gun had been pushed away from the spot I was sitting in. I cursed since there wasn't a chance that I would give me the ability to get to my weapon fast enough. The target went to pull his fist back and was about to punch me once again as I heard Sven moving to fight back against him. That was when I heard a female's voice from the shadows say 

"I'm afraid that this is going to hurt."

The sound of a bullet being fired went off before the target started to scream in pain as they were getting shocked. The killer soon fell to the ground leaving us in wonder about what had just happened to him. There was silence before a figure jumped out of the shadows landing with ease as if they were a cat then the unknown figure started to speak 

"You've gotten rusty, Train. I think that you need to get some more practice."

I looked up at the figure as I heard the familiar voice 


She smiled as she placed her gun back into her holster 

"Hello Train, it's been a long time." 

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Train's pov 

I was surprised because of Aya's familiar face in front of me since it has been two years that we last saw each other. She smiled lightly before she helped me get off the floor as our target was still laying on the ground unconscious. Sven went to tied the killer up since we still had to bring him back for the bounty. He finished tying our target up as I knew that we would be giving Aya some of the moment since she did help us. I was curious to see if Aya would be interested in wanting to join us, but I have have to see on what Sven and Eve was going to stay about my opinion. Sven came back over to us before he asked 

"So Train, who is your friend?" 

I nodded as I took my gun back from Even who picked it up for me 

"Well this is my friend, Aya Nakamura, we were in Chronos and on the same team. Those rumors that have been going around about the female Black Cat have been coming from her." 

Sven and Eve looked surprised about that since it was another part of my past that I kept quiet about. There were a lot of things that I didn't tell them about though since some of them were needed to be kept quiet about. I turned to face Aya who was waiting to see what else I was going to stay to her. I smiled at her before asking 

"So Aya... how do you feel about joining us as a fellow sweeper? We could always use another teammate." 

She nodded with a smile 

"Sure Train, I would love to join you guys is that is okay with your friends here." 

I nodded before looking up at Sven and Even to see what they are going to say. They did pull me away as I knew that we are going to talk about Aya privately which was normal for Sven to question a lot of things that I usually do ask him. I did see Aya sit down nearby waiting to see on what the decision was going to be. I turned my attention back to Sven and Even as he did start to speak 

"Is it really such a good idea to have her join us, Train?" 

I nodded as I did look up at him once again 

"I do, Aya was my partner and we both made the decision to leave Chronos behind because of what happened. She wants the same thing that I do, I promise you that, Sven." 

Sven let out a small sigh before he did nod 

"Okay Train, I trust your word about her. Aya can come with us." 

I nodded and gave him a smile while I did see Eve actually make her way over to Aya. I did move to walk over to them as they both looked up at me before I said 

"Well Aya, I hope that you will enjoy traveling with us." 

She nodded a smile did grace her lips 

"Thank you Train, I will be happy to travel with you guys." 

We did move to get up after that as the police had shown up to take the man that we had captured to prison. Sven was excited to get the award money though since he was wanting to pay off the tab that had piled up. Eve, Aya, and I did go to wait by the car for Sven so we could leave since our work was finished here. 

I was leaning against the car as Eve was listening to Aya talk while we were waiting. I could tell that Eve and Aya were going to get along just fine though because of the way that they were talking. Sven soon finished talking with the police before we climbed into the car to leave. The next town had already been decided on where we would be going to next. There might be a chance that we could find our next job there also which will make Sven happy so he could get paid. This would be a new adventure for us though especially now that we have Aya as apart of our team now.